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Pandora News Welcome to the newly revamped Pandora News section! This is the one-spot stop to get information on all of the latest happenings in Pandora. Players may also submit news to this section at any time, and those threads have the potential of shaping the world. All threads created here become permanent Pandora canon and may be used as a catalyst for spin-off plots, events, or changes in Pandora, even those that the original poster did not anticipate. While we will never post a...
December 15th, Year 110 In Ark City, a possible perpetrator of property damage, gang activity, and suspected murder has been arrested in Radical Pointe. The police had a warrant, and yet, the individual was said to resist arrest and tried to attack the officers at the scene, before apprehended. While the name of the perpetrator has not been given to the public, the police have stated that the mysterious livestream that had finished earlier this month, dubbed as ‘the Pandora Killing Game’...
January 15th During the afternoon of January 15th, another giant robot appeared in the valley outside of Horizon, in the Dread Wastes. Although not quite the same to the one that appeared on the 1st, the two nonetheless share many similarities in terms of appearance. Much like the first time, the local authorities were quick to act and deemed the gigantic machine a non-threat and it currently sits motionless in the same area it appeared in. Relevant Threads Twists of Fate
January 13th and 14th, Y110 "Welcome, welcome one and all to the pre-fight analysis section of our broadcast! I am Darok Shav, your scintillating and knowledgeable host, and this is my partner Ullok Vol. We're in for a real treat tonight, wouldn't you say?" "I would! Sixteen fantastic fighters, eight imaginative arenas and all the combat prowess any fight fan could ask for. I'd say 'treat' undersells it, if anything!" "Haha, yes, quite! Well, fans, if you're just tuning in now you've...
December 25th An unpermitted hard rock concert was held in the warehouse district of Elysium on Christmas night, bordering the Undercity perimeter. The event soon amassed a spontaneous and increasingly riotous crowd that resulted in one of the warehouses—revealed for weapons storage—bursting into flames. While there were fortunately no worker casualties due to the holiday, damages from the destruction of property is still under assessment. While information on the band and perpetrators is...
December 18th Y110 With the translation that ordinarily simply exists in Pandora becoming patchy and uneven, many states have met with difficulty organising daily life. In the Free Elysian Commune, however, a new government initiative has seen citizens supplied with simple screen glasses and unobtrusive "gloves," fitted to a variety of hands and heads. A series of picture-based instructions will then allow citizens to use TRIBUNE, the Commune's auto-translation and messaging software, for...
24th December - 2nd January Shared mostly in social media but found in town's bulletins and communicated via word of mouth as well, the latest news indicate that some bars in Crystal Vales, Centria and Elysium will be open for the holidays for a particular crowd of people who don't have anyone to spent them with, are grumpy curmudgeons, have ambitions of Pandora domination that keep them busy or are down on their luck. The theme of those events is geared around privacy and lack of any...
anytime after january Did you hear about the strange door in Cascade Bay? It's supposedly inside a cave on one of the far cliffs, takes a good hike at least to reach. Some people say it's just a tree that grew into a weird shape, but others say it's an actual door made of a tree! Nobody seems to be able to open it if it is, though. But there's no way it can be a door if it doesn't even budge, right? It can't open if it's just a solid fixture. Funny, huh? Relevant Thread - keep an...
Mid November 110 Onward There has been a sudden rise in a specific type of creature in Pandora called Grimm. They come out of dark pools that have appeared in the below listed locations, and appear to come in a large variety of shapes depending on the environment as well as random chance. It should be noted that they are drawn to negative energy, and people in said areas should take caution to keep a lighter head-space to avoid trouble. They're Most Common In Gretta Lake in Pandopolis...
December 1st, Year 110 As of the beginning of Winter, Queen Edelgard of Heavenfell has declared that a council of specialized Ministers, led by the Hand of the Monarch, will be organized to better govern the Slumbering Abyss region. These new positions will soften the traditionally absolute authority that the Heavenfell Monarch wields, following an overall trend of decreasing the influence gap between the ruling and commoner classes. The Queen wishes for these positions to be filled and...
January 1st onwards! The minute the calendar turns over to January 1st, Y110, a massive tower suddenly emerges from the central point of the lands between Pandopolis, Centria and the Crystal Vales with an almighty earthquake. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, TV channels and livestreams across the internet suddenly begin displaying the image of a very strange mantis-like being dressed in a gaudy costume. She announces herself as Darok Shav, fight promoter extraordinaire, and tells the...
December 1st On December 1st, Admiral Nausika Wellesley-Nelson made a statement to the public on behalf of Starfleet, revealing that the organisation had recently been a target of terrorist attacks. Admiral Nelson had plenty to say for the situation in Starfleet and how it affects Alliance territory and beyond, but during her speech, a bizarre occurence rendered her words incomprehensible for the vast majority of the audience. As this was later discovered to be a Pandora wide phenomenon...
November 27 After a period of chaos and turmoil in Ark City the Ark City justice hall today announced that a new Chief Judge had been appointed. The choice fell to Judge Izunia, who has been serving the people since May. The judge has been the purveyor of a few noticeable decisions. Not the least of which involved the head of the merchant coterie only a few weeks ago. Judge Izunia had the following to say. ”Of course i am delighted to continue in this new function. And I hope to assure...
From November 28th onwards, a new set of both physical posters and online adverts appear across Pandora. Further light tremors are also picked up, with their epicentre appearing to be located in the wilderness between Pandopolis, Centria and the Crystal Vales.
November 24 110 Chaos erupts in Ark City on a typical Tuesday afternoon. A series of shootings were reported in Radical Pointe, shortly before a large creature appeared and caused significant damage. The cause of the chaos is believed to be a suspect which is now in custody and being held with Prometheus Dust restraints. There are reports of another on the scene, though the accounts are yet to be confirmed. The final total of both property damage and loss of life is still being...
November 25th Pandora’s Box was rocked today as at least four simultaneous explosions happened at exactly 11:42am, scattered over Pandopolis City and Ark City. The perpetrators are currently unknown, but the explosions took place at the same time, leading police to believe that they are connected events, committed by the same person or group of persons. The known targets were the Pandora Post Office, the Marble Hill Police Precinct, the Pandora Times, and the PDF Headquarters, all of which...
from November 15th onwards, these posters appear all over Pandora - in every major hub city, plus a few minor ones. In addition, this design also appears in a series of web adverts across popular sites. Oddly, this all coincides with a series of very light tremors detected across the Box.

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