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Pandora Times

List of news articles in Pandora


October 1st - 31st

Misty Hollow, 5:30am on October 1st
The early morning silence is shattered by the sudden, hyper-rhythmic clanging of the church's bell. The bats that have taken up roost in the church's steeple take flight as one, a pulsating mass of black bodies that swarms upwards and spills across the lightening sky. A cacophony of supernatural howls, shrieks, and screams arise from the nearby forest as the earth beneath Misty Hollow is racked by a series of intense tremors. Within Misty Hollow itself, buildings tremble as the ground shakes. Glass shatters, pictures fall from shelves, cupboards spring open to spill their contents onto kitchen floors. Lights flicker alarmingly and then go out altogether as the connections between the town and the Power Station are shaken loose.

The tremors last only ten to fifteen seconds, but it's enough to leave the town shaken and profoundly disturbed. No serious damage is done, but citizens cannot ignore the narrow crack that now splits apart the ground directly through Misty Hollow's center. It is barely as wide as a man's palm and is perhaps a dozen meters long, but a fine, gray-green mist begins to rise from some unspoken depths below. Strange sounds can be heard from the crevice; moans and sobs and whimpers, as if the underworld itself is attempting to claw its way to the surface.

OOC Information

Misty Hollow has been hit with one of the mysterious earthquakes that have been happening throughout all of Pandora since the start of Autumn. No serious damage has been done, but a mysterious crack has appeared through the town's center, through which a creepy gray-green mist is rising. The mist does not spread, but simply hangs a few feet above the crack. Not even natural wind disturbs it. Anyone who comes into contact with the mist will be immediately overcome by disturbing visions that overwhelm the mind and send the body into temporary convulsions. The effects wear off as soon as the person is pulled away from the mist, but the visions experienced leave a permanent mark on the victim's memory.

The mist will linger for the entire month of October, and on All Hallow's Eve the crack will suddenly close and the mist will disappear.

Power throughout Misty Hollow has been disrupted. Citizens will be without electricity until someone addresses the damage done to the town's power grid.

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A short PSA to all my starkbook followers

October 31st

Okay, so anyone who's been trying to keep up with the situation in Misty Hollow knows it's been getting a lot worse over here lately. A lot's happened since my post went kinda viral over the summer and people started talking about the things going on with the trees here, and after the death of that one Defender...

Right, so Halloween's coming up and I just want to tell all my friends and followers out there, especially those in and around Misty Hollow: Be careful! I mean we live in a town full of ghosts and vampires and goblins, and, as of recently, some really pissed off trees. Who knows what could happen around Halloween time, especially with all the old myths and legends surrounding the day. Don't talk to strangers you meet on the road, keep an iron nail in your pocket, put a line of salt infront of your front door, and don't let in strangers. Just do what you gotta do guys. I hope y'all have fun, but most of all I hope y'all stay safe!

OOC Information

Haloween's come 'round again, and Pandora's friendlier population aren't the only ones who are celebrating. The Fae are stirring up a Samhain to remember for themselves, so the likelihood of your characters running into some fairy chaos is going to go up in the days surrounding Halloween. All across Pandora the fair folk are going to be dancing, drinking, and dragging in human "guests" (some more willing than others) to join in on the fun ...oh and also some of these fairies might be expecting something of an...offering to keep them on their best behavior. And if they don't receive one to their satisfaction, well....you don't want an angry Sidhe coming after you, do you?

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Strange Happenings in the forest around Misty Hollow - original news event for the larger Seige of Misty Hollow plot
The Seige of Misty Hollow - brainstorming for the Seige of Misty Hollow plot, which has been extended into this season

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October 22 - 31, Year 7

Join us for Pandora's first annual Great Pumpkin Run! Runners are gathering with their unique pumpkins in every town in Pandora, preparing for the opening of that race. It's one that will carry them from one town to the next, spectators gathering to cheer them on. Everybody who finishes the race is a winner, and gets to contribute their own pumpkin to the town's Halloween decorations across Pandora!

For more information on how to join, see your local event coordinator today!

OOC Information

The Great Pumpkin Run is our latest holiday event for the people of Pandora! Everybody is free to participate. See the About & Sign-ups thread for more information!

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Former Orphanage Counselor Guilty of
Selling Orphans Into Slavery
Found Dead in Cell

September 5th, Year 7

Yesterday morning, Pandora Town was rocked by the shocking news of a counselor working at Pandora's Orphanage giving himself up to the City Guard due to his involvement in abducting and selling orphans into servitude. This morning, the man was found dead in his cell.

It is already strongly suspected that a group called The Phantom Thieves of Hearts was involved in the counselor going to the City Guard, due to the Guard finding their calling cards in the counselor's office. However, the counselor's corpse was found desiccated. But no calling cards were found in the counselor's cell, nor was there any evident signs of a break-in. Coroners on the scene confirmed that the counselor's cells suffered massive degradation, leading to his desiccated appearance.

The Department of Intelligence has confirmed that the killer's modus operandi is the hallmark of a murderer who has been active in Pandora since January, Year 6 and cautions the public to take care. A number of bodies suffering immense cell degradation have appeared in various locations in Pandora Town since then, and it is believed that the same individual is behind the killings.

Is the killer connected to The Phantom Thieves of Hearts? Is he working independently?

No one seems to know for sure.

OOC Information

Reaper spotted the news article about the counselor last night and figured that he'd make a good meal. Normally, Reaper is more discreet with the bodies he drains, scattering them across town in random dumpsters and the like, but he didn't particularly care to take such care with this man. He also has reasons™ for draining the guy, but what else is new?

Many thanks to @Fiddle for letting me build off of their current event!

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Research Clinic Under New Management

October 12th

The Paracelsus Research Center in Pandora Town was in danger of shutting down following the disappearance of founder and owner Paracelsus this month. Luckily for the center one of the scientists working there, Arcade Gannon, stepped up to take control.

"Researching more forms of medicine is important, no matter who is in charge," Dr. Gannon said in an interview, "we're going to focus on making as many medical advances as there are without letting the loss of Paracelsus distract us from the important goal of keeping people safe."

The new owner also announced the Clinic's name will be changed to the Freeside Research Clinic. He stated that the aims of the clinic will not be changed, no matter who ends up being in charge.

