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w.omen y.oung and a.ngry at t.ime t.ravel

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Regeane, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Regeane

    Regeane Guest

    July 17, Year 7
    @Dolores Abernathy

    Escorted through the bustling, vibrantly alive streets of Pandora Town's districts, the wolf was far away from Regeane. Her other half would have already receded to the darkness within her mind at the first light of day. But for the poor wolf, the sounds of the people around her and the cacophony of sights intruding upon her was too much. Regeane had to work a little harder at not letting her discomfort and unease show on her face.

    The curious looks and befuddled gazes she drew from the occasional passersby certain didn't help to improve things. With her heavy bodice and frock, makeshift mantle of a borrowed overcoat, and her hair braided neatly and precisely down her back. She was dressed in what the people of this futuristic world excessive, considering the time of year. But the season was nothing Regeane wasn't used to; or, at least, hadn't been until she'd begun living in the alpine mountains of Maeniel's lands.

    And that was exactly why she'd chosen to dress this way. Every detail of her visage advertised a married woman. regeane may be a whole world away from her own reality, cut off from everyone she knew, but that didn't mean she was willing to take risks when it came to her image and the way she was perceived. For as much her own sake as that of Maeniel's and her entire household.

    From what she'd already been told by Dolores about this..Pandora, there was any likely chance someone from her world or even a similar time as herself might wind up here same as she did. And if anyone came to this world who could and would recognize her, she wasn't about to dishonor her relationship nor her family.

    So, Regeane did her best to ignore the world around her and instead focus solely on her new companion. Dolores Abernathy. A woman out of time much like Regeane herself.

    Dolores was...somewhat of an enigma. Regeane's senses told her that Dolores wasn't human, that she was merely pretending to be human. The wolf's memories told her that anything that tried to be human like this was something that should be avoided at all costs. And yet, despite these things, even the wolf enjoyed Dolores' company. Woman and wolf looked at Dolores and could say with a firmness that this creature was a friend.

    She was certainly being friendly enough. The other woman had found Regeane on the street wandering hopelessly lost after she'd first arrived and offered Regeane a hand and a place to stay. And now she was giving Regeane a tour of the city.

    "These streetlights," Regeane began, casting a wary glance at the object of her confusion as they passed one, "are they then powered by the same manner as your home?" Logic stood to reason that the answer was yes but Regeane felt it was safer and smarter to ask, just in case.

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