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Ward, Grant

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Grant Ward, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Grant Ward

    Grant Ward Marvel Universe

    Criminal, Terrorist, Spy
    Misty Hollow
    Neutral Evil
    "The reason Ward kills isn't because he feels nothing. It's because he feels too much."
    - Daisy Johnson
    Played by Tucker

    Fandom: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    Age: 33
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During the mission on Maveth to find Alveus
    NPC Companions: n/a



    Physical Conditioning
    Ward is in extraordinary physical shape. Prior to its collapse, the original S.H.I.E.L.D. evaluated his fitness with the highest possible standards for a field specialist. His strength, reflexes, quickness, endurance, balance, flexibility, and senses all operate at a high level on a very consistent basis. Ward was known to have engaged in intensive physical training during his time at S.H.I.E.L.D. to maintain this physical capacity. It stands to reason that he continues to keep up this level of conditioning.

    Espionage & Mental Training
    Prior to the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., Deputy Director Maria Hill gave Ward the highest espionage marks since Natasha Romanoff. He is incredibly observant and adaptable, with a penchant for strategic & tactical thinking. His extensive knowledge of the human psyche allows him to excel in manipulation and social engineering.

    Ward's skill in deception is nearly unmatched, and he used this talent to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. at a high level for many years. He has also managed to trick a Lie Detector that measures 96 variables in total, although he did this with great difficulty and while using underhanded methods.

    Ward is also very proficient in vehicular operation (piloting & driving), stealth, inquisition, demolitions, disguise, escape, survival, skydiving, infiltration, surveillance & counter-surveillance, code-breaking, and basic computer systems. He is fluent in six languages - Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, English, and Japanese.

    In addition to these, Ward has the presence and charisma to be an effective leader when needed. He also has a superb memory due to years of mental training. Ward even has a very high tolerance for pain and a strong willpower - he was able to briefly resist the mind control of Lorelei, an Asgardian sorceress.

    Prior to the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ward received top scores in combat from Deputy Director Maria Hill. His fighting style draws upon elements of numerous martial arts. These include Krav Maga, Boxing, Kali, and Jeet Kune Do.

    Ward is skilled enough to engage in unarmed combat with enhanced individuals, such as the augmented Centipede Soldiers. In addition to this, he has utilized his talents to easily beat multiple trained opponents at the same time - these include S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, security guards, police officers, and FBI operatives.

    Ward is highly efficient in targeting the vital points of his opponents' anatomies to incapacitate or kill them. He has also displayed less orthodox applications of the human anatomy, like dislocating his own bones in specific ways to achieve feats such as escaping from handcuffs.

    In addition to the aforementioned talents, Ward is highly resourceful and is able to fight proficiently with virtually anything that happens to be in his immediate surroundings. However, he is at his most dangerous with a bladed implement of any sort.

    At the age of seventeen, Ward was stated by his military academy's quartermaster to possess "off the charts eye-hand coordination." He was later trained by specialist John Garrett in firearms handling. Ward passed every marksmanship course at S.H.I.E.L.D. academy of operations with some of the highest grades ever seen at the institution. His remarkable sense of timing and direction supplements his skills with ranged weaponry.

    Ward is an exceptionally precise and accurate sharpshooter with a variety of different weapons. The following is a comprehensive list of the firearms that Ward is capable of utilizing with a remarkable level of proficiency:
    • Adaptive Combat Rifle system
    • AK-model assault rifle
    • APS-model assault rifle
    • M4-model assault rifle
    • High Standard Flite King Series shotgun
    • McMillan tac-50 rifle
    • Nemesis Arms Vanquish (assembled)
    • Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout
    • Remington MSR (assembled)
    • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380
    • Browning Hi-Power
    • FN Five-seveN USG
    • Smith & Wesson M&P Compact
    • Smith & Wesson Model 64
    • Heckler & Koch UMP45
    Ward is particularly comfortable with sidearms and pistols of all kinds. He is also gifted in the use of thrown projectiles such as throwing knives. In addition to these skills, he is proficient in the assembly and disassembly of a multitude of firearms.

