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Private who's carrying who now, bitch

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay' started by Lois Lane, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane DC Universe

    Dignity was superfluous when you were already a tiny dog. However, Lois had already agreed with herself that she hadn't taken this puppy into her world for the sole purpose of making him miserable. The failure of her personal revenge-quest established that she wasn't a punisher. If she were, she'd probably be yet another member of the Dead Lois Lane Club by now thanks to... pushing her luck one too many times. Something like that. So, she nodded at his request without making fuss.

    In her attempt to sympathize with his frame of mind (as a person-turned-dog, not as a fascist), she could understand that lapping water out of a bowl would just make fur (heh) unnecessary insult to injury. As much as this was a puppy-tailored regime of her own, the only way anything good could come out of this was if they worked with each other, as much as they could.

    She continued thinking out loud on her way to the kitchen, past the island, rummaging in her fridge to the ends of hot dogs on a plate. "You'll need a new moniker. My sister comes from another one of those dimensions where I'm dating you, so calling you Clark might make it really weird," she muttered herself (and to him). "I swear, it takes a village to raise a—" She snapped her fingers over the sound of the microwave. "That's it! Pueblo. Little Pueblo. Perfect dog name, no one will think twice. Did I ever mention how swell these are?" Lois grinned, tapping the side of the microwave with fleeting mirth.
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  2. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    Pandora Town
    Advanced Human
    No matter how many deaths that I die, I will never forget
    this hurricane's chasing us all underground

    He couldn't say he was not relieved that Lois was.. trying to understand an impossible and much too bizarre even for their standards situation. It showed too, as his tail started wiggling from one side to the other and he quickly realised that hiding his inner feelings and thoughts would be unlikely to succeed if his own body manifested them in animalistic ways. It was a conclusion that made him want to hide under the couch and never come out and he did set foot, or rather paw, to do just that, but then Lois begun talking again and he couldn't bring himself to ignore her.

    There was an excited little jump at the sound of his new name that did not lead to any injuries this time, because it was inspired and funny. Reminding him of his situation was not ideal, but he was beginning to accept that this was something he had to live with, for the time being. 'These parallel dimensions must be getting really annoying for you.' he observed, though he was glad she looked as swell as possible herself considering the circumstances. 'But yes, one of the few perks of the future is better hot dogs.' he agreed, hearing his tummy rumbling. He could eat garbage and it still would not be any concerning since he was transformed to a dog, but he was stubborn enough to try and resist his instincts as much as possible rather than give in and feel horrible about it later.
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  3. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane DC Universe

    Lois snorted in response to that. "Annoying? I don't know if annoying encompasses it, Pueblo." Annoying played a big part of it. Along with conflicting, surreal, mad, and every synonym for bonkers she could think of. Her life had already been kind of bonkers, but she never imagined it would've dived into jump the shark (she'd brushed up on her latter 20th Century lingo) territories of bonkers.

    Lowering to a kneel, she set the glass of water, with a bent straw sticking out of it, alongside the plate of hot dogs. Frankly (heh), it looked like one of the most depressing meals she'd ever seen, but it was it a feast for kings by puppy standards? Maybe? As long as he didn't get sick, which she was still wary about. "Bon appétit?" Lois announced incredulously.

    She crossed her legs underneath her, and stared intently at just how this was going to work.