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Pandora Times

List of news articles in Pandora


June 1 - 10, Year 6

Reports are coming out of Morhall of a strange infection in their water. It has turned all the water in Morhall, even their underground lake, a mixture of bright neon colors swirling about like Easter dyes. It temporarily stains the skin a multitude of colors. When ingested, the water makes most people ill. They have experienced a variety of symptoms, including vomiting, lung irritation, brightly colored rashes, and chills.

The residents of Morhall have begun looking for the source of the contaminant, though nothing concrete has been discovered yet. An alternative water source is also being procured, though its supply is not enough to sustain the town for more than a couple of weeks. As such, there are now water rations in place to make sure there is enough to go around.

OOC Information

The above events are common knowledge. Any threads dealing with determining the source of the infection will require some minor moderation/posts or input from Rani.

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Militaries Sans Frontières Begins Recruitment

June 1st, Year 6

Big Boss Wants YOU for MSF!

Mercenary 'Big Boss' or 'Naked Snake', is a fairly new member of Pandora, having arrived only a few months ago. However, in that short time he has made a name for himself as a highly successful operative for hire, leading successful missions for several anonymous clients. The former special ops agent has delivered time and time again an efficient and nigh traceless service for whomever has employed him, but now he's expanding his influence and services, creating in his words, 'a soldier's paradise'. We have had the good fortune of being allowed within the compound in order to have an interview with the Legendary Soldier himself.

Interviewer: "So, Mr 'Big Boss'. I'll start with the obvious question. What exactly is MSF?"

Big Boss: "Call me Snake. To answer your question, The MSF is a Private Military Company, or PMC. Soldiers from every world are used as a tool of the government, and usually do not get the respect they deserve. All too often they're simply treated as expendable, to be thrown away when they're no longer useful. The MSF is a place where every soldier is treated properly. A place where their skills and abilities are always in demand, always useful. Militaries Sans Frontières is a Haven for any combatant, and welcomes any soldier that needs a place to live and practice their craft."

Interviewer: "I see... So that's the only reason behind this undertaking then, to give soldiers a place to live?"

Big Boss: "Yes. We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology. We go where we're needed, fighting not for country, not for government, but for ourselves. We need no reason to fight. We fight because we're needed. We will be the deterrent for those with no other recourse. We are Soldiers without borders, our purpose defined by the era we live in."

Interviewer: "And how are you recruiting soldiers? What facilities do you have at your disposal?"

Big Boss: "I can't describe the procedures in detail. However, we recruit through a variety of methods including Fulton Recovery as well as standard recruitment via in-person vetting. As for facilities, again, I cannot give exact information, but we control an island on the Shimmering Sea. Mother Base has barracks, R&D Labs, a well-stocked Armory and training facilities. That's everything I can give you, I'm afraid.

After which our interviewer was roughly escorted out of the facility and left on the shoreline near Cascade Bay. What will Pandora make of the newborn PMC? Is it all it seems to be? Merely a Mercenary Group dedicated to serving soldiers, or does it have a darker, hidden purpose? All this remains to be seen...

OOC Information

Snake has finally fulfilled The Boss' dream, or so he thinks. The MSF has begun being set up and will be beginning operations at the end of June. If anybody has a character that is a Soldier, Warrior or Fighter of some kind, or has a character that could be put to use in the R&D department, feel free to hit @Big Boss up, or join the Militares Sans Frontières group to get started.

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Superman Attacks Governor of Cascade Bay
Governor Steps Down to Recuperate

March 15th & March 16th, Year 6

On the evening of March 15th, there was a disturbance at @Arthur Pendragon's residence. Pendragon was found gravely injured by his friend, @Merlin Ambrosius, who witnessed @Superman himself fleeing the scene of the crime. Pendragon's testimony confirms Superman as the perpetrator, though Superman himself was nowhere to be found to provide a statement at the time of this article being written.

Pendragon had not pressed legal charges against Superman thus far, but Cascade Bay's authorities have been granted permission to apprehend Superman if he is found in the vicinity, and to use force if he does not come quietly.

As a result of his injuries, effective from March 16th onward, Pendragon has been forced to step down from his position as Governor of Cascade Bay to recuperate. At this point, it is unknown whether he’ll try and take back his former position. For the time being, and taking into account recent unrest in the Bay, those working with him are filling in for him temporarily. We wish Pendragon a speedy recovery.

OOC Information

@Loki Laufeyson and @Reaper are working together, each for their own reasons. Taking advantage of the recent unrest in Cascade Bay, Loki provided Reaper with a disguise to make him appear like Superman (courtesy of his expertise at magical illusions) to smear Superman's name. (@Ophelia is perfectly fine with Superman being incriminated, by the way!)

People are free to believe whatever they want about Superman's involvement in the event, but there is currently no IC way that it can be tied back to Reaper and Loki. If any character wishes to investigate this event, please contact either myself or @Lamelian!

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Medical Staff and supplies missing.

5th May

A transport that was carrying medical supplies and half a dozen medical staff (Four doctors and two female nurses) has gone missing and is persumed hijacked. There is very little information on what happened to the transport. But the few eyewitness reports state that the transport was stopped on an open road by a obstecle. As the driver and staff got out of the truck to clear the road. They were ambused by a well armed group disgused in clown masks. The group rounded up the medical personal and loaded them back into the truck. Unfortunatly, the driver was killed by one of the masked asslants and it is reported that the person laughed rather manically as they took the drivers life.

The transport was last seen heading into the outskirts of Pandora town and is thought to be somewhere in the Blackhaven area. Anyone with information on it's whereabouts and the whereabouts of the missing staff are asked to step forward immdiately. Anyone with worthwhile information will be rewarded by Pandora Hospital.

More on this story as it develops.

OOC Information

This is the prelog to the The Joker's raid on the Hospital when the sesson changes. If anyone is interested in tracking down the transport and have an encounter with the clown prince (Maybe even Harley as well) Then feel free to get in touch through PM or post in the plotter page listed below.

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April 19-April 20, Year 6

In the late hours of April 19th, much of the mansion upon the Southern Coast was destroyed by a sudden blaze.

While a handful of devoted townspeople pitched in to put out the flames before they reached the surrounding plant life; unfortunately, the original occupants of the home might not have been so lucky. No signs of either Billyboy or @Daniel of Mayfair have been reported since the blaze, leading some to believe that people either loyal to the Governor, upset over the attack upon Yuri Plisetsky, or even @The Governor himself could have been involved. However, despite the rumors, no solid leads have been found at this time.

OOC Information

As his sole protector has lost his godly powers, Billyboy's literally burning everything down and starting over, if only to keep Governor Blake off his case (and Daniel's) as long as he can. Since it's so close to the start of summer, though, it's probably best that nobody else knows IC until the season change!

