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Welcome to Winter!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nic, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Nic

    Nic Player

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    Winter Has Arrived!

    You know how they keep saying winter is coming? Well, winter has finally arrived! Which means it's that time of year again, when sleigh bells are jingle-ringling and all you want to dream of is a white Christmas!

    Don't worry if you have threads for Autumn that you forgot to put up. You can always use the Threads of Time forum for such threads, and for threads even further in the past, to cover any threads you just didn't have time to do.

    Seasonal Location

    Isolated and nestled in mountainous terrain, the picturesque Hogsmeade Village can be difficult to find. It may be surrounded by wilderness, but the village is the very pinnacle of civilization and charm. The snow-topped buildings and shops are all decked out for the holidays, ready for visitors. READ MORE.

    Threads in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA have been moved to SILVERWOOD.​

    Seasonal Event

    Rumors of a newly discovered oasis have been filtering out of Horizon, whispers of a deep pool with crystalline waters and mysterious powers. It is said that the pool, aptly named the Wishing Waters, has the power to make a person’s greatest wish come true. People from all over Pandora have been risking the dangerous pilgrimage through the desert in the hopes that their wildest dreams will be fulfilled by the magical waters. READ MORE.

    Check out the seasonal event forum for more information!

    If you have any questions in regards to the seasonal plot or location, don't hesitate to PM someone from Plots & Events!


    Post Count Changes for Government PositionsWe have a number of characters in government positions across all our towns, so we decided to bump up the required number of posts per month for such characters to 5 posts per month. This is to ensure that characters in these positions are active, so that towns can thrive and develop at a natural pace. This change will also be reflected in our rules.

    The positions that will require 5 in character posts per month are the following:

    Click me!

    Plotting & IC News RevampIn order to better facilitate running plots and events and delivering IC news, we have made some big changes to several areas of the forum, all coming together under the new Plotting Central category.

    RP Requests & Plotting has replaced the old brainstorming forum and the Story Hub system. RP Requests & Plotting is where you can go to find people to plot with, and also where you can setup threads to help track the status of current plots on Pandora. Please see this thread for further details on the new setup.

    Pandora News has combined the old Current Events, Bulletin Board, and Happenings posts. We've removed the emphasis on OOC explanations for events, and have provided 4 different templates for 4 styles of posts; gossip, recent events, posters, and news articles. Please see this thread for further information on the new setup.

    Tagging SystemPandora now has a tagging system! This is currently only used in the new RP Requests & Plotting and the Pandora News forum. While new tags cannot be freely created, a number of preset tags are available to help provide useful information on these threads.

    Tags can be added to new threads using the tags box when posting a new thread:

    Tags can be added to or edited on an existing thread using the Edit button next to the thread list that can be found beneath the thread title:

    Available Tags

    Reorganized ForumsWe're pleased to announce some changes in our board setup! We now have a new Plotting Central category, which includes Player Organizers, RP Requests & Plotting (formerly the brainstorming forum), Pandora Organizations, and Pandora News (formerly Current Events).

    The following forums have been been removed or moved:
    • The town-specific plotting forums have been removed, and their threads have all been moved to the new RP Requests & Plotting forum.
    • Current Events, Happenings, and Bulletin Boards have also been combined into one Pandora News forum.
    • Communications has been moved beneath the Elsewhere In Pandora forum.
    • Character Directory is now a subforum of Player Organizers.
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  2. Rani

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    Quick post-season change update!

    I've updated the About thread for RP Requests & Plotting with some new formatting that highlights the requirements for threads tagged with [Plot], [Major Plot], and [Event]. I've also clarified that a Plot Guide is recommended for [Storyline] threads, but not required.

    The thread also now includes a template Post/Event Guide that people are free to use.
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