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Yao, Ling

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Ling Yao, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Ling Yao

    Ling Yao Full Metal Alchemist

    A king exists for his people. Without his people, there is no king.

    Played by Anomaly

    Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Age: 15 years
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: The episode “Father”, just as Father is about to drop the Philosopher’s Stone containing Greed into Ling’s blood stream
    NPC Companions: NA


    Being the twelfth prince of Xing and being locked in an intense competition for the throne, it’s only natural that Ling became well-versed in combat for the sake of self-defense. As such, Ling is a near expert in Xingese martial arts (comparable to real world Kung Fu). He’s fierce in hand to hand combat, with the muscle strength and knowledge to make powerful strikes. He’s agile and has quick enough reflexes to react and defend himself effectively, and a knowledge of acrobatics helps that. He can perform back flips, rolls, and kick ups (the fact of springing up to your feet from on your back in one quick motion), and has the stamina to be able to do all of this in combat. Needless to say, he’s quite physically fit. In addition to hand to hand combat, he’s also a skilled swordsman. His weapon of choice is a Dao Sword, a single bladed weapon that is ideal for slashing techniques. He always carries this weapon with him, as back in Xing he had to be prepared for an assassination attempt at any time (though now it mostly just earns him weird looks). He is also familiar with certain strategic tools, specifically small flash bombs and smoke bombs that help aid in concealment and escape. While he can use these and carries them on occasion, these tend to be more of his bodyguards’ thing.

    Special AbilitiesAnother aspect of Xingese martial arts that sets it apart from other practices is the ability to sense the “flow of Qi” from another living being. “Qi” is essentially the energy that flows through anything that’s alive. As such, Ling is very, very difficult to sneak up on, since he can easily detect someone’s Qi if he’s being aware of his surroundings (though that’s not to say that he’s never distracted or unfocused, of course). Also, Ling’s able to detect if something is “unusual” about someone’s flow of Qi. For example, his retainer who has the same skill was able to detect that something was off about Alphonse Elric’s Qi, as he is a soul bound to a suit of armor and doesn’t have a human body. Ling is able to detect the Homunculi because their bodies host multiple souls. It’s safe to say that there’s some sort of discrepancy between the person’s soul and body (the body’s dead but the soul remains, there is no soul present, etc.), Ling would be able to detect that something is off about them, and they probably aren’t one hundred percent human.
    EquipmentDao Sword: Ling’s preferred weapon, kept on his hip and wrapped with bandages when not in use.
    Smoke and Light Bomb: Small explosives that emit a thick screen of smoke that is hard to see through and induces coughing, or emits a bright flash of light that causes disorientation and temporary blindness. Their effects are brief, but usually give enough time for the user to make an escape. Ling only carries a small amount of these on his person, but they are small enough to fit in a pocket.


    Despite all of his skills, Ling is very much human. He is susceptible to illness and injury, and can be killed by any normal means. Additionally, he is very prone to collapsing from hunger in the most inconvenient of places. It’s very likely that he has an undiagnosed issue with his blood sugar levels, but his occasional absentmindedness and intense focus on whatever interests him at the time means that he doesn’t always remember to eat, and that doesn’t help at all. If he gets hungry enough, he’ll immediately get woozy and drop whenever he is, even if it’s in the middle of a busy street. He’ll be completely weighed down by lethargy and unable to move until the promise of food rises him. He’s typically fine after eating, but be warned that the prince of Xing eats a lot (and has no intention of paying the bill).


    Ling is a fellow who is full of surprises. When you first meet him, you probably aren’t going to think too much of him. He comes across as a bit of a dope, to be incredibly honest. He comes across as bubbly and light hearted, cracking jokes and making conversation. Sometimes he can seem a little absentminded, silly even. For example, you might’ve first encountered him when he was passed out on the ground because he forgot to eat. Maybe you did feed him, but now he’s saying that he’s so grateful that you’re paying for the meal and he’s so lucky to meet such a kind stranger (even if you had no intention of paying until now). For people who are less friendly, they might even see Ling as a pest, someone who mooches and says things without thinking too much about what the listener might think, who could easily piss off the wrong guy without even trying. These thoughts are all accurate. Ling is a bit of an absentminded guy, who talks a lot and can occasionally push people’s buttons. However, all of the details that lie underneath might be a bit surprising.