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The End of the Beginning

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24th May

On the evening of the 24th May, a great number of fires and explosions razed every part of Providence (a gated community in Silverpool, Pandora Town) down to the ground. Several people were killed in the mayhem, including Belinda Snowflake and Nancy Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff (NPCs).

Providence originally came to fame (or infamy) through one of its founders (Philip “The Governor” Blake) and his now disbanded anti-supernatural group, H.U.M.A.N.S. The community’s “humans only” values received much criticism, but it was fsociety’s shocking findings (namely the torture of non-humans) that particularly tarnished its reputation, as well as contributed to Blake’s capture and imprisonment.

As of yet, there are no leads on who destroyed the community, although some people are insisting that it must’ve been a non-human, seeking revenge after being mistreated by Blake and members of HU.M.A.N.S. Others are adamant that @Bellamy Blake was involved in the explosions, who’d been vocal about his hatred of his estranged father and Providence since moving to Morhall with his Uncle Negan.

Eccentric old man, King Ezekiel, attempted to take over the running of Providence after the older Blake’s imprisonment, hoping to improve attitudes towards non-humans. He is quoted as saying about the destruction, his voice faltering and quiet: “Providence did fall. Did fall on this day.”

OOC Information

Providence was destroyed by @Caleb Dume and @Ophelia Sarkissian, but shush!!! Nobody’s allowed to know in the role-play!!!

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- Future Of Providence (old brainstorming thread).
- Chchchcherry Bomb! (IC one shot).

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April 5th

Last night, a report came in that a Mrs. Chi-chi Trevor, a secretary in the Department of Commerce, was viciously attacked last night on her way home from work. According to sources within the Department of Justice and Intelligence: Mrs. Trevors, a nonhuman Succubus, was on her way home from work to an apartment she shares with her human husband when she was suddenly jumped by six individuals with masks, who were equipped with weapons designed to hurt her kind specifically. She managed to fight off and escape her attackers, making her way to the hospital with several third to second-degree burns across her back , torso, and arms.

Mrs. Trevor was reported to say that the people in question shouted slanderous words at her as they attacked, and that she managed to injure two of them in self-defense before escaping.

In a press conference this morning, Sebastian Michaelis, Head of the Department of Commerce and Labor, asked that Mrs. Trevor and her husband be left to recuperate and heal by press and others, and advised caution for all nonhumans.

"Please make sure to be aware of your surroundings, and to alert a local law enforcement representative if you feel threatened."

When asked if he believed that this attack was from the hacktivist group 'fsociety', who in their most recent video attacked Mr. Michaelis and Lady Margoletta, the two nonhumans of the council, Mr. Michaelis had this to say:

"While I am not a law enforcement representative, I do not believe personally, that fsociety themselves are behind the attack. They've shown that their methods are more in the technological world, and that physical violence is less so, how they carry out their affairs. However: their video has created an atmosphere of fear and hatred, specifically towards nonhumans, that no one including myself could be able to foresee. We must use this experience to learn: fear and hatred breeds more fear and hatred. We can learn, and we can become better. We can become a Pandora Town that speaks out rather than strikes out."

Mr. Michaelis has been rumored to be pondering resigning from his position in order to return to his Bakery Business, however: no one has stepped forward to replace him. And Nonhuman Activists have been highly against the idea:

"We voted in Lady Margoletta. And there is no proof that Mr. Michaelis has done anything wrong!" Says Tredna Gloop, Leader of the 'Voice For All and One', "All fsociety is doing is creating a toxic situation through lies and half-truths. And it's harming us nonhumans, not helping!"

'Voice for All and One' will be sponsoring a peaceful protest against fosciety this Friday at four. They will be marching from Blackhaven to Parliament, sitting on the steps on the building to show 'solidarity for our nonhuman representatives, and our dissatisfaction with the violence and discrimination shown by the human population of Pandora.'

"After all: you heard fsociety... they're ready to use racism as a weapon? They're ready to reveal us as animals? Well! They may think they are the voice of the people, but they ain't no voice for us!"

OOC Information

So things are quickly spiraling out of control with the fsociety's latest video. A group of humans got it in their head that nonhumans in the government=all the bad things, so they decided to extract some vigilante justice themselves! A quick note: fsociety is definitely NOT involved in the attack, and clearly fsociety isn't anti-nonhuman. But some anti-nonhumans are using fsociety's video as an excuse to do bad things to nonhumans involved in the government, and that's not-okay on them, bad anti-nonhuman people bad!!

So where does your character stand? Maybe they are still on fsocieties side, and think that getting rid of Lady Margoletta and Sebastian might even make tensions leave? Or maybe you think those bad nonhumans have no place in proper government? Maybe they were apart of the attack in the first place? Maybe their viewpoint has changed? Maybe they think this viral video has gone far enough? Check out the threads below to get more involved!

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May 17th, Year 6

Pandora Station's favorite (and only) medical dramedy "House Call" hasn't exactly had an easy ride. Its production was definitely put through the wringer, with Pandora's unfortunate habit of dropping people in and out of the world making it next to impossible to keep on steady actors. "House Call" in particular had a difficult time, having lost two leading actors to the fickle nature of Pandora's Box. First it was Craig Wackowitz, the original titular character of Doctor Call. He was quickly replaced by a new, nonhuman actor, Bojack Horseman, who took on the role of Doctor Call's successor, Doctor Shire. One would've thought that losing two leading men would be the kiss of death, but somehow the show managed to go on.

"It's just the nature of producing entertainment here in Pandora," explained the director Jamison Hanover in our interview with him. "It's not ideal and leads to a lot of writing on the fly. We've had to adapt a lot, seeing how it's not something we have to deal with back in traditional Hollywood. However, we're learning and rolling with the punches, and I think the audiences can relate to that almost as much as they do our characters." One of the ways that Mr. Hanover managed to keep viewers involved after the second loss was by not hiring a new actor, but by putting a familiar face in the spotlight instead. Nurse Hart, who once served as a side character and potential love interest to Doctor Shire (a decision which caused many a fan to wonder if the interspecies relationship was necessary and if they were being prejudiced for wondering so), was bumped up to the newest protagonist. The story shifted from the doctors' dealings with home-ridden patients to Nurse Hart taking over as head nurse and dealing with the egos and dramas around her. However, Nurse Hart's story is about to get much more complicated, because a familiar face has come back into the fold.

Only a month ago, Bojack Horseman himself arrived back in Pandora. He has no memory of his time on "House Calls", but by sheer twist of fate showed up at one of the open auditions. Mr. Hanover states that he would've been a fool not to have Bojack back into the fold. The director has held back on telling us too many details about Horseman's return, but has confirmed that he will be reprising the role of Doctor Shire.

"There was nobody at the scene of the accident when we wrote off Doctor Shire," Mr. Hanover teased with a wink. "Let's just say that hen a certain John Doe shows up at the ER with a bad case of amnesia, things on 'House Call' are definitely going to get shaken up."

