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Walsh, Shane

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Shane Walsh, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Shane Walsh

    Shane Walsh The Walking Dead

    Chaotic Neutral
    Tell me would you kill to save a life
    Tell me would you kill to prove you’re right

    Played by Nairne

    Fandom: The Walking Dead
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Right before the final confrontation with Rick


    Before the zombie apocalypse, Shane was a police officer. That being said, most of his initial skills come his experiences in the force. During times of crisis, Shane turns off his emotions in order to take quick action and become an effective killing machine and survivalist. He is a highly skilled shooter and is even certified to teach gun safety training to minors. Aside from using firearms, Shane is in peak physical condition and seasoned in hand to hand combat. He is also an affective leader and is used to giving out orders, though he can fall in line when necessary (assuming he agrees with the leadership in charge).

    These skills are even more honed from during the zombie apocalypse where he is able to kill zombies using pretty much any item he can get his hands on. His quick thinking and survivalist tactics make him overcome many obstacles in the post-apocalypse world, from strategizing how to best use resources, take out walkers, and keep people in line. As his mental state declined, Shane can also be deceptive and an excellent liar, though his aggressiveness naturally makes him more suspicious.

    Noncombat skills include being a decent handyman, from plumbing to general manual labor.

    Equipment Bowie knife, 9 mm Glock, shotgun, bullets,


    Aside from standard human weaknesses, Shane’s able to fight and stay alive by shutting off all emotions during a conflict. That being said, it can lead him to make irrational calls if he’s angered, including against loved ones. He can also behave in an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality where he is willing to sacrifice others in order to achieve a goal.


    Shane has many layers to his personality. Upon first impression, Shane is a hot-headed, womanizing, young gun who will do anything to defend his loved ones and the innocent. He is always putting on a strong man attitude and show that he’s a tough leader. Doing this, however, results in him trapping in his emotions, letting them build up until they cause conflicts with others. Shane is a man with a strong will and deep emotions. He can keep these in check, but if enough pressure is applied to him, it will cause him to crack and amplify his emotions in an unhealthy way.

    Before the zombie apocalypse, Shane was a normal guy, who occasionally got into mischief, loved football, and hung out with his best friend Rick. He was a police officer and was willing to risk his life to help others. However, once the world went to Hell, Shane let go of his past and became a harsher, colder man. He uses his best friend's wife, and now former lover, as a symbol of what's left of his sanity and desperately clings to her to an obsession level. His morality is also skewed to an 'ends justify the means' mentality. While he will still play by the rules in order to save face, if pushed, Shane will turn on anyone in order to meet his goals. That isn't to say he views himself as perfect. He may not admit he is wrong to a group, but he will apologize and try to make amends with loved ones after a rampage.

    In survival situations, Shane focuses on only one thing: the survival of himself and those that he loves. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to keep a loved one safe, even to the point of murder. He will, however, sacrifice himself to protect the group he is with, granting that it poses a survival advantage. As previously stated, he is in a mental state of kill or be killed and won't play sympathies with strangers if they pose a threat.


    Shane stands at 5' 10", with black hair and brown eyes, though his hair is currently shaved down. He’s physically fit to the max, and often walks with a confident, determined poise. Usually he can be found wearing t-shirts, cargo pants, boots, and a ball cap with "Police" written on it.


    Shane Walsh grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where he came to work as a police officer with his best friend, Rick Grimes, who he’d known since high school. During a confrontation with a group of criminals, Rick was shot and put in a coma. While comatosed, the zombie apocalypse happened as they were in the hospital. Shane wasn’t able to get Rick out of the hospital, so he placed a bed in front of the door and fled from the oncoming hoard of walkers (also known as zombies).

    Shane got Rick’s wife Lori and her son Carl to escape with him out of Atlanta. As Lori and Shane watched Atlanta get bombed during the onslaught, Shane let go of his old life and committed to protecting Lori and her son with his life in honor of Rick. Joining up with a group of survivors trapped on the road, Shane led them to safety in the mountains outside of the city. Thinking that Rick was dead, Shane and Lori had a relationship together and had started to move on in their terrifying new world. When Rick returns with a group scouting the city however, everything changed. While Shane was relieved of his best friend’s return, he soon became jealous of Lori returning to her husband and of Rick positioning himself as a leader of the group. At one point, Shane pointed his gun at Rick in secret, but changed his mind after realizing what he was doing. Another member of their group, Dale, witnessed this, but kept it secret. Meanwhile, Lori tried shutting Shane out of her life, angry with him for telling her Rick had died. She also tried to keep him away from Carl, who looked to him as a father-figure during Rick’s absence.

