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Wisdom's Organizer

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by Wisdom, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Wisdom

    Wisdom Player

    Super Geek/Crazy Person
    Neutral Good

    Wisdom's Page

    About Me
    Well, a bit weird for me to fill this out, but here we go. I am a compassionate person, and I at least like to think I'm somewhat of a gentleman. I am a huge gamer - and I love the Fire Emblem franchise to death. I probably will be on at the most random times (my internal clock broke a few years ago, and I ain't camping for a week to get it reset.) I love roleplaying, and I started doing it more "hardcore" (if that's what you call going from online children's games to actual RP forums), and I've enjoyed it - well, mostly. Pandora is my first site where it isn't toxic and people don't form cliques - which is so much rarer than one would think.

    I know I am not the perfect roleplayer - I still make mistakes and typos - and sometimes my muse feels like not wanting to do it's ONE JOB OF BEING CREATIVE. Oh, and a quick warning: I don't mind making long posts when I RP, but if you usually post a novel's-worth of words in a post, don't expect me to be able to match it. To me, while detail is wonderful, getting to the point and the main part of the story is important. Not to say I make short posts when roleplaying - but you get the point.

    Some of my apps' roleplaying may be a bit shorter than my average amount of content I can put in a post, since I don't have an RP partner, and it usually will probably be how the character I am apping got stuck in Pandora. But anyway, I hope we can all enjoy our time here, and please excuse my occasional rambling when speaking OOC, kind of like I just did with this entire little essay on myself. xD

    (P.S. If you ever have an issue with me or just need to contact me, please contact me via PM or on Discord. If I act rude IC to you, it's just because I am conveying a character - not my true self.)

    Roleplay Preferences
    In terms of roleplay, I am a sucker for romance (especially on panfandom sites - the possibilities are endless!) More sexually intimate threads aren't exactly my thing. And I love a thread that feels just genuinely fun to make. A cool adventure, a budding friendship, a battle - I am up for it as long as I feel it's not more like a nuisance to post replies to it. One place I'll draw the line is extremely detailed lewd or gory content, but I will explain my thoughts on that in the Limits section right below.

    I already mentioned earlier I love having a detailed and well-established post, but not to the point where you are writing two paragraphs on how your character smells a rotting stench. As I said, I didn't come here to read a novel of words in one post, but I also don't like posts that are too basic and bare-bones.

    With everything I already mentioned, I'd finally like to declare where I draw the line for mature scenes. I don't like posts that go into so much effort of making sure the scene is so gory or something in a more mature romantic thread describing every sexual feeling, sensation, and action all at once. If I ever want that kind of stuff in my life, there are definitely other ways I can pursue it. I don't mind a couple in bed together or mentioning if a character gets their head chopped off, but please do not extend so into deep detail you would probably be disowned by your family by if they saw it.

    Oh, and before I stop ranting on-and-on, I do not mind characters with different sexual preferences. It's fine. But for me, I'll probably be putting my characters into heterosexual relationships (unless something about their canon is tweaked in the future). I am just saying this because if you want a romantic interest different than what I can write, I am probably not the person you'll want to thread with in that regard.

    Ahsoka Tano

    Star Wars


    Ahsoka Tano is a war hero during the Clone Wars, and a promising Padawan to none other than Anakin Skywalker. When first introduced to her Master, Ahsoka had a childish, snippy demeanor - believing herself unbeatable and overconfident in her abilities. Ahsoka would learn humiliation the hard way, and over a few years she and Anakin not only learned from each other, but found a sibling-like bond towards each other.

    Ahsoka would also befriend a fellow Padawan named Barriss Offee. This friendship would potentially change the galaxy's fate as Offee would lose her faith in the Jedi Order. After bombing part of the Jedi Temple, she framed Ahsoka. After having to go through so much to prove herself, she left the Jedi Order to pursue assisting neutral planets. At the end of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka was trusted to lead an attack on Mandalore, which had been usurped by Darth Maul. Ultimately, she'd go into hiding after Order 66.

    Ahsoka tries to be a morally correct as she can be, but she has learned that sometimes you need to push hard. Fight back and use her knowledge. She loves to help citizens that need help (especially if they're poor or oppressed). During battles, she is either is very calm and serious or fiery, depending on the circumstance. She still has some sass to her tongue, but as she has grown and molded into an adult, the more mature she got when facing a problem.

    Ahsoka and Malcolm Reynolds teamed up, since Mal needed assistance and Ahsoka was not content with being a fencing trainer who some mocked for her being a Togruta. For a few months, Ahsoka and Mal formed a sibling-like relationship while either conducting secret trade deals, scamming anyone they agreed was bad, and other questionable deeds to keep fuel in the ship and food in their mouths.

    After a Reaver attack on Horizon, two of Mal's former shipmates found their way into Pandora. Despite the crew and her having a great familial bond Ahsoka decided to leave, as Mal was no longer alone, and the Force had called out to her. After a few hours of trekking through the deserts of Horizon, she was reunited with Padmé Amidala.


