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Volovodov, Anna

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Anna Volovodov, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Anna Volovodov

    Anna Volovodov The Expanse

    That’s what most of my life is. Seeing what needs to be done, and trying to do it.

    Played by Loren

    Fandom: The Expanse
    Age: Mid-forties
    Species: Human
    Gender: Cis female
    Canon Point: Ep 3x13
    NPC Companions: None


    One thing – besides being a generally good person and having compassion for others – that Anna excels at is speech writing. She has a way of being able to bend words to her will, or perhaps coax them into doing as she needs, and has written speeches that are still talked about. She even wrote a speech that was credited as getting her friend elected as Secretary-General on Earth. Aside from her speech writing skills, she has a way with words that lends comfort to those who need it, when they need it most. Most of the time, she knows what to say, and how to help, even if it sometimes feels like words are not enough.

    Anna has medical skills and the ability to diagnose and treat injuries, as before she was a minister she was a nurse. Back home in St. Petersburg her church had just opened a free clinic to give aid to ‘undocumented’. In a crisis, she is level-headed and does not hesitate to offer her help when needed, even if it would be easier for her not to do so (such as helping a protester and getting injured herself when she could have walked past and not gotten involved).

    She is confident and direct, and does not back down from a challenge even when it seems like she should, which she would consider a strength. Others may not.


    Anna would also consider her speech writing a weakness, as looking back she’s used her skill with words for causes that she no longer agrees with. Anna’s genuine desire to be a good person may also hinder her – she tries to do the right thing even when she has to make compromises to do so (such as agreeing to write a speech to get Earth’s citizens to agree to a war that she herself did not agree to in exchange for a year of support for her church’s fledgling free clinic).


    Annushka Volvodov cares about people. She makes an active effort to care about everyone regardless of who they are – good or bad. If she’s able to help, she’s going to do it – whether it’s helping a random stranger passing by, the parishioners at her church, anyone needing medical attention or anyone else she might come across that might need it. She’s compassionate – sometimes painfully so – and truly likes to see the good in people, even if sometimes it feels like there’s not much there.

    Anna can be very persuasive – her ability to write speeches and convince people to see things in a different light are impressive, and she’s often been sought after for these skills. She always tries to do the right thing but can admit there are things in her past she regrets.

    In the face of adversity or danger, Anna is strong and brave, handling situations with grace even when it all feels too much. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in - even if that's changed over the course of her life - and will not back down when she feels the need to defend that or those she loves.

    Anna is spiritual – she believes in God and his plan but believes it does not preclude science. She’s also very curious. Given the opportunity to go into space to see The Ring – a potentially alien entity – she can’t help herself, even though her wife and daughter are waiting at home in St. Petersburg for her. She loves them with her entire heart, but she felt that this was something she needed to do.


    “I’m asking you to turn out the lights. This is a dark time. I’m asking you to be brave, with me. I understand –“

    A sudden explosion of bullets ricocheted through the hall, clanging off metal, interrupting her speech into the camera, broadcasting into the ship. Their only chance to convince people to do the only thing that would save them. She turned, clinging to the camerawoman, wondering if this was it. This was where they died.

    But it turned out that Alex knew one of the marines, and the bullet fire stopped.

    Distracted, Anna looked toward the voices, Monica’s voice bringing her back.

    Keep talking she said.

    So she did.

    “I understand what it is to fight for something. I have done it. But I have also seen how it can turn into blind hatred.....”

    She continued to talk, hoping that her words would be enough. Enough to stop all this. Enough to save them all.

    The shooting started up again, and Anna swallowed, fighting her fear to keep on talking. She had to keep talking.

    “I’m not sure how much longer we’re going to be able to keep this going,” she said, as gunfire exploded in the background. And it was in that moment, that the world crumpled. Or turned or – she was being pulled, away from this place. No sooner had she blinked than she opened her eyes again and she was in....she didn’t know where she was.

    It was light, bright, almost too bright after the darkness of the hallway, and around her was a city. A proper city, with skyscrapers – but beyond that....a dome. She swayed for a moment, trying to orient herself, before turning toward the closest passing person. “H-hello?” she said. “Can you help me?”

    Was this the doing of The Ring? Or something else?
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    your application is

    I love her so much. ;; Can't wait to see what she does in Pandora! You know what to do from here, Loren. :D