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When Death Comes to Town

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Susan Sto Helit, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    December 26th, Year 7
    Susan road up to town, her black hood resting over her hear as she trotted Binky lightly to civilization. the white horse seeming to stand out even against the white snow, his purity and perfection of his white coat being even a whiter white than the snow itself. It made his black saddle and bridle stand out in alarming contrast, a black so black it seemed like a void. At an easy pace he pranced forward, hooves clipping over asphalt top while the raven flew in behind her, his ebony wings fluttering just over her head with a loud caw. Death of Rats was perched on the back of her saddle, his small skeletal bony feet hanging off the back, skeletal fingers gripping to the saddle so he wouldn't fall off the horse. Quoth fluttered down landing on a fence and scrapping his beak against the white picket wood. "This ere place seems funny." The bird spoke up, his eyes scanning around for eyeballs. Certainly a foggy gloomy place like this had eyeballs.

    "That may be so but I am certain you seem funny to them." Susan spoke up slowing Binky to a stop. His shawed hooves sliding over the slick surface a little as she did. Tossing his head uncomfortably and flicking his silky milky forelock Susan reached down and gave him a pat on the neck again. She knew, they all did, something was off about this place. Not just the feeling from the woods but the world in general. It was wrong, nothing about this place, this world was right. "Easy Binky." She spoke to the horse again. He snorted and tossed his head letting out a little nicker before Susan threw her leg over the saddle and slid down. Binky wouldn't move another step with her on his back. Both from his nerves and his steel shows slipping along the asphalt. "Alright, we'll walk from here." She told the horse and took hold of the reigns. Her black cloak fluttering over the ground.

    Death of Rats slid further into the saddle.
    "SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK." It spoke with that strange haunting small voice. Quoth jumping from the fence and landing on the back on Binky's Saddle.

    "He says he can't return back to Death's Domain. Something is keeping him from leaving 'er."

    Susan knew it all too well herself, she too had tried at they all likely had. Whatever force had taken them was holding them here and Susan didn't like that. She had seldom been to the mercy of a higher power than her own grandfather. "Keep your voice down." She ordered at Quoth and continued to walk along, the clopping sound of Binky's hooves echoing through the foggy street. It seemed strangely quiet here, not just in the sense nobody was really outside, perhaps it was too cold though Susan wasn't bothered by it. She seldom was. Looking over to a house with a snowman in the front yard there was a mild sense of relief. At least their were children in this place, that brought some comfort to her didn't it? As she got a little further there was a pulse, a sense that made Binky startle again. Like moving through a wall when she could see no wall.

    The stallion bolted forward and reared up causing Quoth to take off into the air startled and rolled the Death of Rats right off his back. The skeletal rat reaper landed like a pile of bones wound up in black robes while Susan tried to calm the horse. Each time he came down on all fours he would bounce back up again and scream. Kicking his back legs once his front touched the floor and then back up to his hind legs again. It was almost a theatrical dance had the horse not been so frightened and Binky wasn't a horse to startle easily. It was whatever they had gone through that had set him off. She had felt it too, as must have the others.
    "Binky it's alright, you are safe." She continued to use a soft voice to calm the horse but his eyes were wide and wild with fear. After one more failed attempt to calm him her voice changed to something darker, unnatural, terrifying. "STOP IT BINKY." Just like that Binky came to all fours again and snorted, the sound a little like his masters voice finally striking a cord and making the horse listen. "Good boy Binky." Her voice returned to normal, that crackle of thunder, or darkness now gone.

  2. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    Winter once again ruled over the world of Pandora. Cold and snow gripped the land within its icy grasp, as the sky above watched as the land below were partly covered in white snow. Sadly not even Caulifla was no match to the chill which remained in the air, as she wore clothes which gave very little protection against the elements. While flying through the sky with a white aura around her, she let out an almighty sneeze, which forced her to rub her nose using her wrist band. Her thoughts were of the weather and finding someplace to get warm and cosy until it got much warmer, but her body shook as she felt colder and colder. Soon her eyes caught the glimpse of a town which was shrouded in some kind of barrier! Without much thought she dashed downwards and soon landed within the city known as Misty Hollow, that gave off a rather creepy vibe to it. As the Saiyan girl rubbed her arms to try and get warm she wandered into the city.

