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Zhou, Mei-Ling

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Mei-Ling Zhou, May 15, 2018.

  1. Mei-Ling Zhou

    Mei-Ling Zhou Overwatch

    "Our world is worth fighting for!"

    Played by ChaoticAbsolute

    Fandom: Overwatch
    Age: Biological - 31; Chronological - 40
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: During her trip to the mountains of Nepal in the course of her environmental research.
    NPC Companions:


    Snowball - Snowball is a weather-modification drone, created personally by Mei. It is driven by a highly advanced AI, allowing mimicry of emotional responses and a semblance of personality, as well as some independant problem solving ability. It has a long, but limited charge on its own internal battery - however, it can also be charged via a solar array attached to the dock which Mei usually carries on her back.


    Special Abilities
    • Expert Climatologist - Mei is a brilliant and peerless climatologist, rightly described as such even in a world brimming with scientific advancement. She has a very advanced working knowledge of ecology and environmental science, but her most impressive subject is in the field of weather and climate. Mei has invented cutting edge technology that allows the modification and manipulation of weather; her work has been used all around Asia and some other at risk areas in her world to preserve and protect the natural climate. She is also an expert in the interpretation of atmospheric fluctuations and weather phenomena.

    • Skilled Engineer - Besides her book smarts, Mei has a working and high level knowledge of computer science and engineering, with a specialty in cryogenics - the science of using freezing and lowering temperatures for preservation and other useful applications. This knowledge is what allowed her to construct the Endothermic Blaster, as well as her miniaturized weather drone, Snowball. In combination with her own personal cleverness, Mei is able to construct ingenious tools and other tech from seemingly ordinary items, given time and the right resources.
    • Survivalist - As an adventurer, and working in many harsh environments and remote locations in her time as an environmental researcher and climatologist, Mei is more than capable of taking care of herself in the wild. She has the aptitude and skills required to survive where others might not, even with minimal resources and less than ideal circumstances. This includes such necessary skills as mapping, water gathering, hunting, climbing and spelunking, etc.
    • Endothermic Blaster - The Endothermic Blaster is a a miniaturized version of the weather manipulation technology that Mei is responsible for inventing. It utilizes a water solution and a process called cryoelectrolysis to project one of two things. The first is a stream of what is essentially frost, which on contact with a surface begins freezing into solid ice. This allows it to be used to create ice constructs, and in fact the blaster can be overcharged occasionally, allowing it to project a mass amount of frost at once - enough to create mass constructs such as an ice wall several feet high. This frost stream can also freeze things in place by encasing them in ice - whether it be objects or individuals. This freezing process takes seconds for normal individuals and physical items. Once the ice is formed, it is solid, however it also melts relatively quickly as well. The Blaster can also be used to quickly form and then fire projectiles made of ice, which take the form of icicles. When projecting a stream of frost, the blaster can be continuously active for 10 seconds before needing to be refilled from the tank Mei carries on her back. When firing projectiles, the blaster is able to fire 8 before, again, needing to be reloaded. It should also be noted that the gun can be fine tuned by Mei, allowing it to produce, for example, snow rather than ice by crystallizing water in the air.
    NPC's Abilities
    • As a drone with an advanced AI, Snowball is capable of a wide variety of feats. Its primary purpose is altering of weather on a miniaturized scale in the same way Mei's larger technological creations are able to. Snowball, like Mei's Endothermic Blaster, is capable of projecting frost, snow and ice - though usually at a less significant magnitude. If given time to store up a good deal of energy, this process taking several minutes to accomplish, Snowball is capable of unleashing an ice storm, which is able to snap freeze a large area for a short time. After doing such a thing however, Snowball would need time to recharge before even being able to function normally again. The drone of course has practical uses, such as interfacing with computer systems and Mei's personal data gathering equipment, travelling a distance from Mei to scout ahead or simply explore, even creating snow cones! (Snowball really likes making snow cones.)


    Despite her advanced scientific knowledge, as well as the useful and potentially powerful tools at her disposal in Snowball and the Endothermic Blaster, Mei is subject to the same limits as any completely normal human. She requires food, water and sleep just like anyone else, and has no enhanced physical abilities whatsoever. She can get sick, or be hurt or even killed just like anyone else. Consider too that while she is capable of operating in a combat scenario, she is most definitely not a fighter first. She has no hand to hand combat training, and what marksmanship she knows is from practice with the Endothermic Blaster. She can hold her own if need be, but against those better trained than her, overwhelming numbers, etc - she is little better than a civilian. In addition, her technology does have its limits. The Endothermic Blaster can only fire continuously for so long before it must be recharged, a process which takes a moment to complete. Likewise, Snowball has a limited charge before it must dock and restore its energy. Performing normal activities, Snowball can function for hours before needing a full recharge, however making use of any of its weather altering abilities drains its cells at an accelerated rate. Performing a snap freeze will drain all of Snowball's current charge, requiring it to re-dock and charge for several minutes before being able to function normally again.


