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  1. eudaemonics

    Bremusa's Too-Late Fall Thread Checkup!

    i'd like to continue both of our threads if thats cool! i've been a bit busy with school, but maybe we can try to think of ways to wrap up the threads a bit faster if thats what you want?? im cool w/ anything
  2. eudaemonics

    Closed threads of fate || quick fate character poll

    thank you for voting!! since it seems most of the votes are going towards flat, i'll be going with him!
  3. eudaemonics

    Closed threads of fate || quick fate character poll

    hi! first time doing a poll, but i'm feeling super stuck between two fate characters i both REALLY want to play. since i play gudako, my options for apping fate characters are really limited due to the amount of overlap between fgo and other fate entries. there's actually only one entry that...
  4. eudaemonics

    Community April Activity Check!

    Saving: Ritsuka Fujimaru, Narancia Ghirga, Allen Walker Dropping: n/a Notes: <3 take care of yourselves!!! <3
  5. eudaemonics

    so sorry for the delays with my replies!! schools been killing me... i hope to get replying asap...

    so sorry for the delays with my replies!! schools been killing me... i hope to get replying asap this week/weekend!
  6. eudaemonics

    [OOC] Open magisperika | euda's ama!

    @Piemaker 1 - ofc queen....... lets have a romantic dinner of half-melted frozen dumpster soup 2 - OOH this is genuinely a hard one actually uhhh... my main image has been my clown shit but if i had to say, the aesthetic for the rest of my image would probably be like. gekidan inu curry's...
  7. eudaemonics

    [OOC] Open magisperika | euda's ama!

    @Jace 1 - im rubber youre glue whatever you say to me bounces off of me and sticks to you 2 - i've always been a sucker for dumb or seemingly dumb characters that would do anything for their friends, so that was kind of something that sucked me in originally-- but i actually really like the...
  8. eudaemonics

    [OOC] Open ramblin' time | jace's ama

    how do you survive having so many threads? im both in awe and in fear of your chad energy, jace for a serious question-- what're the funniest headcanons youve had for your characters? if not the funniest, what's your favorite headcanon for them? also-- what are your favorite genres of music?
  9. eudaemonics

    [OOC] Open magisperika | euda's ama!

    if i could use a little bit of magic, hiya! i'm eudaemonics, but you can just call me euda! i'm your local lover of idiots, clowns, and idiot clowns exclusively-- as well as the player of ritsuka fujimaru, narancia ghirga, and allen walker! my main interests are fate/grand order and other...
  10. eudaemonics

    [OOC] Open I Am Not Piemaker || Piemaker's AMA

    do you love me? in all seriousness-- what has been your favorite thread/plot/ you've done with your characters? present or past!
  11. eudaemonics

    Community Featured Wants - LOTTERY CLOSED :(

    Character Name: Leonardo Da Vinci Fandom: Fate/Grand Order Image: here! (she's the brunette) Short Blurb: A woman of unparalleled beauty and wisdom, the famous Renaissance artist with far too many skills to name, Chaldea's one and only-- Da Vinci-chan! A Caster-class Servant aligned with...
  12. eudaemonics

    so sorry about the lack of posts! im hoping to get replying by the weekend!

    so sorry about the lack of posts! im hoping to get replying by the weekend!
  13. eudaemonics

    Secret Santa 2k19

    @Bremusa merry christmas! i made you a playlist for liz on spotify!!!! here it is!
  14. eudaemonics

    Secret Santa 2k19

    Name: euda Back-up?: no <: ((( Top 3 Favorite Things: any of my apped fandoms (fgo is Big Fave tho), aesthetic boards, and finding new music!
  15. eudaemonics

    Location Submissions

    Location Title: Metrazol Incorporated Location Description: A power company dedicated to providing Pandora with a new kind of clean, efficient energy. Not much is known about what the employee life is like inside of the building, and can be occasionally selective in selecting employees, but it...
  16. eudaemonics

    Akinator Guesses our Characters

    got gudako in 17 questions! got caught after he asked if she was from the fate series and time travelled lmao got narancia in about 33 questions! he messed up and thought he was ciel at first, but once he asked if he was italian, i knew he got me got shinichi in 18 questions! asked if he was...
  17. eudaemonics

    Open a prisoner's dilemma

    17th or the 20th are good for me!
  18. eudaemonics

    October Recs: Friendships

    @Ritsuka Fujimaru and @Pannacotta Fugo a spur of the moment thread turned absolutely fucking AMAZING, and these two are unlikely pals by gudako's insistence and perseverance! sure, she may have gotten punched, and almost killed by his stand, but how's that any different than the bullshit she's...
  19. eudaemonics

    October Recs: Fellow Players

    @Piemaker BRO..... pie, i love litcherally every thread we've ever done but that doesnt compare to how like. funny and creative you are??? you have such a fun, wildly unpredictable sense of humor that makes going into the discord server fun, especially when you arent prepared for the proverbial...
  20. eudaemonics

    Open Simon's Very Many Failed Bands [3 SPOTS OPEN!]

    do you think i could have @Ritsuka Fujimaru join fly & the traps as a guitarist? if she can save the world, she can totally play the guitar, right?
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