    Upon entering the rather creepy place, she soon sensed something which made her turn eastwards. There she watched in amazement as a woman with white hair, rode down into the city on the back on a weird creature. The lady wore a long black cloak which covered her frame completely, but soon she let out a rather non human voice which stopped the creature in its tracks! Perhaps this girl had another one of those cool looking cloaks that she could use? The Saiyan girl thought to herself as she headed over towards her and the woman’s companions. Before she could say anything, the black spiky haired girl sneeze to the left of the her position as she called out to the woman in the cloak.

    “Hey! Sweet ride! You got anything I can use? I am practically freezing my butt off here…Achoo!”
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  3. [​IMG]
    December 26th, Year 7
    Susan looked over at the girl heading her way with strange dark hair, she was poorly dressed for the weather but come to think of it Susan wasn't necessarily dressed for it either. She had her cloak on but it wasn't designed to be warm so much as it was designed to well, make her resembled her grandfathers appearance more. Susan didn't really get cold so it worked out either way. She would put on a coat, a scarf, and gloves when going outside of course, those were practical things to do naturally but it wasn't always so necessary. There was something obviously different about this girl, the main thing being she wasn't human and it wasn't a surprise to Susan. Her grandfather was Death and she had just saved the Hogfather's life from the Auditors of the universe. Few things would actually surprise Susan.

    When the woman complimented on her ride Binky shook his head and snorted though Susan did nothing for a moment, just looked at her in silence. "Thank you." She finally spoke up, it was the polite thing to do. Thank someone when they complimented you or something belonging to you even if Binky wasn't hers. When the girl asked if she had anything she could use Susan looked around a moment before giving her the short answer. "I'm afraid not." Susan Sto Helit, a woman of few words unless more words were necessary. Unlike most of the aristocratic society she wasn't in love with the sound of her own voice, in fact she wasn't too keen on the sound of her voice so she didn't feel the horrid need to dribble on senselessly just so she could hear herself talk and pretend she was important enough to listen to. It made her a poor conversationalist unless you had something interesting to say and she had something pertaining to your interesting conversation to relay. Small talk, small talk to Susan on the other hand was just pointless and unnecessary. So much time was waste in a day on small talk.

  4. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    Saiyans are an amazing race of warriors, no matter how strong they get, they are human after all. Caulifla was perhaps the most powerful female Saiyan in her universe, and yet not even she can stop herself from being cold. The clothes she wore made her feel a bit of a bad ass, after all the girl became the leader of a group of Saiyan punks, yet it was the winter that proved that her garments were not exactly the best thing to wear during the cold weather. There was a strong possibility that the sudden rush of power from the legendary transformation could make her warmer, but she didn’t want to transform right in front of the black cloaked lady, as it could spook her animal like friends. For now she rubbed her arms and moved her body slightly to try and get her body temperature up. As the girl waited for a response from the white haired girl, she began to think of things that could take her mind off the chilly air, from training to thinking of a way to get to the third level of a Super Saiyan. Soon though she didn’t have to wait long as the lady spoke her words.

    She meant every word about her ride being sweet, but soon disappoint came her way. The woman didn’t have anything that could help against the cold, which forced Saiyan girl to sigh sarcastically at the news. Although Caulifla didn’t receive anything from the girl to help her get warm again, there was still one more thing that the woman could give her…It was at this moment that she realised that this woman certainly wasn’t the talking type, in fact she was probably the only one that didn’t comment on her spiky hair! As she continued to move to try and keep warm, the teenage Saiyan girl spoke out her reply to the lady in the black cloak.

    “Tch! Well can you at least spare some money old lady? I just need to get something like that awesome cloak you wearing to keep myself warm."
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  5. [​IMG]
    December 26th, Year 7
    Old lady? Susan had been called a lot of things, preferably Miss Susan as Sto Helit was too greatly connected to her family and her title of nobility. It was old hat explaining to everyone that yes she was thee Sto Helit, duchess and all and yes she was working as a governess because being a duchess never really suited her. She had been called lady out of disrespect, ma'am, miss, even girl though that also had rubbed her the wrong way because she wasn't a girl just as she wasn't an old lady. Susan was quite young in fact, despite her endless wisdom she appeared to hold for her age she was still considered very young at that. To be called old lady felt strange. Furrowing her brow she figured it was an insult or intended as such simply because she didn't have what this girl wanted? Cute, it made Susan even less patient than she normally was with people and Susan didn't have much patience to begin with.

    Susan didn't even bother to bring it to attention, it was pointless now. "I've only just arrived here, I don't have anything." She pointed out, eyes studying the girl. She would have to find someone else to beg off of. Susan started walking, Binky following her as she did. The horse was much calmer now or at least listening to her despite the barrier they had crossed. Quoth ruffled his feathers as he landed on Binky again, making an almost mocking in laughter type of caw.

