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Where the Flipping Fork Is This?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Eleanor Shellstrop, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Sept. 24th Y7

    He was being an ashole on purpose. The train was hot enough and trying to not think about it was only making it worse by one degree at a time. Trevor was going on at an annoyingly slow and casual pace about the unfortunate aspects of the train, delighting in her misery. Eleanor looked out towards the town she had called home, even if she knew she hadn’t belonged there, but she didn’t think she deserved this. She rolled her eyes as the food cart was brought up and how it only served Manhattan clam chowder at room temperature, but what a surprise, it was closed.

    Did it just get a warmer in here?

    Eleanor pulled at her collar, trying her best to ignore the demon delighting in all of this. There was something on the floor beneath her feet, moving her feet clear as she glanced up, wondering if Trevor had something to add about the other surprises she had on this train as it pulled away, but he said nothing. Glancing down again, the black spot was larger now with tentacles reaching for her.

    “What the fork?” Eleanor tried to move away from whatever was coming up through the floor of the train. She pulled her legs up onto the seat but the black vine tentacles followed her. She looked up again at Trevor, expecting to see his face lighting up as she tried to get away from this thing, but he didn’t seem to be reacting at all, as though he had no idea what was going on. “Is this some sort of game you ashole? What the fork is this?” Maybe the train wasn’t taking her to The Bad Place at all, maybe it was all for show.

    She hadn’t noticed it wrapping around her leg while she was trying to get that dang demon’s attention and let out a panicked plea for help as it crawled up her further and began pulling her down. This couldn’t be happening, she wasn’t some serial killer or anything, she only sort of sucked. Trying to grab onto anything that would keep her on the train, she fought and screamed for help before everything went black, the last images of the train vanishing, leaving her wondering what was to come next.

    She hadn't even realized that there was anything around her yet. Screaming what would have been swears at the vines as she tried peeling them off her, Eleanor had yet to notice that the utter darkness now had some light and a rather disturbing scene around her.

    "Fork!" A shiver went up her spine as she kicked her free legs away as she backed away from where she had seen the vines last. "What the flipping fork!?" Hurrying to get up, Eleanor finally got a look around as the feeling of a solid ground beneath her signified she had arrived. It wasn't entirely what she had expected to be greeted with in The Bad Place. Unlike the clip Janet had played for them, this was just a creepy looking church with a giant pit in front of it.

    "Definitely not The Good Place," she mumbled, looking around her new surroundings as an eerie and unsettling feeling sunk in. Pulling the cardigan around her a little tighter, as she looked down into the pit. "Yeah, no." What was she supposed to do with this? Forest and a church, which seemed out of place for The Bad Place, but hey, The Good Place had some weird weird stuff too. The creep factor was still fully there as she backed away from the vines.


    Eleanor stood there looking around hopeful for a moment, but when no woman just appeared beside her ready to help her out, not even that useless "Bad" Janet popped up. "Well that's forking helpful," she muttered bitterly while backing away from the suspicious pit in front of the creepy church.
  2. It was another day of doing some looking around through Misty Hollow and dealing with the supernatural activity that kept the townsfolk constantly on edge. Byakuren's efforts into trying to appease the many spirits there were bearing fruit, but she was still just one woman. Hopefully once her temple was completed she would have help with this task.

    Her wanderings through the skies of the town eventually led her to the abandoned church. She didn't like to be near it usually, it just had such an oppressive aura in it that reeked of evil and negativity. Perhaps that was something that needed some investigating itself, but what drew her attention was that she heard a voice coming from the area.

    She gracefully landed in front of the church, one hand on her straw hat to keep it from falling off as she took notice of a frustrated woman backing away from the pit next to the church. What was it for? That was another of the church's mysteries and one that she would have to leave for later as now she had to deal with mysterious woman.

    "Hello, are you lost?" She asked as she walked towards the woman, her tone of voice being friendly and welcoming, "Are you in need of guidance?"
  3. Oh, look at that, there were now feet in her line of sight and they were coming down. Eleanor stepped further away, having no idea what to expect in this world now, since the creepy church and even creepier pit in front of it had not been on her list of things that came to mind with eternal torment. Almost to her surprise, the legs were attached to a body.