OOC Information

As much as Arcade does not want power, he refused to allow the research clinic to fall under without trying his best to keep it open. He's not very comfortable being in the public eye, but he's willing to make that sacrifice if it means medical research is not disrupted.

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October 12th

All across Pandora reports have been coming in of people dying in their sleep from seemingly natural causes while others appear to have been viciously murdered by a sharp bladed weapon that has yet to be identified. Cases of insomia and psychosis due to lack of sleep have been reported in the wake of these bizarre deaths. Public Health officials are at a loss to explain the cause of these deaths and no culprit if any has been identified.

OOC Information

Freddy is looking for anyone. Victims to terrorize, Heroes or Villains to hunt him. The Dream Demon is looking for playthings.

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A Murdered John Doe Found In A Dramatically Fashion


Oct. 3th

A man mutilated body was found this morning in Blackhaven. He was secured to one of the many abandoned structures with nails and rope in a manner that witnesses described as 'being on display.' Identification has proved to be difficult due to the state of the mutilation to his face, which appears to be done by a sharp blade of some sort.

No motive has been discovered for the man's death. However, there was an interesting clue on him, rather literally. On his chest was a name, Sherlock, which had been carved crudely by what has been described as a blade smaller than the one that disfigured his face. It has been determined this has something to do with Sherlock Holmes, the detective that has returned in a new version of himself. The local authority are hoping that Mister Holmes can help them to solve this senseless murder.

OOC Information

Jim Moriarty had a man killed and put on display for the detective Sherlock Holmes to solve as a kind of test. He is very interested in seeing how this version of the detective measures up to the one that he was familiar with. He is hoping to get his attention.

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September 7th, Year 7

Seemingly overnight, odd flyers have appeared on nearly every bulletin board and unsuspecting telephone pole in Pandora. While an advertising campaign is hardly the most dangerous thing to have happened recently, citizens are still beginning to question the intentions of the perpetrator as the contents are made known.

The fronts of the posters themselves are unassuming save for a large T printed on each and every one of them, and the message itself is brief but clear: all young superheroes are invited to a meet-up at an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time to 'join forces against evil.' It's suspected that the creator may be hinting to the formation of a brand-new superhero faction in the near future.

Adding another group to Pandora's chaotic climate at the moment is already a bit troubling, but it's the end of the message that is gathering concern from the local community. More specifically, it's the emphasized phrase: COME PREPARED. Considering the advertisement seems to be targeted towards a younger audience, there's a small but vocal group of citizens urging everyone to exercise caution in these tumultuous times.

"We will not allow our children to be lured away," says Kenneth Bayer of Pandora Town when approached about his growing worry over the issue. "They shouldn't even be wearing these masks, going out at night and doing who-knows-what. Anything could happen to them. There needs to be an age requirement on these [vigilante licenses]."

Regardless, there are still others who are intrigued by the mystery the posters bring. Without a date or location, it's impossible to gauge the creator's true intent at spreading these, but some say the strange, seemingly random ink patterns on the back of the flyers are part of a riddle.

Whatever the case is, we wish all young heroes who answer the call well.

OOC Information

Damian's been busy! He's got the idea in his head that he's going to form a new version of the Titans right here in Pandora, but without any of his former teammates, he's stuck recruiting entirely new blood. During the night of September 7th, he made his way through some of the towns using the portals to pass out the flyers in question.

It turns out there really is a riddle! He's planning some challenges for any of the heroes that are coming, and the first challenge is, well, actually coming. If you collect enough of the posters and lay them together to where the patterns on the back fit, you'll find what looks to be a crude drawing of Pandora Town's graveyard. If one were to venture inside of it and take a look around, you may just happen upon a certain stone of one Terrance T. Thompson with coordinates and a date etched on the back of it.

And if you don't like riddles, I'm sure you could just find the answer with a little bit of digging on Starknet after a few days. Everyone knows that everything ends up on Starknet eventually.

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Public Apology From Health Scare Whistle Blower!

September 16th

Afternoon on the 16th of September, an open channel broadcast was once again sent out to every device capable of receiving either audio or visual broadcasting, it interrupted all regular signals for a brief but high priority announcement. The signal was traced coming from The Rocinante in the cosmic wilderness before it ended, the same ship as the previous public broadcast.

A familiar face fills the screen, the man who weeks ago caused a health scare and revealed a conspiracy in Cascade Bay to cover up an infectious alien virus. But there is a difference this time, this man is calm, collected and contrite. He clears his throat before speaking.

“Many of you already know who I am, my name is James Holden and a week ago I made a public broadcast regarding the quarantine in Cascade Bay.” he pauses and frowns slightly, ”Since then many of you have fled the town or flocked to various medical centres across Pandora with fear of infection. Many of you will also be aware that the Children’s Home was subsequently burned down… for all of that that I admit responsibility.”

It suddenly becomes clear that this is some kind of follow up to deal with the resulting chaos from the initial broadcast. James Holden looks no less open and honest than he had the first time but the light in his eyes that had led him to lose his way and frighten a town full of people into burning down a children’s home. This man is rational and not spooked. He comes across as charismatic rather than a conspiracy nut.

”Please accept my apologies for what happened, the announcement I made did not have the intended effect and I was wrong to make it when I did and without all the facts at my disposal. The facts I stated regarding the Protomolecule remain true, I did not lie to you, however please understand there is no infection in Cascade Bay.” he pauses and leans forward just a little, keeping the same calm tone of voice, ”I repeat, there is no infection of the Protomolecule in Cascade Bay. You can return to your homes safely and if you are still unsure, I will personally test you with our state of the art equipment aboard the Rocinante to confirm you are free of infection.”

He allows that to sink in and then leans back a little and resumes. A smaller image pops up on the screen beside him, a logo with an address scrolling below it.

”To assist with rebuilding the Children’s Home, Governor Kaldwin will be opening a charity fund, her hope is to rebuild the Children’s Home with improvements and I fully support her in this endeavour. I have donated myself and I encourage you to do the same and ensure the displaced children of Cascade Bay can come home as soon as possible.” Professionally he smiles and holds up a hand to gesture to the image, ”For those of you on interactive devices you can donate immediately by selecting the image here. For those of you unable to do so, you can donate in person at Cascade Bay, or by following the details on screen. I’ll hand you over to Governor Kaldwin now, to tell you about her endeavor in her own words.”

Here the image cuts away to a pre-recorded interview with Governor Kaldwin herself.