    EquipmentWard normally carries the following on his person:
    • Pistol - Ward usually prefers a pistol to any other type of firearm.
    • Combat Knife - Ward, being an expert with blades, often keeps a concealed knife with him.
    • Garrote - Ward often has a poly-fiber garrote with him.


    Mortality: Ward is, for all intents and purposes, a human. He can be shot, drowned, frozen, burned, poisoned, or pummeled to death. He has no superhuman abilities, so he can be hurt or killed in all of the ways that apply to other regular humans.

    Personality: Many of Ward's other flaws reside in his personality, which will be detailed below.


    Ward is an emotionally complex individual with a twisted mentality. His traumatic past has led him to consider himself a survivor, and his actions reflect this. Although he was previously devoted to a father figure and willing to help out his former team, Ward has now discarded most past sentiments and is out for himself. He believes that strength and resolve are indicators of power, not wealth or prestige. This harsh mindset means that Ward cares little for titles or honors, only putting stock in the actual proven worth of others. He has no tolerance for weakness, and actively disdains people who beg or plead for mercy and/or forgiveness. Ward is fearless, often throwing himself against insurmountable odds without displaying any fear; his force of will is great, making him relentless in his endeavors.

    Ward is almost completely remorseless, being able and willing to hurt or kill others without batting an eye. He is willing to utilize any means necessary to achieve his goals, no matter how ruthless or underhanded. He is also exceedingly ambitious, and a disciple of HYDRA's more pragmatic philosophy - the intent to create a chaotic world that is ruled by terror and strife, so that people will give up control of their own lives. He is a staunch supporter of the Red Skull's doctrine of taking control through force and intimidation. This mindset is a product of an innate desire to restore a vestige of control to his own life, which has mostly been a downward spiral. After his mission on Maveth, Ward has gained some extra perspective on his purpose as the head of HYDRA. He views this role of his to be part of a grand plan that his life has been building towards.

    Ward can also be very vengeful; he does not forgive or forget easily, and any personal blow will likely make him pursue the transgressor in a brutal fashion. Ward is capable of remaining extremely calm in highly intense situations as well, but he hates suffering any impediments to his goals. Setbacks and failures can inflame Ward's temper, which is often steely and menacing.

    Furthermore, Ward is arrogant to the point of vanity, having built a reputation as one of the most dangerous men in the intelligence community on his world. This ego can cause him to make decisional blunders, as he believes himself to be more than capable to handle virtually any task set in front of him. He's not an idiot, though; if something is way out of his depth or defies his understanding, he won't jump in headfirst.

    Ward's a very manipulative individual, having no qualms about targeting people's pressure points to get them to do what he wants. As per his own words, he is "everyone's type," which is a way of saying that he is capable of altering his outward persona at a whim to fit the needs of a situation. What remains constant, however, is the fact that Ward can be extremely charismatic when he wants to be. This can be seen in various contexts - he is both an excellent flirter/seducer and a convincing commander.

    Ward commands an imposing presence, with his tough attitude and disciplined demeanor. He knows how to lead effectively, and his charisma often gains him respect from those who ally themselves with him. Additionally, although this is a sharp contrast to his survivalist mindset, Ward would not fully mind it if he were to be granted the sweet release of death; after having suffered great traumas over the years, he has grown to think in a very specific way.

    However, this is not to say that Ward has a death-wish. He's a survivor who will fight to his last breath, but the acceptance of death as a release from suffering does exist buried in the deepest layers of his subconscious.

    Despite all of the aforementioned morally condemnable traits, Ward is capable of exhibiting preferential treatment, affection, and fondness - even if his moral balance has been skewed since early childhood, robbing him of the capacity to love or care for others in a fully healthy way. The prime example of his softer side is his attitude towards his younger brother and his younger sister, both of whom he cares for deeply. He also romantically loved both Skye and Kara Palamas, both of whom he lost due to different circumstances. With that being said, however, it takes a lot to make Ward end up legitimately caring for someone.