We had a moment to interview Horseman about the role, and he had this to say (before promptly having his part of the interview be taken over my Hanover himself);

"Look, I'm just happy to actually be making money again," Bojack said between puffs of a cigarette. "I mean, it is a bit of a leap, going from movie star to playing with this cliche. I mean seriously? Who does amnesia plots anymore, other than soap operas? I get that we're trying to play it for laughs and all that, but because we're a freaking 'dramedy' we have to take it seriously too. I mean, find a tone already! At least we're not doing a mockumentary or something. That would just be the one thing this shows needs to put it over the top."

It seems that Horseman and Hanover have differing opinions on the show's direction, but Saturday night's premiere of the new will leave it up to the audience to decide. Whether your a fan of Doctor Shire or Nurse Hart, it'll be a premiere you don't want to miss!

And if you were a fan of the original Doctor Call... Sorry. He's still dead.

OOC Information

In typical television stunt-casting style, Bojack Horseman is reprising his role on "House Calls"! He's playing Doctor Shire again, who is revealed to have actually survived the off-screen accident in which he was written off (after Bojack's previous vanishing from Pandora), but doesn't remember anything about who he is. While he isn't the lead character any more, Doctor Shire and Nurse Hart's relationship will definitely be an important subplot of this season of this ridiculous series. As more episodes come out, Bojack's bound to get more and more famous again! Characters are welcome to start recognizing him, both from his first stint on the show to his current role! Have fun, and enjoy the cheesiness! Seriously how did this show last this long.

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Go A.P.E. Today!

Spring, Year 6

The Association of Pandoran Explorers, also known as A.P.E., is looking for new members or interested 3rd parties to hire and delve into the underground land that was discovered in the late Winter by several different groups. It's an underground landscape that stretches from one end of Pandora to the other, one dotted with abandoned settlements and structures, and even a grand city, all seemingly part of a singular society.

Want to explore the unknown? Discover fantastic new sights? Unlock new technologies? Perhaps even uncover some of Pandora's greatest histories? Does Pandora even have a history before us? Some are saying yes!

Find your nearest A.P.E. representative for more information!

OOC Information

This is the start of Phase 2 of the Kingdom of the Lost Story Hub! This phase is far more sandboxy and freeform than phase 1, and is perfect for all your dreams of being the next Indiana Jones or Lara Croft (y'know, for all you who aren't literally Indiana Jones or Lara Croft).

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March 30th-May 30th

With all the horrible things going on in Pandora, it is always important to take a step back and realize that there are people out there who have our best interests at heart. Who strive to protect us against the evils of this world. Even though it would grant them no personal favor, they work to keep us save against any evil that Pandora might introduce into our world.

Here we writers select our top six stories of heroes, and hope that highlighting them would show us the hope that heroes out there can be a lighthouse to our terrors.

Starting off we have @Leo Valdez! A young man of amazing physical power. Not only did he volunteer to go into the Silverwood alone, a feat many would fear, but he went in to take out a great three-story troll! One that had been known to eat humans alive if it encountered you! No one, no hero, has ever been able to defeat this troll before! No one thought to see him again from the village near Misty Hollow! However: he was victorious in defeating the evil Troll. Returning not even bloodied nor scratched, to claim his reward and his title in the area as Leo Troll Slayer! And a humble young man, he insisted he could not have done it alone. But we all know the truth, now don’t we? Credit is fully due to this fine young man, a great troll slayer of our time!

Next up: the mighty Doctor @Paracelsus! Who in one dramatic move, destroyed an awful mole monster that had been terrorizing farmers with earthquakes and tremors for months near Albridge Farm, and whose plans were to take over the Pandora world before the good Doctor stepped in. Farmers state that the good Doctor Paracelsus would barely accept praise for this mighty deed, indeed: he would not even say how he did such a drastic deed! As humble as he is mighty, I’m sure. Still: the farmers feel they are far more safe with the good Doctor around!

Then we have on our next list, the great @Katherine Pierce! A humble citizen of Pandora Town, she patrols the night dispatching the ruffians of Blackhaven! With great power, and unbeatable speed, she dispatches gangs and mobsters alike with a slap of the hand. The people of Blackhaven tell this reporter, that they always feel saver knowing that Katherine Peirce is around. For no mobster, gangster, or otherwise will stay on the streets knowing she’s lurking with a mighty slap!

And lets not forgot the story of Catwoman! @Selina Kyle single-handedly took out an entire troop of Bandits that had attacked a caravan full of women, men, and children; killing the driver One-Eyed Jack: a known humanitarian (who will forever be missed in our hearts). Selina Kyle wasted no time dispatching the leader, before taking out his fellows one by one. Two even ran in fear as she approached, with not one scratch on her! She is truly a hero of our time, even making sure to keep the women and children save from the treachery of bandits on the roads near Morhall! Everyone traveling to Morhall should count themselves lucky to have such a heroine on the case!

A great…. Monstrous sand creature had been terrorizing Horizon for weeks! It would attack any man, woman, or child passing through. And only a beg of sheer mercy would cause one to part with it alive. Soon Horizon would be asking Pandora Town for help when all the sudden… @Son Gohan, a mighty Sayian, appeared! But in three mere seconds, the Dreaded Sand Man was deystroyed. With one swell punch too! Son Gohan seemed too speechless with his own act, but the peope of Horizon will be forever grateful for his kindness, and heroic works!

Finally: the grandest of all…. The Wizard @Newt Scamander! With his trusty wand, he made short work of two serpents that had suddenly appeared on the beaches of Cascade Bay! With quick wand work, he had tied the two attacking serpents together in a knot. Even after the deed, while being praised and honored, he had the wisdom to untie the beasts and release them far at sea. A great and noble act: granting mercy to the dreaded beasts while showing his true power. Hopefully: the beasts will think twice to rely on the dreaded Wizard’s mercy! For if they would dare approach the shores again… hell would indeed be theirs!

So that’s it, veiewers! Missed anyone? Any stories of justice? Share them at storiesofheroism@starknet.com and we’ll be sure to add them in next months issue! And stay heroic, Pandora!

OOC Information

So….. Saitama has been busy! Lots of heroic deeds, lots of those deeds have been blamed on/given credit to the above people. If you are threading with any of them this season, make sure to notice the strange news about how they are now great and powerful heroes! I’m sure they’ll be willing to give you an autograph, if you ask nicely ;) And remember! It’s not too late to get in on the action, and become a mighty ‘hero’ like the above characters! Just head on over to the brainstorm and shoot some ideas! My limit is ten per season!

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Why the Pandora Town Council is Under Fire by Fsociety

March 22

PANDORA TOWN — In what appears to be an ultimatum to the Pandora Town Council, fsociety released on Tuesday evidence that suggests that the Council cannot be trusted.

