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We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.


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Pandora Times

List of news articles in Pandora



July 22nd, Year Six

EXCLUSIVE: The Pandora Times can reveal that, after an intensive discussion amongst council members today, a motion was passed that authorised the creation of a Pandora Town army - the first of its kind since the fall of Ravenna the Tyrant.

Details are currently sketchy, as it is understood that the motion has now entered into the secondary stage of government implementation, but it is understood by the Times that the proposed army is likely to be a small, highly-trained force that the Council envisions being able to respond to threats to the Town rapidly and effectively - a key point is that the proposals indicate very clearly that this force will not be confined to Pandora Town's borders solely, but will have authority to operate in the uncontested "neutral ground" between it and the other towns, should the need arise.

A Council spokesman denied that this meant other towns' territorial claims or sovereignty would be under threat:

"The fact is, Pandora Town has no interest in violating the sovereignty of our neighbours nor provoking them in any way - our concern is with the bandits and mercenaries that operate out of these neutral areas, claiming loyalty to no town and threatening all in turn. As Cascade Bay showed with the founding of its Navy, these solutions have to be taken in order to safeguard our citizens."

The leadership of the other towns in Pandora have yet to issue official responses; the Pandora Times, as ever, will cover this story as it develops.

OOC Information

Pandora Town's Council has voted to create an army! They're still locked in debate as to what that means, and how it'll be implemented, so stay tuned for further events. However, the news has broken due to a few intrepid reporters, and it's likely that it'll be spread relatively quickly throughout Pandora as a whole.

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Space Pirate attacks in Pandora!!!

July 15th onward


To all travelers and smaller settlements: the Pandoran authorities are announcing a heightened state of caution for all travelers after a series of seemingly random attacks from armed, hostile lifeforms has occurred over the past several days. After investigating, sources indicate that these terrorist beings are new lifeforms to the Pandoran continents, whom are mostly referred to by their title of "Space Pirates".

These beings are heavily armed with advanced weaponry, are highly coordinated and have extremely aggressive tendencies. Due to the timing and areas affected by these attacks, the Space Pirates are believed to possess a number of advanced spacecraft and are capable of moving about the box completely unhindered. Moreover, the Pirates also seem to be responsible for the depositing of hazardous and extremely radioactive blue organic material (referred to as Material 16 by hazmat groups) at some attack sites. If you witness anything resembling Material 16 at any point, DO NOT APPROACH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The material is capable of emitting debilitating to fatal levels of radiation at distances ranging from 5 to 20 feet depending on protective gear, along with other currently investigated symptoms from mere exposure. If you should identify Material 16 on your travels in Pandora, contact your local authorities as soon as possible.

Included photograph of hazardous phenomenon "Material 16"

OOC Information

Space Pirates have been pulled into Pandora!

As of early July, a large battleship containing a horde of these evil buggers was pulled into Pandora, and is currently floating around stealthed at the highest reaches of the box to disguise itself as best as possible. In the meantime the space pirates are far too aggressive to just sit on their haunches, and thus have resorted to doing what they do best in Pandora for the time being: raiding, pillaging, killing, and highly dangerous criminal activity.

This is happening in relatively small but very noticeable quantities for now (due to the pirates tactics and brutality). For the time being they lack any real infrastructure to do any real damage, and even with a battleship and their battle-hardened warriors they would be flattened pretty handily by the defenses of large towns or larger organizations (such as the MSF). However, there is one exceedingly dangerous material they have in their possession that arguably might be more dangerous than the pirates themselves:


Phazon is an extremely radioactive, organic and pseudo-sentient material that behaves akin to an upscaled version of plutonium. Unlike plutonium however, Phazon has one horrific characteristic that sets it to another level of hazard: Phazon is not only capable of growing and spreading, but it also has the capacity to induce and control any mutations that occur as a result of exposure to its particle radiation, or possibly even control affected beings. This can have a terrifying range of effects, from morphing otherwise normal animals into monsters to even enhancing the abilities of those it deems as allies and subordinates. The dirty secret about Phazon is that the space pirates think they are controlling it, but it is quietly manipulating them for its own gain.

The Pirates themselves also have a highly aggressive and fanatical social structure fueled by combat, death and cloning technology to replace their losses. As beings that seem to be programmed for a degree of subservience, they tend to seek out the strongest possible leaders to be tested even among themselves. Failed leaders are simply killed and discarded, but should someone strong enough, charismatic enough and intelligent enough prove themselves in an incredible fashion, the space pirates will often simply fall in line behind that leader and kill any of their own who question it. Even outsiders who were considered sworn enemies of the space pirates can force or rally them into subservience, an event that has happened a multitude of times for the space pirates. While its not understood why this happens, some of the logs in pandora came up with a rather strange quote multiple times: "Victory and pirates survival paramount. Loyalty and objectives change".

Thus far, the pirates are restricting themselves to small time attacks, such as raids on small settlements, supply caravans and the like. That being said as time passes they may ramp things up quickly to try and secure a foothold in pandora. Expect them to get more and more gutsy as they succeed. Also expect them to quickly begin to try and get connections with organized crime in order to further their goals: while they are aggressive they also tend to be extremely intelligent, and being able to get resources without expending fodder is an ideal situation for them.

Of note, Magic is going to flummox them initially. While they understand the concept of it, having encountered nothing like it before means they will be severely off guard for defending against it. That being said the Space Pirates have always proven to be an exceedingly adaptable organization capable of adjusting to many threats very quickly. They may have countermeasures for magic or even uses of their own for it once the novelty of it wears off.

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Chanel Oberlin’s summer party

You're all "welcome" on the
8th of July to the 9th of July

Chanel's Starbook's latest status:
"Hello everyone! You're all invited to join me, in my house on the 8th of July at 9 PM at the 701 of the Thistle Avenue, in Misty Hollow. It's going to be the best party of this summer. I have a swimming pool, a hot tub, awesome music, food and drinks. If you like to party and to dance, it's the place to be.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon! Bye!"

OOC Information

If everything goes well (and it should), the party should last until the next morning. The music comes from the 80s, the 90s, the 2000s and the early 2010s. Junk food is available on the table in the kitchen, with alcoholic drinks.
Chanel also sells a special drug. The effects are hallucinations and euphoria, with no (known) bad side effects on the body.
Everyone is free to go in the homemade (by Moana) swimming pool and bathtub.

