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Wisdom's Organizer

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by Wisdom, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Wisdom

    Wisdom Player


    Wisdom's Page

    About Me
    Well, a bit weird for me to fill this out, but here we go. I am a compassionate person, and I at least like to think I'm somewhat of a gentleman. I am a huge gamer - and I love the Fire Emblem franchise to death. I probably will be on at the most random times (my internal clock broke a few years ago, and I ain't camping for a week to get it reset.) I love roleplaying, and I started doing it more "hardcore" (if that's what you call going from online children's games to actual RP forums), and I've enjoyed it - well, mostly. Pandora is my first site where it isn't toxic and people don't form cliques - which is so much rarer than one would think.

    I know I am not the perfect roleplayer - I still make mistakes and typos - and sometimes my muse feels like not wanting to do it's ONE JOB OF BEING CREATIVE. Oh, and a quick warning: I don't mind making long posts when I RP, but if you usually post a novel's-worth of words in a post, don't expect me to be able to match it. To me, while detail is wonderful, getting to the point and the main part of the story is important. Not to say I make short posts when roleplaying - but you get the point.

    Some of my apps' roleplaying may be a bit shorter than my average amount of content I can put in a post, since I don't have an RP partner, and it usually will probably be how the character I am apping got stuck in Pandora. But anyway, I hope we can all enjoy our time here, and please excuse my occasional rambling when speaking OOC, kind of like I just did with this entire little essay on myself. xD

    (P.S. If you ever have an issue with me or just need to contact me, please contact me via PM or on Discord. If I act rude IC to you, it's just because I am conveying a character - not my true self.)

    Roleplay Preferences
    In terms of roleplay, I am a sucker for romance (especially on panfandom sites - the possibilities are endless!) More sexually intimate threads aren't exactly my thing. And I love a thread that feels just genuinely fun to make. A cool adventure, a budding friendship, a battle - I am up for it as long as I feel it's not more like a nuisance to post replies to it. One place I'll draw the line is extremely detailed lewd or gory content, but I will explain my thoughts on that in the Limits section right below.

    I already mentioned earlier I love having a detailed and well-established post, but not to the point where you are writing two paragraphs on how your character things a rotting stench is. As I said, I didn't come here to read a novel of words in one post, but I also don't like posts that are too basic and bare-bones.

    With everything I already mentioned, I'd finally like to declare where I draw the line for mature scenes. I don't like posts that go into so much effort of making sure the scene is so gory or something in a more mature romantic thread describing every sexual feeling, sensation, and action all at once. If I ever want that kind of stuff in my life, there are definitely other ways I can pursue it. I don't mind a couple in bed together or mentioning if a character gets their head chopped off, but please do not extend to going too into deep detail you would probably be disowned by your family by if anyone saw it.

    Oh, and before I stop ranting on-and-on, I do not mind characters with different sexual preferences. It's fine. But for me, I'll probably be putting my characters into heterosexual relationships (unless something about their canon is tweaked in the future). I am just saying this because if you want a romantic interest different than what I can write, I am probably not the person you'll want to thread with in that regard.

    My Characters


    Fire Emblem/Fire Emblem Warriors


    Corrin is a very strong-willed young man. When war broke out between Nohr and Hoshido in his Realm, other heroes with different backgrounds came to help him quell the animosity between the two kingdoms. One of these people was actually an alternate female version of himself, who had brought the countries together while helping a kingdom named Aytolis. He then dedicated himself to helping the heroes destroy vortexes of time and space letting out monsters. Though whilst doing this, he was shoved into one, ending up in Pandora.

    Corrin also has blind faith and hope, usually trying to see the good side of every single person. He's even forgiven murderers, thieves, assassins, and those who he sees as evil. Though if he finds no redeeming qualities in someone, and feels like they are a threat to anyone, he will intervene. He has gotten himself in a few situations where people with great enough acting skills to trap him, abusing his trust.