The documents, posted on fsociety's website, included witness accounts of Department of Commerce and Labor chair Sebastian Michaelis terrorizing Misty Hollow residents. In addition, fsociety leaked emails from the late Jeffrey Sacchetti, a man whose murder was never solved two years ago. This man had an alias, and through that alias, fsociety retrieved emails that Sacchetti sent to a colleague - stating that he had intentions to see current Department of Intelligence chair Lady Margolotta. Based on the crime's timeline, fsociety suggests that there is a correlation between his visit to Margolotta and his disappearance.

The document dump was the latest coup for the secret revolutionist organization, who had exposed the Governor and Providence's abuses against supernatural citizens last fall.

Accompanying this release was the following video, which went viral.


Hello Pandora, we are fsociety.
You cannot see our faces but we are everywhere.
And we have news for you, friends.
We are living in a kingdom of bullshit.
In case you don't see the corrupt, xenophobic, opportunistic SOUP we've all been living in.
But the people of Pandora are waking up. Ever since we exposed Providence and the Governor for the animal that he is, more and more are starting to see the lies and deception. More are joining our cause.

We have serious work to do, friends.

For instance, the Pandora Town Council. This is Sebastian, putting in hours that led up to his so-called commerce and labor expertise. Misty Hollow citizens might remember a fever of inexplicable hallucinations and demonic activity this past winter. Yes, because someone who finds joy in messing with people's heads for no reason is perfect for a government position.

And what about the Lady Margolotta? A man by the name of Jeffrey Sacchetti disappeared a couple of years ago. It took some digging, but we found evidence that shows this man was not taken back to his old world. He ended up in pieces and his organs were being sold to the highest bidder, not soon after an encounter with Lady Margolotta.

We bet the Pandora Town police were quick to close this disappearance case. And if you're wondering how an upstanding Lady can get away with murder, you might want to ask her seemingly convenient network of associates - especially the consultant for the department of intelligence. Aren't they just cozy, together?

And this is just the beginning, Pandora. We will expose more and more about the our beloved Council, but it means nothing until you, the people, rise up. Recognize this my friends, We are with you. Speak. Organize. Demand.

And this is what we, fsociety, demand. Sebastian and Lady Margolotta must step down.

Enough is enough. Pandora is tired of corrupt, murderous leaders willing to do whatever it takes to get their hit of a power trip.

We the people, we fsociety, will not stop until every destructive, oppressive institution is torn down. It is time for you, the people of Pandora, to rise up. Stand with fsociety. Make your voice heard. We're not talking about voting in a rigged election. Demand change. Stand up for yourself, or nobody else will.

OOC Information

Fsociety is at it again! The video was NOT broadcast this time but posted online and quickly hit news outlets.

Relevant Threads

This is officially the start of the fsociety "Disrupt the council" plot which you can check out here!
You can jump in and be a part of it by joining our first open thread - a protest that was directly a result of this message.

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Dept of Commerce and Labor run by Demons!

Beginning of March onwards

(This article appeared in The Daily Facts, a well known tabloid in Pandora Town which tends to be skimpy on the facts usually.)

This just in: The Dept of Commerce and Labor is actually run by demons! This intrepid reported has managed to perform a spell that confirmed his beliefs: almost every employee is in fact a demon. While it does not seem anything overtly evil is happening in the department, the fact every worker is a demon as of this this writing is concerning to this reporter.

Rumors that this department has been cursed ever since Phillip Blake, the radical also known by the psuedonym The Governor, now seem to indeed be proven true. Perhaps the former leader of providence sold his soul, and these are the consequences? We'll see as the story unfolds!

Of course not everyone agrees. Janice, a resident of silverpool, and an HR specialist at the Department, stated that "Rumors that the department's employees are all demons are completely ridiculous. I am a totally normal, mortal human who likes doing normal human things. I am certainly not a dangerous supernatural entity, and rumors to the contrary are completely ridiculous." Meg Masters, a tax collector at the department, declined interview and threatened to do several very unpleasant things to me if I continued bothering her.

So, are they all demons? You decide!

OOC Information

So the information above is not entirely true and appeared in a well-known tabloid that has often reported upon complete and total bullcrap. So, yes, thanks to Meg and Sebastian, every PC worker in the Dept is a demon, but most people won't necessarily even know that. Obviously, most of the employees are NPCs and a lot of those are entirely mundane humans presumably, but the two PCs, Meg and Sebastian, are both demons, leading to this article and the idea that the dept is populated solely by demons. The spell mentioned in this article is also complete malarky, most workers are not demons. In short, one grain of truth, most of article is exaggeration.

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A fun open thread dealing with the office being populated by demons, and Meg showing around a newcomer, who does not have to be a demon.

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March 7, Year 6 BP

The recent escape of @The Governor has sparked a fire in the citizens of Cascade Bay. When one particular resident, @Billyboy, encouraged the townsfolk to make their own justice by hunting down and even attempting to apprehend the fugitive themselves. The vigilante's words riled up the townsfolk. Rumors of the fugitive's whereabouts were spread across the community, arguments grew nastier as the days went by, and eventually the disruption of the town's everyday life grew to a dangerous level.

On the night of March 7, an assault took place, a group of men brutally attacking somebody on a street in Cascade Bay. Although this crime has been connected to the increasing heat surrounding The Governor's escape, it is unclear just what the motive was. Were they mistaken for The Governor? Were they suspected of aiding him in some way? Of knowing more than they let on?

Or was this all just an unfortunate mistake sparked by paranoia and fury?

OOC Information

The person assaulted could have been an NPC or it could have been somebody's character. If you're interested in your character having been in that position, please let me know! I'm happy to add it to this as some sort of news update! =)

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Tiger Season Opens

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The God of all Pranks

April 1st

On April 1st Pandora seemed to have completely lost it's mind. Streets started changing direction at random, people started breaking out into song and dance and all manner of magical pranks were played on the populous throughout every town even stretching to the sea with the odd behavior of dolphins. Not even the sun seemed to be safe from these magical pranksters and we are not at all amused by their ridiculous antics and treatment of the people of Pandora.

An elderly gentleman by the name of Jacob Dawson was hospitalized after being forced into a very upbeat and fast paced version of Chicago's "All That Jazz". We have learned that his back was badly injured from a fall he sustained while trying to do a front hand spring in the final moments of the song.

That is not all of course. Many other reports have come in revolving around these odd happenings. One Miss Angelina Dabinski told us, "I began to speak randomly in rhyme throughout the day! I didn't know what was going on! It was terrifying!" while a particularly irate gentleman had this to say "I hate that F@cking song and yet I couldn't change my ringtone. No matter what I changed it to it was always "Never Going to Give You Up"! I got so angry I threw the damn thing in the river. I expect a new phone from the jag-offs who did this!"