    Eleanor eyed the woman skeptically, glancing around waiting for Trevor to just step out with a stupid grin, slow clapping and informing her that she was now officially in "The Bad Place" and that her eternal torment was to be brought out by this colorful woman, but nothing and no one came. "Uhhh..." She was never truly known for her way with words and having just left a paradise that she didn't belong in, dragged by some freaky black vine tentacles into this weirdo world, could she be blamed?

    "Lost, no. I'm pretty sure I know where I am Weirdo Poppins." At least she was still herself! "I'm not entirely sure guidance is what I want from anyone here. I was told the train would take me here, but then some forked up vines did the job. Tell your boss or whoever runs this neighborhood, Eleanor ain't playing their game." That should be enough, it should totally work. Turning around, planning on leaving the church, Eleanor stared at the forest, a path present but no clue where it led. Maybe that was what led her to the shrieking bit of this new place and she couldn't hear it yet because a filter. Maybe they wanted her to think there was a choice but either way led to the same destination!

    She hadn't gone too far before she turned around, eyeing the oddly colored hair woman, "Are you meant to be some weird Janet or something?" Maybe she was that nasty kind of sweet looking but scary evil when she finally decided to drop the act.
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  4. Well, this woman certainly had an atittude. The things she was talking about weren't very easy for Byakuren to understand, nor were the names she was calling her, but one thing was made very clear: she was a newcomer to the land of Pandora. Byakuren giggled a little as she watched the woman begin trying to leave into the woods.

    "My name is Byakuren Hijiri and I'm afraid you're not where you think you are, miss." She then gestured towards the whole scenery around her "This is the currently haunted town of Misty Hollow in the otherwordly land of Pandora. You have been brought here by divine forces, for what purposes, nobody is quite sure, but we all arrived here the same way and now we simply carry on with our lives as best as we can."

    She was expecting a lot of disbelief to come from this woman, after all the entire premise of what she was saying would be completely ridiculous for someone who has no faith in deities and the like. There was something about this particular woman that struck her as strange, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it, a feeling she had gotten all too familiar with in her time in Pandora.

    "I would not recommend wandering into the woods by yourself, many dangers could be lurking around, hiding amongst the trees."
  5. It took her long enough to get Chili's name or Jane's correctly, this had to be The Bad Place if people were just making up names like that and expecting her to remember. Yes, listening actively to people was one of the lessons she had been trying to learn but it had clearly done nothing and she was here with a Halloweentown Mary Poppins with a name more complicated than it should have been. She glared at her a little for that giggle, she refused to put up with some evil cutsie demon that she was already convinced this woman was.

    Eleanor laughed a little at the name. "Well, at least they bothered to name the neighborhood, wait. There's more than just this?" She asked while gesturing to the church, it's pit, and the forest. Of course her previous home was just a small little town but the way she had said they were only in part of the whole, it made it seem much larger.

    Again, the woman got an annoyed laugh from her. Funny to tell the dead to just go on living their lives. "What's in the trees? More asholes waiting for the chance to finally poke me with your little pitch forks?" Maybe the woods wasn't the best place to go wandering around in, but the church certainly was not where she wanted to be either.

    She wasn't like the others she had met from what she thought this place was, and an idea clicked. Eleanor approached her quickly, pointing at her. "You're here to help me, aren't you? Like some sort of," she paused and gave the woman a once over again, "guide? Are you trying to help my case in getting back?" The personality seemed right enough, so maybe Michael was still trying to help her out!
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  6. The things this woman was saying distracted Byakuren from actually answering her questions as she slowly figured out what was going on. People with pitch forks, the fact she was looking for help in getting back to somewhere, the annoyed laugh when the priestess was explaining the town... Byakuren was slowly starting to understand the woman's circumstances.

    "Ah, I see now, you're a spirit, correct? Someone who has passed away but whose soul is still attached to the world." She spoke less like she was actually asking something and more like stating a fact. "I'm afraid you misunderstood things, miss. This is not heaven, hell or even purgatory. I myself am very much alive. Like I said to you before, this is Pandora, a world beyond our wildest imaginations."

