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Welcome to the, that's not right

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Ruby Roundhouse, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. March 1st, Year 7
    @Jefferson McDonough

    With the jewel clutched tightly in her arms, Martha fell through the air, the breeze whipping around her. They were so close to finishing the game and getting back into the real world! She hoped Spencer timed it right so she could pass the jewel to him. With only one life left, they would run out of options if this didn't work...

    But as the clouds cleared, the ground beneath her was not the rocky crags of the mountain, and there wasn't any grass either. It was...was that sand?

    Martha landed easily, thanks to Ruby's natural grace. Her features scrunched as she observed her environment, the jewel turning in her hands. What had even happened? Had her reappearing with the jewel triggered some sort of glitch or whatever it was? She tried to remember what Spencer had said about video games...he was so good at explaning stuff like that...

    Okay, Martha focus on what's in front of you, not Spencer. She blinked, trying to stop being so distracted.

    But that was a point. Where was everyone? The area was sparse, with none of the trees or even mud she'd seen before.

    Okay. This had to be the game testing them or something. What else could it be?

    After what seemed like an eternity of trudging through the endless sand covered hills, Martha spotted something that actually resembled civilisation. She still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t the game’s attempt to trick her; there had been no natural disasters, no guards with their endless repetitive dialogue and most importantly, no snakes. Her arms were folded over the jewel; ironic that a game with such wild logic couldn’t conjure a bottomless backpack or something for her to put it in. Wow. Maybe Spencer’s wisdom had rubbed off on her.

    It bugged her that none of the others had turned up; what had happened to them? They couldn’t have just gone. She hoped she wouldn’t be stuck forever here, as she was convinced by now this had to be some hidden level or whatever.

    As she mulled over this, an unexpected figure came into her line of sight. Was that…?

    “Alex!” She whispered to herself, almost tripping over her own feet as she quickened her pace towards him. Yeah, she really could’ve done with Ruby’s natural agility there and then.

    “Alex,” she repeated, louder this time as she got within earshot. “Are you alright? Where’s everyone else?”

    (Let me know if the date or anything needs changing! <3)
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    taken out of my soul

    Horizon was alright. Sure, he'd crashed a plane and had basically had his ass handed to him by a girl he had stopped being mildly afraid of and respected now, and it was also really hot all the time, but it was a nice change of pace from all the crazy that was going on over in Pandora Town. He'd also since finally worked out that this wasn't a game. It felt like a game because everything about it was just so impossible, but it definitely wasn't actually a game.

    But he still couldn't go home.

    Walking up from the pathway that led down into the gorge and, with it, Horizon itself, Alex heard his own name being called and his froze, gaze darting up to meet that of a red-head he'd never seen before in his life. But she knew him, apparently. Alex's brow furrowed deeply and he looked a little bit on the lost side as he considered her, trying to work out just how she might have knew him. He was coming up with a total blank.

    "Uh-- Uh, yeah, hi. I'm Alex, that's totally me," he mused, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips, though it faltered a little as she nearly tripped over herself to get to him, his hands lifting as though ready to catch her if he needed to. But then, another question was leaving her lips and he looked confused again. "Everyone? I mean-- Horizon's down there, there's tons of people," he said, gesturing over his shoulder. "Not tons, it's not a huge place, but ... you know what I mean."

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