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Private Whatever You Say, Not Janet

Discussion in 'Misty Hollow' started by Eleanor Shellstrop, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Eleanor Shellstrop

    Eleanor Shellstrop The Good Place

    @Byakuren Hijiri
    Jan. 7th Y7

    Why she was still in this creep of a town, she couldn't say. Maybe it was because she landed here or just really found the moving around slowly helped ensure that someone else would pick up the tab if they thought she was new and lost, or maybe she was subconsciously looking for the others that she had come to know in The Good Place. If she was dropped down in front of that horrific place, maybe the others were close, then again, they all had belonged there and she was the black sheep, but still, maybe they would visit with good news?

    Eleanor kicked a rock down the path she was currently on, shoving her hands in her pockets before pausing to take a look around the area she was now in. For the most part, she was frequenting the pubs rather than getting out and meeting people or exploring the world she was now stuck in. It had taken some time but the conclusion had been reached that she was not in the official Bad Place, but not the Middle Place either, some sort of hellish purgatory thing.

    However, if that was the case, and she knew what she did about the afterlife, then why was she staring at a temple? "This doesn't make any forking sense," she said to herself, walking towards the structure. What was a temple doing here of all places? Then again, she had dropped down in front of a church, maybe the Purgatory version had a bunch of places for people to gravitate to while they waited for the Good or Bad place to tally their points and decide who got to claim them, made sense enough for her.

    With nothing to do and curiosity getting the better of her, she carried on towards the structure. There were some people there doing whatever people did at one of these temples. "Really... no sense." Out of habit and maybe some hope that she would answer, Eleanor reached out, "Janet? Not Janet... That.. uh... Karen-Janet? Anyone like a Janet?"
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  2. Byakuren Hijiri

    Byakuren Hijiri Touhou Project
    The Sealed Great Magician

    Buddhist Monk
    Neutral Good
    Another day at the temple and Byakuren was carrying on with her duties as usual. The temple wasn't getting as many visitors now as it used to when it first opened, so most of the people who came by were actual monks now, but there was still the occasional person who was curious about the religion and ideals behind the creation of the temple.

    She was by the entrance of the building when she heard a familiar voice calling out for someone named... Janet. That name rung a bell in Byakuren's mind and she decided to check the source of the voice. Sure enough, it was someone she knew, but what was she doing there? Last time they saw each other, Byakuren had brought her to Pandora Town so she could perhaps find a more suitable life, or unlife, there.

    "Oh, hello. What brings you here, of all places?" She asked the dead woman as she approached, keeping an usual gentle smile on her face.