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you'll stop traffic

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Sara Lance, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    december 15th, year 7
    @Lucy Lane
    Was this what her life had boiled down to?

    Not the whole 'being stuck in an alternate dimension' part - that was pretty much par for the course at this point, sadly enough - but fucking traffic violations. Like there was suddenly a 'legal' way to park a timeship, as opposed to what she'd apparently done.

    Sara tried to keep her irritation in check as she followed the (somewhat vague) directions she'd been given through the justice department's building, because even she could acknowledge that escalating things wasn't going to help any. Sure, back home it'd always been fun getting under the Time Bureau's skin whenever she had the chance, and sure in another scenario she might've just stolen the Waverider back (or resisted it being impounded in the first place), but... this was literally a new world. She didn't have her team behind her. Making immediate enemies of the government seemed nothing short of idiotic -- she didn't need to give them more reasons to brand her a threat, or take unnecessary risks becoming a wanted criminal in a world that literally had walls.

    So she was playing along, in spite of her internal exasperation -- and even worse, discomfort at being separated from her ship. The Waverider in the wrong hands was an easy recipe for disaster, and she didn't generally trust bureaucracy as a rule. But it'd be fine. She'd track down the office the (pretty uncertain looking) secretary downstairs had pointed her to, and get this handled. Preferably as quickly as possible.

    The door was partway open when she reached it, but she gave it a little knock as she nudged it open far enough to see inside anyway, putting on her best polite smile. "Hi," she told the woman inside. "If I'm not interrupting, I was told you could help me with --"

    Her gaze fell upon the name plate on the desk. 'Lucy Lane'. Where did she know that name from? Hadn't Alex said something about --


    Not sure whether to feel amused or just further exasperated by the coincidence, Sara cleared her throat lightly and brushed past the momentary pause. "...with a little bit of a problem."

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  2. Lucy had shut the door with the firm instructions to her assistant that nobody bother her for the rest of the day. Barely even the head of the justice department had her welcome when the Major got into moods like this, poring over notes for a particularly difficult case and mulling over different solutions. With the speed of which Pandoran justice progressed in terms of court dates and appeals, she got into these moods more frequently than she ever did at home.

    Her assistant even knew better than to let Alex or Maggie go waltzing past them into her office. Hell, they were banned more firmly than anyone else, most likely. Nobody could distract her faster or convince her to take an hour for lunch better than they could, even if they didn't try to. The fact that her door opened and a woman walked in despite Lucy's struct instructions was what her eyebrows shooting up in surprise as her concentration was broken. The tip of her pen hovered over her paper as she stared at Sara incredulously.

    'No,' she almost wanted to say. 'Get out. I'm busy. Find me coffee while you're at it.' Well, that wasn't entirely true -- she very much did want to say it, but she also knew the indifferent and annoyed source of those words was also likely the source of her father's parenting style growing up. Not a pretty part of her. Instead, Lucy let out a breath and put her pen down, listening to the side of herself that was generous and kind and not going to snap at an innocent woman for somehow ninja-ing her way past every single person who worked under her apparently just to snatch her train of thought away from her like a jealous child with a toy.

    Kind and generous, Lane. Focus on that first.

    "What can I do for you?" she asked patiently, clasping her hands together on her desk without a single flash of murder. Nailed it.

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  3. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    Okay, well. Lucy Lane seemed nice enough. Polite and professional, anyway -- maybe Sara would be able to get in and out of this conversation without dropping a 'hey, I slept with your girlfriend once! Isn't that a coincidence?', because she got the feeling that really would have made things more awkward. Sure, she was sort of curious now, but she clamped down on that emotion before it could go anywhere, reminding herself that she wanted this to be as quick and painless as possible.

    "Here's the thing: this... might sound a little weird. Even by Pandora's standards." She didn't really know, actually, how common it was for people's ships to be impounded, but just just based off a first impression, Lucy didn't really strike her as the type who dealt with this sort of thing that often. Still, she had been directed up here, so... nothing left to do but give it a shot. "But I'm here about my ship. As in -- a space ship, I guess you could call it."

    It was technically a timeship, but that wasn't the kind of information Sara liked to just throw around, and 'spaceship' wasn't strictly inaccurate. She finally pried herself away from the doorway a little and got right to the point.

    "I left it off some street in Westcourt uncloaked, because I have a friend who stays with me, and. I guess. It got impounded. Because that can happen." Sara made an active effort to force the exasperation out of her voice, not wanting to come across as too impatient or frustrated in light of someone actually being willing to hear her out. "Anyway, someone downstairs said you... might be able to help me out?"


  4. Lucy very much wanted to know who said she could help this woman out, because if she was being honest....she had no idea what she could do for her. It was probably written all over her face in that peculiar way her eyebrows shot up and how she stared at her visitor with no small amount of confusion. Though granted, it also could have just as easily been because of a mention of a spaceship.

    "I'm sorry, let me confirm," she said, shaking her head and sitting back in her chair with her hands clasped in her lap. "You want me to help you get your spaceship out of impound because of a parking ticket?" Lucy tilted her head and took a breath, counting slowly backwards from 5. Well... She supposed she wasn't really getting anywhere with this case besides that fabled land of frustration where concentration went to die. And even though she'd asked not to be bothered, she was due for a break soon anyways.

    Still, most days in Pandora... It was like a hydra. Solve one problem, more and more continue to crop up in its place.

    "Alright." Lucy nodded, standing up before she could change her mind and realize how insane this situation was. "I can take you down to a more helpful department and see if we can't get things sorted out. I don't particularly feel comfortable with a spaceship sitting around here, anyways. And hopefully I can pull a string or two and get you out of here before tomorrow. It's supposed to snow tonight, and I'm sure you saw it on your way in, but this weather outside is...well, frightful."

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  5. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    It didn't take much guesswork from Lucy's tone to know that she wasn't thrilled. Sara guessed that it took a very specific type of person to be thrilled about a spaceship, let alone dealing with any traffic laws one might have violated. So in all honesty, she was a little surprised not to be completely brushed off -- maybe Lucy had figured the helpful option was the quicker one. She certainly had no complaints.

    "I get the feeling this doesn't fall within your usual line of work, so... I really appreciate it," she said, earnest in spite of the wry smile that crossed her features. Briefly, she wondered whether it was that easy to get misdirected around here, or whether she'd just been really unlucky. She stood aside to allow Lucy to lead the way, trying not to seem openly restless. Realistically, she knew that getting out of here by tomorrow was a generous outcome, especially if it required Lucy pulling a few strings to secure it. But there was something about the Waverider being in someone else's hands for that long that made her uncharacteristically nervous.

    Especially because of the distinct possibility that there'd been someone else on board when it had been confiscated. Things were already bad enough for poor Sam. Sara really hoped she'd been at work.

    Trailing after Lucy, Sara tried not to size her up too obviously. She had a practiced professionalism about her that - in the wrong situation - might have even put her at odds with Sara (she couldn't help thinking of the agents from the Time Bureau), but... this was one of Alex's girlfriends. And Sara was sincere enough in wishing Alex well - and curious enough about the situation, in general - that she was prompted to be cautiously friendly. "I'm Sara. Sara Lance," she offered after another moment. "I think we have a mutual... well, I mean, she's your girlfriend. Alex Danvers?"

    Maybe she didn't want to make this even more awkward, but it felt oddly dishonest not to mention that much.

    "...Not that I was seeking you out specifically, just. She's mentioned you."