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Welcome to Autumn!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Octi, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Autumn is Here!

    The leaves are changing and the pumpkins are coming back into season. With spookiness right around the corner, Pandora is ripe for chills and thrills! And, of course, pumpkin spice everything!

    Never fear if you have threads for Summer that you forgot to put up, though! You can always use the Threads of Time forum for such threads, and for threads even further in the past, to cover any threads you just didn't have time to do.

    Seasonal Location

    Deep in the Silver Wood, over a stony bridge to an island in the middle of a vast lake that appeared is a drafty, spooky, creepy old castle. This is Hotel Transylvania, a ritzy, five stake resort run by monsters, for monsters. Though humans aren't killed on sight, it's a place where monsters can be safe from the madness of the human world. But any human who manages to find their way inside will find undead bellhops, monstrous food that screams as you eat it, and regular showings of monster movies or telling of monster stories where the monster always defeats the terrible humans, of course. READ MORE.

    Threads in SWALLOW FALLS have been moved to MYRTLE BEACH & THE SHIMMERING SEA.​

    Seasonal Event

    Pandora is being shaken by a series of mild to moderate earthquakes throughout the Autumn season. There is no rhyme or reason to the locations they hit, nor do they give any indication of their approach. Not even magically-inclined characters will be able to sense them until immediately before they happen. READ MORE.

    Check out the seasonal event forum for more information!

    If you have any questions in regards to the seasonal plot or location, don't hesitate to PM someone from Plots & Events!

    Rule Update: Signature Size

    We've been seeing a lot of beautiful but very tall signatures around the board recently, so we'll be reinforcing our newly updated rule on signature sizes. Please double check to be sure the total height of your signature, all images included, is no more than 400px.

    Forum Shuffling

    Please note that we have moved our Cosmic Wilderness & The Underground forums to a new "Elsewhere in Pandora" forum. If you aren't sure where to put your thread or if it spans multiple locations, this may be the forum for you!

    NERVE Shut Down

    After several serious accidents culminating in the unfortunate death of a participant, NERVE has been officially shut down as of September 1st. The group will officially be closed in one week, so participants have until September 22nd to get in any last-minute completed dares before the event wraps up!
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