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  1. Carma

    ✿ Category Suggestions: Summer 110

    Comm Rec Suggestion: Them Old Fogeys Comm Rec Description: Theses characters have lived out a good portion of their lives. Whether that means they're regular humans in their 50s, or non-humans that have seen a few hundred years, they're sure old. Comm Rec Suggestion: Straight Man and Wise Guy...
  2. Carma

    July Recs: Found Family

    @James "Bucky" Barnes & @Coco Bandicoot Bucky got mentioned already but I feel like Coco should get the honour too! They seem like an odd duo, but Bucky is a very sweet and doting parent and Coco, though only a child herself, is just as much protective of Bucky as he is of her. I love their...
  3. Carma

    Help Me Select A Dad

    So I am still sat on the fence of when and if I should make a third character, but I figure, there's no harm at least in gauging interest right? So here are the few I have narrowed my interest down to. I even included a couple out of my usual range of Dad Types! I'll give them a brief...
  4. Carma

    Storyline Crime Summer

    @Harrow OO GOTCH, just wanted to make sure you were not waiting for me to like, have a date specifically. Sounds good!
  5. Carma

    Storyline Crime Summer

    @Harrow Oh yh I guess we never picked a day w/ are things going for Catra? Grimmer would have been involving himself in Killing Game stuff from anywhere late in June onward, so it can really be anytime in there. Also do let me know if you wanted to wait a bit to start that thread...
  6. Carma

    Sora's Organizer | Coco Bandicoot & Peter parker

    @SonicSora Omg having her invade them would be cute no lie.....tbh right now Grimmer is very slightly on the fence about asking Buck if he might want to go collect his wily little child and then treating them both to lunch, as a Grimmer does, but he'll probably wait on that until he's sure Bucky...
  7. Carma

    Sora's Organizer | Coco Bandicoot & Peter parker

    Okay, so, I know you joked about it in the roleplay discussion channel but would you feel about a thread with Grimmer and Coco XD It could be something on the same day/after the one with Bucky, I just think it would be fun to see them interact. Grimmer is good with kids, but he...
  8. Carma

    Player Directory?

    I'm so sorry this is long I can't condense my words LOL Would it theoretically be possible to use the OOC Accounts thread to a similar effect for the interim? At the very least, ask people "preferred method of contact" and put it there? Yes it would mean asking the userbase to edit their post...
  9. Carma

    I'll get to my replies soon! It's the busy part of the month but I'll have time at least this...

    I'll get to my replies soon! It's the busy part of the month but I'll have time at least this weekend <3
  10. Carma

    Hey there, 'Lilah | Lilah's organizer

    On or around June 15 would be great I think! :)
  11. Carma

    Hey there, 'Lilah | Lilah's organizer

    @Lilah It's usually something that people have a hard time talking about, but Grimmer in particular doesn't really...have a very good filter. The by product of having zero emotional intelligence is that sometimes Grimmer, when trying to relate to people, will just...say anything. He's definitely...
  12. Carma

    Implemented No emojis/icons in Discord channel names

    So I'm a bit half and half on this, myself. I do find looking at desktop Discord it's a but cluttered and busy, and my eyes naturally gravitate to the emojis - which sometimes is helpful (question mark for questions? Gotcha!) But then other times is arbitrary or a makes me have to pause...
  13. Carma

    「Down the Rabbit Hole」|| Dantalion's Organizer

    @Dantalion Okay that's fab that's fab so I have it in my mind that Bones has been around at least since early April (this year) to around a month and a half or so. He prob found out about the place early on (since he sometimes gets victims of a scuffle come to him lmao) but yeah...
  14. Carma

    「Down the Rabbit Hole」|| Dantalion's Organizer

    MMM that's absolutely perfect because Bones has a thread at just that very establishment and I'm sorta positioning him as....if not a regular there, then someone known to a degree bc he fixes up the people who get broken in bad scuffs, lmao. How long has ya boi been working there? Bones is a...
  15. Carma

    Galaxia's Organizer

    @Galaxia UM YES that sounds awesome omg....god they'll give out names and be so mf confused I think this is a great way to go! If you got the time go for it, I'm def patient ❤
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