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Willsaam, Jaesa

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jaesa Willsaam, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Jaesa Willsaam

    Jaesa Willsaam Star Wars

    Who the hell knows
    Force-Sensitive Human
    Neutral Good
    they're all around me, circling like vultures
    they wanna break me and wash away my colors

    Played by Keira

    Fandom: Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Age: 21
    Species: Force-Sensitive Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: After the first Imperial spy Jaesa identifies is killed
    NPC Companions: C2-N2, a protocol droid whose main function is to keep her ship well maintained and clean


    Lightsaber CombatJaesa is proficient with the use of her double-bladed lightsaber in combat. She tends to utilise Form III during fights, otherwise known as Soresu, a defensive combat form that makes use of tightly controlled movements and exceptionally fast reflexes. During fights with her lightsaber, Jaesa is fast enough in her movements to be able to dodge and deflect blaster fire. As Form III is a defensive form, she has less capability with all-out attack.

    Lightsaber ConstructionAs per the Jedi training path, Jaesa built her own lightsaber once her Master announced that she was ready. As such, she is able to build others should she find the right materials in Pandora.

    PilotingHaving been presented with her own Corvette starfighter, Jaesa is a reasonably skilled pilot, capable of flying a ship that is twice as large as the Defender-class Corvettes on her own with no crew. Most likely, she would be excellent at flying other ships she comes across, at least ones that are familiar enough.

    Domestic SkillsAs the daughter of servants, Jaesa has all manner of skills relating to cleaning, cooking and domestic upkeep. From her time as Gesselle Organa's handmaiden, she's also skilled with embroidery, hair styling and cosmetics.

    Special Abilities

    The Force
    Jaesa is a Force-sensitive human, allowing her to sense and manipulate the all-encompassing energy known as the Force. Using the Force allows Jaesa quicker reactions and reflexes than normal people and enhanced agility that allows her to do acrobatic feats many other people would find difficult, as well as a great number of other abilities listed below. While Jaesa has high raw strength in the Force, harnessing more of it than her body can handle is dangerous, with a risk of exhausting, physically damaging or even killing herself. As a padawan of the Jedi Order, Jaesa uses the light side of the Force only, though she has an as-of-yet undiscovered natural affinity towards the dark side.

    Force EmpathyWhile the ability to sense someone's emotional state is reasonably commonplace, Jaesa has unusually high latent skill with this, and hers extends far beyond sensing emotions:

    She is unique among Force users in that not only can she sense small fluctuations in emotions, but she can also 'see' into the true nature of any being, using the Force to pierce through any and all deceptions into the heart of who someone truly is. The only way to deceive her would be if someone is capable of turning completely into a different person, psychologically as well as physically.

    This ability to sense someone's true nature can also be used to track them: As long as she had sensed someone's nature before, she can hone in on them through the Force from anywhere in Pandora. She can even sense natures across entire star systems, so if she has sensed someone's true nature before, there is literally no way to hide from her.

    The other facet of Force Empathy that is unique to her is her incredibly sensitive ability to read intentions. She can sense people's intentions and their plans, even the most barely formed ones. However, her power to predict someone's actions is a lot easier to deceive than the other unique part of her Empathy, any strong magic able to veil someone's intentions from her view. She must also specifically seek out the sense of someone's intentions, by consciously channelling the Force.

    Force JumpJaesa can use the Force to exaggerate her natural agility and ability to jump, allowing her to make quite incredible leaps through the air.

    TelepathyThough she doesn't have a great deal of skill with this, Jaesa is capable of telepathy. She must be able to sense the individual in order to communicate with them, which means that she can only communicate with non-Force users over a distance of a couple of miles - however, she can utilise this skill over the entirety of Pandora's landmass when it comes to other Force sensitives. She has also learned how to project herself visually and audibly through the Force, appearing to other Force sensitives, though as a mere projection, she cannot be touched or interact with their surroundings.

    TelekinesisThis is the ability to use the Force to lift, move and otherwise manipulate objects. Jaesa has a high level of natural affinity for this, and is very skilled in this area.

    Force BarrierThis is a very basic application of the Force where Jaesa essentially wraps herself (or others) in a shield of Force energy that can absorb physical and energy attacks. Given that the Force could be considered a kind of magic by people in other worlds, the barrier is therefore also capable of absorbing magical attacks in Pandora. The amount of damage Jaesa can absorb depends entirely on the strength of barrier she has built, which in turn depends entirely on her energy levels.