    Beneath the facade, Ling hides a personality of cunning and ambition. He knows what he wants, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Determined and opportunistic, he knows when to spot something that could be advantageous to him and go for him. He’s also capable of creating schemes, planning out strategies both in combat and in getting someone to give him the information he wants. When he confronts someone, his demeanor will quickly chance. He’ll go from goofy to dangerous and confident in the drop of a hat. If Ling suddenly gets serious with you, you better look out. He’s even willing to ally himself with people who will further his desires, and can even venture outside of the confines of what some would consider proper (interrogating someone at knife point and illegally entering a country, for example). For someone who seems empty headed from time to time, Ling is not someone to be trifled with. He knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to go out and get it.

    It may seem like Ling is the greedy type. While that is true, it is for a noble reason. He is the twelfth prince of the country of Xing, and naturally his right to succession is a bumpy path. Rather than simply give the throne to the eldest, Xingese heirs have to earn favor with the emperor. If Ling were to rise to emperor, it would bring prosperity to the Yao clan, and Ling wants nothing more than to make a better life for his people. Not only does he care immensely about his own clan, but he does deeply care about his country as a whole. He has strong ideas on how it should be run, and deeply desires to win the position of power that would give him the ability to help his country. Ling doesn’t want to be emperor to win the cozy, comfortable lifestyle. He genuinely wants to serve his people, as he feels that a king is nothing without them. As such, Ling has a strong sense of obligation to them, one that drives his ambitious personality. He also has strong political views, and will not let anyone shake them. He has zero tolerance for any leader who treats their subordinates like disposable pawns, as he values every person under his care. Even if someone loyal to him feels like they owe it to him to lay their life on the line, Ling won’t accept it. He rather be on the frontline himself, and will even risk his own life to defend his people. Therefore, if someone threatens a person dear to him or a leader shows completely disregard for the lives of the people serving them, Ling will speak his mind loud and clear and will have no repercussions about standing against them. Deep down, Ling is a good person with a sense of justice. While he is willing to bend morals somewhat to get his goals, he’ll always align himself with the people who want to do the right thing. For all of his goofiness and selfishness, Ling is a very powerful ally, and a good friend.


    Optional if you include a picture above.


