By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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New Player's Guide

Getting started in Pandora

New to Pandora? Feeling a little bit lost and confused and unsure of where to stop? You have come to the right place! We want to make the registration process as smooth and simple as possible for you, so here is a step by step guide for you to follow, courtesy of the Pandora staff.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating Your Character
  3. After Acceptance
  4. Bored?


Required Reading

  1. THE RULES. Like other roleplaying forums, this should be everybody's first stop on Pandora. Many of them are unique to the forum, and we do enforce each and every one of these rules, so read them carefully.
  2. THE PLOT. The reason you are all here, right? This is where you can find basic information regarding the premise of the forum as well as well as newly updated plot information.
  3. LIFE IN PANDORA. Now we are getting down to the details. Find out just how life in Pandora works.

Recommended Reading

  1. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. I'm sure some of you still have questions, so head over to the FAQ. If you still have questions, feel free to PM a staff member.


Decide on a Character

Once you have decided that you are definitely interested in joining the ranks here at Pandora, the first thing you will want to do is choose a character. We realize that this process can be a little bit intimidating because of the number of characters there are to choose from. The first thing you will want to do, however, is take a look at the CANON LIST to see which characters are already taken. We encourage that you pop into our chat-box on the right and say hi. Our members are always eager to help new members decide on a character! Additionally, you can head over to the WANTED ADS to see what kind of characters our current members are looking for.

Choose a character you feel completely comfortable with and who you are already very knowledgeable of. We encourage that you research your character during the application process, but have a pre-established idea of who your character is and how they interact with others. The staff does reserve the right to refuse a character if they feel that the player is not a great fit or the player has not done the research.

Register Your OOC Account

Here at Pandora, we use subaccounts. Every player is required to have an OOC account, the name of which will be whatever alias you use on the site. Register that account and head right over HERE so that we can place you in the correct membergroup!

Create Your Character Account

So, you've decided on your character. The next thing you want to do is create your character's subaccount. Check out our SUBACCOUNTS GUIDE for more information!

Reserve Your Character

Reservations are required. Find reservations HERE. Each character reservation lasts seven days. During that period of time, you will have first dibs on the character. This means that a new player cannot come along and steal the character from right under you before you have finished the application. If the character's reservation expires, then it is possible for someone else to grab the character. Keep an eye on your reservation and we recommend renewing your reservation on the day it expires! Keep in mind that you will only be allowed four reservations (roughly 1 month) to complete your application.

Fill Out An Application

Our application can be located HERE. In order to be accepted, you must copy and paste the form's code into a new topic within the Registration forum and fill it out in its entirety. You are allowed to put up an in progress application, but you must reply to the thread when you have completed it. Otherwise, you run the risk of the application going unnoticed by the staff.


Choose Your Town (or none at all)

The first thing you want to do is join one of the usergroups for accepted characters. These are based off of the towns, or are simply left as vagabond (for those characters who choose not to settle in/near any particular town). You can select your usergroup HERE! Please make sure to select only one. You can find an overview of each town, along with links to further information for the curious, HERE.

Post in the Sign-Ups

Once you know where your character will be living, you should post in the SIGN-UPS FORUM. The Sign-Ups forum contains Government and regular jobs along with Housing and College sign-ups for your characters! These are split up by town.


Stop by and say hi in our INTRODUCTIONS section. Tell us a little bit about yourself! We want to get to know who we are roleplaying with here at Pandora.

Jump Right In - Start or Join an Open Thread

  1. Check out the OPEN THREADS list and see if any of those threads interest you.
  2. Create an open thread. Just make sure that it is properly tagged as "open" using the thread prefixes.

Character Tools

  1. SHIPPING THREADS. These are very useful tools when trying to find new plots for your characters or simply trying to find somebody to write a thread with. Stop by and write up your own shipping thread, or browse those already in the forum.
  2. BRAINSTORMING. You can find and post about thread and plot ideas here!
  3. CHARACTER DIRECTORY. Another useful tool, you can post a very wide variety of things here. It can be used for trackers, extended character information, relationship information, headcanons, etc.
  4. WANTED ADS. Looking for more characters from your fandom? Or perhaps you are looking for a specific type of character for a specific type of thread.

Visit the Graphics Requests Forum

Looking for some pretty graphics to decorate your shiny new account with? Head over to the GRAPHICS REQUESTS and request from some of the talent people within. Or perhaps you are somebody willing to offer your skill. In that case, you are free to open a graphics shop of your own within the same forum.


Post in Shipping Threads

Take a peek in the SHIPPING FORUM. It's a great way to start forming bonds with others here in Pandora. You can start your own or you can browse through the shipping threads and find a few to reply to.


There is always something going on in the GAMES. Stop by and browse the wide variety of creative and fun games we have to play.

Start a Thread

One of the best ways to cure boredom is to start or join a thread. After all, we are all here to write, are we not? Look for OPEN THREADS to join or start one of your own.

Read Some Threads

This is something that we try to encourage. Our players here at Pandora have some pretty exciting things going on, so take a look around and see what everybody is up to.

In Character Chatbox

We do have an IN CHARACTER CHATBOX (members only), which is useful not only for curing writer's block, but it is also a chance to easily check out other people's characters. See how they interact with others in the cbox. Please keep in mind that the ICC is considered an alternate universe (AU) and is absolutely not a replacement for threading.

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