    Fire Emblem Warriors


    Azura refuses to let most know of her childhood before her being kidnapped from Nohr by the Hoshidans. Hoshido tried to use Azura as a token-hostage after Nohr murdered King Sumeragi and kidnapped his child, Corrin. Instead of taking back Azura, King Garon of Nohr did not take action, as Azura was just his step-daughter. While though being a prisoner, for a mysterious reason, the wife of the late Sumeragi, Mikoto, treated her like a royal. Most people in Hoshido accepted her, with most loving her.

    After a crazy series of events, Corrin returned to Hoshido, but with his Nohrian siblings. His siblings joined Hoshido in a celebration, when suddenly the main plaza in Hoshido was attacked by unknown forces - killing Mikoto and the Nohrian Princess Camilla. Corrin's grief made him utilize his Feral Dragon form, though Azura was able to lead everyone out of the mess - including allies from other realms. Right want things calmed, a female version of Corrin from an alternate realm revealed herself as the leader of the attack, and her body was possessed by the Chaos Dragon Velezark. Corrin and his remaining friends defeated his female counterpart, who died happy to be rid of Velezark. Azura and male Corrin would decide to pursue Velezark, though Azura found her way to Pandora.

    Azura is very shy and introverted. She sometimes finds forming attachments to be a pain, due to the loss of Mikoto and Camilla. If you do want to befriend the blue-haired Songstress, you should probably be patient and let her warm up to you. Talk about music, and maybe have her sing for you! She is willing to befriend anyone who doesn't have evil intent, and usually will be stoic around anyone she's not familiar with. She's her brightest when among the company of the few who manage to achieve befriending her, but will give you her blunt opinions no matter what kind of bond you have.

    Romantically, Azura is obviously sexually appealing for the eyes, but despite her choice in fashion - she actually wants a young man around her age to understand and love her. Her ideal lover knows his own faults and doesn't care about status or being rich. Someone she can depend on and be there for in good and bad times. Sorry girls, she is very heterosexual, so...

    Azura's enemies are primarily evil people, who do cruel things to make others suffer or that will lead to future suffering. She sees peace as the be-all, end-all. While judgmental on the actions of others with harsh acts, she isn't squeaky-clean if she has to do something harsh if it has a positive outcome. Those who get in her way can sometimes be an obstacle, and she can be very decisive about things.

    Azura is an uprising star in Pandora. She performed at the annual gathering of citizens around Pandora for Christmas. She moved from Cascade Bay to Misty Hollow up the arrival of Pennywise, and other mysterious deaths that occurred outside the barrier. She can often be found helping travelers by using her voice to ward off evil being.


    Fire Emblem


    Gaius is probably one of the best contenders for poster-boy of "Rogue-Gone-Hero," literally joining the Ylissean Army after he found out a robbery he was going to be involved in was actually a political assassination. Beforehand, he had been a petty crook, robbing arrogant rich nobles, when not framing them for crimes. One of his crimes was framed on the father of a bratty young lady-in-waiting, Maribelle, who served Princess Lissa of Ylisse as a best friend and confidant. After feeling guilty for the actions he took to get Maribelle's father arrested, he would soon legally admit to framing him, and said kidnapped Maribelle, pretending as if he were going to kill her unless her father was set free and that Gaius would be sentenced for the crime and have the kingdom not look any further into it.

    He served a few years in jail, but found himself quickly back on his feet. When he finally went back to stealing from more advanced targets, he was hired by a Sorcerer named Validar to rob a vault in the very castle the royal family of Ylisse lived in, promised big riches and even extra pay for helping. Gaius took the job, but quickly changed sides after he found out it was a plot to kill Ylisse's Exalt, Emmeryn. After being promised to be cleared of his past crimes (and maybe payment in the form of sweets), Gaius would actually wind up staying in the army and even become friends with Chrom, Emmeryn's younger brother and successor to the Ylissean throne.

    Gaius doesn't really mind too much of what people are around him, as long as they're good company. He's befriended many personalities, from a reckless prince to an insane sorceress. Bring him some candy, and you're already a friend in his book. What basically boils down to his friendship is the fact Gaius is a relaxed man with some history, and the person who would be befriending him. JUST DO NOT TAKE OFF HIS HANDKERCHIEF WRAPPED AROUND HIS LEFT ARM!

    Enemies, in the eyes of Gaius himself, are only those who intend to ruin his life or the lives of those he cares about for no reason. He also finds it unappealing of someone that acts all high-and-mighty because of their wealth or status. If a politician is corrupt, you better believe they'll probably soon find their most valuable items gone after Gaius hears about them. So basically, he only hates those who harm for no reason as well as people he thinks shouldn't have the social status and power over the people as they do.

    Like friends, Gaius isn't too picky about who would be in his love-life. His only restrictions are that he's heterosexual, and that they hit his wants from his friends. Again, he really only hates snobby aristocrats and true villains. And even then, those who repent their ways may be forgiven in due time. If you want to attract the man by using his stomach, sweets and desserts are your best bet.

    In Pandora, Gaius immediately took notice of the lack of bakeries selling hand-made chocolates, desserts, and other things both his hypoglycemia and sweet-tooth desired. He got to work at once, founding Illegally Sweet. Not only did this business provide the goods of basic bakeries, but also fresh treats for others to buy. He actually lives in the bullding, using a spare room as his living quarters.
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