By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Hal Jordan

    Text Intergovermental Business

    calendarDec 1st @Lorraine Broughton Howdy there. It's been a while. Hows my third favorite spy been?.
  2. Hal Jordan

    News Article Skywalker Day! Assembly of Planets! And More!

    Nov 1st General Secretary Harold Jordan has announced the first-ever Skywalker Day on December 1st! It's in honor of General Secretary Anakin Skywalker, the man who first propelled Hal Jordan into the political world by permitting him to run a small militia in Alliance space. Since then Jordan...
  3. Hal Jordan

    Text A Little Thunder

    calendarOct 1st @Isabelle LightwoodHey Isabelle How are ya doing. Been a little while since we last spoke. So I hope things have been good since then.
  4. Hal Jordan

    Open Skywalker Day!

    Hal Jordan has decided to commemorate his third month in power by finally giving the people what they want. An official holiday for @Anakin Skywalker! A previous Gen Sec and the man who originally set Hal down the path to becoming a politician and the first-ever democratically elected conquerer...
  5. Hal Jordan

    Private El-Presidente Things

    Oct 18th Grand Citadel, Alliance Square General Secrearies Office Hal had sat at his office for all of three minutes and he'd already been forwarded roughly a hundred documents by his assistant, the first of which involved a request from the self-proclaimed 'Lord of Naerys', a planet which...
  6. Hal Jordan

    Private Not Your Average Amazonian

    September 23rd @Revan Hal was here for a few days and it was alright. Politics were annoying as expected but everything else was up to par. He liked some of the people he'd come across for the most part. It seemed to be a decent change from how things were on Elysium. Nobody came to him...
  7. Hal Jordan

    Private The Boys are Back

    Sept 20th @Barry Allen The past month and a half had been bittersweet. The Alliance was now under his command but after a bloody war, Hal felt a dark cloud following him everywhere he went. His recent run in with Isabelle helped the man a bit but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't...
  8. Hal Jordan

    Text will you be my plus one???

    calendarSept 15th @Jo Harvelle Hey Jo. Remember how I said I'd show you a pretty star after I won the war? well how about I show you a black hole? also I need you as my date
  9. Hal Jordan

    Open Changes to the Alliance!

    Okay, ladies and gentlemen, General Secretary Hal Jordan is making changes to the Alliance. Some big, others are not. But he's going to make sure his reign is well known by the countless planets and stations under the Alliance. New Changes and Goals! I'll start with the biggest change he's...
  10. Hal Jordan

    News Article Long May The Lantern Reign!

    Sept 19th In the days before the 'Interpandoran Conference of 109', General Secretary Jordan has been to release countless political prisoners, many of which were sent to re-education camps located deep within Alliance space by the last regime. This comes in as he's pushed forth countless new...
  11. Hal Jordan

    News Article The War is Over!

    Sept 3st Today where the now-deposed Inilossum originally declared he'd take control of the Alliance now stands Hal Jordan. The man who alongside the people of Elysium and the Alliance fought throughout the summer to secure his position as the first-ever, Elected General Secretary of the...
  12. Hal Jordan

    Private Fresh Start

    Sept 4th @Isabelle Lightwood Just a year after his arrival, Hal led the Alliance into a war and he had won. Most men would have been glad, ecstatic even. But Hal had lost so much over the summer. Not only had countless people on both sides died, many of which would never get a chance to see...
  13. Hal Jordan

    Text its ur bff

    calendarAugust 15th @Dinah Lance how's my favorite lady doing. please tell me youre alive. and still in Pandora. or imma lose my mind.
  14. Hal Jordan

    Recent Event Rebels Push Towards Elysium

    July 31st Onward The fighting between Harold Jordan's rebel forces and Inillossum's government has become more frequent and the number of lives lost or unaccounted for has begun to skyrocket. Reports state that this is due to elements within the rebels pushing deeper into Alliance space. With...
  15. Hal Jordan

    Inactive Off the Clock

    August 19th @Fareeha Amari Hal was once more off the space war clock. Taking some time to keep away from the war and just to give himself some downtime away from the pressure of it all. Just him alone with his thoughts and no army tugging at him in all directions, for this or that. He got the...
  16. Hal Jordan

    Private Intel Flight

    July 29 @Lorraine Broughton What started as a small chat on Starkbook turned into a small adventure. Hal hadn't seen or spoke to Lorraine in a bit but he assumed this was going to be one interesting encounter. He had no idea how this could or would go, which only made his flight over to the DoL...
  17. Hal Jordan

    Private My Favorite Alien

    July 19th @Kara Zor-El Hal had touched down in Centria once more. It'd slowly started to get militarily hot in space as skirmishes and the like had begun to happen all over the Elysian frontier. Soon he knew the actual fighting would begin as Elysium sent more and more elements towards the...
  18. Hal Jordan

    Private Nightly Inspection

    June 29th @Carol Danvers Something about the rough and tough of the Wastes always drew Hal back in. The constant need for aid and just the sheer Wild West aspect reminded him of life back home during his own patrols. He felt like the ongoings of space politics were taking a toll on him and...
  19. Hal Jordan

    Private Regula Pals

    July 20th @Robert Baratheon Hal needed a vacation. Some time away from the stresses of war and rebellion. Which was how he'd found himself hitting up a gym. He'd been in dire need of just exercising his worries away. Maybe forgetting about it for a bit and just occupying his mind. For the...
  20. Hal Jordan

    Text Pair o' Lanterns

    calendarJune 22nd @Jo Harvelle So hows my fave green lantern been?. Run into any problems yet? Or is your pretty self doing great. As i'd expect from ya.
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