    • In the country of Xing, it is traditional for the emperor to take a wife from each of its clans, and for him to bear his child as an heir. Ling was born to the Yao clan and was the twelfth in line out of thirty four potential heirs to the throne.
    • Throughout his life, Ling was raised to be vigilant, as assassination attempts from the heirs from the other clans were incredibly common. He fought off several attempts on his life, mainly due to his extensive martial arts training and the aid of two personal vassals, Fu and his granddaughter, Lan Fan.
    • In Ling’s teenage years, the emperor grew ill, and the competition between heirs intensified. Seeking a way to earn the emperor’s favor, Ling began researching alkhestry (his country’s variant of alchemy), despite not practicing the art itself.
    • He found out about the Philosopher’s Stone, an alchemic item said to give the holder immortality. If Ling found the Stone and brought the secret of immortality to his father, he would be sure to gain favor and therefore be given the throne. Therefore, Ling gathered Fu and Lan Fan and crossed the desert to travel to the country of Amestris, which was known for its significant alchemical advancements.
    • After arriving in the city of Rush Valley, Ling got separated from his body guards and passed on in an alleyway from hunger. He was found by the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse.
    • After a lengthy discussion and an impromptu fight between them and his vassals, Ling decided the boys knew more about the Philosopher’s Stone than they were letting on, and attached himself to them (much to Ed’s chagrin).
    • Upon following them to Central City, Ling got separated and passed out in the street from hunger (again). This time, a pair of military police officers found him, and immediately arrested him for being an illegal immigrant.
    • While in jail, a man whose soul was bound to a suit of armor, Barry the Chopper, broke out Maria Ross, who was framed for the murder of Maes Hughes. Ling took advantage of the situation and told Barry he could help their situation if he set him free.
    • After the escape and staging Maria Ross’s death, Ling was asked to give the woman passage into Xing until the political conspiracy was uncovered. Ling agreed and sent Fu to escort her across the desert.
    • Ling hid out for Barry for a while, asking questions about his inhuman body and apparent immortality. While Barry couldn’t give him more details, he did explain that there was something going on with the government regarding the Philosopher’s Stone, and that Alphonse had the same type of body he did. Ling resolved then to keep sticking with the Elric brothers, thinking that he could learn more from them.
    • In doing so, he and Lan Fan encounter a pair of Homunculi, immortal beings who possess multiple souls. The battle with them ended before they could learn too much, but Ling became interested in them as well.
    • As it turned out, the Elrics wants to learn more about the Homunculi themselves, and an eavesdropping Ling proposes an idea to lure them out. Knowing that the Homunculi didn’t want Edward dead for some reason, they decide to provoke Scar, a serial killer targeting state alchemists like Edward. Ling and Lan Fan would wait for the Homunculi to appear using their QI detecting skills, and they would then capture it.
    • The plan works, but Ling finds that they drew out none other than the leader of Amestris, Fuhrer Bradley, who is also the Homunculus, Wrath. Wrath attempts to kill the pair, but they manage to escape when Lan Fan sacrifices her arm.
    • Ling hides Lan Fan somewhere safe, and rejoins the Elric brothers in time to apprehend another Homunculus, Gluttony. With help from Riza Hawkeye, the trio manage to flee the scene with a trapped Gluttony in tow. They pick up Lan Fan and meet up with a doctor in the woods, where they also hide Gluttony.
    • Roy Mustang, an ally of the Elrics, arrives on the scene. However, seeing Mustang, who killed Gluttony’s ally, enrages the Homunculus, causing him to break free and attempt to “eat” everyone in sight. Edward, Alphonse, and Ling lure him away, giving Mustang, Hawkeye, and Lan Fan time to escape.
    • Another Homunculi, Envy, appears to try and collect Gluttony and prevent him from killing Edward and Alphonse Elric (a “valuable human sacrifice”), but also tells him that Ling is fair game. A fight breaks out, and Gluttony accidently “swallows” Edward, Envy, and Ling whole.
    • Ling and Edward find themselves in Gluttony’s belly, which is a failed recreation of the Gates of Truth and acts as a pocket dimension. Envy is there too, and a fight breaks out between the three as Envy reveals their true form.
    • The fight ends when Edward suddenly realizes that Envy has a Philosopher’s Stone at their core, and says he knows how to get them out of there. The three discuss that Edward can use the Stone to perform human transmutation on himself, opening the Gates of Truth and allowing them to pass through. As they discuss this, Envy reveals troubling details about the origin of the Philosopher’s Stone, the man who controls them known as “Father”, and the dark fate of Amestris.
    • Edward performs the transmutation, and the trio are returned to the normal world. However, they land in Father’s lair, where Alphonse Elric, Gluttony, and Father are also present.
    • Father, needing Edward and Alphonse for his plan, deem that they are free to go. That is, except for Ling, who he orders Gluttony to take care of. The three heroes try to fight Father, but are promptly beaten.
    • Impressed by Ling’s spirit and skill, Father remarks that he could actually use him. There was an empty spot in his ranks for Greed, and he intended to use Ling to create a human-based Homunculus. He would put a Philosopher’s Stone from himself in Ling’s bloodstream, and either Greed would take over his body and he would become a Homunculus, or Ling would die.
    • Despite Ed and Al’s protests, Ling agrees to this, seeing his opportunity to finally gain what he was searching for. Father was just about to drop the liquefied Philosopher’s Stone into a cut on Ling’s cheek when the black vines came up and snatched him into Pandora.


    This is what I’ve wanted all along.