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Public Health Service Announcement

August 1st

A highly contagious virus has begun to spread through Pandora. In order to avoid becoming ill wash your hands, cover your sneeze, and wear a face mask if you do become ill to keep from spreading it.

This virus has yet to become an epidemic, but make sure you stay in bed if you experience the following symptoms:
Fatigue, Headache, Generalized weakness, Fever, Sneezing, Coughing, Chills, Aches, Sore throat, Loss of appetite.

If you begin to experience Nausea/Vomiting, Respiratory distress/difficulty breathing, High fever lasting more than 3 days, Chronic Laryngitis, Rash, Dizziness, Confusion, or Unconsciousness visit your doctor immediately.

OOC Information

Depending on interest, this could become an epidemic in Pandora and spread to other places. Eventually, we will need a vaccine to stop it. Check out the brainstorm thread below to discuss ideas and how to be involved.

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July 15th, Year Six

(Taken from the Pandora Times' business section)

LexTech has become one of Pandora's fastest growing companies, and today the company made a further move in its quest to become the premier technology company in the land by opening three branded stores in Pandora Town. Some weeks ago, we reported LexTech's acquisition of several plots of real estate in Pandora Town, with our veteran business reporter Jervis Thorpe speculating about the possibility of a move into branded retail - once again, Thorpe proved to be spot on in his analysis.

LexTech's CEO, Lex Luthor, announced the opening of these stores the previous fortnight; his aim for these stores, in his own words, was to "provide Pandora Town citizens with the very best in personal technology without having to go through middle-men and third-party sellers. This lets us keep our prices low, and also gives our customers access to friendly and expert staff who can help them find exactly what they want whenever they walk through our doors."

The first store to open its doors is situated in Westcourt, the traditional merchant section of Pandora Town; two other shortly opened thereafter, one in River Street and one in Silverpool. When asked if his company had further plans for this line of stores, including expanding to other towns in Pandora as a whole, Luthor gave the following response;

"We don't want to get ahead of ourselves here, you know how the market can be, but that's something we'd very much like to do. The citizens of Morhall, Misty Hollow, Horizon and Cascade Bay are undoubtedly as eager as those of Pandora Town to own products like ours, and LexTech would love to expand to those towns and offer them that opportunity. It's certainly on the table, that much I can say."

Img: The Silverpool LexTech store, open now

OOC Information

Ever been in an Apple Store and thought to yourself, "Man, this would be way cooler if an actual supervillain owned this place?" Well, your day has now arrived!

LexTech has opened several stores in Pandora Town, roughly modelled on the "Apple" mode of operation. A person can go into one of these stores, talk to a well-trained LexTech Expert about their wants and needs, and come away with a product that they've been fully briefed on and feel is totally right for them. Or, well, that's how the process is pitched, anyway. If your character wants to get their hands on a shiny high-tech laptop, tablet or smartphone, head on down to your local store and spend dem bux!!!!

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July 30th

A clockwork bus travelling through Elysium Fields on the way to Pandora Town from Misty Hollow was reported missing when it failed to pick up passengers. It was later found in pieces on the road, approximately half way between the two towns. The mechanisms appear to have been ripped apart and the clockwork driver was found discarded a few yards away. It would appear that vandals somehow stopped the bus and then destroyed it, however nothing appears to be missing and the motivation is unclear. Thankfully the bus had no passengers aboard so nobody got hurt, but there were also no witnesses as to what happened. Anyone travelling through Elysium Fields is advised to be on guard in case the vandals strike again!

OOC Information

James Holden arrived in Pandora on the 29th, but he didn't arrive alone. Something came through with him and after fleeing the open plains it's been following the movement of clockwork buses, when it caught up with one it ripped into it only to be disappointed that it was moving via clockwork and no other power source. After shredding the bus to pieces the creature has moved on...

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In Memoriam

July 31st Year 6

Please join us to celebrate the lives of our dear friends, Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. In loving memory, we gather to mourn the loss of two of Pandora's oldest residents who have touched the lives of so many. Pay your respects at Sundale Park at 5 o'clock in the evening on July 31st where a small service will be held, people will be encouraged to share their stories, and we release lanterns after sunset as a final farewell.

OOC Information

Sherlock and John were killed tragically after being captured by Eurus Holmes. The two gave their lives to spare Irene Adler and James McGill. This is an open thread for the memorial, all are encouraged to join and talk about Sherlock and John and mingle with those who loved them.

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Memoriae - Memorial service

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July 27th

It is with great regret that the Pandora Times reports the death of the Great Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes and his associate Doctor John Watson. Long rumoured to be Pandora's oldest crime solving duo, the pair sacrificed their own lives to save Irene Adler and James McGill. Further details regarding the deaths have not yet been released, however respects may be paid at the Pandora Cemetery, where a ceremonial headstone has been placed in memoriam.

OOC Information

That time I never thought would happen has come! I'm very sad to say I will be letting Sherlock go (and John is going out with him too), naturally he couldn't simply fade out so the pair along with Irene and McGill were embroiled in a cruel game established by Eurus Holmes. Sherlock decided the only way any of them would ever survive was if he turned the 'game' on its head and took himself out of the picture and gave the others a chance. It sort of worked as Irene and McGill survived, though John was shot whilst saving McGill.

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Who are the Phantom Thieves?

June 18th, Year 6
Recently a bizarre website has appeared, seemingly taken Pandora's digital youth by storm. The website in question is the Phantom Aficionado website (referred to affectionately as the "Phansite") which appears to be an online discussion board for a mysterious group of individuals known as The Phantom Thieves of Hearts to receive requests from the general public to steal the hearts of unsavoury figures in Pandora.

Little is known about the site itself other than the fact most of the posts seem to be from those not involved with the group, posting the names of politicians, business owners, teachers or even the names of their friends with the simple request of stealing their heart.

At this point, it is uncertain what exactly is meant by "stealing hearts". Some speculate that they may be assassins, but seem to ask and give no means of receiving payment on their website, leading many others to believe that it may be a group of unlicensed vigilantes given the anonymity of the site. So far no confirmed cases of stolen hearts have occurred, leading many to believe that the site may just be a simple hoax.

OOC Information

Akira Kurusu (with a little help and tweaking from @Futaba Sakura ) has recreated an existing website from his world in order to serve as a way for his friends and himself to receive requests from the general public on who they should go after and steal their heart. The website itself is an anonymous with no information about anyone involved.