    "caaaaaahhhww, old lady." Quoth repeated with a chuckle.

    "I'm happy you are finding some amusement." Susan snapped back at the raven while Death of Rats followed behind them. Seeming to have trouble keeping up with his short legs. "I'm finding this place less and less amusing by the second."

    Death of Rats finally caught up enough to yell up to Susan.

    Susan stopped Binky to walk over and lift up the small Death. "Right, I'm sorry." She placed him back on the saddle while Quoth scraped his beak against it.

    "Craaaaawww, right, you're sorry and I'm hungry, how about we find some eyeballs."

  6. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    They say power comes with a price, yet for Caulifla it didn’t really affect her. The Saiyan blood within her made it so that her body could not only become more powerful, but more resilient as well. Right now though she had to combat the elements themselves as she stood before the woman with black and white hair, it was then that something finally came to her mind. Energy always equalled heat so if there was more then not even mother Nature couldn’t stop a person from getting warm, which meant only one thing to the Saiyan teenager….The Super Saiyan transformation. Sure the legendary power was incredible and not to mention cool, but she then pondered about what would happen if she transformed before the cloaked woman and her pets. There was a chance that they could be scarred about her sudden change, but it couldn’t be helped….after all she couldn’t help but feel cold! Soon the woman gave a reply indicating that she had nothing to give, which was a typical reply because she only just arrived in Pandora.

    As the cloaked stranger walked past her, Caulifla simply stood still and smiled. Now the girl had a chance to offer the woman some help even though she didn’t get any help in return, so now was the time to do a little showing off! After clenching her fists tightly, she once again focused on the tingling sensation in her back as the legendary power once again flowed threw her veins. The ground beneath her feet began to shake violently as her hair turned golden, the color of the iris in her eyes changed to a light greenish blue, and finally the golden flame like aura shrouded her in its glow as it flowed upwards. Once again she stood in her Super Saiyan form as her body finally felt the warmth it needed to combat the cold. The ground stopped shaking, as just below her feet was a shock wave which flew across the ground. Soon SSJ Caulifla turned to look at Susan as she called out to her.

    “Oi! Old Lady! Sorry for causing that, look I know this place quite well, so I can help you if you want it?”

  7. [​IMG]
    December 26th, Year 7
    Susan continued to walk away, she wasn't too worried about whatever it was the girl was doing behind her. After all she was the granddaughter of an anthropomorphic personification. That was more or less a god in her world though she wasn't certain you could call Death a god. More like a, well a powerful force in the universe. She had seen stranger things and she was sadly capable of strange things herself. For instance Susan fought a constant battle with herself over the simple use of a doorknob. It was hard to remember what the point of one was when you could just as easily walk through a door or wall as though it wasn't even there or step outside of time because Death didn't follow the laws of time. "I don't think they just have eyeballs laying around." Susan told the raven as he insisted upon it further.

    The ground started to shake making Susan let out a sigh, earthquake? Could her luck have gotten any worse than it was right now? Of course it could, your luck could always get worse. Life had taught her that, to even wonder if your life could get worse was welcoming it to become worse. Next thing she knew she would have to start playing Death again because her grandfather wasn't in this world. Susan hoped not, she had played Death once before and had quite enough of it for a lifetime. When the shock wave rippled over the ground it hadn't knocked her over or even made her falter. It would take a great deal to make the otherwise graceful Susan lose her sense of balance. It did however make Binky jump and slip over the hard black surface again. The horses shoes scuffing over asphalt. This terrain wasn't conducive to having a shawed horse.

    The second time the girl spoke out to her Susan had quite enough of it, she was annoyed now. Pulling Binky to a stop she turned around and glared at the girl. "First of all, I'm hardly old. I'm twenty five." She paused raising her brow. "Second of all, help, I don't think so. I'm rather efficient on my own thank you very much." Looking over to the side Susan could see what looked like a cafe or dinner. Regardless the place had food and Quoth was hungry. Come to think of it so was Susan. "Go home Binky..." She stopped again, it was almost instinct to tell the horse to just go home but they weren't home anymore. "Just, go someplace safe." Not that anyone could take Death's horse but she'd rather Binky didn't stand around and get hurt. Binky shook his head and stepped forward, within the blink of an eye seeming to vanish into thin air or more appropriately vanishing out of time.