“My dear citizens,” Jessamine Kaldwin says, sitting at her desk, the lighting focusing on her face over her lower body. ”I regret to inform you that we have failed the children of Cascade Bay. We have failed them, because we have failed to both make them safe, and have destroyed their home in response to our own selfish fear.” She takes a deep, careful breath, ”But it is not too late, never too late, to change this situation for the better….”

”At this point, there is not enough funding in the treasury to allow for the building of a new Home, nor can we support these now homeless children without your generosity. I am asking you to please: open your homes to these children. Donate just a few coins of your earnings so that we can provide them food, replacement clothing, and toys. At some point, we will be arranging a charity event in Cascade Bay to help fund the building of a new Home. Until then: every little coin helps.”

Jessamine shifts in her seat, moving her face closer to the camera, a small smile on her face. ”.... Let’s do better, for these children. We can be better.” She gives a nod to whomever is operating the camera.

The piece ends and the image returns to James Holden, he looks out at the audience and implores them to do the right thing.

”Please help us build something good from this. We’re better together.”

And with that the feed cuts out and regular programming continues.

OOC Information

After causing a health scare that resulted in overburdened hospitals and medical centers across Pandora, panicked people and the burning down of the Children’s Home in Cascade Bay, Jim decided things were out of control and he needed to stop it from escalating. He reached out to the Governor of Cascade Bay, Jessamine Kaldwin, and together they came up with a retraction of the scare, a public apology and a charity effort to rebuild the Children’s Home. This is all public knowledge.

What is not public knowledge but will affect those being treated in Cascade Bay’s medical center is that Holden has handed over the blueprints and schematics to build ‘auto-docs’ for them. This means Cascade bay will have state of the art medical equipment able to treat and heal everything from cancer to third degree burns to cold and flu, broken legs, regrow limbs and skin, etc. Holden doesn’t want the credit so the donation will be considered ‘anonymous’.

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Walk With Me Into The Truth
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September 16, Year 7 BP

On the afternoon of September 17, two explosions were set off on opposite sides of Morhall, causing two small but dangerous cave-ins. Many were injured at the scene and one was killed, a visitor later confirmed to be Misty Hollow citizen Glenn Rhee. Having stayed to help people injured and trapped beneath or behind the rubble, a subsequent rockslide took his life.

Although the identity of the one responsible for this tragic event has yet to be identified, the recently released and implemented AI Scanners picked up the presence of an infected synthetic quickly leaving the town. Authorities were alerted immediately, but this suspected infected android has yet to be identified and authorities have been unable to track where he has since gone. If anybody has any information about the identity or whereabouts of this individual, please contact the authorities.

OOC Information

Under the influence of the AI virus he unknowingly created for HYDRA, Leo traveled to Morhall with explosives and caused a couple of cave-ins. These explosions were small, so the main danger here were the actual cave-ins. In saving the injured Jessica Jones, Glenn Rhee unfortunately didn't make it out. Feel free to have had any of your characters involved with the event as well!

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1st of October

“Hello guys! Welcome to Pandora’s first Chanel-o-Ween, where I offer gifts to my devoted fans on social media! Halloween is my favorite day of the year, and yes, thinking about the dead is important, but isn't focusing on people that are alive and that love you even more important? That's why I made my own version of Halloween, the one when I give back to my fans all the love they gave me during the year!
I know I’m not really popular for the moment in Pandora, but I do my best to be more famous in the future, and I think it’s good thing to enjoy the fact that I still have such a little fanbase in here to please all the followers I have.
Prepare for amazing gifts that should be appearing on your doorstep soon! I’ll, obviously, write a letter personalized for each of you, because I really care about all of you and I really want to make my fans happy.
And a good way to make me happy is to record yourself opening your gifts and sending the videos to me. I really want to see the smile writing itself on your face!
I know what some of you are going to say, you’re thinking that I’m doing it to have an even larger fanbase and to exploit you for my own gain, but it’s not true; I really, really want to make your sad, miserable lives better!
Oh! I almost forgot! There’s a slight chance that one of you receive the gift from a very special someone’s hands.
Keep spreading the Chanel-o-Ween love, watch out for the jack-o-lantern emojis, and I will see you soon, bye everyone!”

OOC Information

Chanel is bringing her version of Halloween to Pandora!
All of her fans on social media will start getting gruesome gifts that she will probably find in Misty Hollow's morgue or in places like this (hey, it's still Halloween, don't expect pretty gifts!). With the gift, they will receive a letter full of compliments and insults at the same time. People receiving these gifts are expected to open it and read them on-camera.
Before receiving their gifts, they will first receive a jack-o-lantern emoji on their profile, warning them to expect their gift to arrive really soon.
She uses this to gift her fans for assuring their loyalty to her. She hopes that it could work in Pandora too!
You still have the time to follow her if you want your character(s) to receive a present!

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Stolen heart or guilty conscience?

Early September

In the early hours of September 4th, a counselor of Pandora Town's Orphanage suddenly and without warning handed himself over to the authorities. According to witness accounts, the man in question was in a flood of tears and prostrated himself before the town guard, begging for forgiveness for the crimes he had commited. Evidence was later found that the counselor had been abducting troubled children from both the streets and the Orphanage, locking them in a warehouse in Blackhaven where he planned to sell the children into servitude. Thankfully the authorities managed to recover all children safely and have been returned the orphanage with the perpetrator in custody awaiting trial.

However, something more suspicious and possibly sinister was uncovered. In the counselor's office, the town guard had found several cards that appeared to be calling cards from a previously reported on group known as The Phantom Thieves of Hearts bearing the image seen above. These cards accused the counselor of sin, claiming that they were aware of his crimes and would steal his heart. This calling card was sent aproximately 2-3 weeks in advance of him turning himself in and some are wondering whether or not this was the work of these thieves.

Do you believe the Phantom Thieves exist? Do you think they are heroes or criminals?

OOC Information

Akira Kurusu, @Futaba Sakura, @Makoto Niijima and @Naoto Shirogane entered a world of distorted desires known as the Metaverse and used their Personas to fight through the counselor's (NPC) "Palace", stealing the treasure at the heart of it that represented his deepest desires in order to punish him for his crimes. This is the first action of The Phantom Thieves in Pandora.