    PyrokinesisJaesa has a very small skill in pyrokinesis, an ability that allows her to use the Force to generate and manipulate fire through heating air molecules. She very rarely uses this, and cannot do much more than start small fires (such as a campfire). With practise, Jaesa could learn to manipulate an already existing flame (with the intention of making a small flame a large explosion, for example), but for now, she is limited only to starting small fires.

    Force HealJaesa can use the Force to heal small to moderate wounds. The more severe, the more effort it takes and the harder it is to heal fully. She has to do this while meditating, her focus inward, so it is easy to disrupt her in the process of healing.

    MeditationMeditation is an important part of Jaesa's routine, involving focusing inward and purging herself of all negative emotion, allowing herself to have a keener awareness of her own feelings and emotions, a sense of calm serenity, and a closer connection to the Force.


    Double-Bladed Lightsaber/Saberstaff (Yellow)
    Jaesa's lightsaber is a metal hilt with two kyber crystals that create two plasma blades when ignited, one out of each end of the hilt. No heat is given off from the blades, but they are capable of slicing through most materials and burn, cauterise, or melt anything they pass through. They are considered incredibly dangerous weapons, and very difficult to wield skillfully, especially the saberstaff which is easily considered the most complex to learn to use. Jaesa's lightsaber is yellow.

    Defender-class Corvette StarshipGiven to her by Jedi Master Nomen Karr, Jaesa's ship is her second most prized possession, after her lightsaber.
    At 94 metres long, 72 metres wide and 29 metres high, the Corvette is an impressive size for a ship that can be crewed by only one person. The front of the ship gently curves to deflect any laser fire from enemy ships, with the bridge positioned in the centre. At both ends of the bow sit powerful pairs of laser cannons - highly accurate weapons capable of high damage to structures and of exploding the ground in a 10-foot radius if fired at short range. While Jaesa can fire these cannons remotely from the bridge - the only way for her to do so on her own - they are much less effective and accurate than if she had other crew members man the turrets. As such, especially considering she is not a highly skilled pilot, she would struggle under fire while on her own, though the ship does have a high-powered deflector shield to protect it from enemy fire.

    Though Jaesa can and does fly the ship on her own, it can sustain a crew of five, with accommodation space for that number. There is one escape pod. Jaesa does not have an Astromech droid, instead relying on a navicomputer for navigation, which is positioned in the centre of the bridge and shows a holographic view of the galaxy, and since the ship reappeared after being destroyed in the Calamity, its capability to jump to hyperspace has been restored.Though the ship is obviously much better suited to being flown in space, it is perfectly capable of flying in a planet's atmosphere, though she would need to be very mindful of the speed at which it can fly.


    C2-N2 is a protocol droid that came with Jaesa's ship when she was first given it by her old Jedi Master. He has no combat capabilities at all, his functions generally to keep her Corvette in tip-top working condition. He comes equipped with a vast collection of blueprints and readouts that allow him to fix virtually any problem that may arise with the vessel, and he is also programmed with etiquette protocols so that he can tend to the ship's crew (in this case, just Jaesa) with perfectly and specially tailored care. Because he is completely useless in combat, he very rarely leaves the ship, but may be seen out and about occasionally in the company of his Master.


    NaiveteJaesa has been isolated throughout the formative years of her life, her tenure as a padawan unusual in that her Master kept her away from most other people, which has caused her to grow into a young adult unaware of many simple ways of the world and how people work. Though her Master has always claimed that keeping her away from people was to keep her safe from those who would hurt or use her, it was also partially in an effort to control her. This has left her woefully underprepared for a life on her own.

    MortalityDespite her raw strength in the Force, Jaesa is still just a human. As a Force user, she has a longer lifespan than normal people, but she can still fall prey to disease or injury that is too severe for her to heal with the Force, and if an opponent can get around her various defenses, she is easily killed.


    Jaesa is the epitome of sheltered. Growing up the daughter of servants, Jaesa's childhood was spent in Castle Organa training to become a servant and handmaiden, and the only friends she had were the other children of servants when she was young. Even they drifted away from her when her Force Sight began to manifest, however, finding her ability to see through the nobility’s lies and politics unnerving.

    Although it was discovered that Jaesa was strong in the Force, her new life with the Jedi was not what she expected. Her Master, Nomen Karr, was highly interested in the unique abilities she had to read true natures and hidden intentions, and it was these powers rather than she herself that prompted him to take her on as his first padawan in many years. He was not as interested in training her to become a Jedi Knight as he was in using her to further his personal vendetta against the Empire, and his (not unfounded) paranoia that the Empire would find out about his exceptional, special padawan led him to craft a life of isolation, fearmongering with his warnings that people would use her given half the chance and keeping her away from most people, and secret even from most of the Order.