  8. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    Saiyans feared nothing as their warrior instinct kept them going. Caulifla couldn’t help but feel proud to be a member of the great race, yet at the moment she couldn’t believe just how stubborn the old lady was as she once again refused help. Not only did the lady and her creature like friends didn’t want help, but the woman with white and black hair didn’t seemed surprised by the Super Saiyan transformation. For now she simply enjoyed the feeling of being in her first transformed state as it gave her the body warmth that it needs. Despite looking confident and sounding quite stubborn, this human stranger had no idea of the truth this world wielded, still for someone who looked was twenty five years old she looked much older then that. Most people of her kind weren’t really the kind of ones that would offer help or advice to others, but she figured that helping this old lady wouldn’t hurt, yet every time the teenage Saiyan tried to help, the girl simply got shot down!

    In a reply to the woman’s stubbornness, Caulifla simply serious as she powered up her SSJ aura which grew stronger. This was what she got for trying to help a new arrival, and right now the Saiyan girl’s blood was boiling with anger, and right now it didn’t matter if it was a demon or a god…It wasn’t a good idea to make a Saiyan angry! As the iris in her eyes shone like a polished crystal she looked towards the girl in the cloak, as she spoke with complete confidence followed by a smirk as she said to the stranger.

    “And here I was trying to be nice…I doesn’t matter how old you are, to me your still old…Grandma! Let me tell you something anyway,…Others are brought here everyday and no one can return home. Sooner or later your going to need help or information. So quit being stubborn, other wise at this rate no one will help you.”

  9. [​IMG]
    December 26th, Year 7
    Oh boy, the rude little child was throwing a fit. Susan stopped for a moment to look at her, her face in that stern governess look that said 'are you quite finished?' They look she gave Twyla and Gawain when they threw tantrums over something they didn't want to do. Never feed into a child's tantrum, just make them feel foolish rather and they would stop. A child only threw a tantrum because they thought they could get your attention or bend you to their will. Stand firm, raise your brow, and put a hand on your hip int hat silent judgmental gaze. She could have used the voice on her but she was against using the voice on children, it was a little like cheating. Of course there had been times, times Susan hadn't controlled it because her temper had been set off and Twyla nearly cried but since Susan had turned it against the monsters hiding in their bedroom the children had come to look forward to those little moments Susan used her voice.

    If the girl had though she was being nice in any sense of the word she really needed to question the parents, they had raised a horrible little monster but that was what you got for being incompetent with children Susan supposed. So many people failed to actually understand how children worked. Everyone was fretting over teaching children how to be children. That wasn't necessary, children were already good at being children naturally. "Perhaps you should learn how to speak in polite society and come back. I'll not accept help from a rude little girl." Susan pointed out in a bit of a scolding tone. She was being much nicer than she wanted to be but Susan wouldn't stoop to the child's level with the name calling and temper tantrum. Stepping forward as the girl still prattled on Susan walked through the door. She hadn't opened it, in fact in the attempts to ignore the child she had forgotten doors needed to be open. Instead she just walked right through the solid door like a ghost and went into the cafe.

  10. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    Caulifla couldn’t hardly believe the cloaked woman. This girl sure was tough and yet she still didn’t flinch before her Super Saiyan transformation, for now she dispersed the aura and watched as the woman simply told her off and went about her way. As the stranger disappeared from sight, the girl couldn’t help but smirk slightly as she figured that girl in the black cloak was just as stubborn as she was. Deep within her thoughts, the girl wanted to simply fire an energy blast and destroy whatever the girl wanted to have in the café. Sadly this was a bad idea as her attack could have not only destroyed everything including the building, but it could have killed the people inside…She was not a murderer, the girl was a Saiyan warrior who craved the thrill of fighting opponents, calmly the girl powered down to her normal state and thought for a few moments. An idea soon appeared in her mind as she gazed at the café, within seconds her body disappeared in a burst of speed, as she rushed through the café which blew the door open wide.

    A wind blew as Caulifla reappeared in front of Susan. At first the girl said nothing, but soon she delved into her pocket and slammed a note onto the counter, it was money that equalled that of a twenty pound note. It was a long story as how she got the money, but to put things short the girl did a few chores for a few people for a short period of time. Somewhere in her mind, she was cursing herself for doing a good thing for this stubborn woman, yet deep down the Saiyan warrior had a good heart and so she simply wanted to do something nice for being “Rude” earlier. Eventually Caulifla spoke to the black and white haired woman and spoke to her with a smile.

    “Your tough…I get that…So here this one’s one me. Besides I am a Saiyan, its not our nature to be polite”
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