By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text plans for the new year

    sept 1st || @Nora Valkyrie so apparently it's a new year? HAPPY NEW YEAR NORA! we should do something.
  2. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text alone in the dark

    August 31st || @Qrow Branwen Do you mind if I come over for a bit? I don't want to be alone right now.
  3. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private dreams are a wish your heart makes

    date idr || @Maria Calavera The start of the season had been rough to say the least. Learning that Qrow was her father had been a major highlight and she'd savored that knowledge and basically told everyone she could. Her emblem became a mix of hers and Qrow's and she'd taken the name Branwen...
  4. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text guess what

    June 16th || @Yang Xiao Long YANG YANG GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT
  5. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text you're crying, a night when, nobody else is home

    june 10th || @Maria Calavera mom, are you awake?
  6. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private big hunter meet little huntress

    june 9th || @Godzilla News of a giant lizard off Pithos Bay had sparked interest in the young huntress, not because she wanted to attack and kill the lizard but because she was incredibly curious. Leaving Zwei at home, Summer coming along with her, she dressed in her typical attire, with...
  7. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private searching for the starlight in the darkest skies

    june 17th || @Weiss Schnee It was a few days after she had contacted Ozma about how to go about dealing with her feelings regarding a certain ice princess. To go about this naturally was a little better than her dad's suggestion of holding a boombox and screeching which probably would cause...
  8. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private Never Miss A Beat

    June 8th || @Penny Polendina Ruby had finished changing her rose emblem to the emblem Maria had managed to fix up for her which was Qrow's emblem of the wing around her emblem of the rose which sat in place of the gear. Another reminder of her connection to her father, Qrow. Not uncle but...
  9. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text family heirlooms

    june 7th || @Qrow Branwen hey dad, look at this. [image of her cape with the branwen-rose emblem ]
  10. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text i think i love her

    june 12th || @Ozma oz, i need advice and you're the only one i actually trust to ask this.
  11. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text tidings of joy

    june 6th || @Maria Calavera hey there auntie! thank you so much for the emblem <3 it's going on EVERYTHING. not to take away from the incredible gesture but one day we need to combine all three -yours, mine and uncle qrow dad's.
  12. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text spun in circles

    june 5th || @Weiss Schnee weiss. you'll never guess what i just found out. i'm qrow's daughter.
  13. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text thank you

    june 5th || @James Ironwood qrow is my father. and i have you to thank for this. i'm not being sarcastic either. it never would have been known otherwise. and while i don't know how you two view each other right now- i just wanted to say thank you.
  14. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text we're still sisters, that won't change

    june 5th || @Yang Xiao Long if you're with blake you can tell her this too. turns out qrow is my father, not my uncle. but yang? you're still my sister, okay? that won't ever change. i love you
  15. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text good luck charm

    june 5th || @Nora Valkyrie Nora? Tell me you're sitting down because I have something to tell you. Qrow isn't my uncle. He's my father.
  16. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text news of the century

    june 5th || @Ozma hey ozma, do you have a minute?
  17. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text practice makes perfect

    may 10th || @Ozma OZ OZ OZ OZ i finally perfected the hot cocoa!
  18. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Text sister act II

    march 14 || @Winter Schnee Winter? I just wanted to let you know that Weiss is back.
  19. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private i need a hero

    may 18th || @Qrow Branwen Ruby had been out of sorts lately. It had started when Oscar vanished and continued even when she spoke with General Ironwood which while she wasn't angry with him, nor did she hate him, she wasn't too sure on what to call him. Over the last few days she'd deliberated...
  20. Ruby Branwen-Rose

    Private we count the scars on our hearts

    may 14th || @James Ironwood There were so many ups and downs that had happened over the past few months that Ruby was pretty sure she had emotional whiplash - from joyous smiles to tears and ashes, she wasn't exactly sure how she should feel. This messy emotional state also lead to Summer being...
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