For information on what this looks like, some Persona 5 fans recreated the appearance of the site from the game into an actual website.

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New Detectives Novel released by Former Head of Justice Nick Valentine.

August 13th

Right on the heels of Pandora's new romance novel a second piece of fiction with a much different tone has been released by none other than Android detective Nick Valentine, for those of you unfamiliar with Nick he was Pandoras previous Head of Justice and is a well known Private Detective. The novel is a passion project and is related to his role as a detective from his home and in his time in Pandora. The book takes place in Boston, a city in The United States on Planet Earth for our unfamiliar readers, during the year 1939 and follows the investigations Sam Cupid into a spree of serial killings that have claimed his dear friend, investigative journalist, Pepper Rite. The killer, deemed The Artiste due to the blood paintings he makes out of the blood of his previous victims, is seemingly uncatchable which leads Sam's old partner Arty Bullanch to come to him to aid them.

As he looks into the murderer the murder starts to target him and stalk his every move, leaving artwork as threats for Sam to back off. Sam refuses but struggled to keep himself and his oddball but loving adopted daughter Misty Willows safe from the Artiste. Mr Valentine had this to say about the novel.

With two hundred years of detective experience I've never felt like I had to write it down but being in Pandora I've just needed more to do. And well when I adopted my new little spitfire Mabel, she inspired me to finish this book since I gotta get my name out more, to provide for my little Pine Cone.

OOC Information

Nick's decided to finally publish and release his fictional Detective Story heavily based on a case from his time in the Commonwealth in order to allow himself to have another source of income to help provide for Mabel.

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Feline escape

June 19th

On the date of June 19th, Year 6, a shady individual had caused chaos and panic among the zoo's visitors and administration alike, as well as many enclosures' inhabitants by releasing all the felines from captivity. Smaller cats, such as ocelots, had been contained, but the majority of bigger felines remain roaming freely through the streets. People are advised to stay indoors until the threats are brought back to the zoo, and vigilantes are to be careful to not harm themselves or the felines.

The person of interest had been described as being a tall, dark haired woman, of athletic build, dressed mostly in black at the time of the incident. Witnesses say she displayed an odd behavior and is speculated to be suffering from various mental issues. It is highly advised that the people stay clear of any alike individuals and report to the authorities any sight of the suspect.

Reports also say that the felines seemed set on uniting to protect the criminal from anyone who attempted to approach, gravely injuring quite a number of the zoo's personnel, but luckily there were no deaths.

Victims of the unfortunate event listing, but not limited to: Mickey M. Smith, George Sparrow, @King Ezekiel , Donald Howell.

OOC Information

So, basically, thanks to @The Joker , Selina became a public threat temporarily and her first stop was the zoo, where her best friends were hostages ;c She let go only of all felines, lashed out at NPCs and @Kind Ezekiel , then in her last spurt of lucidity she fleed the scene. The felines, of course, escaped each on its way, scaring people and all that.

Her identity hadnt been made known to the public, as she was full in her Catwoman suit and 99% of the time hidden in a circle of big kitties who served as a feline shield from the other people. Only King Ezekiel knows it was the Catwoman who did it, so far.

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August 8th-Year 6

For those of you not living in a hole, or in the Underground, you’ve surely read the latest and greatest in Romance novels. Marked: Passions of Runwall has indeed taken the Pandoran Literary World by storm, making it to the top five chart of best sellers within a week of it’s release.

The story is set in the Fictional Land-locked City-state of Runwall. The Capitol of a massive Empire filled with magic and political intrigue. An innocent Princess who is given a bodyguard by her father for her eighteenth birthday. The bodyguard: a roguish low-born, seduces his charge. And from then, the novel follows their whirlwind romance and love affair.

While a lot of the novel is about sex, there are some aspects of the novel that deal with themes like forbidden love and class differences. The novel also has a great ending, that begs a sequel if the author ever gets around to it.

What’s probably most intriguing about the book however isn’t the theme, nor the sheer raunchy sex and losing-virginity story that begs a parallel to Fifty Shades of Grey, but rather the beginning of the book which claims it is ‘based on a true story’. Indeed: according to the author, the book is about the story of one of our own Leaders right here in Pandora. The author refuses to say of whom he wrote the book about exactly, but it does beg the question dear readers….

Is it about Sebastian Michaelis? Our very own devil, and Pandora Town’s Head of Commerce and Labor. While he claims to have been a Butler, not a bodyguard, in his previous world. Perhaps the author changed his occupation to help afford him greater privacy?

Or perhaps it was about Ms. Snow White, Previous Head of Public Affairs, whom was indeed a Princess in her own universe. Though she has disappeared just recently, her daughter is the Head Detective for Cascade Bay and may be able to afford answers to her mother’s now mysterious (and perhaps sexy) past?

Of course a few people raise an eyebrow towards the newest Governor of Cascade Bay: Jessamine Kaldwin. Some people claim there is a parallel to the name ‘Melonny Calbrin’ and ‘Jessamine Kaldwin’. There is also, dear readers, been sightings of her in the company of an older man around Cascade Bay’s nightlife: holding hands and even kissing. Is it the roguish bodyguard?

My own personal thoughts is that it is Lady Margoletta, Head of the Intelligence Agency. Indeed, a season ago a member of her employment was murdered that has some rumor that he was her lover. Could it be the tragic end to the story? The bodyguard murdered protecting his princess one last time?

So dear readers: do we have a happy ending for our Princess and her bodyguard? The author has done nothing to tease a sequel, but claims if there is enough interest he will write one. Fingers crossed!

Who do you think Princess Melonny and her bodyguard really is? We are interested to hear your theories!

OOC Information

Corvo got drunk one night and told his woeful romance to a bunch of equally drunk sailors and a less-drunk author. Now the story is published, with a whole lot if inaccuracies and a whole lot of sexy scenes to make up for it. Feel free to have your character guess which Leader of Pandora this story is talking about! But it is in fact about Jessamine and Corvo’s backstory. ;)

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5th July, Year 6

On the night of 5th July, Year 6, a truck and small livestock trailer were discovered on fire close to the barrier surrounding Misty Hollow. Burning zombies poured out of the trailer and spread the fire throughout the area.

Another trailer (not on fire) was found full of plague carrying zombies that were highly contagious and fatal to humans. Residents of Misty Hollow (possibly NPCs) were able to destroy the zombies and put out the fires before they became too big of a problem.

