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Whats yours is mined

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Ultron, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Ultron

    Ultron Guest

    September 15th, small mining operation near Morhall, 12am

    Multitasking was such a wonderful thing.

    Ultron didn't understand how humans could live without his level of ability to diversify. Right now, Ultron was enjoying the fruits of his labor of being able to be in several places at once: A number of his "units" were currently in pandora town on some errands, and a number were also in Morhall working on another task. This time Ultron had undertaken a bit more of an aggressive approach even by the standards his operation in pandora town was setting.

    Ultron had targeted a small to medium-sized mining operation (which was only several miles away). A mixture of technology and manpower (or in this case dwarfpower) the startup mining operation had been rather successful according to the AI's research. Even more importantly, it utilized a mix of mining technology that he could control and manpower that he could enslave or eliminate. This was the quintessential element to the entire operation: the one that made the AI's plan work.

    And it had.

    By 5:30pm, Ultron had captured the security team, taken the technicians hostage and enslaved the dwarvish workforce with a team of numerous drones, a few prime units and a vibranium-clad command unit. Once he had established order by demonstrating his willingness to brutally murder anyone who disobeyed him and executing the entirety of the security team in front of the workers and technicians, things went smooth as silk. Having taken over all the computerized operations of the mining work Ultron was able to get the resources he need delievered and wisked away to safety before others could notice. He had been doing this for several hours at this point and the payoff had been beyond expectations.

    But he knew that it was not to last.

    In his calculations, he noted that at least one member of the security team and mining crew had escaped, and while they didn't have the ability to communicate by radio they would have reached someone to inform Morhall of what had happened. As it was midnight now, it would only be a matter of time before Morhall or an outside interloper got wind of what was going on and decided to get involved.

    Ultron knew how ugly the situation was for outsiders however: He had defensible positions outside the mine and plenty of hiding spots in the barracks around the mine's entryway to hide, along with deadly mining machinery he could possess to use with deadly effect. In the mine it was just as dangerous: Ultron controlled the lights and atmospheric saftey mechanisms, and could plunge the area into pitch black darkness and/or even flood areas with deadly explosive or toxic gases, along with other hazardous materials if he so desired. Most of the hazards would not affect his units in the slightest. On top of all this, he had plenty of hostages that he could use as human shields or bargaining chips if need be, perfect for stalling while he mined materials and then ran off into the night with them.

    The barracks and offices of the mining operation were completely silent and almsot pitch black outside the void of darkness that was the entryway to the mine, and Ultron watched from the shadows, waiting for any and all comers to try and challenge his dominion over what he had claimed as his.
  2. Mettaton

    Mettaton Guest

    Mettaton was quite lost, he had been enjoying quite a gorgeous day outside when suddenly everything went dark and... everything was still really dark. Had he gotten kidnapped, perhaps? Well, whoever kidnapped him had done a really poor job at it, they didn't even bother tying him up or anything. He was free to come and go as he pleased.

    But where the heck was he? First order of business was trying to get some more light so he could actually have a clearer vision of what surrounded him. Mettaton began searching for a switch to turn on the lights of the place he was in, as he could at least tell that he was indoors. Luckily he could still see a little and using his eye lights to give him at least some light made it easy to find a lightswitch.

    Once he flipped it on he turned around and saw that he actually wasn't alone in the room as he first thought. There was... Another robot? He had never seen another robot before, so that was very surprising indeed. And this one had such a bland, unmemorable design too, it was almost pitiful. Still, he figured that turning the lights on would have drawn the other's attention so he just waved at them.

    "Hello, darling. Could you please tell me where I am?" He asked in a clearly male voice that perhaps betrayed his looks and mannerisms.
  3. Ultron

    Ultron Guest

    What. IN THE HELL. was that?

    It took a lot to cause Ultron to genuinely give pause to something. Having the power to process millions of things at once, he never actually needed to truly pause for longer than a few miliseconds (or even nanoseconds) to process something. Thus meaning that 99.99999% of the pauses he inserted into conversations or anything else were actually intended as part of communicating in some way shape or form.

    This was part of the 00.00001% where he actually paused in sheer confusion as to how to properly process what was in front of him. Quite frankly, he was wondering if a human's head wouldn't have simply exploded trying to fathom the lunacy that was before his eyes. The pinkest, most extravagant, most unnecessarily flamboyant and outrageously ostentatious thing in existence. Ultron wasn't even sure he could classify it as a robot or as a human being, since while parts of it looked like one or the other it didn't really looked like it belonged. It was like a human had reproduced with a copy machine, had a child, then the child of them reproduced with a 3d printer which printed out another offspring after combining the plans with a blueprint for a pink 80s sci-fi toaster.

    It was insanity.