    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 220 lbs


    Grant Douglas Ward was born in Massachusetts to abusive parents who made life very difficult for him and his two brothers as well as one sister. Grant's older brother, Christian, was almost as vicious as his parents, and would often beat up both Grant and Thomas. One day, Christian forced Grant to throw Thomas into a well; he also refused to let Grant rescue Thomas. Later, Grant rescued Thomas without Christian knowing, but the relationship between the two younger brothers was never the same.

    Later, during the year 1999, Grant escaped from the military academy to which he had been sent. He stole a car and drove over 1,000 miles to his parents' home, which he burned down; however, they were not inside. Christian was in the house, but he survived; he then had Grant tried as an adult to make him pay for his crime.

    While Grant was held in a juvenile detention facility, he was visited by John Garrett, an undercover HYDRA operative within SHIELD. Garrett gave Grant the opportunity to learn how to survive under his tutelage. Grant eventually agreed, and Garrett's men broke him out of the facility.

    Garrett then left Grant in the Wyoming wilderness and abandoned him with a dog named Buddy. Grant suffered for the first month or so, but then he began raiding cabins and setting up camps. By the end of six months, when Garrett returned, Grant Ward was a hardened survivor. Garrett was impressed and subjected Grant to five more years of grueling survival and marksmanship training in the Wyoming wilderness. By the end of his training, Grant was told by Garrett that Garrett was loyal to HYDRA and not SHIELD. Grant, now unconditionally loyal to Garrett, accepted his role as a soldier of HYDRA within SHIELD unquestioningly.

    When Grant was accepted into SHIELD's Operations Division, Garrett told him they were packing up and leaving immediately. Garrett then told Grant to kill Buddy as a way of proving his emotional detachment. Grant tried to shoot Buddy with a pistol, but redirected his shot to miss on purpose. After hardening his resolve, Grant tracked Buddy down and shot him through the heart with a sniper rifle.

    Grant joined the SHIELD Academy and quickly rose through its ranks, becoming a full-fledged agent in just over a year. Deputy Director Maria Hill gave him top grades in combat and the highest espionage grades since Natasha Romanoff herself. However, she gave him poor marks in communication skills due to his strict and cold demeanor. As an agent, Grant was often referred to as Agent Ward or simply Ward.

    Ward was then asked by Phil Coulson to join his special task force within SHIELD, to which he reluctantly agreed after much complaining. The team was formed with Melinda May, Leopold Fitz, and Jemma Simmons. Later, a young hacker named Skye made her way onto the team as well. Ward built up friendships with all of them, sometimes taking his mind off of HYDRA to just enjoy himself with his new team. He even allowed things to get intimate with Agent May, although he discarded this affair once he realized he had feelings for Skye.

    All the while, the team was on the trail of the Clairvoyant, a dangerous mastermind who had orchestrated several illegal dealings. It was eventually determined that the Clairvoyant was Garrett, and Ward was his weapon. SHIELD fell when HYDRA revealed itself, and Ward's backstabbing was revealed. Ward was detained by the U.S. government in the Playground, a top secret SHIELD base where Coulson began to rebuild SHIELD.

    Ward tried to commit suicide in the Playground vault, but eventually came to terms with his own actions and was "at peace." He gave the team intel on HYDRA when required, but when Christian Ward (now a U.S. Senator) came after SHIELD, Coulson decided to trade Ward to Christian in exchange for being left alone. When he was being transported in a military van, Ward broke free of his handcuffs, neutralized all of the guards in the truck, and escaped. Ward then tracked down HYDRA member Sunil Bakshi and left him tied up as a present for SHIELD.

    Ward then went to his brother Christian's house, forced a recorded confession out of him for abusing Thomas and Grant, and killed him along with their parents. Ward then burned down their house and left Christian's confession in one of the rooms to tarnish his reputation. Ward then rejoined HYDRA under influential HYDRA leader Daniel Whitehall. Ward later took Skye to meet her father, Calvin Zabo, who was a situational ally of HYDRA. Then, when Whitehall asked Skye to touch a dangerous object called the Diviner, Ward aimed a gun at Whitehall. He was subsequently captured by HYDRA guards and detained by Agent 33, who was under Whitehall's control. Ward broke free, but was shot by Skye. He later convinced Agent 33, or Kara Palamas, that he could help her find her place in the world, and they fled together after Whitehall was killed by Coulson.

