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Wormwood, Matilda

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Matilda Wormwood, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Matilda Wormwood

    Neutral Good
    Matilda Wormwood
    You know what they say about the young

    Played by Jen
    Fandom: 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl
    Age: Six and a half
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: After being adopted my Miss Honey.
    NPC Companions: None


    Matilda is a very intelligent little girl who learns and retains information at an alarming rate. When it comes to linguistics and mathematics, she has the knowledge of a college-level student. Her favorite pastime is reading, and she enjoys reading everything and anything. Matilda taught herself how to write and calculate high level math at a very early age, and was educated far beyond the level of her peers upon her first day of school.

    Matilda also possesses psychokinesis, and can move a number of objects (even simultaneously) with her mind. This includes, chalk, water pitchers, books, drapes, shutters, window panels, doors, and spoons. She can even start a car from a distance.


    Matilda has to focus on her psychokinesis for it to work, and she can be distracted from using it. If her concentration is broken or her vision impaired, she cannot use her powers.


    Matilda is a very bright young girl who is mature for her age and eager to learn. She adores school and she makes friends easily. The six year old has an excellent judgment of character and believes that when a person is bad, that person needs to be taught a lesson. She has no tolerance for bullies, and no qualms about stepping up to play the role of disciplinarian to make them mend their ways. She cleverly can manipulate a bully into either remorse or retreat, often opting to conceal responsibility for her powers and instead claim that they are those of a ghost's.

    Being a child, Matilda loves to play and indulge in the lighthearted side of life. She mostly uses her powers for fun, dancing, eating breakfast, and turning off the light before bedtime. She sleeps with a stuffed animal and wears flower patterned dresses and bows in her hair, a style that she has created for herself and isn't changing anytime soon. One of her biggest desires is a family who shares her love for books and cares about her-- and who does not watch TV. Unbeknownst to her, she was about to get such a family and be adopted by Ms. Honey, but then the black vines came to take her away before her dream could come true.


    Matilda was born in August to Harry and Zinnia Wormwood, who were not very nice people. Her older brother never formed a bond with her and served as only as tormentor, while her parents hardly noticed she existed. At the age of two, Matilda had already learned how to take care of herself. She was often home alone while her brother was at school, her father at work selling overpriced cars, and her mother out playing Bingo, but Matilda made good use of this time to herself.

    By the age of four, the young girl had read everything in the house and ventured out to look for other things to read. With her red wagon and precious library card, she walked to and from the library every day with stacks of cherished books. Moby Dick, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and many more authors and their characters quickly became her dearest friends-- but fictitious figures could only fill the empty space in her heart for so long.

    After some persistence, her parents enrolled her at Crunchem Hall Primary School, run by an evil principal, Miss Trunchbull. It was n't as glorified as the schools in her books, but it was a school, and Matilda loved school. There she made friends with Lavender, Amanda, Bruce, and Hortensia, among many other bright and good children. Her teacher, Miss Honey, was her favorite-- and Matilda grew very close to the kind woman.

    After discovering that the Trunchbull was Miss Honey's evil aunt who had stage her father's suicide, Matilda enacted a quick plan to punish the wicked older lady and drive her from the school, using her newly found powers and scaring the living daylights out of her to enact revenge on Magnus' behalf. The trick worked beautifully, and the Trunchbull was never seen or heard from again!

    Matilda was adopted by Miss Honey, who was made the principal of Crunchem Hall and who turned the primary school into a wonderful place. Only a short while after Matilda's happy ending, she was whisked away on another adventure in this wondrous place called Pandora.

    What fun!


    It had only been a couple of days since Matilda had said a joyful goodbye to her birth family, but the six year old girl had spent every moment since then smiling and in deep gratitude for her new life with Miss Honey as her mother and not just her teacher, though that title in itself was an admirable one. The house in which she now lived was no longer a palace of terror and torn memories, but now lit aglow with new life and happiness.

    Her room was a grand pseudo-library littered with books, shelving, dollhouses, and stuffed animals. Matilda sat upon the center of her cloud-like bed, engrossed in a book, as per usual. This one was the massive tome of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, in which all seven novels were bound together in a piling heap of freshly smelling pages. In today alone, Matilda had nearly breached the halfway point of the epic saga, and she was enthralled by the adventures.

    Movement in her peripheral vision interrupted her pleased perusing, and she removed one hand from underneath her head to hold open her book as she whirled around to look at a tangle of black weeds rising from around her bed, her short brown hair whipping to the sides of her face. The ethereal black vines closed in with an eerily rapid pace and she gasped sharply while instinctively trying to use her powers to force them away. It did not work. Although she was a brave little girl, she was still a little girl, and so she did what any sensible (and frightened) little girl would do in a situation like this. She screamed for her mother.

    After being engulfed in the nightmarish darkness for only a moment, she soon struggled away from the retreating tendrils to stumble upon the grass of a hill. Catching her breath and staring wide-eyed through the beginnings of some tears, she saw that she was no longer in her bedroom, nor on her cushy bed. She was in a field, graced with a spectacular view that belonged in a fantasy movie-- or better-- one of her books.

    Her heart calmed as he pulled her eyes from the whimsical city in the distance to look around herself for any danger. She was alone, and the vines were gone. Confusion and fear soon ebbed away as she peered at the scene in front of her again and stood up on her small legs with a breathless, "Wooow...."

    It did not take long for Matilda to set her worries aside and embrace the fact that she had temporarily been taken to a magical place like the ones in her books. What adventures awaited her here?

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