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Whatever You Say, Not Janet

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Eleanor Shellstrop, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. @Byakuren Hijiri
    Jan. 7th Y7

    Why she was still in this creep of a town, she couldn't say. Maybe it was because she landed here or just really found the moving around slowly helped ensure that someone else would pick up the tab if they thought she was new and lost, or maybe she was subconsciously looking for the others that she had come to know in The Good Place. If she was dropped down in front of that horrific place, maybe the others were close, then again, they all had belonged there and she was the black sheep, but still, maybe they would visit with good news?

    Eleanor kicked a rock down the path she was currently on, shoving her hands in her pockets before pausing to take a look around the area she was now in. For the most part, she was frequenting the pubs rather than getting out and meeting people or exploring the world she was now stuck in. It had taken some time but the conclusion had been reached that she was not in the official Bad Place, but not the Middle Place either, some sort of hellish purgatory thing.

    However, if that was the case, and she knew what she did about the afterlife, then why was she staring at a temple? "This doesn't make any forking sense," she said to herself, walking towards the structure. What was a temple doing here of all places? Then again, she had dropped down in front of a church, maybe the Purgatory version had a bunch of places for people to gravitate to while they waited for the Good or Bad place to tally their points and decide who got to claim them, made sense enough for her.

    With nothing to do and curiosity getting the better of her, she carried on towards the structure. There were some people there doing whatever people did at one of these temples. "Really... no sense." Out of habit and maybe some hope that she would answer, Eleanor reached out, "Janet? Not Janet... That.. uh... Karen-Janet? Anyone like a Janet?"
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  2. Another day at the temple and Byakuren was carrying on with her duties as usual. The temple wasn't getting as many visitors now as it used to when it first opened, so most of the people who came by were actual monks now, but there was still the occasional person who was curious about the religion and ideals behind the creation of the temple.

    She was by the entrance of the building when she heard a familiar voice calling out for someone named... Janet. That name rung a bell in Byakuren's mind and she decided to check the source of the voice. Sure enough, it was someone she knew, but what was she doing there? Last time they saw each other, Byakuren had brought her to Pandora Town so she could perhaps find a more suitable life, or unlife, there.

    "Oh, hello. What brings you here, of all places?" She asked the dead woman as she approached, keeping an usual gentle smile on her face.
  3. It wasn't the sudden appearance that she had grown used to over her months in The Good Place, but maybe that's what this middle ground Janet did, show up slowly so it wasn't the nasty version of The Bad Place and not the amazing, albeit startling, version she had gotten used to dealing with. Eleanor met the question with a shrug before motioning towards the temple with a confused look on her face.

    "I don't get it."

    The statement was a simple enough one, and she thought the would be Janet would understand but something told her that it needed at least slightly more elaboration. "Uh, nice to see you again too," she added, making the mental note of having to be polite. Come on, Eleanor, you want to go back to The Good Place, not go to Worse-Than-Here Place, remember what that dork taught you. "I mean, I had heard that there was a temple or something but I wanted to see it, I just don't get why it is here. For one, you're already dead, bit too late to start praying, isn't it?" She laughed, folding her arms over her chest before stopping herself once realizing that she was the only of the two to find it entertaining. "I mean, look Becky, we're dead, I've already been through the schpiel with Michael in one of the neighborhoods, no one got it right completely, so why are there even temples here, just to make you feel better about being dead before the grand majority of us go to The Bad Place?"

    So there was a little bit of bitterness in her tone, but when you knew the truth and saw people trying to sugar coat it, the obvious reaction was to be a bit envious of those blissfully ignorant fools. Eleanor's upbringing hadn't been the most supportive environment and some little part of her had some envy over the religious communities that had support for their fellow members. Then again, she didn't buy into the whole do good deeds and pray that someone was keeping track, looking back on it had there been motivation, maybe she would have been in The Good Place rather than the middle ground dubbed "Pandora".