    Eventually the group decides to move away from the city and find civilization. They first check the CDC center, only they find one lone scientist. Taking advantage of the facilities, the group gets drunk on the available alcohol. In a drunken state, Shane makes sexual advances towards Lori against her will, until she scratches his neck, causing him to return to his senses and back off. After conflict with the scientist, the survivors manage to escape and decide to try instead to reach Fort Benning.

    Along the way, the posse made a stop in a group of parked cars on the highway. A herd of walkers goes through and scares Sophia, a child in their group, into the forest and Rick is unable to recover her. As the search continues, Shane tries shutting out Carl's attempts to talk to him, which resulted in Lori yelling at Shane anyway. He apologizes for his actions against her and tells her he had plans of leaving the group in order to make things right and not get between her and Rick. Later she convinces Shane to stay. Shortly after Carl is shot in an accident by a hunter from a nearby farm. Shane risks his life to get the medical supplies needed to save Carl, but shoots the hunter in order to save himself and get back to the others. Shane lied to the others about how the confrontation went down, claiming Otis was a hero for sacrificing his life.

    As the search for Sophia continues, Shane strongly opposes this, assuming she is dead by that point. He also is starting to disapprove of how Rick is neglecting Carl and Lori. Dale confronts Shane and is suspicious of his intentions. Glenn soon reveals there are walkers in the barn on the farm and Shane slaughters them in front of everyone, citing that they were no longer people and it was a liability to keep them alive. Shane also finds out that Lori is pregnant. As tensions rise, Shane saves Lori from being abandoned on the highway while Rick is off on a rescue mission. Shane is becoming unhinged by this point, frustrated by everyone's actions. When Rick comes back with a hostage, there is debate about what to do with him. Rick and Shane get into a death match about it, but Rick saves Shane just in time, including their captive.

    When they return to the farm, the group decides to kill him. However, when Rick changes his mind based off Carl's encouragement, Shane is upset about the change of plans. Lori also comes up to Shane, thanking him for what he's done for her and admitting that her baby is probably his. This causes Shane to confront Rick again about taking care of his family and plots to kill him. Shane helps the captive escape, only to kill him and trick the group into coming into the woods to search for him. Trying to get Rick alone, Shane leads him off, only for black tendrils to take him away into Pandora.


    This had just gotten ridiculous. Was Rick out of his mind? There were walkers in the barn. Walkers! All it would take is one loose chain or a broken board and the camp would have been overrun while they were all sleeping. It was a danger that Shane couldn’t believe Rick was taking light of. It also infuriated him to no end how Rick was off playing hero when his family needed him. Hell, that used to be Shane’s family up until Rick came back. Before the fall of Atlanta, Shane hadn’t really known what it was like to have a family to call his own. The closest he had was the Grimes. He was the young, hot stud that women would flock to his bed and kids didn’t really matter at the time. But after seeing those bombs falling on the city he loved, after seeing his best friend get shot and presumably died in that hospital, after all the chaos, Shane suddenly came to realized he needed a family more than anything. And Lori had been there. She had been with him since the beginning. They had mourned Rick together. Raised Carl together. Shane had already known that her and Rick had been at odds by the time the apocalypse had started anyway. So why had she suddenly taken a change of heart? It was growing more and more apparent that Rick couldn’t handle the reality of what this new world was like and couldn’t make the right decisions for his family.

    This group was part of the problem too. All this panderin' about keeping their humanity and ‘respecting the dead’. Walkers were tryin' to eat them for Christ’s sake! Did no one get the memo that civilization was gone? It was just them and the dead and nothing else. They weren’t people and wouldn’t ever be people again. No matter what bullshit Hershel believed, everyone had a choice: fight or die. That was the world now. Some of them were getting it, like Andrea and T-Dog. Andrea didn't seem like much at first, but she was proving she had more in her head, and her hips for that matter, than she looked. But Andrea wasn't Lori and she was the one that needed convincing. And don't even get him started about the baby....Jesus. Where was a drink when you needed one? Shane had been kicking himself ever since he left Jenner's lab for leaving without smuggling an extra bottle. He needed something to keep him sane with all these idiots.
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  2. Shane Walsh

    Shane Walsh The Walking Dead

    Chaotic Neutral
    Alright finished! Let me know if I need to shorten the history down at all.
  3. Lanni

    Lanni Moderator
    Application Division

    Human Nerd
    your application is

    oooo a Shane o3o He is accepted, Nairne! Go ahead and swing by the sign ups and have funnnn