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Private we now have shared custody

Discussion in 'Residences' started by Anakin Skywalker, May 8, 2018.

  1. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker Star Wars

    May 3rd, Year 7
    @Padmé Amidala, @Peter Parker

    He had a bad feeling about this. It was past curfew again, and through the abysmal failure of dormitory alarm system technology, young Parker had been displaced. Apparently he was unable to move within 20 feet of the lobby without that ghastly, shrill noise bursting his ear drums. He could sympathize with young Parker's predicament. He really could.

    But how did young Parker end up with him? There were alternatives. Other places to wait for repairs to be completed. The more he questioned it, the more he thought he might go insane- nothing new- and so he kept quiet on the elevator ride up to the Arlington penthouse he shared with Padmé.

    The doors opened to their wide living space and relatively high views of the town. When he saw her, his instinct was to smile— he never smiled beyond the faint and involuntary twitches of his lips when his eyes lingered over the one he once thought he'd lost forever, but it was there, however fleeting. And that was still progress.

    "I brought pizza," he said, shifting the box forward. Like the pizza-esque dishes he used to surprise her with in their Coruscanti lodgings, when he knew she'd be burning the midnight oil drafting this bill or wrangling that coalition. Except there were dozens of variations and ways to call pizza on Coruscant. The memory of untarnished times stirred an inexplicably uneasy nostalgia from the pit of his stomach, albeit one that he quickly pushed past as he nodded to the shorter boy at his side. "And Man-Sp-- Peter. His name is Peter."

    Peter was supposed to be carrying the pizookie.

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  2. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Marvel Universe


    for just being alive

    He didn't know how he'd ended up here, but he was honestly more than a little okay with it. He was totally about to meet the Amidala, and internally, he was freaking out. Externally, he was probably freaking out a little bit, too, but that had started to become his normal state of being around Vader and the other guy was definitely used to it. Or maybe he was just putting up with it. Whatever the case, he'd stopped questioning it with that tell-tale why are you like this? and just started ignoring him, mostly.

    Then they were stepping inside, Peter peeking his around Vader as he was introduced. And as Peter. Now, that was touching. "Hi," he said with a wave, stepping to the taller man's right side and holding up the box in his hands.

    "I, too, come bearing gifts."

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