    "So... uh... how are things with you anyway? Enjoying your void?" That's where she went wasn't it, "Or charging station, wherever it is you go when someone isn't bugging you for something around here."
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  4. As usual, the things that woman was saying didn't make any kind of sense whatsoever. It looked that ever since they last met it still hadn't gotten through her head that she wasn't in her world anymore and that things worked differently in Pandora. Byakuren couldn't deny being a little frustrated with it, her smile slowly fading away, but there wasn't much she could do other than try to make her understand.

    "You still don't understand? This is Pandora, not this Bad Place you mention, nor does it have any connection to it. This is a completely different plane of existence from the one you are familiar with. I am, in fact, very much alive; and so are most of the other residents of this land. Unfortunately for you, you were brought to Pandora as a spirit and I'm afraid that is how you will remain until the deities of this world decide to send you back so you can be sent to the proper afterlife."

    She remained calm and polite as she spoke, but she was unable to hid a bit of an edge in her voice. She was a little annoyed to have to explain things to this person again. It was baffling how she went months without realizing any of it, but yet, here she was again, still ignorant about the world she was currently (not) living in.

    "As for your other question, life has been mostly pleasant here. I even got invited to a couple of parties during the holidays." Her smile soon returned now that she was talking about some more positive topics. "I assume you must have been having difficulties adjusting to Pandora?"
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  5. The would-be Janet went on explaining again as Eleanor tried not to look bored. Of course this wasn't The Bad Place, no one had started torturing her yet, at least, not that she could tell. Then again, it was torture being dead and still having to work for a "living". Sighing, she wanted to argue on the topic, say that she of course she wasn't in the same place because clearly The Good Place wasn't in the same dimension as The Bad Place, but it felt a little pointless to be arguing that.

    "Pretty sure Michael was alive," she muttered under her breath before letting the topic go.

    The woman couldn't help but laugh, then actually felt a little bad. "Sorry, I, hah... didn't mean to laugh at that, I just can't picture you, ya know, busting a move out on the dance floor or anything." It would have been easy to learn, Janet back home know everything, so why not this little separate universe's version of Janet? "Well I hope you had fun at those parties, people should throw more and enjoy them more. Really helps you loosen up and just get all that stress out, ya know?" Could someone like her actually get stressed?

    Eleanor wrinkled her nose, pausing for a moment before answering. "I... uh, I mean... no. It sucks. I'm already dead, I don't want to have to keep working to be comfortable. I did my time." It was an honest answer, "But there have been some interesting people around. Swear I ran into some sort of Disney Princess dress up gal... weird, but I could dig it."
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  6. She still wasn't listening, which was frustrating to say the least. Still, Byakuren wasn't about to lose her composure and she was quick to change the subject to something less circular and more casual, that being the parties Byakuren had attended through December. That still came with some rather mocking laughter and Byakuren subtly took a deep breath to keep herself from getting too annoyed. If nothing else she at least got an apology.

    "They were more formal gatherings, and I did not do much dancing, no. They were very pleasant though, a good moment to distract myself from work." She answered simply, in a manner that sounded almost blunt, although she still kept a mostly friendly and gentle tone of voice.

    Then she began talking about how she was already dead and didn't want to go back to her old responsabilities to live in Pandora. That was understandable, death was supposed to be the time where you got to rest, at least for some time before you reincarnated. Even then it would take some time growing up before real responsabilities came anyone's way.

    "It is unfortunate, but I suppose here in Pandora you will be treated like anyone else in here even if you are dead. Comfort won't be given to you just like that, but at least as a spirit you don't have much in the way of needs."
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  7. Eleanor frowned a bit, not that she could really have expected a different answer based on her previous responses, but she was secretly hoping that the girl just let it out on the dance floor. "Next time, do at least one dance for me, will ya? Seriously, sometimes a good jam on the floor is better than a bad night of drunk decisions." She needed a night out. Again. This place was starting to mess with her a little too much and if she needed a night out, this lady probably could use ten.

    Pandora had been doing just that and it was only adding to her list of frustrations about the place. She stared at the woman for a long second, sure, she didn't need food or booze but that didn't mean she didn't want them, some just tasted great and the rest helped with dealing with the madness of this world. She still enjoyed sleeping too, nearly everyone she could think of at the Good Place had had a bed and a house filled with food, so why was it here that everyone was required to afford their own? This may have been the In between of those two extreme places, but did it really have to be so much like life?

