By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Cindy Moon
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  • Just as I was having a rare good moment, this happens. Thanks life! Good to know I can always count on you to be consistent!
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    Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan
    Didn’t they tell you good moments are always followed by the most horrific shit you’ve ever seen.
    Cindy Moon
    Cindy Moon
    I’ve figured that out myself by now. Would’ve been nice to have some warning, though.
    Clint Barton
    Welcome too the madness that is Pandora....
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