    As a result, Jaesa is incredibly naive, lacking often simple knowledge of life. Though Master Karr has taught her much, she has not experienced, first hand, most of it, and has spent the past eight years tightly beneath her Master's wing, groomed for greatness. She knows she is an asset too valuable to risk but considers her ability to be a curse rather than a gift, wishing only to be a ‘normal’ padawan and be able to progress as the other students do.

    Generally, she is a quiet young woman, mild and soft-spoken, and though she is friendly, she’s not the most trusting padawan in the bunch - a life of being used by those higher than her has left her views on other people a little bitter. However, despite this, a life of isolation has left her desperate for the company of others and it is not at all difficult to bring her around to warming to people. She is not violent despite her fighting skills, disapproving of cruelty and rough treatment of others, especially those in lower positions. Jaesa is a very gentle girl, honest and with a great amount of affection to give once she is able to trust someone, though she does try to live by the Jedi mantra of avoiding becoming too attached.

    However, Jaesa can struggle with the need for inner tranquility when it comes to the Force, with a temper like a flashfire if provoked, and she is an unusually headstrong young woman with a strong stubborn streak, as demonstrated by the fact that she was able to withstand the raging, aggressive advance of a huge Sand Demon on Tatooine long enough to commune with it and encourage it to shed its skin, allowing her to complete the Jedi trial to anoint herself with its blood, with no actual bloodshed, considered highly unusual for a young padawan. She might be quiet, awkward and impressionable, but by no means is she stupid or foolish.

    Though she herself is currently unaware of this, Jaesa has a natural affinity to the dark side, and should someone try, it would not be difficult at all to tip her over the edge. She is an inherently good, sweet young woman, but there is the potential for great darkness in her soul that only needs to be unlocked.


    "Good afternoon, Master. I trust you have eaten well? Perhaps I should prepare non-perishable meals for your travels?"

    The ship doors slid shut behind her as Jaesa shook her hair out of her eyes and smiled pleasantly at the droid as she passed. "I'm fine, thank you, Ceetoo," she assured it, patting it lightly on its cool metal arm, before yawning, covering her mouth with her hand and heading through the ship towards the bridge. In truth, she was reasonably hungry, but she wanted to avoid the droid fussing over her.

    Reaching the bridge, Jaesa dropped down into the pilot's seat, leaning forward with her elbow on one of the dashboards, peering out through the huge windows at the Coruscant spaceport, watching personnel scuttling around clearing the way for her takeoff. At least, she assumed she'd be taking off somewhere. She was still waiting on a holocall from Master Karr, as she had been for most of the day. Tapping her fingers on her knees, Jaesa fiddled absent-mindedly with the hem of her sleeve with her other hand, before spinning the chair around until she was looking back down the ship's main corridor.

    "Ceetoo!" she called, a metallic sound immediately following as the droid turned the corner and looked at her. "Has there been a call from Master Karr while I've been out?"

    The droid shook its head jerkily, light glinting off its gold exterior. "I am afraid not, Master. I have not taken any calls today; I would have mentioned."

    Jaesa sighed, and waved the droid back to whatever it had been doing. Cleaning, no doubt. Spinning the chair back to face the windows, she peered at the galaxy map, wondering what her Master was doing. Perhaps he was searching for information on the Republic murders they had been told about a few days before. Jaesa's stomach clenched at the thought. She had outed one of them as a spy, and then shortly after, they were found slaughtered. It couldn't be coincidence. That must have been what Master Karr was doing, finding information.

    But why not take her along? Why leave her on Coruscant, almost as though he were leaving her where she couldn't get into trouble?

    She pressed her lips together, pushing her hair back and leaning forward again, pressing buttons and flipping switches. He had bade her stay in the spaceport until he contacted her, but there was no harm in at least readying the ship to leave. Surely he would contact her soon. She'd been waiting for hours, and she'd already had to bite back her impatience. There was a loud humming, and her seat began to vibrate as the engines roared to life, and--

    --and there was a strange tightness around her ankles, as though something had wrapped around them. With her fingers halfway to another switch, Jaesa looked down, shock stabbing through her determined calmness as she saw black tendrils snaking up her legs. Before she could even think about grabbing her lightsaber from her waist, there was a great tugging sensation, before the young Jedi's vision went completely dark and she was pulled out of her world and into another, landing on hot sand, the sun beating down relentlessly upon her.

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  2. Jaesa Willsaam

    Jaesa Willsaam Star Wars

    Who the hell knows
    Force-Sensitive Human
    Neutral Good
    RE-APP #14896884 COMPLETE.

    She's being reset back to a padawan, so skills have been edited and personality completely rewritten!
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