Unfortunately, a number of people (most likely NPCs) were infected with the plague and died horribly. Some were also eaten, or got caught in the blaze and burned to death. A couple were even sick-eaten-burned simultaneously.

OOC Information

The Governor’s been tasked with spreading a plague (masterminded by @Mannimarco) across Pandora. He’s picked Misty Hollow as his first target, in hopes that @Rick Grimes and his canon mates will get caught up in the turmoil (although they were probably too busy listening to Beth sing that night). Who gives a shit if innocent people get in the way, right?

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Which Town(s) Is/Are Next?: A poll! Which town should get the plague next?

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Pandora College Massacre

July 4th, Year 6

A grisly scene greeted the detectives that were called out to Pandora College at six this morning, following the panicked report by a student arriving at the school for an early-morning class. No fewer than eight bodies were discovered in the small courtyard at the back of Pandora College's main building, and preliminary reports suggest at least five of them were nearly completely drained of blood, two had broken necks, and one had victim had his heart removed.

There also seems to have been blood on the ground from a ninth potential victim, but no body was found and no one has come forward as a witness to the attack. Surveillance equipment present on the scene was discovered to be missing vital components--namely, any extant recordings--and if any notes were taken before the deaths of the detectives and guards, those were missing as well.

If anyone has any information regarding this attack, especially who (or what, as it seems to have undeniably been supernatural in origin) was behind it, they are encouraged to come forward to the city watch. Their identities will be protected.

OOC Information

Kol Mikaelson arrived in Pandora the evening of July 3rd, and his first act was to turn Elena Gilbert into a vampire. She woke in the wee hours of the morning on the 4th and, wild with newborn bloodlust, killed the detectives on the scene and removed all the evidence she could find before disappearing.

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Alert: Unlicensed Vigilantes Wanted for Crimes Against Pandora Town Businesses

July 12th-Year 6

SUF Leader @Darth Vader has placed a warrant for the arrest of several unlicensed costumed vigilantes. These vigilantes have been operating in Pandora Town without licenses for several months to a year, and have been terrorizing local businesses throughout this month in an extensive crime wave that has caused injuries to more than fifty civilians, and damage up to 200 thousand pounds.

The mafia of costumed crusaders, calling themselves ‘BatFamily’, include Patriarch Batman who in the last two weeks placed several of the above victims in the hospital with extensive wounds, including near-paralysis and comas. His accomplices include Jason Todd, Nightwing, one female known as ‘Batgirl’ respectively, and an alien life form known as Kori’andr.

One business in particular, Basil R Us, a herbal packing plant, gained the worst of the damage when the Batman drove his highly motorized vehicle into the wall as workers were clocking out for the evening. Several workers were sent to the Emergency Room with severe burns, broken bones, and scaring. One worker described the night:

”I thought…. I thought it was a terrorist attack.” Joseph Crawell explains, ”This group of people pop out, all costumed like. This one girl, Charlie we call her, the orange skinned one slammed her to the ground. Her… her jaws fucking unhinged like a snake and she started hissing…. One of the guys he had blue on I think, started screaming at her from above and threatened to run her over with his bike…. It was horrible I can’t believe I only made it out with burns.”

Charlene ‘Charlie’ Harper is now in a comatose state after being beaten near to death by one Jason Todd for attempting to resist Kori’andr. Her family has asked not to be questioned during this horrible time, but ask for your prayers that Charlie wakes soon.

The BatFamily fled when SUF arrived on scene. It was due to the heroic efforts of Joseph Crawell texting the authority hotline in his jeans that allowed the rest to survive with minimal injuries.

SUF and Department of Justice officials have yet to make any official statement on the matter, but have assured the public that BatFamily will be brought in for questioning.

An insider at DOJ had this to say: ”This isn’t a witch hunt, though I’m sure the Batfamily feels that way. They’ve broken a major law not having licenses, and several innocent people are in the hospital because of them. And as we’ve seen before here on Pandora: vigilantes without licenses tend to get a little over-kill. Without licenses or rather, consequences, they feel they are above the law. This is a wake up call for them, and any other unlicensed vigilante. You need to operate within our laws if you want to patrol our streets in costumed….”

SUF and DOJ urge Batfamily to cooperate and come in for questioning. And ask citizens of Pandora Town to remain wary of these caped family. They are armed with extremely dangerous weaponry, and may be dangerous.

OOC Information

So HYDRA is utilizing their contacts within the Pandora Town Government to go after the Batfamily after Jason Todd was caught infiltrating them, and the Batfamily came to break him out. The Batfamily do not indeed, have Vigilante Licenses, however they did not actually attack civilians, but HYDRA employees. Charlie is someone HYDRA beat up. Kori cannot unhinge her jaws like a snake. The Basil Plant was actually a HYDRA warehouse.

For more information, check out the threads below!

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New Governor Elected to Cascade Bay: Promises New Changes for Pandora’s Coastal Town

July 30-Year 6

In a surprising turn of events: newcomer Jessamine Kaldwin has been chosen as Cascade Bay’s newest Governor. The thirty-two year old human woman, who ran against Loki Laufeyson and Gaurdsman Lexa initially, two established Cascade Bay residents, won the election after her two opponents pulled out of the race after being promised positions in the changing government, leading her to run unopposed.

Governor Kaldwin has refused to move into the Governor’s Quarters, insisting that Arthur Pendragon continue utilizing the space until he has recovered, and has assured everyone that Pendragon will have a job available should he wish to return at any time during his recovery.

Several other changes have also been promised by the newest Governor. Including reformation of Cascade Bay’s defense system. Gaurdsman Lexa will be promoted to Chief of the Guard effective tomorrow. And one of the Governor’s first priorities is establishing a Detective Division, whose job will be to investigate into major crimes. The first of being those responsible for the attack on Yuri Pilsetsky earlier this year. The second finding out who burned down the South Coast Mansion, and discover what happened to missing persons Billyboy and Daniel of Mayfair.

The mercenary group, MSF, will be helping to support the ranks in the guard until more Cascade Bay citizens join. A recruitment fair is set up to take place a week from today.

A second change in Cascade Bay’s defense system has sent shock waves through the Bay: the call for the establishment of a Navy.

”Cascade Bay has been hiding behind it’s walls for far too long.” Says Governor Kaldwin, ”There is a whole mysterious sea to explore! Hundreds of potentially uncharted islands and lands that could help expand our own understanding of the Pandorian World. The navy will be in charge of exploring the ocean… and for the defense at home from dangers of the sea as well.”