    Ling couldn’t let thing opportunity slip by. He just couldn’t. He had already come so far. He had already sacrificed so much. No. Lan Fan had already sacrificed so much. She had lost her arm on this mission, and it was all for him. There was no way he could turn his back on her, on his country by missing this opportunity. He wasn’t sure what would happen next. Either he’d make it through, or he’d die, and there was no way of knowing who he would be if he did make it through. If Greed was who he would become, if he were to be a host of however many souls were in that Philosopher’s Stone, he didn’t know what that meant for him. Still, he had to take the chance. If it meant finding the secret to immortality, if it brought him one giant leap closer to winning himself the throne, then it was a risk he had to take.

    Still, that still quiet the sensation of his heart pounding in his chest as he watched the thick, red liquid drop out of Father’s hand, down towards his face. Ling expected pain. He didn’t know how exactly, but he knew it was going to be unpleasant and instantaneous. What he didn’t expect, was the sudden sensation that the floor went out from under him, and that he was suddenly falling through blackness.

    The scene of Father looming over him and Edward’s loud protests seemed to vanish. Nothing struck his face, yet Ling still let out a massive gasp. Hell, he probably would’ve yelled if he hadn’t already been expecting something awful. This wasn’t part of what was about to happen though. This was something totally different. His anticipation turned into terror in a blink of an eye, and it was over just as quickly.

    It turned out to be a really terrible thing that he had gasped instead of screaming, because all the suddenly he was tossed face-first into the sand, and the grains went straight into his mouth. Gross. As soon as he sucked them in, he was sputtering and coughing them out, trying desperately to get a decent breath of air. He hoisted himself upright with his arms. His whole body ached and screamed from the fights with Envy and Father, but he had bigger issues right now. Finally, he spat a glob of sandy spit into the ground, and looked up in awe at the world around him. His eyes widened.

    Desert sprawled out before him for what seemed like forever. The sun was bright, so bright that we immediately went back to squinting once his shocked expression had served its time. Most notably, he couldn’t sense the Homunculi any more. There was no oppressive feeling around him, no aura that made him sick to his stomach or made his skin crawl. A sudden need overwhelmed him to raise his hand and brush his fingers lightly over the open wound on his cheek. He looked down at his fingers, only to see blood. Regular old blood. No Philosopher’s Stone had entered him.

    Ling clenched his jaw and slammed his fist into the sand in a rush of frustration. He had been so close! Sure, the prospect of being possessed by the Homunculus wasn't ideal, but this had been the closest to achieving the Philosopher's Stone that he had ever been. How could he face Lan Fan and his countrymen after losing such a perfect opportunity? Right, Lan Fan… Ling bit the inside of his lip, then looked back up at the world around him.

    He wouldn’t have to worry about facing her if he had no earthly idea on how to get back to her. Where was he now, anyway?

    Despite the turbulent feelings clashing inside him, the absence of Father’s downright oppressive energy made him notice the clear air even more. In fact, the air was almost too clear. Ling cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled.

    “Hey! Can anybody hear me?! Helloooo!”

    No one answered. He should've known that wasn't going to work. Now that he was paying attention, he couldn't sense the flow of Qi from another person anywhere near him. Only the small energy from the animals filled his senses. Ling dropped his hands and let out a sigh. This was getting him nowhere. He could yell and scratch his head all he wanted, but it wasn't getting him answers.

    All he could really do was pick a direction and walk, hoping it would lead him to another human being.

    It didn't work out the way he wanted it too. Ling didn't know how long he had been walking for, but he knew a few things for sure. The sun was hot, the desert was huge, he was exhausted from the fighting and the walking, and he was just so hungry. It was only a matter of time before the grumbling in his stomach grew deafening, and it became nearly impossible not to drag his feet in the sand. Finally, light headedness overcame him, and he tumbled face first into the sand once again. This time, he didn't immediately hoist himself up. Instead, he just laid there and groaned.

    "I'm so hungry..." he whined to no one. "I can't believe I crossed one desert, just to starve to death in another one. What a terrible way to go...." Of course, Ling probably wasn't actually dying. However, he definitely didn't have the energy to get his face out of the sand, and probably wasn't about to leave there on his own anytime soon.
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    Ling is looking good, Anomaly! Have fun! :D

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