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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Spider Nancy, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Spider Nancy

    Spider Nancy Guest

    May 30th, Year 7
    @Mr. Wednesday

    After almost drowning and being dropped to some weird place called Pandora, Spider realized he needed serious reassurance. And nothing reassured a man as well as a woman's embrace.

    So as soon as he got into the town, the first thing he tried to find was a pretty woman to bed with. In a small diner's, he found a woman who was about 25 years of age. She had light blonde hair with a hourglass figure and she wielded her sexuality in such a confident, assured way. Spider was immediately attracted to her. There was a man next to her who was clearly trying to woo her but Spider was confident in his natural charm.
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  2. “So, tell me, dear, what is the finest motel in this town?” Wednesday asked. His voice was low and seductive and he dipped a finger in a puddle of water and started doodling runelike shapes on the table. The girl was staring at him with her big doe eyes, like a mesmerised rabbit. Wednesday grinned. His hand moved, reaching out to touch her, but the girl turned at the sound of the footsteps approaching them. Frowning, Wednesday turned as well, glaring at the newcomer, a younger man who reminded him of someone he’d met a long time ago.

    “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of somethin’ here?!” he hissed at the guy. “Scadoodle, kid!”
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  3. Spider Nancy

    Spider Nancy Guest

    The old man, who was obviously flirting with someone half his age, was extremely rude and told Spider to go "scadoodle". Spider, of course, did not listen to him and said to the girl,

    "Someone is getting angry."

    And he sat right next to the girl and started asking her,

    "Can I have your name?" He smiled and started using his power on her even though only unconsciously.
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  4. Those kids today, so fuckin’ insolent! Wednesday almost rolled his eyes, the good one and the glass one. Unfortunately, his powers were limited here; it was just like America, just without McDonalds and with far more green people that he was used to, so he couldn’t crash the kid’s scull with a carefully timed thunder.

    “Listen, kid.” he repeated, “I ain’t gonna warn you twice, if you don’t get the fuck outta my sight, I’m gonna...” This time, Wednesday had leaned towards the kid with threatening look in his eyes and gave him a better look. There was something about him strangely familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. The first word that came to his mind as he looked at the kid was “spider”. “You seem awfully familiar.” he said. “Do I know you?”
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  5. Spider Nancy

    Spider Nancy Guest

    This old man was so rude. He was old, he was unattractive, he was uncool and probably knew nothing about how young people lived. Why was even this woman talking to him? He wouldn't have done that if he had been her.

    "Old man, you don't have to be so rude." Spider sneered, remembering to put an emphasis on the word "old". "And no, I am not going to get out of here. And no, I do not know you." He certainly did not want to meet such a fun-killer like this old man. "Let the girl decide who is the better one here."

    He looked at the beautiful woman and gave her his best charming smile, putting his power into it. "You like me, don't you?" It was starting to be a competition on who would get the girl. And the girl was clearly affected by his power, she gave him a shy smile, fluttered her eyelashes and wore the most infatuated expression on her face.
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