Part of Naval Commitment will be protecting Cascade Bay waters. The unknown of Cascade Bay has been cutting down on exploration of the Tiberian Islands. Many of these islands remain undeveloped and unexplored due to fear of what is unknown.

Free exploration of the Tiberian Islands can commence. And the land be potentially used for Fruit Farming and Cultivation of crops and civilization. More tourists will also be open to vacationing and boating in the Bay, as well.

A final, shocking, development is the announcement of the beginning developments of a Magic Research Division. Rumored to be headed by Loki Laufeyson, it will be working with the Mages Guild in order to discover the magical secrets of the Bay, and to lessen dependence on Pandora Town’s Magical Department.

More on the Development of Cascade Bay as it happens, folks. But it is clear that people in the Bay area are looking past the riots and onto a brighter and better future under Governor Kaldwin’s Leadership….

OOC Information

Jessamine Kaldwin is your new Governor and she’s coming to town with lots of changes! Some might be happy with the changes. Some might not. The goal is to make Cascade Bay a legit place people can move to, not hiding behind the walls while riots and kappas make your life miserable.

The new Government!brainstorms will be up over the course of the next two days. They’ll include brainstorms for the new Magic Research Division, Navy, and Gaurdsmen/Detective Agencies. This includes people who are interested in helping these things get created, or people who want to do anything in their power to stop them from happening!

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New Head of the Department of Public Affairs Opens New Clinics in Pandora Town

July 20th, Year 6

At the beginning of July, Year 6, Berelain sur Paendrag was named to the position of Head of the Department of Public Affairs after the unfortunate disappearance of Snow White. Berelain, who had narrowly lost the campaign to head the department during the winter months, immediately set about bringing her campaign promises to fruition.

On July 20th, Berelain opened three new clinics in Pandora Town, in the following districts: Blackhaven, Westcourt and Tavoie Borough. Each clinic is situated in the furthest part of each district from the city's Hospital. Currently, all three are small, supporting only two full-time doctors each, but as Pandora Town's populace and physical size grow, so too does the potential for these clinics.

"While Pandora Hospital does indeed provide excellent medical care," the new Head said as she discussed the reasons for these new clinics, "one single location is woefully inadequate for a settlement of this size. I consider it a terrible oversight that this has not been addressed before - there are people in the furthest reaches of the city who are not able to easily access the hospital, and with the added complication of continually moving streets, trying to reach casualties from the hospital can be difficult and time-consuming.

"These clinics will provide those who cannot easily reach the hospital with medical care that they may desperately need, as well as solidifying a feeling of community in these areas. From July 20th, no one needs worry that care may be too far away from them to reach. These clinics will actively treat those with minor illnesses and injuries, and transfer those with more serious maladies to the hospital. This will free up the hospital, giving those with more minor problems another place to go for care and giving the hospital more room and resources to handle serious casualties."

OOC Information

Berelain promised new clinics as part of her campaign in Winter Y6 to head the Department of Public Affairs, but lost to the only other candidate. Despite having lost, Berelain has spent the months since quietly working on bringing those promises to fruition anyway, concerned about the fact that a city as big as Pandora Town only had one hospital. In Summer Year 6, the Head of Department disappeared, and Berelain was given the position instead. Now her clinics will be opening to the public on July 20th, in Blackhaven, Tavoie Borough and Westcourt, to be used to treat minor health problems.

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Uncheduled Fireworks Go Off Over Tiberian Island

July 4th

In the middle of the night of July 4th The silence was broken up by massive booms emanating over the water as a large display of fireworks were set off all throughout the night sky in multiple colors. Many have claimed that the fireworks came from the island where the academy Schola Praeditos is located and there are questions on whether this was a planned event for the students by the faculty or whether this was a prank by students that got way out of hand. We were able to question one of the teachers a Mister Logan Howlett who had this to say.

"Whatever this was it was something above my payroll if you want someone to comment on what happened I'd ask one of the higher ups since I got no idea what was going on last night."

OOC Information

Logan caught two students trying to set up a fireworks display and decided to let it happen and enjoy himself. And through the night they set off a huge amount of fireworks.

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Police Raid on Suspected Killer's Home Goes Horribly Wrong

June 14th

An attempted raid on the home of what was at first only a suspect of the serial killings that have plagued the streets of Pandora for more than four months has taken a chilling turn today, six police officers attempted to infiltrate the home and from their radio transmission it has been confirmed that all six men were lost. Now it's a tense standoff and there has been no word from inside the building, the killer is tight lipped and seems to be making no demands which has police worried that this killer has no ideas on being taken alive. This killer has wracked up a body count of twenty four people already and it's likely the team sent in has added to them. And there's a possiblity tha-Oh god! There's been a development folks a body of one of the police officers has just fallen from the third floor window confirming that the initial response team has been lost.

marksmen cannot get a clear view of the assailant but it's clear now that he is still moving about the building. And from an excerpt from the last communication with the team he is inside the very walls of the building. The Killer is supected to have attacked multiple other residents of Pandora town including local @Emma Swan

OOC Information

Police have tracked down Michael's lair and are attempting to arrest him but need some obvious help so any sort of aid would be helpful Michael has memorized every inch of his lair and is hiding in the very walls and foundation of the place and using it to sneak up on his enemies. What will you do to stop him? Can he be stopped? Planning on having him either escape this through some trickery or escape transport if he does end up arrested it'll depend on where the thread goes.

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Of Gods And Monsters

June 25th Onwards

The skies over Horizon aren't looking so good these days! There's a storm brewing and on June 25th it broke and turned into a bizarre sandstorm in the desert about a mile out from Horizon. Luckily it moved away from the little town and further out into the desert but it was enough to give everything and everyone a nice coat of sand where they didn't want it. Those caught out in the desert during this time have reported seeing a woman's face screaming at the forefront of the sandstorm, but surely that's just like seeing faces in clouds, right?

The weird thing is on June 25th all the crows left Horizon too, all in one go they turned around and flew out into the desert, disappearing into the sandstorm. A few days later they seemed to return to their normal behaviour although there seem to be considerably less of them, like only a few decided to go back from wherever they went. People also reported seeing scorpions and spiders and all manner of creepy crawly things trekking over the desert like a great bug pilgrimage. Weird right?

