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Private wooloo wagon never stops giving

Discussion in 'Crystal Vales' started by Wanda Maximoff, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda Maximoff Marvel Universe


    date | July 22nd, Y108 (ptsd bbq @ bucky's farm ayyy)
    tagged | @Bucky Barnes, @Natasha Romanoff, @Steve Rogers, @Thor Odinson
    notes | no posting order!! and post however big or smol u like, this thread be chill times only, no odins and thanoses allowed etc

    It happened spontaneously and without planning, not counting the (paraphrased) hey, let's do something that somehow ended up getting passed around between the ones who (at least recently) frequented the rolling Farmvenger hills, for at most a day or two. It was nothing special either, the dress code being that there were none. Wanda ended up driving Thor in his ... somehow oversized hoodie between the two farm houses, without looking that much more glamorous than he.

    It was the kind of cookout that probably involved laying on the floor and staring into the abyss while the roasts finished... roasting over the coals. Wanda was tired. Thor was definitely emotionally tired. Though Steve seemed perky as usual, recently, and Bucky was still in that puzzling (but nice) chill phase. She also had no doubt that ever-adaptable Natasha had bounced back into trademark Black Widow productivity ever since departing Sosamma.

    Still, she hoped everyone got the same memo that there was no need, absolutely none, to uphold Avengers: Ready For Deployment appearances. Whatever that meant.

    "I got this," Wanda reassured, hauling with both arms and all her upper body strength the cooler that contained a gallon's worth of Neapolitan ice cream from the back of the little red farm buggy. Or—maybe Thor got it. Thor would've probably (definitely) had a better time with it. Either way.

    Trudging up to Bucky's doorstep, Wanda rapped against the door. Brows lifting, she canted her head to the Asgardian while they waited. "Do you know if anybody else is coming?" She paused, brows furrowing worrisomely. "...Should someone have asked Mr. Stark?" Or... anyone who wasn't in the loop. Were the two dads, also known as Tony and Steve, even on speaking terms again? She didn't know. This had been much lazier, and necessarily so, than any of the more bombastic parties of Christmasses past.

  2. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson Marvel Universe

    Thor had only been staying with Wanda for several days now — barely enough days to call it a week, yet — but staying with her on the farm was a good change of pace. She never pushed him too hard about things, but pushed just enough so that he didn’t completely shut everyone and everything out of his life.

    Suffice it to say, he was still struggling. Still coping with everything, still trying to work out what the hel he was supposed to be feeling. Because he was Thor, and Thor wasn’t supposed to be feeling such feelings, but he hadn’t gotten many wins lately, either. First Nemene, then Doom. He supposed his father factored into everything somewhere, too.

    It was all just a little too much, too soon, so a change of pace was precisely what he needed, or so he hoped.

    But Steve was in Pandora again, and so was Natasha. And so was Steve’s friend, Bucky. He’d never met the man, but he’d heard a few things about him. And this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing, social gathering.

    He could do this. He could totally do this.

    “Oh, here, let me,” he offered, grabbing the cooler from her before she buckled under the strain. It would’ve just been cruel to let her struggle, especially when it wasn’t all that heavy for him. Which was the norm, when it came to things humans found heavy. He nodded and smiled, an admittedly forced-looking smile, then followed her to the front door.

    “I... don’t even know if Stark’s in Pandora anymore,” he admitted, shuffling his feet. He hadn’t even thought to look the man up, what with everything that had been happening to him lately. Then again, he’d barely looked Stark up all the other times he’d been in Pandora, either. Which was on Thor, of course.

    ...And which was also another reason he’d agreed to this cook-out. Because he hadn’t seen Steve or Natasha in a long time, and he wanted to reconnect with them sooner rather than later, even if he was feeling out-of-sorts.
  3. Bucky Barnes

    Bucky Barnes Marvel Universe

    Armed Vigilante
    Enhanced Human
    Neutral Good

    Bucky wasn't in a horrible mood at the current moment. But he was still feeling pretty darn low and depressed. As per usual given just who he was. He'd been waiting for the first batch of people to show up, hoping it'd be someone who he knew. If not that then someone who at the very least didn't want to kill him would have worked.

    The moment he heard someone at the door, Bucky made his way over to them. Unlike the last few times he had guests on his farm, Bucky had made sure to clean it. It did of course help that he hadn't been staying here much nowadays.

    So as he opened it, Buck put on a forced smile hoping someone he knew would be on the other side of the door. 'Hey Wanda and...Thor.' That fake smile quickly turned into a real one as he made eye contact with Wanda. 'Please come in!' He added as he moved, allow the pair enough space to walk in as he held the door for them.

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