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Private You can Join the Team, or You can Bitch and Moan

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Cheryl Blossom, May 10, 2019.

  1. Cheryl Blossom

    Cheryl Blossom Riverdale

    Fabulous human
    Chaotic Neutral
    May 10th
    @Heather Chandler

    Even losing her voice and being humiliated hadn’t made Cheryl lose what made her Cheryl. Oh, she’d been close, but she wasn’t going to let Pandora break her down. She was too good for this place.

    But, she had to prove a point, that Cheryl Blossom had not lost her edge. And what better way to start than making a difference to someone wannabe star’s life? One that couldn’t even work a phone properly, and what were those shoulder pads? She didn’t realise that this woman was practicing to be a quarterback too.

    ”Cheryl Blossom.” She greeted the blonde, ”We talked on Starknet. Thank heavens I got here in time. We wouldn’t want such a rising star making an uneducated blunder now, would we? Your career would be over before it had even begun.” The redhead gave a shark-like grin.
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  2. Heather Chandler

    Heather Chandler Heathers

    Mythic Bitch

    Oh, how life did seem to change on a dime;

    She was beginning to think that the deal she made with the strange creature she only really knew as “Crowley” was just an excuse for her to try and make a move on her. Urg as if! But she had to admit; She does good work.

    One week she was living in a bedsit and now...She could actually afford new clothes;

    Now we were talking.

    It started somewhat innocently enough, while Heather was sitting on a street corner, some random kid came up to her and asked her for her autograph and a picture, She’d even pay some gold for it, which Heather was only too happy to oblige….

    ...and then it happened again…

    ...And again…

    And while she appreciated the extra money and...she understood why people would want to be around her because...well look at her. But she was confused where all this was coming from. So the next time she asked what the deal was...and after hearing the answer she just had one question;

    What the hell was an Internet?!

    Whatever it was, apparently Heather had become big on it, pictures of her appearing in the background of a scenic picture of Pandora. She was singled out for a unique sense of style...kind of model -A way of thinking Heather can certainly get behind- and people would pay to see more;

    So naturally, Heather did her due diligence and located something called a “Social media” manager, who knows how this kind of thing work, but that arrangement didn’t last particularly long.

    “What the hell are you doing?! You told me you could get me on this...internet thingy. What the hell is this supposed to be?!

    “Um, Heather, that’s what I’m doing. The thing I just gave you? That’s a phone, and you can use that to get online and-

    “Are you an idiot?!”

    “What?! No!”

    “Because one of us is an idiot here, and I know it’s not me; So by the process of elimination, it has to be you!”

    “...I’m not, Heather I have a degree in-”

    “Oh, so you’re calling me one!”

    “No, of course, not!”

    “Because if you seriously think I’d buy that bullshit, then you’re the idiot! You seriously expect me to believe this is a phone?! This is just a glass pad! There are not even any numbers on it! Where’s the aerial?!”

    “Well, there isn’t one, Heather, and it’s touch screen!”


    “To work the camera you just-”

    “I thought it was a phone!”

    “Oh, it is.”

    “Well, which is it?!”

    “It’s a camera and a phone…”

    “So, where does the film get developed?”

    “It doesn’t. It’s digital!


    One of the last things he ever did for Heather was put her in contact with Cheryl Blossom,

    “Heather Chandler, Charmed I’m sure…” Heather drawled half interested sizing the girl in front of her; she couldn’t help but notice the way she was eyeing up her clothes, which didn’t really surprise her, back in high school she was someone to be envied for her keen sense of fashion; clearly, this girl was doing the same thing. Considering how bland and lacking of glitz and glamour, the red head’s attire was.

    Shame really, She had good bone structure, and a certain amount of pose…give her a colourful jacket...and a mallet, and...maybe, just maybe…

    “Sure, yeah, whatever.” She shrugged typically, her body language clearly bored “Look, I’m a fabulously busy woman; So let’s cut to the chase” She demanded as she slammed her new phone down “Do whatever it is you do and get money out of that.”
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