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Zaryanova, Aleksandra

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Aleksandra Zaryanova, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Aleksandra Zaryanova

    I have sacrificed a great many things to protect the people I love. And I will do so again without hesitation.

    Played by Kartridge


    This profile contains a large amount of headcanon mixed in with canon details. As it would be exhausting to point out what is and is not headcanon, I'm instead putting this warning here to let you guys know ahead of time. This also serves as a Warning to let you know that my Overwatch-Fu, while not completely shaky, isn't the best and as such there are details or time periods I may end up getting wrong. To which I do apologize about ahead of time.

    Fandom: Overwatch
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Directly after the events of Zarya: Searching


    + Strength, and lots of it. Zarya's physical build allows her not only a great deal of strength but a buff to her overall durability. She is strong enough to be able to lift up to 512kg (1,128 lbs. estimated) and has been conditioned by the Russian military on top of her weightlifting and bodybuilding career.

    + Hand to Hand Combat. Being a member of the Russian Defense Forces' Ground Forces, Zarya has been trained in hand-to-hand defensive combat. This means that, even when unarmed Zarya is still a potential threat.

    + Firearm Knowledge. For the same reason as above, Zarya has extensive knowledge of the traditional firearms utilized by the Russian Ground Forces.

    + Particle Cannon. Zarya's main weapon, a large particle cannon torn from the hull of an armored vehicle. The pair of gloves Zarya wears allows her to conduct and amplify the Particle Cannon's power, and rather than spend a very long time explaining what a particle cannon does you can instead find that info here and see examples of what Zarya's does here. It's also very, very heavy.


    - Zarya is still a human being despite her impressive physical aptitude. She can still fall under afflictions that your standard human beings can, and cannot heal from her injuries without bedrest/allowing her body's natural healing process to begin.

    - Zarya's Particle Cannon is, in the shortest of descriptions, weak. It requires it's energy to build up over time in response to it's barriers being attacked to increase in power. This takes time, as does a short cooldown period should she end up overheating it. (Think similar to a "reload time" for a heavy machine gun in a standard FPS)

    - To be able to properly utilize the Particle Cannon Zarya must first be equipped with a special pair of gloves that she wears. Without these, Zarya cannot use her Particle Cannon.

    - Zarya is a "Strength over Speed" type of individual, meaning that she is slower to counteract her above average physical strength.

    - As an extra, Zarya's intense hatred/mistrust of omnics means that working together with, or for, androids/cyborgs/robots isn't going to happen until the future in which she will (hopefully) get substantial character growth.


    Stalwart and nearly always having a smile on her face, Aleksandra Zaryanova is a shining symbol of the people of Russia during this extremely trying time. She is a powerhouse by appearance alone, but it is not the muscles rippling upon her arms that make her strong. She is strong willed and commanding, but can be as gentle as a soft breeze. One can feel her presence whenever she enters a room, and she does her best to try and radiate a positive attitude. Despite this, there is a very large deepness to Zarya, one that has been culminated from the immense amount of pain and loss that she has suffered. First losing her father and childhood friends in the Siberian omnium’s reactivation, then losing many allies during her time as a soldier took a heavy toll on the bright eyed and optimistic young girl that had been raised in that village so many years ago. While there are no signs of PTSD from the warfare she has witnessed, Zarya has completely lost the innocence that the young child once had. This comes out fully on the battlefield, as Zarya displays her disciplined, focused, and hardened nature, doing everything she can to take down the enemy while simultaneously protecting her fellow soldiers and innocent civilians that may be caught in the crossfire.

    That is not to say that Zarya is all doom and gloom. This pain is kept deep down inside and rarely spoken about because, to Zarya, allowing herself to show any sign of weakness would harm the many people of Russia should they ever end up seeing it. Zarya knows of her status as a shining beacon of hope, and rather than feeling it to be some kind of burden she instead takes great pride in it. She is very heavily nationalistic, but does not attempt to wave her country’s superiority in other countries’ faces. The difference between confidence and arrogance. And oh, is Zarya confident! Wouldn’t you be confident if you had the accomplishments she does? She knows she’s buff and she’s proud of it, having been a weightlifter and bodybuilder before enlisting in the Russian Defense Forces’ large Ground Forces division. That said, though a tomboy Zarya has not lost her femininity at all. She does not think too much about the topics of love or sexual relations, but has claimed in an interview in the past that one day, when the fighting is all over, she would love to settle down with someone nice. She also has a habit of painting her fingernails and toenails, and has quite the large weakness for sappy romantic dramas.

    But perhaps one of the biggest flaws of her personality is her intense distrust and outright hatred of omnics. This, on Pandora, will apply to everything that is like a cyborg or android. She has spent so many years fighting against omnics, and having her father and childhood friends ripped away from her (as well as many soldier comrades over time) has left a very sore spot inside of her. She will sneer, glare, and outright threaten robotkind that attempt to speak to her or befriend her, and even those that cannot speak will still get the same treatment albeit more hostile due to their lack of ability to properly communicate with her. However, as shown by her treatment of Lynx Seventeen, Zarya is beginning to open up to the possibility of interacting with omnics that don’t exactly want to kill her. It’s a very sore subject for her and not one she would talk about for too long, but it’s something that’s on a steady track to positive progress at least!

