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Wine and Pizza?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Helen Magnus, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest

    February 16th, Year 7
    Helen had found the note on her desk at work just sitting there waiting to be read. She hadn't known who had put it there or when but it had been addressed to her. Opening it up she found a printed letter telling her to meet up at a local pizza joint. One Helen had actually gone to before and quite liked it. A little smile crept upon her face, the sort she always had when something involved Nikola. That half caution and half interested he always put her in. She could never be fully comfortable around Nikola but he was pushing his limits on her. Helen had gotten fairly vulnerable around him as of late and she was still alive. Perhaps even without being turned human again he had softened up from his total global domination ploy and settled himself down into something Helen dared to think she could see herself being with. Just wasn't quite ready to say that out loud yet. Yes, Helen had just admitted to herself she wanted to be with Nikola, she just didn't want to get hurt either.

    However the prospect of lunch with Nikola was interesting enough, she was going, naturally. She wouldn't stand him up, no, they lived together now. It was bad enough when he sulked and they lived on opposite sides of the earth. Now when he sulked he SULKED. You couldn't walk past him without seeing a glass of wine in his hand, a bottle half empty on the table and his little self pity face on. Waiting for her lunch break to come around Helen touched herself up a little, just slightly because she didn't want to give Tesla the impression she was trying too hard. This was just two long time old friends sitting down together over pizza Talking about business and her new Sanctuary she was in the process of buying and in the process as asking him to play a bigger role in it. Would it be so wrong for Helen to let him in on her baby a bit more? They were in Pandora without Will and Tesla was the only other person she trusted with it. Grabbing her coat Helen slipped it on and fixed up her hair before stepping outside the clinic and walking to the pizza pub.

    It was another chilly day, Helen was looking forward to spring and fixing up her new Sanctuary and perhaps no longer having to hear Tesla tell her 'he could keep her warm' every time she came home and said she was freezing. Not that she was completely against the offer but honestly, with Amber and Henry in the house, he'd see Rome retake the world before he saw her in his bed. Now should a mass influx of Romans come into Pandora and they take over Helen supposed she would just be screwed, literally and metaphorically. It wasn't much of a walk luckily and with her knee high boots on Helen wasn't too worried about snow making this walk miserable. Reaching the front door of the pizza pub Helen fixed her hair again and straightened out her jacket before slipping one hand into her pocket and opening up the door. Walking inside she saw the place was empty, this was a bit...odd. One of the tables had been set, a table for two with candles and roses, red roses, not Helen's favorite flower but they were lovely enough. Really Helen had been more of an orchid person, typical.

    She furrowed her brow, a little sly smile forming on her lips as she glanced down to the ground and tucked a lock of curls behind her ear. She was a little surprised, this was a bit risky for Nikola to try and set up. Seemed a little out of place even and Helen got a bit nervous. The roses were the detail. Nikola knew she loved orchids, she loved them above any other plant around and she seemed to do well with keeping them alive. If he would have risked this much there would have been orchids. He wouldn't have pulled a single punch and laid in full. That and this wasn't his style. Nikola would have gone someplace fancy, now that begged to question, this didn't have Nikola write all over it so who the hell was responsible for it?

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