    Mei is an extremely upbeat, positive person - evident in just about everything she says and does. She tries her hardest to look at the bright side of any situation, and if such a bright sides does not exist, then the next order of business is to make one. This positive nature spills over into her dealings with people as well - Mei tends to look for the best in others, willing to give people perhaps too many chances. It is not so much that she is overly trusting, more-so that she wants to believe that she can trust someone, or that people presented with an opportunity will do the right thing - and she may give a person that opportunity even if she does not fully trust them. This is added to by the fact that Mei is highly kind-hearted and compassionate. She looks out for others first, especially friends, and makes an effort to be as nice as possible at all times - even when a situation forces her into conflict with another person or group of people. This can act as a flaw, considering that there are times that being assertive or blunt might be more effective, but also is a huge part of who she is. Mei has also shown herself to be somewhat shy and bashful, often apologetic for anything she thinks might be her fault or a mistake on her part, and she sometimes doubts what she is capable of accomplishing on her own.

    If one were to think that her soft-hearted nature, kind/positive approach to things and propensity for apologizing makes Mei weak willed or incapable of doing what needs to be done, they would find themselves to be sorely mistaken. Mei has a potent sense of right and wrong, and her core value lies around the preservation of life and especially the environment. Her goal is to preserve the Earth for future generations, and to that end she is willing to do whatever must be done. This includes physical confrontation if need be, though Mei would definitely prefer not to have to hurt anyone if she doesn't have to. She is also possessed of a strong will and drive to succeed, which combined with her unique skillset makes her capable of more than she often gives herself credit for. Though obviously as susceptible to fear as anyone else, Mei has the capacity to be very brave in the face of danger, especially when things she sees as important are on the line. As kind as she is, Mei is also capable and a generally very strong person. Her greatest weakness here lies in the aforementioned point that she does sometimes get in her own way. Her bashful, generally humble nature lends itself to questioning or underestimating herself, which can sometimes limit her potential. At the same time, she is a great team player - though she may sometimes take a while to contribute her own thoughts and ideas - and her time with Overwatch has taught her the value of cooperating with others.

    Mei is also, to be frank, completely enamored with science. Beyond climatology and ecology, which are of course her passions, she has a keen interest in engineering and chemistry, really all areas of scientific study in honesty. She is always willing to learn something new, and is inspired by the technological and academic achievements of others, often giving them more credit than she does herself - a function of her sometimes excessive bashfulness. Particularly she has been inspired by Winston - a colleague and good friend - and his intellect and engineering prowess. Besides her interest in science, Mei is - to again be very frank - a complete dork. She gets hyped about anything she thinks is cool or cute, whether it's a scientific discovery, a unique piece of tech or a malamute puppy. This, combined with her bashful nature can sometimes cause her to come off as awkward - or at least excitable, which isn't incorrect, to be fair. In short, Mei is cute, kind and brilliant, and though she sometimes gets in her own way and doubts herself, she is capable of more than she - and often others - realize.


    Mei hails from Xi'an China originally, where she made a name for herself as a peerless climatologist and environmental researcher. The planet's climate was gradually growing worse and worse, with unexplained and dangerous phenomena popping up with increasing phenomena. Despite the obvious danger of these developments however, few people had answers as to why. Was it the rapid over-development of technology? Omnic overpopulation? Overuse of natural resources? The true cause was unknown. Mei's work in Asia and other remote locations - her invention of weather manipulation technology capable of protecting natural climate and helping to stave off the dangerous anomalies - had no doubt done a great deal of good, but it was merely a bandage on the problem. Mei wanted to know for a certainty what was causing these dangerous environmental changes, and fix it. Overwatch - a rising organization of heroes with goals to protect the world and ensure civilization's continued existence - agreed.

    Overwatch set up a multi-year initiative, setting up Watchpoint stations all over the globe at remote and critical locations, to monitor atmospheric anomalies and work towards finding a solution. Mei was recruited into Overwatch for this end, where she met several of the group's flagship members, including Winston whom she quickly came to regard as a colleague and friend. She was assigned to the Watchpoint in Antarctica, serving alongside several other scientists including Captain Opara, a brilliant cryonicist. Though isolated from the world, Mei greatly enjoyed this time with the team, who became close friends over the course of their work. Disaster struck the station eventually however, when a massive polar storm formed over the installation, heavily damaging many of its systems. Cut off from the rest of the world and communications with the rest of Overwatch, and with supplies running low, Captain Opara ordered the team into cryostasis as a last ditch effort to survive until a rescue could be mounted.