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September 28th, Year Six


These have been difficult times for many across Pandora, especially recently. Now, I'd be the first to admit that I've done very well for myself since arriving here. Pandora has been kind to me, and I've managed to make something pretty fantastic out of the opportunities that have come my way. However, not everyone has been so lucky; perhaps some people come from a world very different from this one and are struggling to adapt, or perhaps the circumstances of their arrival robbed them of a chance to stand on their own two feet.

It's for this reason, amongst others, that I've chosen to launch the Luthor Foundation. It's time to give back a little of that good fortune that I and the employees of LexTech have enjoyed, and build up a better society for us all in doing so. Now, a lot of corporations like to talk big when it comes to charity work, only to fall short when it's time to act. I can guarantee that this will not be the case with the Luthor Foundation - anything donated will be 100% used for charitable work, and we will always be held accountable to the general public regardless of what we do.

The future can still be bright even here, so far from our respective homes. My hope is that the Luthor Foundation can help said future become a reality.

CEO of LexTech, founder of the Luthor Foundation

OOC Information

What's a ruthlessly expanding potential megacorp without a soft charitable edge to help manage its image in the public mind, eh? Yes, Lex is setting up his own charity - in public and ostensibly to help promote technological advancement across Pandora, as well as to offer aid in response to disasters and unrest. Anyone, whether they be a private citizen or a government representative, can apply for a Luthor Foundation grant, and if they are successful they could be given both monetary and educational support to help them achieve their dreams!

Privately, of course, Lex is looking to extend the power and influence of LexTech - and, by definition, Himself Personally. This is of course not something that would be apparent, any more than it would be when Apple does something similar IRL, but it's likely that those who know Lex a little better might have a few mental alarm bells starting to ring at this point...

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Fancy asking the man himself some questions about the Luthor Foundation? Click here...

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September 1st, Year 7

Strange activity in the woods surrounding Misty Hollow have reached a startling climax resulting in the death of a Misty Hollow defender. At the end of the summer, a beloved defender Richard Grimes sacrificed his life to protect his fellow defender Jim Hopper and his dependent Eleven from an attack from the forest itself. According to the survivors, the forest was described to have "come alive on its own" and produced a terrifying beast. "If it wasn't for Rick's courage and quick thinking, we would have been goners," states Hopper, "He was a good man." A funeral service was held in town shortly after despite the remains unable to be recovered.

These recent events have caused concern among those living in Misty Hollow and worry about the integrity of the barrier in the case of an impending attack. While the direct cause of these events are unknown, there is suspicion that magic and the decaying relations between the Fae population and humans are to blame. In response to rising tensions, Chief Hopper will be hosting a town meeting to discuss the threat with the residents and allow them to ask questions. He stated, "We request all citizens to be present since this matter is urgent. The defenders are doing everything they can to handle to handle the situation."

Misty Hollow denizens and visitors are advised to stay away from the woods until government officials determine it safe once more.

OOC Information

The events of the Seige of Misty Hollow plot are gaining steam! The Gentleman is stirring the Fae in the area as they have become angered by the humans living in Misty Hollow. The trees now will attack people that stay too long outside of the fence protecting the town. Meanwhile the defenders are trying to stop this mess before more blood is shed. A war will soon be building up that will cause people to have to fight for their lives. Refer to the plot thread for more details.

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image credit
September 11

Last night, while mobs of concerned citizens gathered at the Bay's medical center, the Children's Home for Little Wanderers burned to the ground. The investigation shows evidence of arson, which some are theorizing is a direct result of the recent quarantine, and the health panic incited by a global broadcast that was sent out yesterday.

Reaction from the community is mixed. Some are relieved, believing that the fire was the only way to truly eradicate any lingering threats of exposure after over a week in quarantine. Experts assure us that this this is not the case, and the disease was 100% contained at the conclusion of the Quarantine.

Residents of the Children's Home were not due to head back for a few more days and quarantine staff had already cleared out. The location was presumed empty on the night of the fire. No fatalities have been reported.

Unfortunately, all of the children who had been temporarily displaced due to the quarantine are now without a home. Staff of the Children's Home are asking for volunteers from the community to welcome children into their homes until the Children's Home can find a new location.

OOC Information

The above information is common knowledge. The fire was set by a group of individuals who believed that it was the best way to make sure the source of the disease was eradicated in order to protect their community. Anybody is free to take this plot hook and run with it. We recommend starting a brainstorming thread if you decide to do so.
If you create or participate in a thread related to this event, head over to the Pandora Awards to claim this shiny award: [​IMG]

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September 10 - September 20

A recent global broadcast that hijacked devices all over Pandora has incited a public health scare. The words biohazard, pandemic, and plague are being tossed around far too freely. Despite the members of government assuring their communities that there is no danger to public health, large portions of the population are being proactive with their own health care. Hospitals and Medical Centers are mobbed with prospective patients suffering from temporary hypochondria. Just the simplest of colds are sending frightened citizens to the closest emergency room in droves. Medical staff are seeking volunteers from the community to help organize and aid these people, while scuffles are breaking out among the frightened, all wanting to be seen and put on antibiotics sooner rather than later.

Pandora Town has been hit the worst due to its recent influx of travelers from Cascade Bay. Out of the towns, Morhall and Horizon have been least impacted due to their relative isolation. But even in those towns there are people who are taking no chances.

OOC Information

The above information is common knowledge. Despite assurances from people in the know, communities are worried that some terrible disease is spreading across Pandora. The hysteria will die down by September 20th. But until then, anybody in the medical profession will be dealing with longer hours and a large number of frightened people who have convinced themselves they're sick.

If you create or participate in a thread related to this event, head over to the Pandora Awards to claim this shiny award: [​IMG]

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Worldwide Broadcast Interrupts Programming!

September 10th

Evening on the 10th of September, an open channel broadcast was sent out to every device capable of receiving either audio or visual broadcasting, it interrupted all regular signals for a brief but high priority announcement. The signal was traced coming from a ship registered as the Rocinante in the cosmic wilderness before it ended.

“My name is James Holden and I have something very important to tell all of you.“

The man’s face is open, honest and above all earnest. Every word he says he believes whole-heartedly, his voice and his expression say they want to help. He's calm, collected, like a news broadcaster.

“On September 2nd there was an incident at Cascade Bay’s Children’s Home. Some of you may be aware of the quarantine that is currently still in place there, some of you further afield are likely unaware of what transpired.”