In Pandora Town, Mrs. Georgie del Junque was left fanning herself for two hours during the turtle traffic jam in Westcourt. No news yet as to where the stampede of shells came from, but though they are small, they are bitey, and they are plenty.

A series of construction workers in Horizon were left chasing their hard hats as they suddenly sprouted wings and flew away. A similar event occurred in a Pandora school, where during routine mile run around the island, students’ shoes started to flap about and grew wings. Most had the sense to take off their trainers, but they are still trying to get middle-schooler Flora Kingsbury out of a talking tree.

As a person who was affected by one of these absurd chain mails from hell, the light switch prank and many others, I find myself feeling furious and assaulted. If anyone feels the same way file a report with the City Watch like I did. This is the only way we can stop this from happening again and the only way we can prosecute these magical criminals for what they've done to us.

OOC Information

Here is a helpful OOC list of some of the pranks occurred that day. Please feel free to ask questions or come up with more! If your character(s) has been affected by one or more of these shennanigans, tag your threads below!

Apollo Pranks:
-uncontrollable musical inspiration (people have started singing and dancing at random)
-curse of rhymes (randomly start speaking in rhyme throughout the day)
-random flash visions of the very near future. (and you thought deja vu was bad. lol)
-dolphin splash party. (It's a great show but boaters beware the splashes of doom)
-curse of Truth (you are suddenly compelled to tell the truth about everything, no matter what).
-curse of unbearable curiosity (you want to know everything. NOW!)
-the sun now wears sunglasses for the day (this is only an illusion but Apollo thought it was hilarious)
-light switches start a party in every room they are turned on in complete with strobe lights, disco ball like lights and rocking music that seems to come out of nowhere.

Hermes Pranks:
-turtle/tortoise stampede. (watch your feet and vehicles. The stampede is here!)
-chainmail from hell. this chainmail compels the person targeted to do something undesirable but relatively harmless (such as steal candy from a baby) until they comply with the chainmails demands (pass it on).
-starknet reading as storknet for a day no matter WHAT the people do
-hats and shoes that suddenly sprout wings and fly away
-the streets are confused and move around like the stairs form Harry Potter
-all pringles cans are rigged with confetti, glitter or streamers.
-all trophies now read as participation awards
-every ringtone has turned into “never going to give you up” (and there is no escape)
-all internet is also dial-up

All of these pranks will disappear April 2nd at midnight.

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Animals Let Loose from Zoo

March 7th, Year 6

In the overnight hours of March 7th, a man broke into the Pandora Zoo and did considerable damage to many of the cages and exhibits, freeing a number of dangerous wild animals from their confinement. The creatures, ranging from anything from snakes to lions to peacocks, were freed from the zoo. Several animals have been spotted making their way as far as into Pandora Town and the surrounding areas, while others went to more familiar territory into the wild.

Residents are asked not to approach any wild animals they may encounter on the streets and instead call the City Guard for proper animal control procedures. Animals are emphasized to be wild and potentially dangerous to any who may approach. Again, use caution and do not approach.

Any information regarding the man who committed the vandalizing of zoo property leading to the loss of wildlife is asked to be reported directly to the City Watch. He is described as a dark-haired man with black eyes, standing at roughly 6 feet tall. Unfortunately at this time no further description is available.

OOC Information

So, Hyde freed Bagheera from captivity, and then thought 'hey, why not free the others, too?!'. And so he did. Because impulsively doing whatever comes to mind is just how he rolls. The night of March 7th he broke into the zoo and broke out a number of animals, some dangerous, some harmless. Feel free to include finding animals in the wild in posts around this time, or damages to the zoo, or any other bits of the fallout that might occur!

I imagine law enforcement will be out after Hyde from that point on as well, so if you want to have any encounters of that nature let me know, but if not feel free to reference the event/Hyde in posts looking for him.

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Serial Killer on The Loose

March 14th-The whole season

As of the 14th of March the bodies of six women have turned up, all are young women, either blonde of brown haired and have been found stabbed to death. Two were found in their homes with signs of a break in, as if the assailant had simply broken the locks with a sharp object. Police are asking women matching the description of the victims to remain cautious when they walk at night and to check all their doors and windows before going to bed. One name they are currently searching for is Laurie Strode, a name which has been found carved onto the wall of each crime scene. Currently there have been no hits on this name and police are still searching for her.

OOC Information

Michael is going back to basics and searching for his perfect victim, Laurie Strode and is targeting women that resemble both his sisters. He's currently hiding his identity and working under the table as a mechanic in a auto shop.

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LexTech Reveals New Personal Technology Range!

May 18th Onwards, Year Six

LexTech is a relative newcomer to the world, but that hasn't stopped its rapid growth!

The company has just unveiled their new range of personal products, which it intends to sell across the whole of Pandora. Priced affordably and built using re-used materials, these items are some of the best in their range - while the cost may be low, the quality isn't! The current LexTech range is as follows:
  • The Ion, a touchpad device that functions as an extremely compact personal computer. Contains a variety of gaming, social and organisational apps, as well as a map of Pandora that updates in real-time - as we all know, things can change in the blink of an eye around here! Priced at £10 RRP
  • The Shard, a smartphone with all of the easy-to-use organisational apps any high-powered professional could want. More importantly, it also comes with the most up-to-date photoblogging software, so now everyone can share your Pandoran adventure. Priced at £6 RRP
  • The Aphelion, a low-cost budget laptop that, nevertheless, is as powerful and versatile as most of its more expensive competitors in the market. Whether you want to play the latest games, are into editing and producing images, or simply want a computer you can check your work emails on, the Aphelion does the job admirably. Priced at £16 RRP
  • The Axios, a more powerful personal computer. It can be used as a laptop with all the power of a high-end desktop computer, or the screen can be detached and used as a particularly powerful tablet. This is a computer for both professionals who're constantly on the move and people who need high-power, cutting edge computing. Priced at £30 RRP
These products will be available from May the 18th in all of Pandora Town's retail stores, with Cascade Bay and Misty Hollow's release date being the 21st and Morhall/Horizon getting their chance on the 26th. Reviews have so far been overwhelmingly positive, and it seems safe to say that if LexTech was looking to make a splash, it's succeeded!

OOC Information

In between hating Superman and scheming to annihilate him, Lex Luthor has found the time to design some highly advanced and decidedly sexy-looking gadgets to keep his company (and alibi) afloat. They're affordable compared to most tech of their type, and (perhaps more shockingly) actually pretty good - perhaps your character owns one?

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March 3 Onward

"Dear Citizens of Cascade Bay,

As of two days ago, some of you might've read all about that Governor Blake character, aka 'Mr. Tiger', getting out of his cage and probably preparing to do some real nasty things. Some of you might not, probably, but in any case; as one of the resident Defenders of this little spit of land, I'm only gonna say this once: it's hunting season.