    "Get real with me for a second. If you had to be here after all I've gone through, how would you handle it?" Maybe she could get a sort of cheat sheet from the lady or at least some ideas on how to best manipulate the system. "Also... where do you think the best place for shrimp around here is, I have been looking for it and seriously have failed just about every place possible. Do not tell me they don't have it here, I've seen giant lizard people, you can fly and who knows what else, and talking cats. This place HAS to have it somewhere."
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  8. She was really fixated on the matter of dancing for some reason. Byakuren had to admit that just seeing other people dance was quite enjoyable and it would likely be even better to experience it herself. Although she preferred a slower, calmer type of dancing compared to the more energetic kind she felt this woman was talking about.

    "I will keep that in mind." She responded sincerely, even letting out a mild giggle.

    She then asked her a rather strange question. Well, by itself it wasn’t so odd, but she seemed to have forgotten a very important detail that left Byakuren unable to really form an opinion about it. Then again, she had a feeling this lady was assuming she just knew everything already somehow…

    "Well, you haven’t told me what you have been through, so I can’t give a proper answer." She then tilted her head as the topic suddenly changed to seafood, of all things. "I don’t eat seafood, so I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask about that. If I were to guess, Cascade Bay would have a wide range of options there, seeing as it’s the town closest to the sea."
  9. She could probably do with a night of dancing. Everyone could when she thought about it. A night of no cares, just letting it all out and drinking. Heavy drinking.

    Eleanor let out a laugh and shook her head, "What haven't I been through?" She died, and not in the most flattering of ways, that green turd who was so into the Earth had been one of the witnesses and she still wasn't entirely sure how she felt about that. "Flying giant shrimp, massive sink holes, getting paired up with a different Eleanor Shellstrop's soul mate who gets a hard on for ethics. A sexy giraffe and yet another screw up next door, it's a mess but yet not terrible and now, this. I mean, what haven't I been through?" It was one long giant complaint, but until she had died, she was really the only person she was ever concerned about! Chidi had gotten into her head with his ethics lessons and she couldn't help but frown a bit at her long winded remark, but it was short lasting.

    Her face wrinkled as though she did not understand the idea that someone did not like the best food on earth. "Like, on purpose or just never had the chance, because let me tell ya, Karen. Shimp is the absolute best. You can have it fancy, you can have it at a bar in a cocktail, you can have it popcorned, really any way you can top or serve it, you can eat it." Well, she could unless she was maybe allergic, or one of those vegetarians. "I was in Cascade for a bit, but I go a little distracted..." she chuckled and shrugged, "But maybe I should go back and try again. To be honest, I don't know why I came back, you seemed eager to fly me out and that creepy church I saw... is like a big "Turn Back Now" sign."

    Again, she was going on about herself. "Why do you stay here? What is there for you here, or is the creepy vibe something you are into?"
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  10. The more she heard about the woman’s experiences, the more confused Byakuren was getting. Those were certainly some peculiar events for sure and her eyebrow had been raised as far up as it could possibly get the longer her list went on. It suddenly shifted to the topic of seafood once again. She was really fond of it, that much was clear, and Byakuren couldn’t help but smile at just how passionate she was about something as simple as shrimp.

    "I’m a vegetarian as part of my religious beliefs, as such, I’m afraid seafood is out of my selection." She spoke with indifference, as she didn’t really have much reason to feel bad about her decision, even if she had to admit the woman’s passionate description of shrimp had made her a little curious. "That also ties in as to why I’m here. I simply aim to provide help to both the humans and the other beings that live in this area. Trying to turn this town into a more harmonious location, that is my reason for remaining here."

    Progress was being made, slowly, but surely. The people she had recruited into the temple all came from different backgrounds and were all very different from each other, but they were capable of co-existing together in the temple without problems arising, at least, not often. This was further proof that her ideals weren’t misguided and that was what motivated Byakuren to keep pursuing this goal.