    He currently lives in Cascade Bay, and is loving it. The town's blending of Asian and Roman architecture reminds him of Nohr and Hoshido. He loves seeing the two blend together, and sometimes even just lets himself believe he is living in one peaceful kingdom where his polar-opposite family members can come together. If you want to find out more, try having your character interact with him. If they can form a bond (friendly, neutral, or hostile), he will probably not forget any encounters that make huge impacts on him.

    You can find Corrin's residence within the city itself. He lives in a treehouse reminiscent of where he lived during his adventures in his own world, right near where the cultures of east and west combine. But if you plan on spending the night, his home is just really a big studio with a small bathroom - so don't expect a huge and luxurious guestroom if you ever get that chance. Corrin wouldn't mind a lady in his life to cherish, as long as she's got a good heart.

    Friends: Corrin tends to befriend many different kinds of people. From thieves to saints, poor to rich. As long as you don't clearly serve evil, Corrin will trust you and have faith he won't be stabbed in the back.

    Enemies: Anyone who enjoys making others suffer or cause discourse will have to face Corrin's wrath if he finds out their intentions. He does try to believe in second chances for most people, though.

    Romance: Corrin is up to romancing any woman that he truly trusts with his life. How it would go would depend on the circumstance of whom is his love interest, and they'd need to at least know each other pretty well.

    Kira Carsen

    Star Wars/Star Wars: The Old Republic


    You know how all Jedi are, right? High-and-mighty peacekeepers who are so boring that their Council, made of people with so much potential, just sit and try to work out politics of the Jedi Order? Well, if you're here for that, a Jedi like that, Kira is probably one of the last Jedi you'd be wanting to go to. A rebel with (kind of) a cause among her Jedi peers, she actually enjoys sarcasm, wit, and having a good time.

    While she is morally in the right, doesn't usually resort to killing or torture, and will always try to help others in need. But that's where kind of the only common-ground you'll find between Kira and most Jedi. Sometimes, her actions are more childish, but you can't blame her for wanting to enjoy and live her life. Especially if you know her life before being a Jedi.

    She was actually born to two Sith lovers on the Imperial capital planet of Dromund Kaas. She strong connection to the Force drew the attention of the Sith Emperor Vitiate himself, and was forced to be raised as a "Child of The Emperor", which basically was brainwashing and securing the loyalty of potential Sith that Vitiate could possess, should he die. After realizing she couldn't even remember anything that happened in a few weeks, Kira went to grow up in a small community on the planet Nar Shaddaa. She actually almost successfully stole ship parts from Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks, who recognized Kira's potential to be a Jedi.

    Kira would go on to be renowned for helping the Hero of Tython on many quests, including being part of a small strike team that attacked Dromund Kaas, and ultimately, Darth Vitiate. Her key to remaining sane is her joking nature and her goodwill. While she misses the galaxy, Pandora is an interesting place for her to explore - and also help those in need.

    If someone where to ever find her - she would not be easy to find, as she lives in Horizon, where it is peaceful and tranquil - a perfect place to safely train herself due to the peace of the desert town. She also prides herself on defending the innocent people in the city, who accept her being a Jedi, despite making the town a bigger target for any Sith or anti-Jedi groups.

    Friends: Funny people with a heart of gold? Check. An unfortunate soul who could use a friend and guidance? Check. Archiban Kimble... Not so much. Really, those with the right intentions and aren't a constant grievance, along with some humor and morality, you're in!

    Enemies: Kira takes on her role as a Jedi in Pandora. If you're a Sith, don't expect her to befriend you. Criminals and those who profit from battle are also a major no-no.

    Romance: Kira is interested in romance, given this is the biggest part of the Jedi code she disagrees with. Just don't try to be too bold with what you say to her if you try to court her - she isn't won over by idle compliments. Those are for after you have her heart.

    If you want to thread with me, just post below, and I will try to reply when I can. Have a nice day!​
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