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News Article Worst Extra Hour Ever

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Prompto Argentum, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Prompto Argentum

    Prompto Argentum Final Fantasy

    Chaotic Good
    September 1st-November 30

    Reports started rolling into local police stations on September first at 12:01AM about experiencing some top-level horror in real life. Investigations mixed with personal reports have led to a sort of vague idea on what's happening. Since this is Pandora, we'll never have the why - but a what is all we can really ask for. At midnight each night - every night - the clocks stop, and we get an extra hour. If you're asleep, you don't feel a difference. If you're awake, you unfortunately do.

    People inside are locked inside, people outside locked outside. Monsters of some sort seem to be around as well - please be super careful around them. Their nature is unknown, but they are - in fact - very dangerous. Injuries that occur during this extra terrible hour, seem to exist outside of the horror hour itself - so please be careful! Healing magic does not work on these injuries!!

    Authorities recommend to try to be asleep at least an hour before midnight hits, to avoid confrontation with the spoopies.

    Further details can be found in the official release.

    Everyone, please be safe. This is some scary stuff.

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