    Ward was nursed back to health by Kara, and he tracked down the creator of the Photostatic Veil that Kara used to hide her identity, making him fix it. Kara could now change her face to reflect whoever she wanted. Ward promised Kara he would hunt down Sunil Bakshi and help her gain revenge. Ward kidnapped Bakshi and held him soon afterwards. Later, Coulson and Deathlok held Kara as leverage to draw out Ward. Ward met with Coulson, who wanted him to help hunt down Strucker and List, HYDRA's new heads. In return, Coulson offered Ward the chance to have his memory wiped, to be reborn as a good person. Ward agreed, though he never intended to stick around long enough for the memory wiping to happen.

    Ward and Coulson used Bakshi's HYDRA contacts to locate List. They learned that List had plans for Skye, but Ward could not figure out why HYDRA wanted with her. Later, Ward and Coulson tried to protect Skye from HYDRA, but an Inhuman teleporter named Gordon whisked her away along with her father. Ward then became a situational ally with Coulson's now expanded team, offering them intel on the data that Bakshi had provided.

    Ward then participated in an attack on the HYDRA base, but left Coulson's team immediately afterwards. He called Coulson and told him to keep Kara, as Ward believed there wasn't enough good left in him to give Kara closure. However, Ward and Kara joined together again to capture Agent Barbara Morse, whom Kara blamed for her being captured by HYDRA. Ward tortured Morse to get a confession out of her; she tried to escape, but this attempt culminated in Ward shattering her kneecap with a fierce kick.

    Ward then rigged a nearby door with a motion sensor and an automatic firearm to prevent a rescue attempt. Later, when Hunter arrived to rescue Barbara, she dove in front of the gun, taking a bullet to save him. Coulson's team followed suit, and Ward and Palamas split up to take them out. Ward accidentally shot Palamas, due to her using a photostatic veil to mimic Melinda May. Enraged and regretful, Ward escaped before Coulson's team could find him.

    Ward then gathered a group of four HYDRA soldiers, planning to rebuild HYDRA to its former glory. When asked what he intended to achieve, Ward simply replied "closure." He intended to avenge Kara's death at the hands of SHIELD and forge his own path as the new Director of HYDRA.

    Six months later, Ward had dozens of unconditionally loyal operatives under his command, all devoted to the ideals of HYDRA proposed by the Red Skull. Ward then decided to hunt down and recruit Wolfgang Von Strucker's son, Werner Von Strucker. He tracked Werner down to a docked yacht and fought his way through multiple guards, finally knocking out and taking Werner Von Strucker.

    Once Werner had proven himself, Ward told him to pose as a student and get close to Andrew Garner, May's ex-husband. When Hunter infiltrated Ward's HYDRA cell with May as backup, Ward used video footage of Garner as leverage to make his escape. However, he was shot in the shoulder by Hunter, causing him to fall hard on the ground. He was subsequently driven off to safety by his right hand man, Kebo. Garner was attacked and nearly killed while this occurred.

    Werner Von Strucker had fled after failing to kill Andrew Garner, and Ward decided to track him down. Gideon Malick, one of old HYDRA's heads, contacted him with Von Strucker's location. Ward sent assassins to his location. Von Strucker survived, but he fell into a coma. Ward then met with Malick, who revealed that he knew Ward sought Wolfgang Von Strucker's vault, said to hold HYDRA's greatest weapon. Ward said he would find the vault, causing Malick to leave and make his agents ambush Ward. Ward killed all HYDRA agents but three, whom he tortured the location of the vault out of. The vault was in Zepkow, Germany.

    Ward tracked down Von Strucker's hidden vault and accessed it, to find Malick waiting for him. Ward expressed his desire to eliminate Malick, whom he perceived as a threat. Malick then showed Ward an ancient stone that had been cut from a much larger Monolith. He explained the full secret history of HYDRA to Ward, detailing how the stone was a portal. Malick elaborated on how HYDRA had been founded thousands of years ago to bring an ancient Inhuman back to Earth - the stone was a portal to a distant planet. Malick offered to help Ward destroy SHIELD in exchange for Ward finding out how Jemma Simmons returned from the planet of Maveth.