    Two final notes about Zarya: The first is that she is great with kids! She is already fairly jovial and positive, as well as heavily disciplined by the military, so her patience streak is a mile wide. Because of this, children are something that Zarya can handle quite well, and a very easy way to manipulate the hardened soldier. If children are involved, Zarya will do everything she can to protect them and/or keep them happy, attempting to protect the innocence that she herself had shattered so many years ago. The second is that she can make some pretty awful puns/jokes and think they’re hilarious. Such lame jokes include not needing any weapons when she already has “these guns” (referring to her arms), claiming that her large frame can move faster than anyone because she’s always “Russian” (Rushing), and pretty much anything you can think of as a “dad joke.” This all comes together to show that, while damaged, the Zarya outside of combat is a kind, gentle sort. Also she holds her alcohol really, really well and enjoys some pretty heavy drinks during her time off. (And yes, for anyone wondering her drink of choice is Smirnoff)


    Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova, complete with Particle Cannon goodness!

    Extra bits: Zarya's height is 6'5" and her weight total is somewhere between 200-250 lbs. (All muscle!)


    Twenty-eight years ago, and two years into a worldwide catastrophe known as the Omnic Crisis is where our story begins. Aleksandra Zaryanova, nicknamed “Zarya”, was surrounded by the devastating effect of the Omnic Crisis upon her small village in Siberia, Russia.. As a child, Zarya was excitable and naive, instantly enamored by the tales her father and his two brothers told her of their exploits during the Omnic Crisis. She wished to go alongside them but was always rejected, being promised time and time again that she would get that opportunity when she was “older.” She did what she could to help at home, however, assisting her mother with the household chores. As a teenager Zarya’s build was larger than the other girls in her village and even larger than same boys. She got picked on quite a bit but never seemed too bothered by it, brushing it off as “mere words”, though the few times she let her anger get the better of her she ended up leaving a few arm wrestling match victims down in the snow.

    Zarya’s nationalism combined with her idolization of Vasily Alekseyev, and pushed her teenaged self toward a career in weightlifting and bodybuilding. She figured she might as well use what the world had given her to bring honor to her country, as well as earn some money on the side for both her family and to help her small village prosper once again. Her dedication and frame caused the national athletics program to scout her, and pretty soon she was collecting trophies left and right. Interviews came and went, both for herself and her family, and her heart swelled with pride as talks began cropping up of her shattering world records. A large tournament came up and Zarya was the expected victor, having trained for that moment more than she possibly could have. But on the eve of the tournament, fate intervened in a large and very painful manner.

    The Siberian omnium that the Russian Defense Forces had thought dormant activated during the night, sending an attack upon her small village. Zarya lost many childhood friends in the attack, but what was perhaps the most devastating of all was the death of her father. As news of this attack reached her she immediately withdrew from the tournament and moved back home to take care of her family’s affairs. Zarya’s national pride was mixed in with the pain and rage she felt toward the omnics for taking away her father and old friends, and this, combined with wishing to secure a financial future for her mother and protect her small village, spurred her on to join up with the Russian Defense Forces’ Ground Forces division. The many months of training Zarya endured toughened her body and mind far more than they had been in the past, as none of her fellow soldiers appeared to care about her famed status. To them, she was just another kitten ready to be shaped into a vicious lion. And shaped she was…

    All criticism of Zarya disappeared as she passed through training at the top of her class, showing up each and every last fellow soldier who had spewed hateful and/or sexist comments at her. Given the profession, it wasn’t too surprising, and much like she had as a child she blew off these hurtful comments. She had a goal and she was going to meet it. As she was deployed to the Krasnoyarsk front in Siberia, Zarya quickly become a symbol for the country. Her immense strength allowed her to perform almost superhuman feats, and her status as a heavy gunner meant that she was front and center on the front lines against the omnics. During one very intense battle, Zarya and a few soldiers faced down a large slew of omnic threats. Thinking quickly, Zarya pushed herself beyond her limits and ripped a particle cannon from the hull of a destroyed, armored vehicle, utilizing it’s great power to take down the robots. After this battle, Zarya was promoted in rank and was granted specialized gloves that allowed her to conduct the energy of the cannon more appropriately.

    This cannon, as well as Zarya’s muscular stature and pink hair, became symbols of Russia’s defense against the omnics. The Svyatogor mechs also became symbols over time, as Volskaya Industries began mass producing these towering machines to combat the omnics. Russia’s mechanical and technological growth made Zarya wary, but seeing her home village’s quality of living improve during her brief trips back home couldn’t have made her happier. Frequently Zarya would visit her father’s grave, as well as the graves of other family members she progressively lost during the Second Omnic Crisis. She was sent to a mandatory psychiatrist for the Russian Ground Forces and always passed the examinations, but kept a great deal of the horrors and pain she experienced during the war to herself. In Zarya’s own words, thinking to herself, “It is not right for the symbol of a people to openly weep.” Not only has Zarya experienced many horrors of war, she has also gained a seething, burning hatred for the omnics, to the point that anything even remotely robotic that resembles them will make her distrustful in a second.