Since then there hasn't been another sandstorm but there have been reports of more strange behaviour by crows and insects and by the 3rd of July it has started occurring in Pandora Town too. Some people have noticed a light covering of sand on their vehicles and on the street in the morning, there seem to be just too many crows keeping watchful eyes out and the bugs? Well the insects are doing strange things...in that they seem to be leaving. They all seem to be disappeared down into the sewers and not coming out again. The rats might be the worst thing though because they keep gathering in great hoards and taking to the streets at night.

And what's with those bodies that have started turning up now? Six so far in Pandora Town, all of them are like dessicated husks, like they had all the moisture sucked dry out of them and their faces look like they were screaming when they died. There's no fingerprints at the scene and no suspects so far but people are urged to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they witness.

OOC Information

Ahmanet is in town! She arrived on the 25th of June, causing a giant sandstorm and a slight landslide out in the desert near Horizon as her entire tomb came with her. It's now exposed out in the desert ready to be found and explored by any daring adventurers. Her story is written all over the walls for those with a knack for reading Ancient Egyptian or might have a handy tool for deciphering languages!

Naturally her presence has caused something of a disturbance amongst the wildlife as some creatures are drawn to her and others choose not to and as she arrived in a weakened state she's been feeding on people to regain her strength. She'll have fed or tried to feed on eight people in total by the end, one will escape (Chanel Oberlin), another will survive (Kratos) and the other six (5 NPC's + 1 player charrie) will unfortunately not make it, leaving a trail of creepy dead mummified bodies behind in her wake!

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June 7th, Year Six

A notorious crime boss who once controlled a significant amount of Blackhaven's drug traffic has been found dead in his apartment this morning, in what appears to be a gang-related murder.

Eric Heidegger, 52, was found by neighbours in the early hours. He had been tied to his own front door, a dagger pushed through his heart. Anonymous sources have told the Pandora Times that Heidegger was well known in the area as one of the principle narcotics dealers in Blackhaven, but that his hold on this position had been slipping in recent weeks. The identity of his killer or killers are as yet unknown, and it is also unknown as to the motives behind this attack beyond sending an apparent "message."

This incident has, according to many locals, dealt something of a blow to promises made by the current Head of the Department of Justice, Barbara Hershey, to deal strongly with such criminal activity; a statement from the department's offices notes that gang-related crime is falling, but that this incident is nevertheless being treated seriously and that a broader solution to such lawlessness will be forthcoming.

The Watch has confirmed that they are treating this incident as one of gang-related murder, and are calling for any potential witnesses who may have been in the area between the hours of midnight and 3am to come forward with whatever they know.

OOC Information

In a bid to increase their stranglehold on Pandora Town's drug economy, COBRA have murdered one of their principle rivals and strung him up on his own porch as a warning to others who think they can stand in the way of that organisation's ambitions. The message: nobody is safe.

Perhaps your character saw the attack go down and is shocked - or, being a bit of a criminal sort, has other worries related to this? If so, why not give the reaction thread below a look?

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Demon attack ends in tragedy

April 7, Year Six

The bucolic lawns of Sundale Park were recently witness to something much more grisly than the usual happy scenes of springtime. A demon, as yet uncaptured with no further sightings reported, resisted the many attempts of seasoned witch Porpentina Goldstein to subdue it. Long-time owner of the Riverboat Café, Jean Valjean, was also present with his daughter Cosette. It was to protect her that M. Valjean threw himself in the demon's path; in the process he was wounded in the side and in the neck. The combined blood loss proved fatal to the 55-year-old Frenchman, who arrived in Pandora January of Year Two, over four years ago.

He will be missed by many— few knew him well, but all knew his reputation as a kind, generous, charitable man. Though he recently handed over the project to Rebekah Mikaelson, he had for many months carried Charity Week forward after then-councilman G'Kar stepped down from the position. Ever since he became its manager and eventually owner, the Riverboat has been a known haven and refuge for anyone who needs it and all who want it, no matter the weight of the storm bearing down on them.

M. Valjean remained a religious man despite all the wonders and terrors he saw here. Thus there will be a service, date yet to be decided, at the Pandoran Church open to all. Donations to Charity Week in his memory are also highly encouraged.

OOC Information

I'm resetting him so it's not all sad— but we do have to say farewell to this particular incarnation with the many Pandoran memories he's created. Because the Riverboat is such an institution, the news of this incident will spread widely. The café will have a note pinned to the door with an explanation, and partial hours for a couple of weeks, not least out of the need to find a new manager/owner.

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Okay, Guys? The Forest is Acting Really Creepy

June 1st onwards

Umm..okay some really weird shit has been going on around here recently (okay, well, weirder than normal) and I haven't seen anything on my dash, or reported in the news or anything, so I'm just wondering: Why isn't anyone talking about this?

Why is nobody talking about the fact that the forest outside Misty Hollow has become really creepy recently? I mean even more so than usual. And remember y'all, this is Misty Hollow I live in, I know creepy. I mean, it feels like whenever I go out there something is watching me, waiting for me to make one wrong step before attacking me sort of creepy. Like I'm in a slasher movie or something. Like I'm suddenly not wanted there and that something will do something about my unwanted presence if I'm not careful.

Why is no one talking about the recent uptick in disappearances recently? Okay, look. This is Pandora, I know. No one is going to talk about dissaperances because they really aren't that out-of-the-ordinary around this place. They happen, they're a fact of life. But there have been more of them, I swear! And they're all of people who are leaving town too, going out to the forest. That's the funny part. My neighbors- they were the cutest couple, this girl, Felicity, from the 18th century and her boyfriend who was some kind of space-wizard or something -- went out for a walk in the woods three weeks ago, they still haven't come back and no one is even blinking an eye!

I swear when I went out in the forest just yesterday, just settling myself in some clearing to eat my lunch, the log I was about to sit on was all twisted and knotted and looked like the spine of a human being struggling in pain, and the newly sprouting bush at the end of it...guys, i could swear to you, I could see Felicity's face screaming in agony traced out in the branches of that bush!

How come no one is talking about that?

How come no one is talking about the weird number of fairy rings popping up on the outskirts of town and in the forest beyond that? How come no one is talking about the ghostly music you can just hear snatches of at sunset floating in off from the horizon. Like a mournful fiddle, like a lonely flute...

Like the sounds of a bell that brings to mind every funeral, every death, every sad moment in my life that I've lived though.

I know we're supposed to be haunted and all, but I've never experienced anything like that.

