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Volskaya, Katya

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Katya Volskaya, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Katya Volskaya

    Katya Volskaya Overwatch

    Engineer at TroYA X
    332 Piney Run Road, Centria
    Lawful Neutral
    Katya Volskaya

    Does the end justify the means? That is possible. But what will justify the end?


    Played by Eris

    Fandom: Overwatch

    Age: Unknown

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Canon Point: Before Zarya's entry at the end of the Infiltration animated short

    NPC Companions: N/A


    Aside from her exceptional intelligence and cunning, Katya has no particular powers, relying on her mechs and other creations to keep the people of Russia safe. Although it may look to others from her world that Katya has invented all of the necessary elements for her inventions herself, it is unclear how much she created and how much she bought from the Omnics.


    Katya is a human and therefore has all the weaknesses of a human’s physical form. Emotionally, her ties to her daughter allow her to be manipulated, as does her secret that she is working with the enemy to obtain the very technology she needs to destroy them.


    Katya had been afraid when the bullet whizzed past her ear, when her guards practically shoved her into the grated elevator as red lights flashed and alarms blared.

    And yes, when she took deep breaths in the safety of her office only to find it breached and the guards dead at her feet and a gun touching her forehead, she would admit that she was afraid.

    But nothing could come close to the fear of the photos rimmed in pink that the hacker displayed so callously, images drawn from the very depths of Volskaya’s computers, a system that was supposed to be the most secure in the world.

    The images were as good as pulling the trigger, at least to her reputation. They showed her not only speaking with Omnics, the enemies of her people, the ones she had sworn to wipe out like the buckets of bolts they were, but receiving parts from them, parts that she had worked with to create the only weapons capable of defeating the Omnics starting to emerge from the omnium in Siberia again.

    There had been years of peace, years when Katya had worried only about her career and the biggest scandal was when she had a baby out of wedlock, but when the omnium started producing enemies, she was more useful running Russia’s last line of defense than playing some stupid political game. It was much simpler with an enemy she could see and fight, even if the clock often ran against her and her best engineers failed to innovate in time, failed enough for Katya to begin to feel responsibility for those who fell to robots she could have defeated.

    That was a fear that remained through her stoic exterior, the notion that there was no time left before all of Russia would lose everything.

    The fear was for Natasha too. The birth of her own child had impressed upon Katya exactly what she was fighting for – a chance for Russia’s children to learn and grow and live without getting plowed down by unfeeling robots.

    It was why she had said yes to the Omnics’ offer of technology. Not all of them were evil, the representative told her before giving her the first key she would need to solve the first puzzle. The dealings made her a hero. She liked to think it was her mind, but she knew better. Without the Omnics, she would be nowhere – and everywhere.

    Panic flashed across her eyes for a moment as the hacker continued to talk, taunting her with a photo on her desk, a portrait of Natasha, looking so much like a young Katya that she could barely breathe. Russia’s future would be killed in more ways than one, Katya realized, if she did not submit to the blackmail. The people would fall, the government, the institutions, of course her own company of Volskaya Industries… and her daughter, who the hacker knew enough to target, and if she could make it into the highly guarded company facility, she could make it into Katya’s home easily enough...

    Part of her tried to think of a way to fight back, some means of stalling the hacker and her phony offer of friendship until her guards would inevitably break through the door. But then the photos would be out there, and no amount of life-saving technology could excuse what she had done. And without her mechs, what hope was there for Russia? What hope was there for her daughter?

    Natasha was Russia. She was the future, and she was worth fighting for. And after all, friendships rarely lasted forever.

    Katya forced the words out, and she could have sworn the hacker smiled before she once again disappeared into nothing. She tried to school her features, looking the appropriate amount of frightened for an assassination attempt, but not something worse. She had time to plan, or at least she hoped she did, but there would be no saving the situation if the guards thought something was amiss.

    They burst through the doors, confused, their target lost. They looked at each other and at her and at the damage the hacker had wrought throughout Volskaya Industries. The building could be rebuilt, Katya reminded herself as she looked at the fallen beams and detritus. But could her life, as long as the hacker remained on the loose?

    Some part of her was impressed by her creations, the ones that had gotten her into this trouble in the first place. Some small part of her was even proud at how well they shot, how their integrity was not damaged. At least something had gone right.

    At least until something began to pull on Katya’s feet. She only had time to look down at the black tentacles and swear under her breath before they pulled her down, hopefully into the hacker’s lair. She still had her most potent weapon – her mind – and there was still a way to fight back.

    But when she opened her eyes, she did not see the flash of pink hair anywhere. A test, she thought, preparing herself for whatever was to come next.

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    All set, Eris! Have fun with her!