He pauses and leans a little closer to the camera, out towards the viewer. Now there’s not just open honesty but a deeper kind of intensity, like the man speaking is seeing something just beyond his vision, something unimaginably terrifying.

”If you are still in the area, you need to get out now. Quarantine is not enough. It will not hold what is in there. The Protomolecule will not abide by your quarantine or your laws, it will find a way out and when it does the results will be a catastrophic loss of life. I’ve seen those results first hand from my world...”

He stops and for a flicker of a moment there is pain before he continues.

”The Protomolecule is an alien-virus of unknown origin. It was found on Phoebe, one of Saturn’s moons and it was removed by scientists working for the Protogen Company. They thought they could harness its power as a bio weapon and control it. They couldn’t. It got out, and then they fed it and not only did it kill them, but it wiped out over a million people on a space station. A million innocent people died. It’s highly contagious and will transfer via direct contact with the protomolecule itself or an infected person. Symptoms range from high fever to vomiting and result in...”

There’s a pause.

”…something like death but worse. Once it reaches certain mass it becomes airborne and resembles blue fireflies. The protomolecule uses people, their biomass, to build. I don’t know what the end game for it is yet and personally I’m not keen to find out. I don’t know how to stop it, but what I can tell you is that it can live in hard vacuum, under extremes in temperature, you can’t shoot it, radiation seems to make it grow exponentially faster, do not under any circumstances attempt to use any form of radiation in an attempt to kill it. Your only hope is to get out now, before the virus spreads.”

He’s pleading now, the calm charisma he started out with is gone, now there’s just desperation.

”I am begging you not to send your children back there. I’m begging you not to send anyone there, not your children, not your -”

And with that the broadcast cuts out abruptly, terminated from its original source.​

OOC Information

Bobbie Draper brought with her an alien virus when she arrived in Pandora; the protomolecule. Unfortunately she arrived at the Cascade Bay Children's Home and since then the area has been quarantined while it's dealt with. On a trip to Cascade Bay, James Holden got wind of the Protomolecules presence and as one of the very few survivors of a previous two encounters with the substance in various forms he decided to give Pandora all the information he knows about it in a worldwide broadcast.

His intention was good, he wanted to give Pandora the information to deal with the threat so that what happened in his world wouldn't happen here, however trauma from his own previous experiences unfortunately made the broadcast seem like a panic-inducing rant until Naomi Nagata cut it off and stopped him.

Please feel free to react like he's a ranting maniac, feel free to do completely the opposite of what he advised and go see what the hell all the fuss is about. Or feel free to believe him and get the hell out of dodge or start questioning what is actually going on over there! Conspiracy nuts, have at it! Also please feel free to start a public witch hunt for the scare-mongering idiot!

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Cascade Bay Children's Home Under Quarantine Due to Biohazard

September 2nd - September 10th

Early on the afternoon of September 2nd, Cascade Bay's Children's Home erupted with gunfire and the terrified screams of young children. What exactly happened remains unclear, but the Children's Home has been placed under guarded quarantine. Lexa, the Chief of Cascade Bay's guard, cited a biohazard as the cause of the initial chaos, and that the situation is now well under control. She was willing to answer several questions:

Reporter: Gunfire and screaming was heard from the Children's Home early this afternoon. Was anyone hurt?

Lexa: While it may have sounded like it, I'm pleased to report that nobody was hurt. The ensuing panic made it sound far worse than what it was.

Reporter: Why has the Children's Home been quarantined?
Lexa: Unfortunately there was an appearance of highly infectious material in the nearby area. In order to keep the children and staff safe, we have quarantined the Children's Home and are working to make sure it's completely decontaminated before the children move back in.

Reporter: Was all of the infectious material destroyed?
Lexa: Yes. However rest assured that things are being double, triple and even quadruple checked. We are not wanting to take any risk or chance with this. It's too dangerous to not take these precautions.

Reporter: Where are the children being relocated?
Lexa: The children have been temporarily relocated to the orphanage in Pandora Town who were kind enough to offer them shelter.

Reporter: Do we have any reason to be concerned about infection in Cascade Bay?
Lexa: No. Both the area and those nearby were quarantined, checked and decontaminated. Considering the specific nature of this material, it would have been apparent if infection had spread. The residents of Cascade Bay can be rest assured that there is no danger of infection and can come to me if they're still worried or have any questions.

The exact nature of the infectious material and its side-effects is unclear, though Chief Lexa did confirm that it is called the 'protomolecule virus'. Reporters have attempted to contact the other individuals involved, but have been firmly referred to the Chief of the guard for all details.

OOC Information

@Bobbie Draper arrived in the middle of the orphanage's playground just as she blasted apart an alien hybrid that just so happened to be made of highly infectious, bio-hazardous material. @Roy Mustang, @Riza Hawkeye, @Mad Sweeney, and @Lexa were all swift to respond to the sounds of violence and panicked children. The situation was soon brought under control, the goo was torched courtesy of Colonel Mustang, and the Children's Home was quarantined until it can be verified that every drop of the goo has been destroyed. The children have been temporarily relocated to Pandora Town's orphanage until it is deemed safe to return to the Cascade Bay home.

The home will remain under quarantine for a little over a week, during which time advanced equipment will be brought in from outside sources to scan and clear the area.

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September 10th- Year 7

Throughout the week, known criminals and other assorted violent people have been arriving to the Pandora Hospital in droves. Though none have been admitted for any particular physical injuries. No: almost all of these criminals have been admitted straight into the psychiatric ward for evaluation.

While their treatment and condition remains tight-lipped with hospital confidentiality, one insider reports that the criminals are in varying conditions. Some can do nothing but rock back and forth while drooling, while others seem a bit more coherent and may be discharged to police custody within a few days. Almost all of them have reported mentioning ‘a giant flaming skeleton biker’, before collapsing into a rant about all the horrible atrocities they have committed in their lives.

One man in particular, notorious rapist Stanley Lowiski, has just been cleared for release and has asked for forgiveness in what he has done. Saying that he will be pleading ‘guilty’ to all charges and facing Pandora Town justice in the hopes that it can lead to redemption.

Not all stories are good. Some criminals such as one Jack O’Malley, a professional hitman for a crime boss who has been on police radar for the past year, still hasn’t awakened from his apparent state of disassociation. Our insider says he may never do so.