Guys, please tell me I'm not going crazy? Please tell me you're noticing these things too?

OOC Information

The above post has gone viral across Starknet, sparking countless discussions. Many outside of Misty Hollow, and even some of the people living there at first dismissed it as some sort of hoax or attempt at creepypasta. Some people have even made their own posts, inspired by this original one, about the man-eating forest, the ghostly music and the lonely bell, making whatever these new "ghosts" haunting Misty Hollow are, a veritable meme.

Other people, however, know the truth. Other people have joined up in conversations, discussing this new phenomenon, and talking about the strange sights they've seen. While most people believe they're in on the joke, these people are completely serious. Increased magical and fae activity, strange disappearances and deaths, and reports of the trees themselves attacking people have spread over Starknet and have started taking over conversations in real life, especially in Misty Hollow. As the season goes on, more and more people will realize these new phenomena are no mere meme or Starknet joke, but an actual reality.

So what is going on with the forest surrounding Misty Hollow? @John Uskglass and @The Gentleman have been working over the past season to bring the trees to their own side in order to increase their magical potency. The Gentleman especially has been working to turn the forest against the other inhabitants of Pandora, especially human-kind.

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Trouble is a Friend- John meets Ella, one of the first victims of the trees, and Helps her escape from their attack.

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June 1 - 10, Year 6

Reports are coming out of Morhall of a strange infection in their water. It has turned all the water in Morhall, even their underground lake, a mixture of bright neon colors swirling about like Easter dyes. It temporarily stains the skin a multitude of colors. When ingested, the water makes most people ill. They have experienced a variety of symptoms, including vomiting, lung irritation, brightly colored rashes, and chills.

The residents of Morhall have begun looking for the source of the contaminant, though nothing concrete has been discovered yet. An alternative water source is also being procured, though its supply is not enough to sustain the town for more than a couple of weeks. As such, there are now water rations in place to make sure there is enough to go around.

OOC Information

The above events are common knowledge. Any threads dealing with determining the source of the infection will require some minor moderation/posts or input from Rani.

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Militaries Sans Frontières Begins Recruitment

June 1st, Year 6

Big Boss Wants YOU for MSF!

Mercenary 'Big Boss' or 'Naked Snake', is a fairly new member of Pandora, having arrived only a few months ago. However, in that short time he has made a name for himself as a highly successful operative for hire, leading successful missions for several anonymous clients. The former special ops agent has delivered time and time again an efficient and nigh traceless service for whomever has employed him, but now he's expanding his influence and services, creating in his words, 'a soldier's paradise'. We have had the good fortune of being allowed within the compound in order to have an interview with the Legendary Soldier himself.

Interviewer: "So, Mr 'Big Boss'. I'll start with the obvious question. What exactly is MSF?"

Big Boss: "Call me Snake. To answer your question, The MSF is a Private Military Company, or PMC. Soldiers from every world are used as a tool of the government, and usually do not get the respect they deserve. All too often they're simply treated as expendable, to be thrown away when they're no longer useful. The MSF is a place where every soldier is treated properly. A place where their skills and abilities are always in demand, always useful. Militaries Sans Frontières is a Haven for any combatant, and welcomes any soldier that needs a place to live and practice their craft."

Interviewer: "I see... So that's the only reason behind this undertaking then, to give soldiers a place to live?"

Big Boss: "Yes. We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology. We go where we're needed, fighting not for country, not for government, but for ourselves. We need no reason to fight. We fight because we're needed. We will be the deterrent for those with no other recourse. We are Soldiers without borders, our purpose defined by the era we live in."

Interviewer: "And how are you recruiting soldiers? What facilities do you have at your disposal?"

Big Boss: "I can't describe the procedures in detail. However, we recruit through a variety of methods including Fulton Recovery as well as standard recruitment via in-person vetting. As for facilities, again, I cannot give exact information, but we control an island on the Shimmering Sea. Mother Base has barracks, R&D Labs, a well-stocked Armory and training facilities. That's everything I can give you, I'm afraid.

After which our interviewer was roughly escorted out of the facility and left on the shoreline near Cascade Bay. What will Pandora make of the newborn PMC? Is it all it seems to be? Merely a Mercenary Group dedicated to serving soldiers, or does it have a darker, hidden purpose? All this remains to be seen...

OOC Information

Snake has finally fulfilled The Boss' dream, or so he thinks. The MSF has begun being set up and will be beginning operations at the end of June. If anybody has a character that is a Soldier, Warrior or Fighter of some kind, or has a character that could be put to use in the R&D department, feel free to hit @Big Boss up, or join the Militares Sans Frontières group to get started.

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Superman Attacks Governor of Cascade Bay
Governor Steps Down to Recuperate

March 15th & March 16th, Year 6

On the evening of March 15th, there was a disturbance at @Arthur Pendragon's residence. Pendragon was found gravely injured by his friend, @Merlin Ambrosius, who witnessed @Superman himself fleeing the scene of the crime. Pendragon's testimony confirms Superman as the perpetrator, though Superman himself was nowhere to be found to provide a statement at the time of this article being written.

Pendragon had not pressed legal charges against Superman thus far, but Cascade Bay's authorities have been granted permission to apprehend Superman if he is found in the vicinity, and to use force if he does not come quietly.

As a result of his injuries, effective from March 16th onward, Pendragon has been forced to step down from his position as Governor of Cascade Bay to recuperate. At this point, it is unknown whether he’ll try and take back his former position. For the time being, and taking into account recent unrest in the Bay, those working with him are filling in for him temporarily. We wish Pendragon a speedy recovery.

OOC Information

@Loki Laufeyson and @Reaper are working together, each for their own reasons. Taking advantage of the recent unrest in Cascade Bay, Loki provided Reaper with a disguise to make him appear like Superman (courtesy of his expertise at magical illusions) to smear Superman's name. (@Ophelia is perfectly fine with Superman being incriminated, by the way!)

People are free to believe whatever they want about Superman's involvement in the event, but there is currently no IC way that it can be tied back to Reaper and Loki. If any character wishes to investigate this event, please contact either myself or @Lamelian!

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Medical Staff and supplies missing.