    To think that there was a god so powerful that they were capable of not only bringing in other gods to this place, but to forcibly remove people from the afterlife... A terrifying power, for sure.
  7. There really hadn't been much that she was attached to back on Earth while she was alive other than herself. Eleanor just stared at her, trying to figure out what it was the girl was trying to tell her. She never thought of herself as a spirit, she was just a dead girl who couldn't get hangovers and it was pretty darn great, at least until Michael decided she should go to The Bad Place, which she was still fairly certain was here.

    "Not a robot or anything? You sure you aren't named Janet?" Eleanor paused again and glanced around, still waiting for at least some form of that robo-lady to appear. "Look I know where I was and more or less where I was going, and this kind of fits in with the latter. I mean, Michael was alive so saying you are too isn't convincing me much either way." While it was reasonably difficult to imagine a world beyond her wildest imaginations, she had been witness to some pretty bizarre things back in Ye Olde Good Place, flying had been one of them, or at least other people flying before it rained garbage.

    "Look, can you just, I don't know, point me in a direction that won't have evil little demons trying to gab their little mermaid forks into me, or burn me or something? I've heard how this place sounds and I'm not looking to add myself to that mess." She was dead, there was no real convincing her otherwise of that. She had died and went to the afterlife, one that was a little bit of each religion, so specifying one or the other wasn't entirely correct for her to hear. Or, maybe this was a middle ground, not the bad or the good, but maybe a medium? "Karen, are people normally dragged to this world by vines off the train? Is that just something you all do here for shirts and giggles, cause I gotta say," pointing at the women again, Eleanor continued, "fork you guys. That shirt is a forking way to arrive here. And what on earth is with the creepy church? If this isn't the place I think it is, like you said, then what? Do I just walk around until one side finds me and drags me back?"
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  8. This conversation was being very, very difficult. Terms were being tossed out that Byakuren couldn't quite understand. What was a robot? What's this about a person named Janet? Who's Michael? What's this about forks and shirts? Is she censoring herself while trying to curse at her? Well, she could appreciate the attempt at politeness even if it felt rather pointless.

    "That seems to be how all of us arrived here, we don't really know who exactly is responsible for it, but we're all victims of this kidnapping." She began explaining, once more, how things worked here, hoping that this time the woman would understand it. "I'm afraid we won't be leaving this land until the deity who puts us here decides to return us home. Until then... I could guide you to Pandora Town if you're so inclined. It should be a more pleasant place for you to stay while you adapt to these new surrondings."
  9. Eleanor let out an exasperated sigh and took in another look at her surroundings. Whatever this particular place was in the world, she did not want to be there. "Well Kurig, I'd rather not go play Scooby Doo in the haunted woods," but did she trust this person to get her somewhere pleasant in this strange creepy world? For a hot minute she almost, almost found herself wishing for that home with those horrible clown paintings again. At least there she knew she was safe and as long as she didn't mess up things were great!

    "Fork it, ya know what, let's get me to this town!"

    She had no intention of getting used to anything here. Even though she had only been gone for an hour tops, she found herself missing Chidi, even Jason and Tahani! Sure there were some issues, but what could you expect with her thrown in the mix? Refusing to get any closer to the church, swearing for a second she heard a less than pleasant scream coming from that pit in front of it, she waited, arms stretched out, taking a deep breath.

    "Come on little lady, hit me with your best shot and let's up, up, and away to this town." Hand outstretched, she raised a brow, "Does this town have alcohol?" That should tell her whether or not she was truly where she thought she might be, it couldn't be all bad if there was alcohol. "Fork, lady, c'mon! I don't intend on finding anything more about that dang pit or what's moving around in it, and no evil apple tree is gonna get me in the woods, let's go." Eleanor demanded, thrusting her arms upwards to help drive the point in that she wanted to leave now.
  10. If there was one word that could describe this woman, restless would be the most appropriate one. If nothing else she did agree with going to Pandora Town, although now she was being very hasty about going there to the point it was almost surprising that she didn't start pushing Byakuren around. Sadly the main reason she wasn't doing that was likely because she didn't know the way.

    Grabbing the woman's outstretched hand Byakuren merely sighed in reaction to her antics. "There is alcohol, yes, as for our journey there, do you want to go at a normal speed, or do you want to get there as fast as possible? The journey might not be as pleasant if we go through the faster method."

