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Private with a little help from some friends

Discussion in 'Pandopolis' started by Dante, Dec 2, 2019 at 8:22 PM.

  1. Dante

    Dante Devil May Cry

    Neutral Good

    11:27 AM / 12 . 10 . 109 / daye investigations

    He liked to think he was somewhat intuitive, considering the title of investigator he wore around most days. It wasn't hard to tell when things were off around the office, and it wasn't like he hadn't seen much of Lena's red-haired friend lately. The kid had been around a few times to talk to the boss and Lena had been gone for a while. That wasn't much like her, all things considered.

    She liked her work, from what he'd been able to tell. Putting two and two together wasn't hard, even if the kid didn't want to talk about it. Dante was going to respect that, but he was also going to bring her some peppermint hot coco that morning. It was always a good way to cheer himself up, what with the whole festive taste of it.

    Setting the cup gently on her desk, the investigator gave her a small smile. "Hey, kiddo. Brought you some hot coco with extra marshmallows. The whole office missed you for a while there. S'good to have ya back." It was his own little way of checking in, trying to make sure that she was doing alright. Lena was part of the team and a good kid, it was definitely the least he could do.

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