    During her interview with Atlas News, Zarya revealed the origin of the shooting star-like scar upon her head: It was received as Zarya rescued a fellow soldier out from underneath a large piece of debris, requiring the use of both hands to be able to lift it. She was unable to move out of the way in time and although she used the debris itself to block most of the large laser blast, the wound that was inflicted became the origin of her scar. She also revealed that she had reached the rank of Sergeant, and that her omnic kill count had reached into the hundreds. She did not share the finer details of fighting the omnium even when probed, and ended the interview by attempting to inspire the people of Russia to keep morale up, for as long as Aleksandra Zaryanova would continue to serve as a soldier of Mother Russia, the omnic scum would not be victorious, and children would always be able to lay their heads to sleep at night in joy as opposed to fear.

    Most recently, Zarya was tasked by Katya Volskaya herself to investigate a disturbance caused by an entity known as “Sombra.” Though it confused her as to why Katya would want a soldier and not a spy, Zarya agreed and, though reluctantly, worked alongside an omnic hacker known as Lynx Seventeen. Eventually the pair tracked down Sombra, who revealed Katya’s deep dark secret that she had kept from Zarya: Katya had been receiving technology from omnics to allow her to combat the Russian omnium. Zarya let Sombra go only to be able to save Lynx, who Sombra had incapacitated. When asked why Zarya had chosen to rescue Lynx on their way out, Zarya could only muse to herself over it. She did not know why she had done such a thing, hinting toward the woman beginning to open up to the possibility that not all omnics are the kind she had spent so long fighting. Her last interaction with Katya was denying her attempt at friendship, stating that, to Katya, she would only be known as “Sergeant Zaryanova.”

    On her way back to the front lines in Krasnoyarsk, Zarya finds both of her ankles beset upon by black colored vines. Though she struggles with all her might (which is a lot, mind you!), the Russian woman is pulled down into the ground by the vines, disappearing from sight completely along with her particle cannon.


    “Make sure to tell mother entire story so that she does not miss the details!”

    A smile creeps onto Aleksandra Zaryanova’s face as she waves goodbye to a child currently rushing across the snow laden landscape back to her family. It always warmed the Russian woman’s heart to see her home village in Siberia so peaceful, so pristine. It was as if this village had become frozen in time, unaffected by the recent reactivation of the Siberian omnium. A cold breeze forces Zarya to push her scarf further across her neck, eyes moving up to the sky as she begins to reminisce.

    “Papa! Papa, look! Look what I found!”

    The cheerful cry of a ten year old Zarya bounding across the snow rises up as her father smiles from behind his bushy mustache. Arms open to catch the child as she waves a robotic piece back and forth. “Now now, Aleksandra. This is no toy.” Hummed chuckles litter the man’s speech as he takes the piece, examining it. Though huffy, Zarya understands what he means. It was a dangerous piece of an omnic. It could have come to life at any moment, as her father begins to explain. In the middle of this explanation, however, the robotic piece immediately latches onto the man’s face and he begins screaming. His feet twist and twirl across the snow and the young Zarya panics, shrieking for her mother. Her mother does not come, and her father has fallen onto his back, rolling around in the snow. Just as Zarya moves down to try and take the robotic piece she is snatched up, forced to roll around in the dirt until her father ceases.

    “Papa, that was dirty trick!”

    There Zarya goes being huffy again, amid her father’s cheerful laughs. “Is good trick? You must be smart, Aleksandra. Never let anyone catch you off guard.” A jab from the man’s index finger pushes the child’s head back and, with puffed cheeks, Zarya pounces on the man’s chest. The scene fades as Zarya punches her tiny glove covered fists upon the man’s chest, who continues laughing and laughing and laughing…

    “Those were good times, da?”

    The older Zarya’s eyes move down to focus upon the headstone of her father’s grave. Her gloved hands rest in the pockets of her jacket, scarf flapping back and forth in the wind. There is a joy in her eyes, but a great pain as well. Oh how she wished he had been alive to see! To see her accomplishments. To see the tales that she wished to tell him. But she had been coming to this memorial site for many years, speaking of the war. But today was not a day for that. Today would not be speaking of deceased allies, nor triumphant victories. Instead, Aleksandra removes a half-full bottle of Smirnoff from her jacket pocket and seats herself in front of the grave. A bit of it is poured down into the snow beneath her while she holds the half pint up in the air.

    “For Mother Russia!”

    Zarya lifts the bottle to her lips and takes a few gulps, setting the closed bottle upon the ground in front of the headstone. As the cold nips at her cheeks, Zarya begins moving her arms this way and that, reminiscing not of the lost or the victorious but instead of the positive childhood memories, and what many times had been shared between a loving father and his loving daughter.

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  2. Aleksandra Zaryanova

    Zarya is now ready for review! Bumpity bump!
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    Great app, Kartridge! Zarya is a great character and I'm looking forward to seeing her around Pandora!