Regardless of the amount of criminals coming in, Pandorian Officials warn citizens to stay away from known crime infected areas. While no one is sure what is out there doing this to the citizens notorious criminals, officials are afraid it is only a matter of time before someone innocent gets into the cross fire. Stay Safe out there Pandorians!

OOC Information

Ghost Rider is in Pandora! And he’s been a busy boy. Lots of criminals have been undergoing his famous ‘Penance Stare’, which will make you regret your dreaded sins by forcing you to relive all the horrible things you’ve done in the viewpoint of your victims. Some managed to snap out of it and change their ways. Some never will. Will you encounter the Ghost Rider of Pandora? Only time will tell!

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September 22nd, Year 7

Last night, gunfire was heard coming from an abandoned pub to the southeast of Blackhaven, near the district's fringes. Because of the district's reputation, the City Watch was quick to respond. However, when they arrived at the scene, they were met with the grisly sight of nine brutally murdered men.

“[Seven of the nine men were] riddled with so many bullet holes, we can barely even identify them,” one watchman, Ioannis Costopolos, told the Pandora Times during an interview at the crime scene. “They’re just pulp.”

As alarming a statement as it sounded, he went on to explain that the ninth man they discovered was even more unnerving. “His eyes [were] gone, like they were completely burned out or something. Not a mark on him otherwise. Just the eyes. Pretty freaky [censored], if you ask me.”

Who or what was behind the massacre still remains a mystery, but the City Watch will be investigating the matter to the best of their abilities, and encourages anyone who has any information to come forward.

OOC Information

While the Pandora Times and the general public both are unaware of what actually happened, the criminal underworld is buzzing. All below information is relevant to the underworld, and will be cross-posted in the corresponding roll call thread.

The Crows were a small crew made up of nine members including their leader, Bronx. They served as something like messengers, liaisons, etc. between other crews, gangs, syndicates and more. Their deaths will spread among the underworld like wildfire, especially considering that some criminals, gangs and the like were aware of Bronx's intentions to use @Lift as a means to keep his men alive so that they could rise up in the ranks, due to her powers to bring the dead back to life having spread among the underworld.

However, the one responsible for the massacre will remain a mystery, even to the underworld. Theories of a mercenary protecting Lift will spur several crews, gangs and the like to put a hit on Lift to ensure that no one, especially someone who is essentially a wild card, holds claim to such a valuable asset. Word of Reaper being the one to have claimed Lift will surface in the underworld after October 3rd, due to @Widowmaker telling her employer about narrowly escaping Reaper with her life when she tried to assassinate Lift.

TL;DR the general public has no idea what happened, and the criminal underworld will only know Reaper was behind it after October 3rd.

Relevant Threads

  • Shape of Things to Come -- Lift is captured by the Crows, who intend to use her to keep their men alive so that they can rise in the criminal underworld
  • What We Do Defines Us [M] -- Reaper rescues Lift from the Crows, leaving a bloodbath in his wake
  • Shadows on the Wall -- Reaper convinces Widowmaker to not kill Lift, and encourages her to spread word in the criminal underworld that he's the one who has laid claim to Lift

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Wealthy Woman Murdered During Party, Case Solved Within An Hour

September 16th

On the night of September 16th a party at the house of Elizabeth Bastille a popular fashion designer and former resident of 19th century London. Miss Bastille was found dead in her of bloodloss after leaving the main party area a very loud and public arguement with her on and off lover Jacob Byron. The party was locked down and the police called, as the police were busy on said night it took them around and hour to arrive, thanks mostly in fact to Pandora's streets deciding that at that night would be the perfect one for them to rearrange as they are known to do sporadically. From witness accounts all eyes were on Mister Byron while one man seemingly was more interested in looking over the body with his young daughter in tow no less! When questioned this man revealed himself to be Sherlock Holmes who not too long ago had been reported deceased.

Holmes had been invited by the late owner of the house who herself was an avid fan of the novels published about the man. He even provided us with a detailed list of what he noticed upon his examination.

-Pale skin, drained off all color underneath powder makeup, smears on cheek, most likely rubbed off onto attacker during the scuffle.
-All jewelry was on her person including an extra earring caught in her hair, more than likely the attackers.
-Puncture wounds on neck, which leads me to conclude vampires exist in this world as well as Magic.
-Bruises on wrists, slender in width and do not perfectly fit around, a woman's grip but with extreme strength exceeding most men twice her size.
-Door was locked from within, attacker had to get in through window which was ten feet sheer drop or was allowed in with the victim.
-face powder on her fingertips smudged as well.
-And a drop of blood on her lip, not her own as there was no wound on her lip

Not long after collecting this information Sherlock and his young daughter returned downstairs and informed the guests of what he'd found. More accusations were called towards Byron after some makeup was found smeared against his cheek. But Holmes quickly pointed out that the makeup on the victims had could explain that seeing as how she slapped him before leaving the room. Instead he pointed out flakes of makeup stuck in a miss Abbigail Deluvan's hair and her missing earring. Upon this being revealed Miss Deluvan instantly attempted to retreat to Miss Bastille's room but was quickly subdued by Mr. Holmes and his cane. With her restrained Holmes quickly did something odd. He tied up Miss Bastille's body which immediately began to convulse and fight against the bonds.

When the police arrived Sherlock was able to deduce the motives of the crime. Growing tired of the arguement she had with Byron, Miss Bastille took a lover in Abbigail who revealed she was a vampire the two plotted the perfect plot to run away together with Byron's money while he would be left powerless to go after them. Abby would turn Miss Bastille into a vampire, a process that would leave her seemingly dead and then make it seem as though Mister Byron was the culprit while the two cleared out his safe and Bastille's body would "disappear" under mysterious circusmtances. The two confessed quickly under pressure

When asked for a comment Holmes offered. "Despite there being vampires involved this case was rather standard and routine in its conclusions and circumstances."

OOC Information

Holmes is just doing what he always does and solving cases for the heck of it and to show how uber smart and deductive he is. This is mostly for people who know that Sherlock's Sherlock is dead have a reason for their characters to find out that there's a new Sherlock in town.

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From 22nd September

On the 22nd September, Philip “The Governor” Blake abducted the Head of the Department of Public Affairs, @Berelain sur Paendrag, while she was in the wilderness travelling between settlements.

