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News Article Winter Guardian

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by The Governor, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.


    An artist’s visualisation of the “Winter Guardian”.​

    Throughout January and February, rumours have surfaced of a large one-eyed cat assisting people and creatures in need, predominantly in wilderness locations. The rumours are thought to have initially been spread by a number of enchanted wild birds.

    There is much speculation over the identity of the “Winter Guardian”, but many people believe that it is a pet of the sun god, @Apollo, or Apollo himself in the form of an animal. Whatever the guardian’s association, the rumours have caused an influx of worshippers to flock to Apollo's temple to pay tribute to him.

    Relevant Threads
    Please ignore the names of the characters I've tagged below, and assume the rumours refer to them vaguely (e.g. a talking tree person, a wolf god, etc), unless these players are happy to have their names connected to the "guardian". They can give me their consent via PM, Discord, or incorporating them in IC responses to this thread. :)

    Good Deed #1 Across that Sandy Sea: The guardian helped @Groot, and possibly @Arle Nadja, to the Wishing Well. Rumour spread by the vultures of the desert.
    Good Deed #2 Paying Back The Loan: Gave @Sebastian Michaelis a substantial amount of money. Rumour spread by the pigeons of Pandora Town.
    Good Deed #3 Snow Angel: Assisted @Irene Adler when she got involved in a car accident. Rumour spread by the pigeons of Pandora Town.
    Good Deed #4 Something wicked your way comes: Joined @Qrow Branwen in killing two monsters that were preying on human children. Rumour spread by the crows and ravens.
    Good Deed #5 Kindness: Helped @Okami Amaterasu reunite a child with her beloved pet. Rumour spread by the crows and ravens.
    Good Deed #6 Here's Your Rock: Delivered a rock from Medith’s Run to Annabeth Chase at her request. Rumour spread by the seagulls.
    Good Deed #7 New World, New Skies: Defended @Sky Smith from vicious creatures in Silverwood. Rumour spread by the eagles and hawks.
    Good Deed #8 No Need for a Hero: Acted on information provided by @John Uskglass to rescue human children from a Sidhe Lord. Rumour spread by the crows and ravens.
    Good Deed #9 Eye of the Tiger: Warded off a vampire that was trying to attack the most beautiful woman in Pandora, @Chanel Oberlin. Rumour spread by the bats.
    Good Deed #10 She-Cat: Lured away @Freya while in her dangerous cursed cat form from a human settlement. Rumour spread by the owls.
    Good Deed #11 Sand Sharks: With the help of @Yukito Tsukishiro and @Starscream, the guardian rescued a group of schoolchildren and their teachers from hungry, sand swimming sharks. Rumour spread by the seagulls.

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