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Who's that pincess in the window?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Princess Peach, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Princess Peach found herself all but skipping along through Tavoie Borough, quite enjoying the quaint atmosphere of the place. Her ruby red heels clicked against the street as she moved along, a bright smile plastered onto her delicately painted lips. Today was a good day and, aside from not having her castle or her citizens of course--that was still kind of terrible, but she was nothing if not a survivor and that concern had been forced to the back of her mind to protect her from a perpetual state of anxiety and woe.

    Only a few things could've really given her pause--and one of them was the realization that she was passing an orphanage.The sight of a few tiny faces watching her from behind a window caught her eye and she stopped, taking a very long moment to consider what she was looking at. To be honest, she wasn't a hundred sure! It wasn't as if there was a sign identifying it as not being a school or just an unusually big house to keep all of the kids. It could've been an orphanage, but it could've also been a daycare--or an event center of some sort. She was quietly considering going inside and asking, and likely would if no one approached her in the meantime.
  2. Mahad

    Mahad Guest

    Mahad found himself wandering through the streets of Tavie Borough. He'd been in Pandora for a while now, and had never really explored this part of town. As nice a place as it was, he was not often called to assist anyone here. It wasn't the sort of place to have disturbances that required him, after all. Today was a rare occasion, as he'd found himself without a charge to attend to for a short time, and decided that it really would be best if he familiarized himself with the layout of the town. He'd been walking for a short while now when he'd happened upon a building with a large number of children inside. This must be the Pandora Town Orphanage. He scratched his chin for a moment, thinking to himself. It had been a long time since he'd seen Atem... or his reincarnation, Yugi Moto. Perhaps they had arrived here and found residence in the Orphanage. It would be worth a look into the place at least. He chuckled a moment, if nothing else, he might be able to spot some potential magical talent in the place!

    As he approached, he spotted a rather demure looking woman looking into the place. Ahah, perhaps his search for his Pharaoh could wait for a moment whilst he assisted them. He approached and asked "Hello there, do you need assistance?"
  3. Link

    Link Guest

    A boy ran out screaming of the orphanage, carrying a pig over his head. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" he shouted, while a larger man dressed in an apron chased fruitlessly after him and a bunch of wild assortment of staff raised their forks angrily.

    The green-clad boy made a dash to zip right at the princess and the wizard, since they each blocked his only route of escape.
  4. Peach's attention was drawn by an offering of help from a nearby man. Oh how she did appreciate a gentleman; Her looks, while arguably stunning in their own right, simply were not enough to earn her the same admiration and amiability she was treated with by... most of her kingdom. She often found herself a stranger here, with few stopping to acknowledge her longer than it took to admire her presentation--or gawk as the situation may be. It was a tad formal for everyday things, but looking the part was all she had left to her royal name here! "Oh, I was--" Peach began to explain, only for a screaming child to startle her into cutting herself off. There were only two reasons for someone to scream like that. Either they were in trouble, or they were misbehaving. The princess' azure gaze locked on Link as she tried to assess the situation, only to realize with renewed alarm that he was beelining straight for her. No no no no--! Unfortunately, the princess was frozen in place for a bit too long to evade the little boy's charge. With a muffled poomf he pretty much vanished into her skirt, the many folds of her dress absorbing him in an instant. A split second later, he'd meet her legs. two frilly pillars cloaked in stockings that would put an abrupt end to his mad dash. "Oof!" the princess softly blurted out, staggering slightly off balance but barely moving an inch. She was understandably a lot heavier than Link.

    Underneath the princess' favorite dress, Link would find himself lightly embraced by a world of silky fluff as far as the eye could see, which is to say he couldn't see much even ignoring the low-light conditions. It was admittedly a good hiding place if he could keep the pig at least somewhat quiet, as her thick dress would further muffle any sound from within. ...But would she protect him?

    The princess made no move to free Link from her dress, mostly because that would involve fussing with it in public--and frankly that was an insult to her dignity in and of itself. Unacceptable. Caught in an uncomfortable situation, her cheeks flushed ever so slightly pink in frustration for a moment. She quickly calmed herself down though. So long as Link didn't move around too much, she figured she could safely maintain her composure. Flashing Mahad a distressed glance, she quickly shifted her gaze to the adults that had been chasing Link and put on a more neutral expression, forcing herself to adopt an apologetic smile. It was the most genuine smile she could manage. What would they do? Would they demand they hand him over? She'd be forced to make amends on Link's behalf to preserve her dignity. Would Link simply remove himself? She sure hoped so--sooner or later. She didn't want to try and walk somewhere while this was going on.
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  5. Link

    Link Guest

    Link found himself running too fast to evade the layers upon layers of fabric underneath the princess's skirts. He was trapped, but also realized very quickly this was an excellent way to hide from the hungry mob chasing him. The pig squealed at the sudden darkness and Link whispered for him to be quiet, hugging the piglet close to his chest.

    He bumped into one of her legs and shifted about, trying to find an exit but only meeting his face with more and more swathes of fabric. Finally, Link decided to keep still, hoping he could make his escape at the right time should it come to it.