    When Mei awoke in the station, it was to the horrifying realization that the team had been asleep for 9 years. Worse, her pod was the only one to have stayed active. The rest of her team, including Opara, had died in hibernation. Despite the harrowing situation and sadness gripping her however, Mei quickly realized that the data the station had managed to collect over the last near-decade was essential. With it, she had more insight on the environmental crisis than ever before - data that could save lives and preserve the world for generations to come if she could gather more. Rallying herself, Mei constructed a miniaturized version of her weather manipulation tech and escaped the facility alongside her weather drone Snowball. Receiving an incoming signal from Winston, Mei discovered that in her time asleep the world had changed. Overwatch was disbanded and only just trying to rally in response to the world's growing crises, with worsening climate conditions included in this list. She made contact with Winston, who suggested she investigate the abandoned eco-Watchpoints for herself, and keep a journal - so that the people of the world might one day read about her perspective on the crisis. Mei and Snowball set out to do just that.

    Following her escape, Mei traveled back to society from Antarctica, first to the Yukon to field test her new tech more thoroughly, then to more civilized Canada and finally back to the US. After a brief stopover in Los Angeles, Mei traveled to Asia, where she intended to investigate the Watchpoints located there. Her first stop was Nepal, with the climatologist traversing the mountains, presumably in search of a facility. The climb was difficult however, and in attempting to use her tech during the trek, Mei accidentally triggered a miniature avalanche. As the snow fell she primed her Endothermic Blaster and hoped for a miracle - and depending on your perspective, that's exactly what she got. As the snow fell and she hung on for dear life, buffered about by the snowfall, she found herself struck in the head, and blacked out. As it turned out, her body was pulled into darkness as well - the darkness and grasping vines that lead one into the world of Pandora. A world with crises all its own.


    Well...this didn't feel right. Mei blinked, her vision still somewhat blurred she stirred, grass rustling under her parka. Wait...grass? That definitely wasn't right. The last thing she remembered was biting cold, snow...she'd been climbing, hadn't she? Suddenly it all came crashing back in. Nepal! She'd been in Nepal! Aaaand she'd started an avalanche...Opara would definitely have been grumbling at her about being more careful right about now. Still...that meant grass was definitely wrong. She blinked again, her vision clearing as she struggled to sit up for a moment, the weight of the array on her back causing her to have to wiggle about a bit before she managed it. The first and most obvious sensation was her head pounding, and Mei winced as she reached up to rub the back of it, a worried gasp escaping her as she brought her gloved hand around to look. She sighed with relief. No blood - she didn't do well with blood - but she was definitely going to have a bump. The sun in her eyes wasn't helping either, and she groaned again, bringing up a hand to shield them. "Bù hǎowán..." ("Not fun...") She mumbled to herself in a half whine, her headache not getting much better from her talking.

    Mei panned around after a moment, frowning a little. "Where...am I?..." She vocalized, a hint of worry in her voice. Something was definitely off. Unless she'd fallen into Shangri-La somehow, this made no sense at all. Glancing down beside her she saw her blaster in the grass, thankfully undamaged. What about... As if on queue a series of beeps behind her that very much reminded her in tone of her own mumble a moment ago emitted from her array, followed by a whir of motion. A moment later a small drone hovered in front of her, it's LED display showing half hooded eyes formed of glowing dots that mirrored her own confusion. Despite herself, a relieved smile crossed her face, and she quickly grabbed the drone and pulled it to her chest, hugging it tightly. "Snowball!!!" She snuggled the robot tightly, glad that least wherever she was her companion was here with her. "Wǒ hěn gāoxìng nǐ de ānquán!" ("I'm so glad you're safe!") She exclaimed with significantly more cheer in her voice than there had been a moment ago, the drone responding with a series of happy beeps and clicks of its own.

    She was concerned, definitely. Wherever she was it wasn't mountains and definitely not Nepal, in fact it seemed to be a grassland, in a much more temperate climate judging by the temperature - something that wouldn't have been found for thousands of miles from where she'd been last. How had she gotten here? There was no way to know. Still, sitting here wasn't going to get her anywhere and she knew it. The drone made a low whirring noise against her and Mei realized she was still hugging the bot like a teddy bear, blinking and letting go. "Oh! Sorry..." The drone drifted up in front of her, making a '^-^' on its display to assure her all was well, then drifting back and forth as if unsure what to do next. Mei giggled a bit, reaching up to pat the robot. "You and me both." She pushed herself to her feet, shrugging off the array for a moment to unzip her parka, letting the top half fall around her waist - overheating definitely wouldn't help her figure out where she was. She retrieved the pack, casting around again. There seemed to be a road of some sort a short distance away, leading off to the North, it seemed. That was as good a place to start as ever! "Well Snowball, I guess we'd better figure out where we are. Come on!" With a sure nod she set off down the road, her drone buzzing along behind her. They'd figure it out, she was sure. After all, wherever this was, at least the sun was out. That was a good sign, right?

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  2. Mei-Ling Zhou

    Mei-Ling Zhou Overwatch

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