That's right, from here on in, you've at least got my permission to sniff this bastard out (and capture him, too) if he tries to hide on this island. And if he tries to attack you or anybody that happens to be with you at the time, guess what? Feel free to fill him full of as many holes as you like, 'cause it's this or a load more of innocents go missing...or worse. Oh, and don't forget, there are rewards involved if one of us DOES get this clown!"

OOC Information

Just like it sounds: ANYBODY living in Cascade Bay is welcome to give catching the Governor a shot, figuratively and literally. Because nobody is safe unless everybody helps, or some other inspiring statement like that! ^.^

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Mages Guild Announces New Headquarters

March 1st and onwards

Stacey Giannini of the Pandora Times reporting.

The Mages Guild has long believed to be an organization on the decline, but that was not always the case.

First formed in Year 3, it specialized in providing teleports to citizens back when there was no means of instantaneous travel to speak of. Later, in Year 5, they cooperated with the Department of Magical Advancements to create the Mirror Travel Network, which no doubt sounds familiar as it is still in frequent use today. Despite such a crowning achievement, outposts in each town, and a long-standing reputation, the Guild began to lose members to the passage of time. In other words, to Pandora's ruthless tendency to snatch away its citizens the same way it brings them here in the first place. The Mages Guild soon became nothing more than a relic of the past.

Until last month, that is.

A gathering of mages took place on February 1st in the Elysium Fields near Albridge Farm, organized by one Archmage Khadgar. After a lengthy discussion that reportedly lasted for hours, the gathered mages agreed to revive the Mages Guild. There were seven mages in total including Khadgar: @Ceridwen, @Ellana Lavellan, @Merlin Ambrosius, @Victor Von Doom, @Willow Rosenberg and @Yennefer of Vengerberg.

They lost no time in starting construction on an impressive tower located on the fringes of the Whispering Wood, right on the banks of a nearby river. Using a combination of ordinary builders, construction workers, and, naturally, magic, they created a grand structure nearly 300 ft. tall with echoes of art nouveau, full of elegant spires and sweeping buttresses. When we asked whether they had anything specific in mind, what with its unique architecture, Khadgar merely replied, “We just went with something that was both practical and easy on the eyes. One of our primary goals was for it to stand out, of course.”

As the Head of the Mages Guild, it seemed like a good idea to corner Khadgar for more information on the guild's purporse. What with the Department of Magical Advancements in Pandora Town, and Schola Praeditos in the Tiberian Islands, a Mages Guild almost sounded superfluous.

“I beg to differ,” Khadgar quipped, though he seemed more amused than insulted. “The Department is based in Pandora Town, and Schola Praeditos specializes in young mages honing their abilities. The Mages Guild has another purpose.” He went on to explain that they intend to use their abilities to not only provide services, but to research and protect Pandora.

“Every season, like clockwork, something new happens in this world,” Khadgar noted. “It isn't always bad, of course not, but someday it could be. It's best to be prepared to deal with such a possibility. Looking into how and why Pandora exists in such a state of flux could be the first step.” A worrying statement, but one we hope will not come to pass.

When asked whether the decision to build the tower in neutral territory was a conscious one, he responded cheerfully enough. “Oh, indeed it was. We want to make it clear that we don’t favor one town over the other. We have outposts situated in every town and portals that lead to the Tower so that people can easily come to us for aid, advice, or whatever else it is they would like from us.” He added something about the location they chose for the tower being over something called ley lines, and went on to talk about rather technical magic terms that, frankly, went over our heads.

Regardless, from this point onwards it seems that the Mages Guild has made a strong comeback and is here to stay. They have announced that they will provide the citizens of Pandora with easy and affordable access to magic, offering a number of services ranging from teleports and protective wards to healing and curse-breaking, with more to come as their numbers grow. And, of course, they intend to thoroughly research Pandora.

The tower, aptly named the Tower of Mages, officially opened its doors to the public on March 1st.

OOC Information

TL;DR The Mages Guild is now officially open! (Sorry for how tall the image is, I tried cropping it but it looked so bad without the tower itself in it, hahaha.)

Anyone with magic abilities is encouraged to join the Mages Guild group and post in our directory. If you want, you can submit a service that your character can provide to the general public. Roughly one-third of a character's earnings when they are a member will be submitted to the Guild's coffers.

Non-magic characters don't only have to be customers who wish to seek out the Guild for some purpose or other. They can also become associates of the Guild's if they wanted to. For example, a merchant who specializes in arcane artifacts can become the Guild's associate and offer them first pick of their wares for a respectable sum of money before proceeding to whichever town they intended to go to trade.

Please come bother our mages! We have mana strudels and refreshments to offer. =D

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Alien Hot Zone Quarantined

March 31st, Y6

On the evening if the 31st, hunks of spaceborne debris crashed down onto a contained region within Pandora Town, carrying with it a small horde of alien lifeforms of unknown origin. The lifeforms were later identified as an endoparasitoid species otherwise monikered as the Xenomorph.

The Special Units Force has enacted a temporary quarantine zone on the border between Westcourt and River Street, spanning no more than a few blocks of crushed buildings and extraterrestrial black ooze. Exit and entry are strictly prohibited until further notice. The guards spanning patrol of the perimeter have been instructed to detain and/or shoot on sight for those appearing to slip by, so please be on the alert.

OOC Information

It was literally rainin' Xenomorphs until the SUF showed up and shut that shit down quick, keeping casualties and collateral damage (aside from the stuff that was already damaged from aerial space bombardment - whoops) to a minimum. After taking down the Xenomorph queen, exterminating the rest of the swarm, and ensuring proper sanitization of the remainder of that groce alien goop, the quarantine zone was more or less safe for business as usual (+reconstruction, probably) by the next morning. GOOD JOB TEAM.

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Nuka Cola Ships Out

March 1st

Greetings and Salutations Pandora this is Count Olaf coming to you to talk about the wondrous new product just about to hit the markets. Nuka Cola is a delicious bubbly cola made from a secret formula only known by a select few brewers all working here with me at the Nuka Cola Company. Our cola comes in a wide array of flavors and come in unique collectible rocket shaped bottles. Soda will be shipped to local stores and restaurants that are participating and we are currently working on dispensing machines for Nuka cola to place on street corners and also introducing a new special flavor of Nuka Cola. Nuka Cola Quantum, thanks to our master soda brewers we have come up with a special blend of twice the taste and twice the fun using some amazing methods. It is my pleasure to bring you Nuka Cola and I'm sure it will be your pleasure to drink it.

OOC Information

First off, ignore the whole gas mask part of the commercial the commercial Olaf is airing it the one with the girl drinking the cola. It's the part of the video that worked for me. But the main part of this it, now Nuka Cola is gonna be all over Pandora and can be in any store your character goes to and the Nuka Cola Quantum is gonna raise some eyebrows since well...it's gonna make your pee glow for an hour if you drink it but there aren't many other side effects, the radiation in it is basically harmless unless you chug a vat full of it all at once. But this issue could still be pretty bad for Olaf if it got out so expect some intrigue and scandal to erupt.

