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Private You can't Reason with a Headless Man!

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Haytham Kenway, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Haytham Kenway

    Haytham Kenway Assassin's Creed

    52 (looks 26)
    September 13th-Year 108

    ”Warning. Unidentified Time-Stamp. Warning. Unidentified entity. Location: Backyard.”

    Stella’s voice woke Haytham with a start. And he was up, dressed, and with enough weapons to take on the entire British legion back home before he was sneaking forward, peeking out at the sight of a figure on a black horse. A black horse with red eyes.

    And a pumpkin under the man’s arm. A man with no apparent head.

    Now, Haytham had read the good bard Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow. It was a delightful little tale of an old legend that gave folks spooks around Halloween. There was a nice little Disney animated version he’d watched with Io last year. But he wasn’t one to jump to conclusions, even in Pandora.

    ”Stella…. Scan the intruder.” He whispered, sneaking quietly into the living room and peeking out behind a sofa.

    ”No vitals. The intruder is not alive, sir.”

    ”Bloody wonderful.” Haytham mumbled, and texted his fucking son.

    During which time, the Horseman seemed to sense he was there. It cackled (how he did so without a head well… ghost physics). And it, he, tried to rear his horse and smash through the glass, only to bounce off with it’s hoofs.

    ”Stella, lockdown mode please. Supernatural Intruder, subdivision.”


    Now the horseman was running his horse up and down the front yard, getting besieged by holy water sprayed out of water guns situated around the house. Growling horse, angry as all spit, and slightly smoking. Meanwhile, Haytham changed tactics. Gearing up for a fight with a demon…..
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