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Private wandering back around

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Paul Rovia, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Paul Rovia

    Paul Rovia The Walking Dead

    Neutral Good
    july 26th, year 108

    It'd been a few days since he parted ways with Daryl. His head was spinning when he walked out of the hotel. How they ended up going from what they did to Daryl practically telling him to screw off in a matter of minutes? The whole thing left Paul wondering what the hell he was supposed to do. Go back? Try to talk? Move on and put enough distance between them that they could just...forget about it. Seeing as how he was now trudging down the street he remembered Daryl talking him to? The one that lead to Aaron's house? What option he took was clear.

    Though forgetting what happened? That was proving to be a little more difficult.

    Either way. Odd jobs and other means of getting by were fine. Though they didn't give him a means to do more than rent a cheap room and put some food in his stomach? That's all he needed considering the world he'd come here from. And what a world it was. Being taken from it the way he had been? Left a massive rearview mirror perspective to mull through. He was thriving there. As much as anyone can thrive in that world. Here? Here he was limping along trying to adjust and for the first time? He felt so out of place was work.

    Sighing tiredly, he curled his fingers towards his palm and tapped on the door with his knuckles. Wary eyes studied the entrance as he waited for signs of life inside and withdrew his hand to hook his thumb under the strap of the bag he acquired. Hating to be that person who shows up randomly, he folded his lip in between his front teeth and waited. Hopefully, there was someone home.
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