    All things considered this woman was dead so there wasn't a need to be as careful as she would have to be with mortal people. Still, Byakuren didn't want to contribute to her rather unpleasant arrival in Pandora, although... At this point she was sure she had already contributed to it despite her best efforts.
  11. Really, what was there to lose? Unless she could die again, super unlikely, getting away from this church with the odd woman who could just fly at will was probably the least of her problems. As she grabbed hold of her arm, Eleanor turned slightly and braced herself, "Don't even think about dropping me, you wingless fairy, I don't know what this world is, but you do, I will make it my whole dead life mission to hunt you down." In truth, she really didn't actually think this woman would, but she felt somehow required to drive that point home.

    It was a genuine smile when she said there was alcohol, and the faster she could get to the alcohol, the better. "I'm dead," she reminded her, doubting that it could indeed be unpleasant if they got there any faster. "Let's get crazy and do this shirt!"
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  12. She was being pretty casual about the fact she was dead, perhaps she had already gotten used to it. Either way, Byakuren merely nodded, feeling the expectedly very cold touch of the woman's body as she came in contact with it. She didn't seem to be a ghost, but also not a corpse either, which was strange, but not something Byakuren bothered to question much as she would normally have, it wasn't like she would expect to get much in the way of answers even if she did actually ask about it.

    Byakuren chanting a sutra after she had gotten consent from the woman to use her magic to speed their journey to Pandora Town. It did take more than a few seconds and Byakuren's body began glowing for a moment as the sutra was finished.

    "Hold on tight." She advised, still keeping a serene demeanor as she spoke.

    Then after giving the lady some time to get herself prepared, Byakuren shot up towards the sky at an incredible speed and, once she was high enough, she began flying towards Pandora Town in such a speed that any onlookers would see only a blur move through the air.

    Eventually Byakuren began slowing down and, surely enough, they were just outside Pandora Town now. Byakuren slowly landed on the floor and still held on to the woman as she expected her to be at least a little dazed by the experience.

    "Are you alright?" She asked out of concern, even despite the fact that this woman was already dead and so likely couldn't really have been afflicted with much during the trip.
  13. Eleanor stood there, watching the woman glow and found herself suddenly not quite as eager to latch on to her and see just where exactly she flew to.

    Her voice was soothing but it did little to change her thoughts on the matter, but if she was going to get away from the creep-o church and giant pit to even worse things, no doubt, she would have to grab on. Eleanor stepped right up to the woman and wrapped her arms around her tightly, "Closest I've been to someone in a while," she laughed. It wasn't too much longer before they shot up in the air and Eleanor realized that her grip was not as tight as it needed to be.

    "Holy shirt!" Before they took off in another direction, her grip tightened and she held that strange flying woman as tight as she could without choking her, because that couldn't possibly end well for them to just fall out of the sky.

    With her eyes shut, she clung tightly to the woman, even after she felt solid ground beneath her feet. It was a moment or two longer before she stepped away, legs shaking and she crumpled to the floor, laughing, in shock at what just happened and how quickly they were already somewhere else. "Fork!" The nervous laughter continued as her hands ran over the ground and she took in the scenery. "Fork, Karen... what the fork are you and how do you do that?"

    Eventually she brought herself up to her feet wishing there had been something to lean against. "You're like a Janet on steroids."
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  14. The woman was understandably shaken by the travel, although Byakuren had warned her about how it could be unpleasant, but she probably hadn't expected that the means of travel would be something like that. It was a little amusing to see how she was having trouble even standing because she was simply that dazed. Byakuren then approached her and began helping her stand up, allowing the dead woman to temporary lean against her as necessary.

    "I'm a magician." Byakuren stated in the most direct way she could. "I specialize in magic that enhances my physical abilities, although my ability to fly is unrelated to it."

    She still didn't really understand what that woman meant with a "Janet" but at this point Byakuren didn't really want to know and so decided to just not comment on it. Instead she gestured towards the town that was right next to them.

    "Either way, this is Pandora Town, you might be able to find this place to be more to your liking than Misty Hollow was. I have been here a few times but I don't know it very well, so I'm afraid I won't be able to guide you there."