    The angry fork-wielding adults met the unsuspecting pair, a princess and a wizard and their leader pointed a fork at them angrily. "That boy!!" he wheezed out, face red and veins throbbing. "Wild! Mad! Stole our dinner! He went this way I saw him go right--- right!!!" he gestured plainly at the princess's skirts, exasperated at what to do.
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  6. Peach could feel some tugging and squirming underneath her skirt, ever so slightly flustering her in the process as she felt him bump into her legs, but soon it stopped and she came to a decisive realization. He was staying there. Oh, the joys of being twice the size of most people. She'd almost forgotten it since being separated from her kingdom. With a forlorn look down at her skirt, she supposed she could only be grateful that they had not demanded anything from her. They did, however, seem to know where the boy had gone.

    "...I do apologize for the disturbance, Sir." Peach replied in a mildly exasperated tone. "Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve him for you. However, I would be willing to offer you compensation for your dinner. Would you allow me buy you a new one in return for letting him go..?" Peach went on to explain and ask, fishing for some money on her person. Paying for an entire pig was going to hurt her wallet. She'd likely go hungry tonight as a result. It would put her far over her budget for today's meals. She silently resolved to have a talk with the boy hiding in her dress later. He owed her at least that much.
  7. Link

    Link Guest

    “No! You can’t do that!” Link burst out of the fluff, holding the pig as though it were the most precious thing on Pandora. “They can’t eat the pigs! The pigs are my friends!” He said with a shout, pulling his pig under his shirt.

    “There’s the thief!” The shouted collectively, raising their forks and assorted cutlery accusingly.
  8. Oh! Peach was stunned for a moment and ... That dude was definitely eyeing her with a fork in a weirdly aggressive way. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to take from that, but it seemed somehow hungry in a way she didn't quite want to put very much thought into. Sir--Sir! That is a salad fork! You use your magical umbrella companion for munching on people! How brutish!

    The princess turned her head away and wistfully sighed. She was torn. On one hand, Link was just so very cute! On the other though, people needed to eat! She couldn't make everyone happy here, which was simply 'the worst'. She already hated this situation, but she supposed all she could do was try and help resolve it. Putting on her best, prettiest smile, she addressed the angry mob again. "I dread to think that any of you would ever have to witness one of your own friends being eaten. Do you think you could ever reconsider taking this poor boy's pigs..?" Peach asked in an ever so gentle tone, reaching down to pat Link on the head half-heartedly. None but Peach could ever know the lurking karma in her words.
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  9. Link

    Link Guest

    "Pigs aren't people." one asserted.

    "Yeah, and people can't be friends!" said another.

    Link looked up questioningly at the princess. He appreciated her support, but he couldn't let her fall to the mercy of the mob either! He considered making another break for it, but then that would leave her at the center of it all.

    "What if you ate a pizza instead?" Link asked, his boots shuffling onto the gravel nervously.

    "Pizzas aren't friends either!" said the second mob man again. His fork looked the most menacing.
  10. Peach blanched. She then closed her eyes and began to consider what she was about to do, pensively considering what it meant for her. "...In my world, pigs can be people." she replied in a slightly more confrontational tone. It was a tone of warning. The princess then shifted to level her parasol at the nearest man, as if to prod him accusingly with it."...Just like my parasol is a person." Peach went on to remark, popping the parasol open in demonstration. Sure enough, her parasol had a big, smiling, rather cartoonish face on its canopy. "Yeah~" Perry chimed in. "...You wouldn't like it if someone from another world decided you were food, would you?" Peach finished by asking. The mob couldn't possibly understand that this was a veiled threat, a seemingly theoretical situation that Peach was capable of turning into a reality with just a touch of magic.

    It wouldn't take much more frustration to break Peach's patience.There were lessons to be taught here, and she couldn't help but feel like she'd already done her best to try and compromise.
  11. Link

    Link Guest

    Link gasped. His hat could talk, maybe they could be friends with the umbrella lady and the princess! Link was sure the princess lady's umbrella didn't peck her in the head though. He idly wondered if he could make a trade....

    "Oh!!! oh!!!" Link raised his hand. "My cap is a people too!" he called out, raising his hand for a turn and stood on his toes. Ezlo immediately squawked and angrily snipped at Link's hair with his beak for waking him up.

    "Don't drag me into your mess!" Ezlo snapped, and Link swatted his beak away as best he could.

    "Umbrellas can't talk!" one man screamed.
    "Can pigs talk?"
    "Hats can't talk either!"
    "Guys... I'm scared!"
    Before they knew it the crowd had thinned, thoroughly taken aback by the talking garments before there was only one trembling man with a spatula left.
  12. Peach idly reached down with her free hand and gently fixed Link's hair, affectionately patting him on the forehead--careful to avoid touching his hat. She seemed to appreciate his contribution, at least, though she had to question the temperament of that hat of his. She did not think fondly of the times Perry had gotten impatient with her, but thankfully those days were for the most part passed.

    Finally, a single person remained. A man with a spatula. Well, he didn't seem too threatening. Peach brought Perry back to her shoulder, relaxing a bit. "I do believe that now would be an opportune time to recuse yourself, Sir. If it's all the same to you, I would be most happy to let you go..." the princess half-heartedly offered. For all she could tell, he was frozen where he stood.
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  13. Link

    Link Guest

    Link didn't mind the princess ruffling his hair. She was tough stuff, it seemed, and was super cool and brave! Her umbrella was too!

    The last one ran off in a dash, and Link sighed in relief, picking up his spatula and brandishing like a sword. "And don't come back!" he shouted after, while his pig seemed relieved not to be porkchops as well.

    "Now that the cap is out of the bag..." Ezlo gave Link a glare. "Thank you princess for helping this dope and his pig friend. Link owes you one."