    Blinking several times slowly in the dark room, Ultron triggered the lightswitch in the room...Quickly revealing that not only was there an Ultron prime unit looking over the abomination before it, but several other ultron drones stationed in the room. All of which had their gaze affixed on the intruder.

    The Ultron prime unit blinked several times, mouth agape as Ultron formulated his response. He would be to the point while attempting to convey his utter disbelief (and somewhat horror) as much as possible through his nonplussed (and disgusted) expression and words.

    "What the samuel langhorn Hell are you?!"
    #3 Ultron, Oct 17, 2017
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  4. Mettaton

    Mettaton Guest

    As the lights turned on Mettaton found himself rather surrounded. There were a bunch of robots that all over the place that all seemed to look rather unfinished while the most uniquely designed one was looking at him in utter disbelief. Clearly he had not been prepared to see someone as gorgeous as him in such a dull place as that one. A smile formed in Mettaton's lips as he saw the shock in his fellow robot's expression as the poor machine had to process such a beautiful sight in front of it.

    Mettaton did take this opportunity to glance at one of the windows to get a better view of where exactly he was. It looked like he was back in the Underground, but at the same time this place didn't look anything like any other place in the Underground he knew, and he had visited every single location he possibly could. Unless that was the inside of the Ruins, this had to be some other kind of underground civilization. But why would he have been brought there? Were they looking to have him perform in there? They could just have sent a letter...

    However, Mettaton was soon taken away from his ponderings when he heard the other being so openly rude towards him, not even bothering to give him a proper answer. The earlier smile he had vanished and instead he furrowed his brow at the other and flipped his hair slightly.

    "Well, aren't you rude." He said, sounding only mildly offended. "I am Mettaton, the greatest and brightest star in the Underground and the Surface! You must live under quite the big rock if you have never heard of me before." He chuckled in a way that almost sounded like an upperclass man's (or woman's) laugh. "Anyway, you still haven't answered my question, darling."
    #4 Mettaton, Oct 17, 2017
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  5. Ultron

    Ultron Guest



    Ultron made a series of sounds indicating his extreme frustration at the utter stupidity of what was going on. He couldn't quite initially find the words to display his extreme displeasure: hence why initially he made a series of sounds that could have been compared to a martial artist having a seizure. Once he composed himself he gazed at "Mettaton" with the most hateful, loathing gaze that he could muster.

    "Oh trust me, what I just said? Not really that rude, relatively speaking. You wanna know whats rude? Rude bypassing all my sensors then coming to annoy me and then questioning my authority while I have hostages. Rude is doing all of that while being a robotic version of Prince who is so pink he looks like he went into a blender full of unicorn and pixie guts. Rude is firing high-impact unibeam and repulsor blasts into a being until their remains no longer exist on the electromagnetic spectrum. That last one? That's true "rude" and its how I'm going to be rude to you!!!" Ultron hissed. As he did, all of his copies in the room took aim at the flamboyant robot as their weapons charged menacingly. The sound of their weapons charging alone was enough to tell that Ultron was really, really not happy.

    "Okay, so here is whats going to happen. Option 1 is I do exactly what I just said and transform your matter into state no longer capable of sustaining life, function or whatever it is you call your horrible, abominable, hideous existence. Option 2 is you surrender. Once you surrender, I'm going to find the dirtiest, crustiest oldest sock in the barracks and you are going to stuff it into whatever orifice it is that allows you to talk. Then I'm going to put a bag over your head. Then I'm going to tie you up with steel cable. Then I'm going to toss you into cell full of mining dwarves who haven't showered and or bathed for an indeterminate amount of time. Why should I about their smell when I have no olfactory senses? Well when their odors start to appear on your optical sensors, then you know they must smell beyond atrociously bad. So...Which is it gonna be?" Ultron stated angrily.

    "For the record: I'd like to ask that you please let me obliterate you. It would really make my day to not have to deal with you anymore than I already have."
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  6. Mettaton

    Mettaton Guest

    Well, that was an issue, this kidnapper was quite temperamental and wasn't able to handle Mettaton's sass, so now he had weapons pointed at him at every angle. However, it looked like this was no mere rabid fan, he had actually kidnapped other people in here, miners, specifically. So this place he was at was a mine, that was a rather roundabout way of answering the question but Mettaton had enough common sense to know better than to complain about it.

    "Well, well, well. I suppose I have no choice but to surrender." Mettaton shruged casually. "Do tell me, darling, what are you even trying to accomplish here? I was enjoying a nice day out and suddenly I was taken here, but you act as if I invaded the place. Trust me, I have no interest in some run-down, dirty mine."

    The whole situation was still really strange, but for now Mettaton was going to play it safe and just see if he could make the other robot come to his senses and realize that he didn't exactly want to be there himself. Plus, with more information he could start thinking of how he was going to get out of there.
    #6 Mettaton, Oct 27, 2017
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