Two days later a videotape mysteriously surfaced in Tower Hill, addressed to @Lady Margolotta, @Sebastian Michaelis, @Egwene al'Vere and @Chief Judge Hershey. The footage was of Berelain trapped in a cell at some unidentifiable location. On the video, The Governor seeks to make a deal with the Pandora Town council, offering to return Berelain safely to them, as long as they allow him to live unharassed in one of the towns.

Will the council give in to his demands?

OOC Information

Just what it says on the tin! :D Want to get involved somehow? Check out the link below!

Relevant Threads

danger zone: IC thread involving Berelain’s abduction.
Seen Berelain Lately?: Transcript of The Governor’s video.
Abducting a council member: Brainstorming thread.

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String of Break-Ins at Cascade Bay

September 19th(beginning of event) September 22nd(day of article)

Locals in Cascade Bay have reported several break-ins happening. Several homes have had their doors and windows unlocked in the middle of the night, but nothing has been stolen from any of them. The only sign that anyone has been in the house is the obvious signs of someone having slept in any extra beds or on couches. One local has claimed to have encountered the burglar, but claims that they moved so quickly she could not identify him, except to say that he was very brightly colored.

OOC Information

The Cat's finally off of the spaceship he's always called home, but unfortunately has not learned how to survive outside of it. He doesn't understand yet that he can't just claim any bed he sees like he could with his friends' on Red Dwarf. Anyone living at Cascade Bay could end up with The Cat obliviously stealing their bed.

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September 10th-Year 7

After several bad months for Pandora Town, the Government can finally boast some good news. In light of the Virus Infected Synths destroying the weapons depot in August, they have officially signed a contract with the Lernaean Corporation, a weapons manufacturer who will be helping Pandora Town’s Government Officials to resupply their destroyed weapons stash.

This decision is primarily focused from the fact that Pandora Town is still moving forward to create their military. ”Military means new weapons, the best and the latest.” Spokesperson for Lernaean commented Friday, ”That’s what our fine new soldiers deserve. That’s what our law enforcement officers need to help protect our citizens from dangerous people.”

When asked about the AI controversy, Lernaean Officials made a surprising announcement that they would be opening their hiring doors to any Synth that feels alienated from their jobs due to the virus.

”We remain an equal opportunity employer. Any synth, vampire, demon, or dimensional alien is welcome to an interview!” The Spokesperson claimed, seeming not worried about the virus or the controversy, claiming that the Government seemed to ‘have it handled’.

Things are indeed looking a little brighter for Pandora Town’s future. Hopefully this new weapons manufacturer will help citizens to sleep a little better tonight.

OOC Information

So HYDRA has revealed their end game. While people are distracted by AI Synths attacking everything and blowing up shit, HYDRA, under the name ‘Lernaean’, now officially is in charge with supplying Pandora Town weapons. Which means tax payer dollars are funding HYDRA and their activities, as well as them having a foot in the Pandora Town Government System. They who controls the weapons controls the world, after all ;)

NO ONE AT THIS POINT SHOULD KNOW OR SUSPECT THAT LERNAEAN IS HYDRA! They are just a normal Corporation with company picnics and nice people who hire non-discriminatory. Aren’t they niiiiice.

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Fundraiser for Buddhist Temple begins in Blackhaven Park

September 12-19

A new event has started in Blackhaven Park, where a young priestess has begun raising funds for the construction of a buddhist temple in Misty Hollow in an attempt to both bring people together under a common objective and assist in the protection of the town.

The priestess, called Byakuren Hijiri, has stated that she intends that her temple is intended to be a safe haven for all interested, even those who are not intending to convert to buddhism but are interested in learning about it or simply have nowhere else to go. She made a point that both non-human and human beings are welcome and that she wishes to help create a society where both types of people can see each others as equals.

"In a world that is so different from anything we might know, it's easy for us to lose our way and get lost. Through the teachings of buddhism, people can find comfort among the constant suffering and short-lived pleasures of life and find a path towards enlightment and true joy. For the people in the town of Misty Hollow, I intend to help in dealing with the many hauntings by appeasing the many spirits that live there, allowing all to live in harmony."

According to Hijiri, her temple is made for the goddess Bishamonten who she describes as the goddess of war, but also victory and fortune and that through simple offering and donations of any kind, one could earn a favor from the goddess and be blessed with her protection and fortune.

The fundraiser is supposed to last until the 19th of September, but those who wish to donate after that time can still do so by contacting the priestess herself.

OOC Information

Byakuren is trying to get money to make her temple in Misty Hollow become a reality! Anyone interested in donating is welcome to drop by and give her some money for it, or if you really just want to listen to her talk about religious stuff, that works too! Spreading the word through social media about this potential religious faction surfacing in Pandora would also be welcome, as Byakuren would definitely appreciate the exposure.

There will be an open thread up for those who wish to have their characters be involved in the fundraiser, but if you want to have a private thread with Byakuren there, feel free to contact me about it!

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Strange Monochromatic Plush Bear Seen Wandering Around Pandora Town

September 25th

At about noon up until 5 PM on September 25th, residents reportedly saw a small, monochromatic plush bear wandering the streets of Pandora Town. Introducing itself as Monokuma to all who asked, the bear stated its goal was "gettin' used to Pandora". Throughout the afternoon, it was spotted in a number of districts in Pandora Town, entering shops and other businesses, and just making a scene in general. Though it moves with great agility and acts as if it is its own being, it is most likely being controlled from somewhere else. It is unknown who controls it or what its true purpose is, but residents can be assured that it means no harm... hopefully.

OOC Information

Tsumugi, as a result of trying to figure out just where she is, has been using her Monokuma to traverse Pandora Town in her stead. During the afternoon of September 25th, it wandered around many of Pandora's districts, talked with those who were curious about it (and some who might not have been), and then went back to Tsumugi. It should be noted that because Monokuma has its own voice distortion capability, that nobody should know that it belongs to Tsumugi yet.

If you want your character to meet Monokuma, then just tell me!

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the bears are in (Open Thread)

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Skeleton develops phone capable of storing objects

September 15th (day it started) / September 16th (day of the article)

What would otherwise look like a very humble stand in the bazaar turned out to bring a new development to cellphone technology as the person running the stand, a skeleton named Sans, managed to create a cellphone capable of storing actual objects inside it, which quickly gathered the attention of the populace.