5th May

A transport that was carrying medical supplies and half a dozen medical staff (Four doctors and two female nurses) has gone missing and is persumed hijacked. There is very little information on what happened to the transport. But the few eyewitness reports state that the transport was stopped on an open road by a obstecle. As the driver and staff got out of the truck to clear the road. They were ambused by a well armed group disgused in clown masks. The group rounded up the medical personal and loaded them back into the truck. Unfortunatly, the driver was killed by one of the masked asslants and it is reported that the person laughed rather manically as they took the drivers life.

The transport was last seen heading into the outskirts of Pandora town and is thought to be somewhere in the Blackhaven area. Anyone with information on it's whereabouts and the whereabouts of the missing staff are asked to step forward immdiately. Anyone with worthwhile information will be rewarded by Pandora Hospital.

More on this story as it develops.

OOC Information

This is the prelog to the The Joker's raid on the Hospital when the sesson changes. If anyone is interested in tracking down the transport and have an encounter with the clown prince (Maybe even Harley as well) Then feel free to get in touch through PM or post in the plotter page listed below.

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April 19-April 20, Year 6

In the late hours of April 19th, much of the mansion upon the Southern Coast was destroyed by a sudden blaze.

While a handful of devoted townspeople pitched in to put out the flames before they reached the surrounding plant life; unfortunately, the original occupants of the home might not have been so lucky. No signs of either Billyboy or @Daniel of Mayfair have been reported since the blaze, leading some to believe that people either loyal to the Governor, upset over the attack upon Yuri Plisetsky, or even @The Governor himself could have been involved. However, despite the rumors, no solid leads have been found at this time.

OOC Information

As his sole protector has lost his godly powers, Billyboy's literally burning everything down and starting over, if only to keep Governor Blake off his case (and Daniel's) as long as he can. Since it's so close to the start of summer, though, it's probably best that nobody else knows IC until the season change!

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24th May

On the evening of the 24th May, a great number of fires and explosions razed every part of Providence (a gated community in Silverpool, Pandora Town) down to the ground. Several people were killed in the mayhem, including Belinda Snowflake and Nancy Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff (NPCs).

Providence originally came to fame (or infamy) through one of its founders (Philip “The Governor” Blake) and his now disbanded anti-supernatural group, H.U.M.A.N.S. The community’s “humans only” values received much criticism, but it was fsociety’s shocking findings (namely the torture of non-humans) that particularly tarnished its reputation, as well as contributed to Blake’s capture and imprisonment.

As of yet, there are no leads on who destroyed the community, although some people are insisting that it must’ve been a non-human, seeking revenge after being mistreated by Blake and members of HU.M.A.N.S. Others are adamant that @Bellamy Blake was involved in the explosions, who’d been vocal about his hatred of his estranged father and Providence since moving to Morhall with his Uncle Negan.

Eccentric old man, King Ezekiel, attempted to take over the running of Providence after the older Blake’s imprisonment, hoping to improve attitudes towards non-humans. He is quoted as saying about the destruction, his voice faltering and quiet: “Providence did fall. Did fall on this day.”

OOC Information

Providence was destroyed by @Caleb Dume and @Ophelia Sarkissian, but shush!!! Nobody’s allowed to know in the role-play!!!

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- Future Of Providence (old brainstorming thread).
- Chchchcherry Bomb! (IC one shot).

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April 5th

Last night, a report came in that a Mrs. Chi-chi Trevor, a secretary in the Department of Commerce, was viciously attacked last night on her way home from work. According to sources within the Department of Justice and Intelligence: Mrs. Trevors, a nonhuman Succubus, was on her way home from work to an apartment she shares with her human husband when she was suddenly jumped by six individuals with masks, who were equipped with weapons designed to hurt her kind specifically. She managed to fight off and escape her attackers, making her way to the hospital with several third to second-degree burns across her back , torso, and arms.

Mrs. Trevor was reported to say that the people in question shouted slanderous words at her as they attacked, and that she managed to injure two of them in self-defense before escaping.

In a press conference this morning, Sebastian Michaelis, Head of the Department of Commerce and Labor, asked that Mrs. Trevor and her husband be left to recuperate and heal by press and others, and advised caution for all nonhumans.

"Please make sure to be aware of your surroundings, and to alert a local law enforcement representative if you feel threatened."

When asked if he believed that this attack was from the hacktivist group 'fsociety', who in their most recent video attacked Mr. Michaelis and Lady Margoletta, the two nonhumans of the council, Mr. Michaelis had this to say:

"While I am not a law enforcement representative, I do not believe personally, that fsociety themselves are behind the attack. They've shown that their methods are more in the technological world, and that physical violence is less so, how they carry out their affairs. However: their video has created an atmosphere of fear and hatred, specifically towards nonhumans, that no one including myself could be able to foresee. We must use this experience to learn: fear and hatred breeds more fear and hatred. We can learn, and we can become better. We can become a Pandora Town that speaks out rather than strikes out."

Mr. Michaelis has been rumored to be pondering resigning from his position in order to return to his Bakery Business, however: no one has stepped forward to replace him. And Nonhuman Activists have been highly against the idea:

"We voted in Lady Margoletta. And there is no proof that Mr. Michaelis has done anything wrong!" Says Tredna Gloop, Leader of the 'Voice For All and One', "All fsociety is doing is creating a toxic situation through lies and half-truths. And it's harming us nonhumans, not helping!"

'Voice for All and One' will be sponsoring a peaceful protest against fosciety this Friday at four. They will be marching from Blackhaven to Parliament, sitting on the steps on the building to show 'solidarity for our nonhuman representatives, and our dissatisfaction with the violence and discrimination shown by the human population of Pandora.'

"After all: you heard fsociety... they're ready to use racism as a weapon? They're ready to reveal us as animals? Well! They may think they are the voice of the people, but they ain't no voice for us!"

OOC Information

So things are quickly spiraling out of control with the fsociety's latest video. A group of humans got it in their head that nonhumans in the government=all the bad things, so they decided to extract some vigilante justice themselves! A quick note: fsociety is definitely NOT involved in the attack, and clearly fsociety isn't anti-nonhuman. But some anti-nonhumans are using fsociety's video as an excuse to do bad things to nonhumans involved in the government, and that's not-okay on them, bad anti-nonhuman people bad!!

So where does your character stand? Maybe they are still on fsocieties side, and think that getting rid of Lady Margoletta and Sebastian might even make tensions leave? Or maybe you think those bad nonhumans have no place in proper government? Maybe they were apart of the attack in the first place? Maybe their viewpoint has changed? Maybe they think this viral video has gone far enough? Check out the threads below to get more involved!

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