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March 1, Year 6

All over Pandora hundreds of flyers rain down from the sky as the Gold Saucer's private airships make their first trip to each town. It's The Gold Saucer's Grand Opening in Pandora!

For one day only, come for free food, games, one free Mini Cactpot ticket, and the fantastic view from atop Pandora's highest ferris wheel. All sorts of entertainers are scheduled throughout the day, and once the sun sets, everyone at their opening party will have a grand view of the Gold Saucer's elaborate fireworks display!

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The Grrreat Escape

1st March, Year 6

Last season, Philip “The Governor” Blake was sentenced to life imprisonment at Pandora Zoo after being found guilty of a number of shocking crimes (more information here). At about 11.45pm on 1st March, zookeepers reported that he’d escaped from his incarceration.

A body was discovered outside Blake’s cage, torn up beyond recognition. It was later identified by a forensic unit as belonging to zookeeper and part time jongleur enthusiast, Daniel Donalds. Bloody boot prints were found leading away from Donalds, indicating that Blake had returned to human form.

Authorities believe that Blake could not have escaped on his own, because his cage was surrounded by magic wards, which would’ve prevented him from leaving even if the door had been left wide open. Donalds was the only zookeeper who knew how to deactivate the wards, which suggests he either willingly let Blake out or was forced to by another person. Given Donalds's unfortunate end, it seems likely he was made to against his will. Somebody also appears to have tampered with surveillance equipment.

The main suspects have been narrowed down to:

@King Ezekiel: He was found unconscious at the zoo after being beaten and knocked out by an unknown person. Could he have faked his wounds? Eccentric old man, King Ezekiel, was the only zookeeper known to have been sympathetic towards Blake’s plight, providing him with extra food, bedding and toys.

@James Moriarty: A person matching James Moriarty’s description was sighted close to the zoo. Moriarty, Blake and Wilson Fisk were rumoured to have been working together on an illegal business project, although there’s no evidence to support these claims.

@Bellamy Blake: He was spotted at the zoo on 3rd January. Is he having a bad time in Morhall with his brother Billyboy and uncle Negan? Did he resolve his angsty teenage boy issues with his estranged father and rescue him? A spokesperson from The City Watch, Nina Nora, would like to request Bellamy promptly return the crayons and colouring book that he received as compensation.

@fsociety: An fsociety flier was left by Blake's cage. Fsociety protesters and allies tend to leave fliers or pictures of their mask at locations opposed by them. These are usually corporations with a history of corruption. Fsociety's involvement seems unlikely as they were instrumental in Blake’s successful arrest and conviction, but this group are often unpredictable. Was the flier placed there to further condemn Blake? Or was an fsociety member involved in his escape?

Two Mysterious Men: On the 1st January, a pair of men were sighted at Blake's cage, their clothing making it difficult to identify them by name. It's rumoured that one of them was @Cobra Commander, who's also suspected of having provided Blake with weapons during his "war" against the supernatural community. Could Blake have escaped with his assistance and joined up with COBRA?

Donald Trump: After President Vladimir Putin employed his best hackers to rig the results of the United States presidential election of 2016, the newly elected Donald Trump decided to thank him by presenting Blake as a gift, knowing he was a staunch supporter of tiger conservation. Trump, Putin and Blake are reportedly planning to go to war against the rest of the world.

Members of the City Watch discovered a notebook in Blake’s cage that he’d been using to communicate with some of his "guests". Here are a few excerpts:
A note was found tucked into the back of the notebook, which simply read "soon".

And a list of people’s names were also repeated throughout the book:
Most of these people are believed to have contributed to Blake’s incarceration in some way. The City Watch fear that he may attempt to approach those on the list and exact his own kind of twisted justice against them. They are urged to take extra caution while Blake remains out of custody.

OOC Information

So who broke The Governor out of the zoo!? Were they included in this news story or did I deliberately avoid naming them!?

Also, this wasn’t really my idea. I wish I could credit the wonderful person in this thread, but that might give away who helped him!

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Too Much PDA In Sundale Park

March 3, Y6

When an annoying scuffle broke out in Sundale Park, resident botanist and slightly unhinged plant lady Pamela Isley thought it the perfect opportunity to bust out her new experimental pheromone to help cool things down. The pheromone itself was contained in the form of an innocuous perfume spray bottle, and while the chemical did not seem toxic to most organic life-forms, the airborne fragrance traveled fast across the park and resulted in rampant Public Displays of Affection, even between strangers, to varying effects for varying stretches of time.

OOC Information

You thought that Valentine's season/stupid cupid fiasco was over? Think again!!

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March 1, Year 6 BP

After a wildly successful previous term, the torched has moved on to a collection of both familiar and brand new faces as a brand new term begins for Pandora Town's council. Term begins on March 1 with the following members:

  • Department of Commerce and Labor: @Sebastian Michaelis
  • Department of Intellignce: Lady Margolotta
  • Department of Justice: Chief Judge Hershey
  • Department of Magical Advancements: @Egwene al'Vere
  • Department of Public Affairs: @Snow White

OOC Information

As a reminder, this past election has been our final election. At this point, if a council position opens up in the future, any Pandora Town citizen or character who changes their citizenship to Pandora Town and qualifies may take the position.

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February 25th

On the night of February 24th a large Victorian gazebo was erected in Sundale Park, near the fountain. The baffled citizens of Pandora Town were left wondering what was going on... until they got their answer the following morning.

At 5 o’clock sharp, the current Head of the Department of Intelligence, Lady Margolotta von Überwald is hosting a tea party, in order to promote her ideas and agenda to the citizens of Pandora Town, in the light of upcoming elections.

“Nobody wants to listen to lengthy tedious speeches, so I invite all Pandorans to join me for tea and biscuits and ask anything they want in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.” her Ladyship told our reporter yesterday. A professional piano player was hired for this occasion and a group of volunteers will be handing out cards and flyers and serving tea.

Always impeccably dressed, Lady Margolotta explained that she will be wearing a custom made dress for the occasion. When asked if she was going to bring ‘a plus one’ to the party, the politician chose not to answer. When asked about the other candidates for the position, her answer was very brief: “May the best woman win.”

If you want to talk to the Lady Margolotta or just make an amazing selfie with the vampire politician, make sure to visit Sundale Park on February 25th at 5 p.m.

OOC Information

This is an open thread, so feel free to have your characters join the party, have a cup of tea and discuss anything and everything with Margolotta. Of course, characters are welcome to make a reference to this event in other threads and/or Starkbook statuses.

