By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Harleen Quinzel

    Private this will be non pc soon

    September 22nd @Schrödinger From the moment she had entered the building, Harley begun feeling tingles aaaaaall over her figure. Just a few minutes ago she'd been so excited to receive an invitation for the most livid party of the year. She had dressed up for the occasion, putting on a red...
  2. Harleen Quinzel

    Letter slayin' queen

    @Edelgard von Hresvelg YOUR EXCELLENCY MA'AM EDELGARD VON HRESVELG Queen of Heavenfell and the Kingdom of the Slumbering Abyss , I just wanted to start by sayin' that I'm a big fan!!!! Those reforms ya're tryin' to do against the meritocratic system? Brilliant!!! And ya gotta respect a lady...
  3. Harleen Quinzel

    News Article Best Seller Book Sparks Controversy

    June 15th 'The Rebellious Hearts', a new book written by the infamous Harley Quinn, current mayor of the village Aetheria in the Crystal Vales region and as it seems, aspiring writer, has just been published and readers in all regions can't stop talking about it. The story follows a young...
  4. Harleen Quinzel

    Private wanda vs thanos

    July 3rd @Edgar Cizko Harley's small shoulders were weighted by the burdens of responsibility towards her community once again, markin' the return of back pains. She was too young for back pains, though not as young as she would have liked, or else she would not have bothered with the...
  5. Harleen Quinzel

    Text find and seek

    @Jessica Jones Hey detective lady I need ur help!!!! It's really urgent !!!! I lost my beaver :(
  6. Harleen Quinzel

    Text missed me

    @Goro Majima Bossman sir!! I've been thinkin'. What's with the eye patch? I mean are ya really missin' one eye or are ya bringin' back Pirates of the Caribbean in fashion Are ya gonna give eyepatches to the rest of yar crew too? Cuz I gotta warn ya skipper, that'd make them even more lousy...
  7. Harleen Quinzel

    Private detective story

    May 10th @Jessica Jones 'I'M OFF THE DEEP END, WATCH AS I DIVE IN, I'LL NEVER MEET THE GROUND...' cried Harley as she walked down the empty street with headphones in her ears that played sad and relatable love ballads. It was true enough that she had not been the girl character in the song for...
  8. Harleen Quinzel

    Private appreciating local culture

    Μay 14th @Faile Bashere It was time for Harley to reach the stars. In the most literal sense possible! The quirky mayor had business somewhere above the stratosphere, which meant she got to return to the place of weird planets and claustrophobic space stations. Harley had gotten a glimpse of...
  9. Harleen Quinzel

    Private god save the sidekicks

    April 3rd @Neopolitan In Harley's life, there were many instances where she would head for a place only to end up in a completely random location with a new goal in mind. The fact that this same thing happened in Pancuckoo land a lot might was a source of agitation for some of the box's folks...
  10. Harleen Quinzel

    Private you should see me in a clown

    March 31st @Aerith Gainsborough Even if present Harley was now kind of a big deal compared to old Harley, she really strived to maintain her bombastic, flamboyant, yet at the same time approachable, down to the gutter, gal of the people profile that she was known of. Sure she had used some of...
  11. Harleen Quinzel

    Private feral ferret friends

    March 24th @Xiao Xingchen Big red hooded Harley had come to Cascade Bay for another diplomatic meetin' about the chance of receivin' some feral ferrets that had been causin' trouble to this place's system. People in fancy dress up seemed to think the ferrets belonged in a place like Aetheria...
  12. Harleen Quinzel

    Private homecoming

    February 25th @Arthur Fleck There was somebody in this town, of the variety of fellas Harley was, dyin’ to meet, every time Pandora grabbed them with its little puffy chains. And when she thought fellas, she meant just the one, but she had come to figure out that the world was a bigger mess...
  13. Harleen Quinzel

    Recent Event Aetheria Celebrates All-Inclusive Holidays

    December 7th -January 7th The Aetheria All-New, All-Different, All-Inclusive Holidays aim to unite people from all cultures of Pandora, with a huge Market and every day events from 7th of December until the 7th of January dedicated to popular and not so popular winter celebrations. Entrance is...
  14. Harleen Quinzel

    Open What does your fandom celebrate in winter?

    Greetings!! So Aetheria is gonna attempt the impossible next month - achieve the Ultimate Level of Inclusivity or ( Culturally Appropriate Everything) and celebrate ALL winter customs and traditions. Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Life Day, Hatsumode, you name it, Aetheria does it!!!! Since I...
  15. Harleen Quinzel

    Open be nice, save lives

    September 13th Open to all! Mayor Harley Quinn was visitin' the Pandopelopolis on business and she hoped her appearance conveyed that message clearly, what with walking around in red heels, wrapped in a green coat and wearing a hat with a unicorn horn extendin' from the fabric. The politicians...
  16. Harleen Quinzel

    Rumor Aetheria New Year's Party

    September 1st ''Did you hear about the New Year's party in Aetheria? The new Mayor is going wild! Free booze, free food, rides with the flying ponies, fireworks!! We gotta go check it out!!'' ''She just got elected and she is throwing parties? With whose money? Aetheria will be bankrupt in...
  17. Harleen Quinzel

    Open Aetheria's New Year Party!!

    September 1st @open to all!! 'Annd to show how much we care about animals, the new chief of the agriculture bureau is an openly vegan werewolf!! Say hello to Timothy!' Harley announced from the stage to the cheering crowd. Timothy appeared, sayin' his hellos and promisin' that Aetheria was...
  18. Harleen Quinzel

    Private paintin' the town red and black

    July 15th @Wade Wilson She was in the middle of her summer campaign and things were in full swing. She had already called out Sprinto for the dirtbag he was in live radio and had spoken to journalists and people in fancy suits, but it was time to do the thing that every politician was supposed...
  19. Harleen Quinzel

    Recent Event Aetheria Debate: Sprinto vs Harley

    July 4th The two candidates for Aetheria's new Mayor, Harley Quinn and Sprinto, were hosts in the popular magical radio show Vale's Voice. The debate was heated and soon it had to be stopped, as the candidates did not hesitate to use violence against each other and report minor injuries, when...
  20. Harleen Quinzel

    Open THE DEBATE!

    July 4th This thread is open for reactions if your character happened to listen to the radio show Alia Petrivi leaned towards the microphone, her smooth and eloquent voice travelling through the magical radio waves of Crystal Vales. 'Good morning, Crystal Vales! I am Alia Petriti and today we...
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