    Ward then visited Andrew Garner in a SHIELD containment module, claiming he had found a new way to make Melinda May suffer. Ward then released a gas component to make Garner transform into the hideous Lash before making his getaway. After regrouping with Malick at the HYDRA Castle in England, Ward then hunted down all of the remaining constituent stones of the Monolith. He brought them back to the castle to complete the set...now, HYDRA was ready to open up another portal.

    Later, having discovered that Rosalind Price had come across Gideon Malick's HYDRA ties, Ward eliminated Price with a long-range sniper shot while she was having dinner with Coulson. After calling Coulson to mock him and then hanging up, Ward got into a getaway car to get to the airfield in order to head back to England. In the HYDRA Castle, Malick praised Ward's efficiency but also chastised his sending of trained men after Coulson. They needed Coulson alive for their plans to work.

    As planned, Coulson sent Fitz and Simmons to the Project Distant Star facility. Giyera kidnapped the two of them and brought them before Ward and Malick. HYDRA intended to figure out how Simmons had returned from Maveth. Ward suggested that Malick split the two of them up in order to psychologically torture them more effectively. He knew that their inner strength resided in each other.

    And so Ward personally took a hand in breaking down both Fitz and Simmons...until Coulson rang up, showing Ward that he had his younger brother Thomas in custody. Ward engaged in a phone call with Thomas, who revealed that he had been hiding from Ward for most of his life. Ward attempted to justify what he had done, including the well incident...but Thomas did not forgive him. Coulson then took the phone back from Thomas and revealed that he had triangulated Ward's phone location. Coulson now intended to come and put Ward down for good.

    Ward then furiously charged into Simmon's room and tortured her personally to find out how she came back from the other planet. His methods proved effective, and Fitz agreed to cross over to the other side in order to help bring Alveus back. Simmons would be held in the HYDRA castle as an insurance policy.

    Ward then began arming himself to prepare for SHIELD's assault. He was determined to end this conflict by standing over Coulson's dead body. However, Malick convinced him to lead HYDRA's forces on the other side of the portal and bring back HYDRA's ancient Inhuman leader. Ward eventually agreed to this, and took a squad of soldiers as well as Fitz to Maveth.

    The group came across an ancient shrine constructed with bones and rocks, in the shape of the HYDRA symbol. It was here that Ward truly took the time to reflect on his self-made purpose as HYDRA's head who would rule the world alongside Malick and Alveus. The group then encountered Will Daniels, who Ward ordered to lead them to the exit portal on Maveth.

    Ward then had a conversation with Will about survival and the relatively new Inhuman contagion on Earth, and that was when black tendrils pulled him into Pandora.


    Grant Ward was in a damn good mood. He had eliminated the head of the ATCU and broken Coulson, and it was only a matter of time before SHIELD itself collapsed. All of it had been made possible by his partnership with Gideon Malick. Ward made his way down several flights of stairs almost deliberately and slowly, as if he had all the time in the world. Coulson would be preoccupied for the time being, leaving Ward with more than enough time to make his escape. At the bottom of the stairs, in the lobby of the building he was in, Ward spotted one of his guards standing in front of the glass doors.

    "Get the car ready," Ward ordered the man.

    "What about Coulson, sir?" the guard asked tentatively.

    "He'll have a lot on his plate soon enough. Our boys were breaching Rosalind's apartment last I checked," Ward responded with a smirk. The man nodded and exited the building, holding the door open for Ward. Ward stepped into the cool night, enjoying the rippling breeze against his skin. He got into a nearby black sedan, with his guard getting in the driver's seat. "You know where to go," Ward said calmly. The driver pressed the gas, and Ward was off to the airfield so he could get back to the HYDRA Castle.

    Tonight was a good night.

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  2. Grant Ward

    Grant Ward Marvel Universe

    Criminal, Terrorist, Spy
    Misty Hollow
    Neutral Evil
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