When asked for information regarding this technology, the skeleton had the following to say:

"it's basically a scanner that downloads physical objects into your phone, i call it the dimensional box. there's not much trick to it, you scan it, it gets in. if you wanna take it out it works in reverse. The app installed for it is pretty easy to use. Don't try to put anything huge in it though, it won't work. it has a limited space and big stuff like a car uses way too much space for the phones to handle. treat it like a backpack or maybe a suitcase. if you can't fit it in one of those, don't try putting it in it."

When asked about the stock of these new cellphones, as the initial sale had a very low amount of them available for sale, the skeleton explained that since he had to make all the phones himself he couldn't really make a huge stock, but did provide alternatives.

"i set up a website where you can order one for yourself and i'll send it over when it's done. i'll only be taking a small amount of orders at a time though as i don't wanna risk getting overwhelmed and i wanna be able to deliver those in two weeks at most."

The website can be found at dimensionalbox.com and the phones are sold at an initial price 18 pounds with all the typical functions you would expect a phone to have plus the eponymous dimensional box feature.

OOC Information

Sans is trying to be a productive member of society by bringing some of his world's tecnology into Pandora! The dimensional box is nothing but a little thing supposed to make life a little more convenient for people, but the main problem comes from the fact Sans is only one guy doing the whole thing, meaning it's still going to be quite limited. Characters that have big business are very welcome to try and get Sans to work with them if they want to!

If you want your character to be one of the people to get one of these phones, I have left an open thread for them to be one of Sans' first customers.

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September 8th

Department of Intelligence Cybersecurity Consultant Daisy Johnson gave a statement on the morning of September 8th about the new scanners that will allow town law enforcement to identify infected androids and take proper measures to secure and quarantine them. Following is a transcript of the interview.

"We've already installed the scanners throughout several locations in Pandora Town, including the mirror portal and other high-population centers. The City Watch has been equipped with mobile scanners so that they can identify potential threats on the streets. We are making the scanners available to each of the other towns as well."

What happens to the infected androids once they are identified?

"They are not harmed if we can help it. We disable them as quickly as possible, and place them under quarantine where they cannot harm or infect anyone else."

And what do you have to say to the mandatory firewall and those protesting such measures?

Daisy takes a moment before responding, appearing to struggle with herself. When she speaks, she leans forward in her chair to gaze directly into the camera.

"Look, I know what it's like to be persecuted because people are afraid of what you might do. I would never be part of something like that. My team is working hard to come up with a vaccine but in the meantime, please, do not let fear rule your actions no matter what side you stand on. The people infected by this virus are sick. We're working hard to come up with a cure. But at the same time, we have to take measures to protect our cities as a whole. People have died. Twelve security guards were killed at that weapons depot, and all without raising a single alarm. An entire city block was destroyed in that fire. The firewall isn't invasive, it's... think of it as an immune-booster. It doesn't require any android's core programming to be altered, it's simply an extra layer of protection added over it. It's the same as a human being loading up on Vitamin C or Echinacea during the flu season. Get the facts before you react - we're just trying to keep people safe, including those susceptible to this virus. Inciting hate and panic is just going to make things worse."

Can you give us a timeline for the cure?

"My bosses want me to give you a definitive number. Something near in the future and optimistic. But I can't lie to you - I don't know. The virus is... tricky. It's not the same as a straightforward computer virus. It's built to alter a being's consciousness. It's going to take time to come up with a cure, and that's why we all need to work together to keep people safe in the meantime."

OOC Information

Daisy Johnson, with the help of @Futaba Sakura and data from @Aloy's Focus, has built working scanners that can now identify any android or other AI that is infected with the virus. The scanners have been in place in Pandora Town since the end of August, and now that they have proven effective, the DoI is announcing their success to the public. They have also been made available to the other towns - government officials from other cities have only to request them.

When an infected android is scanned, local law enforcement is immediately alerted to the time and place. They are compatible with mobile devices, and can be programmed to alert smartphones. This feature is primarily being used by law enforcement so that they can receive alerts no matter where they are in the city.

Relevant Threads

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Protest the Synthetic Firewall - the leaflets announcing the protest
Do Not Obey! - Megatron's protest at Parliament Square

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September 7th, Year Six - date of the actual protest
September 4th, Year Six - date of the leaflets' appearance

[displayed on leaflets that have been dropped all over Pandora Town]


Citizens of Pandora Town! The above question is a simple one - are we, synthetics, not people and fellow-beings? Do we not think, feel, and deserve the same protections as are available to other sentient species?


Three days ago, synthetic beings were ordered - by pain of arrest/imprisonment - to attend Guard meetings where their minds are to be modified. Ostensibly this is to protect us, to keep us safe from future virus attacks from nefarious powers. Citizens, we ask you - if this had been a psychic virus, engineered by synthetics to enslave the minds of biological species, would the government now be demanding that all biological individuals present themselves to the Guard for brain surgery, the better to prevent this from happening again?


If you care for justice, if you wish to stand by your synthetic neighbours and friends, come to the Parliament Building on September the 7th, and make your voice heard. Speak up against the legal ruling, demand that the penalty of arrest for refusing to allow our minds to be invaded be repealed - take a stand for the rights of your fellow-beings!



OOC Information

Megatron is - understandably - not a particularly big fan of the recent mandatory firewall ruling, He's holding a rally to try and drum up opposition to it, in the hopes that the government can be persuaded to change course. Will your character come along and lend a hand? Will they turn up to support the government instead? Either way, they can respond to the open thread below and get involved!

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Do Not Obey! - the protest at Parliament Square

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*image found on imgur frrom user kdaragon
September 4th

In the early hours of the morning of September 4th, the Pandora Fire Department were called out to a localized fire in Wesley Park apartments. The fire was stopped before it could spread to other apartments, leaving only 201 suffering damage. City Watch have cordoned off the damaged apartment while investigating what exactly happened. The resident of the apartment, Alex Danvers, appears to be missing.

OOC Information

Alex's apartment was set on fire by an unknown assassin, forcing her to flee into the forests while other agents and investigators figure out just who and apprehend them. Characters in the apartment block are more than welcome to see this mysterious assassin before the fire or even come up with their own ideas/reasons as to why the apartment went up in flame! I'm all down for rumors appearing, especially since she'll be off the grid for a couple of weeks.

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