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Graves for Magical Advancements

February 15th, Year 6- until election day

Today, a candidate for Head of the Department of Magical Advancements, Percival Graves, made a public appearance in the Town Square to hang up posters, pass out cards with the help of supporters, and give a short speech addressing the concerns of the public. He sought to reassure them that a vote for him was a good choice for the future of Pandora.

Sharing ideas for the more widespread use of magic across Pandora, as well as creative new means of infusing magic to assist with everyday tasks in and around town, Graves is running on a platform of fresh, new ideas to counter the incumbent Egwene al’Vere. He was quick to remind voters that change isn’t always bad - having the same people in office year after year could stifle new ideas from emerging the way they could with a fresh set of eyes in the Council. And it isn’t as if Graves is a newcomer to the politics of having magic, either - with his years of service and experience in the Magical Congress of the United States of America, he’s perfectly equipped to head a similar position here in Pandora.

Knowing the race is likely to be a tight one, Graves has taken to open campaigning in an attempt to get his message, and his name, out there before the elections. And he welcomes any citizen with questions or concerns to come to him directly for a chat whenever they wish. Provided along with his posters and cards is a posted list of every location he'll be campaigning throughout the month so that anyone who wishes may come to speak with him at the time and place most convenient for them.

OOC Information

This is an open event that you’re free to reference in other threads! Characters are also free to join in this thread, to approach ‘Percival’ or react on their own. Gellert has been using the name and appearance of Percival Graves in Pandora in the Mages Guild, as well as any other appearances he’s made later in this season, so that is the name and face he’ll be seen campaigning as, as well as the persona he’ll assume for his time here in Pandora.

If you’d like a more one-on-one encounter with him feel free to send me a PM or hit up my plotter and I’d be more than happy to work something out!


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February 25th, Year Six

Sir Winston Churchill once said that democracy was the worst form of government - except, of course, for all the other forms that had been tried before it. The great man was on to something there.

It's voting time again in Pandora Town, and a new council will be the result. We've previously been anything but shy here on the subject of Pandora Town's fledgling democracy; those readers who recall our interview with council member @Lady Margolotta, for instance, can attest to this fact. Lady Margo proved to have broad enough shoulders to withstand some public scrutiny, and for that I commend her. Not many politicians are so willing to open themselves up to the broadside of their electors' opinions, and that's what concerns this paper going into the latest general election.

I've said before that Pandora Town's democracy is more fragile than it appears. It's existed only for a few years and, thanks to the actions of former councilman Philip Blake, has not escaped controversy in that time. That sorry mess should serve as an abject lesson for anyone who claims to give a damn about the state of things in Pandora today about how easily subverted a democratic government can be - if the proper precautions aren't taken. It's absolutely shocking to me as a proud American that one of the better examples of a committed democrat in Pandora has been @Superman, an ardent and vocal supporter of Stalinism. Now if that's not a worrying turn of events, I'll eat my hat!

So what about this election? Well, I'm sorry to say, it looks like the usual affair. Pandora Town's appetite for political engagement is as mysteriously absent as it was the last time around, and it looks to be quite a disappointing spectacle. The Pandora Times' sources in government have let us know that, while the shortlists for elections haven't been completed yet, the amount of applications they've received may in fact turn out to be even lower than the previous event. If that doesn't disgust and concern you, then I'd strongly advise you don't try to run for office yourself as Pandora Town can do without that attitude.

And yet, despite this, there may just be reason to be hopeful. There's still time for candidates to come forward, after all, and events may yet prove surprising. Who knows? It's even possible that a figure will emerge who can stand alongside the giants of our respective homeworlds, a Pandoran Churchill or Roosevelt who'll lead the town into an age of prosperity and peace that'll be spoken of until the walls finally come down. Nobody could have predicted the rise of George Washington, for instance, or guessed the effect on history that he would have. It stands to reason that something of the sort could happen here in Pandora Town too.

Either way, the Pandora Times firmly backs democracy, regardless of how weak and anaemic it seems right now. I for one urge all our readers to cast their vote this March and to encourage their colleagues, friends and loved ones to cast theirs as well. Pandora Town's council elections may be imperfect, sometimes ridiculously so, but they're a damn sight better than any other system that's been tried - and I'm sure Sir Winston would agree with me there.

OOC Information

Jolly Jonah's airing his opinions about the upcoming election season - and of course, he's using the newspaper he runs to do it. Did your character get an honourable mention?

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DoMA: Text Translator

Feb 20th, Year 6

This morning the Department of Magical Advancements released the first verison of their recent translation project to the public. This small device can fit on the page of a book or attach the edge of a computer screen, as well as be held in your hand. A blend of technology and magic, current Department Head Egwene Al'Vere hopes that the device will help bridge written communication among the members of Pandora Town as well as communities in other towns. In an effort to help promote business and study, the device can translate almost any written text in Pandora to your home language. Magic operates the device and keeps it running, while technology manages the storing of the languages through a Starknet connection.

For a small price to pay for the materials used, you can pick up the device at a number of locations within the market, sold next to smart phones and laptops. If your language isn't included in the hundreds already uploaded, you can come to the Parliament Building to have your language uploaded in a short few hours at the office. The version will be uploaded to the Starknet and anyone from your world can use the device in the same manner.

The device can project a holographic image above the text you are currently reading or can even read the words out loud to you, in a number of different voices. Business, scholars, and even people looking to talk via text from different worlds can easily use this hand held device to help communicate with those around them.

OOC Information

Anyone can purchase these devices at a local technology driven store for about the cost of a cheap ebook. Uploads of new languages is maintained by a few mages and assistants in the DoMA, at no cost to the person who needs it. The devices are not water proof and will short out if dropped in the water. Most currently spoken languages in Pandora are already uploaded thanks to the efforts of the department during the last two seasons. Updates are made on a decently regular basis and the device requires a current Starknet connection to update.

Long story short, just about anyone can purchase them and use them. Very little hardware updates are needed due to the magic charging the device. Devices typically an estimated one to two years of regular use before needed to be replaced.

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January 22nd, Year 6

A quiet night on January the 22nd was abruptly interrupted by the sudden appearance of a blue blur which began making its way through the town. When the figure stopped it was a visage that could only be described as monstrous. As bystanders began to gather to witness this figure's appearance the figure suddenly moved through the crowd nearly instantaneously and when the figure, later identifying itself as Zoom, stopped every man and woman who had gathered suddenly fell lifelessly to the ground.

Zoom called out for the city's heroes apparently giving them a siren's call to their doom. Clary Fray answered the call of the monster but what could be done against a creature as fast as this?

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Zoom does not do anything subtle, grandstanding is his motive and he wants everyone to know he is the fastest being alive. He will hunt heroes and is not afraid to kill innocents if it means getting what he wants. He also likes to watch his handiwork affect the people he plagues which he does as Jay Garrick. Jay will appear to lend his expertise as an expert on Zoom. Any heroes, villains, or civilians are free to team up with or against Zoom let's make this fun.

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