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Wet and tired

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Spider Nancy, May 30, 2018.

  1. Spider Nancy

    Spider Nancy Anansi Boys

    May 30th, Year 7

    Spider was dropped into a pool. He did not know how the vines could pull him into a pool or why they decided to do so but he ended somewhere at the bottom of the pool and it was very shocking. He almost breathed water and could have drowned if he did not control his nerves and swam up to the surface. At first, his arms stroked water haphazardly and ineffectively but his strokes slowly became more even and he ended up on the surface of the pool.

    But this was not that pool. This was not the pool that he was next to just few minutes ago filled with stars and producers dancing on the surface. No, this was another different pool entirely and the sun was just setting down, its rays slanting on the surface, goldening a long patch. It was in the middle place before the tropical forest thinned out entirely. The pool was connected to a body of running water, too big to be called a stream but too small to be called river.

    River dragged himself to the surface and tried to teleport to a place using his memory of a photo. Nothing happened. He wondered whether this was one of those places that were outside of human world.
  2. Bayonetta

    Bayonetta Guest

    Sand. Wherever Cereza ever went, there was some sort of boring place, far from somewhere the Umbra Witch could live in luxury. She already had basically been playing bingo in her head since she found herself on the island. In the middle of the desert. All that was missing was some sort of opponent. Extra points if they were huge, overconfident, or just damnably annoying. Oh, and she'd yet have to run into some man or child that needed her help. Even in Pandora, the checklist never really wavered.

    She spotted a small pool of water, which of something had caused a few splashes. Out of her own curiousity, Cereza made a quick jog. By the time she got to it, she saw a man getting out. She couldn't help, and had chuckled a bit while he still struggled a bit more. Of course someone needed help. And it was someone in her usual rescue routines. She offered her hand to him, as her lips turned into a smirk. This was all too usual.

    "Didn't mummy ever teach you not to randomly flail in water? I've literally seen babies know how to handle water better than that." She chuckled briefly. "But bad parenting jokes aside, what the hell are you doing out here? You don't look like some sort of merchant or mercenary to protect some caravan." Her smirk had only intensified. She had an inkling the man was probably new to Pandora, but might as well have some fun with some verbal abuse before probably having to help him get to either a merchant's camp or little village.

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  3. Spider Nancy

    Spider Nancy Anansi Boys

    While Spider was struggling hard to get out of the pool, a woman approached him and helped him get out.

    "Thanks." He said. He shocked off many droplets of water from his body and took off his jacket. He wrinkled as much water from the jacket as he could. "There go my clothes." He complained.

    At her mocking, he was only slightly annoyed. His concern right now was why he ended up in this place.

    "I bet you are not going to be the best swimmer if you are dropped into the pool by some weird vines. So I assume you know where we are."

    Getting an idea, he said, "Do you have a picture in hand? Any pictures of an actual place that still exists are okay?"