By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Dharke

    Complete The Nomads

    The Nomads The Nomads are a group of supernatural creatures (e.g. vampires, shape shifters and demons, among others), united by their desire to hunt and feed on humans. They have a low opinion of any predatory creature that tries to deny its natural ways, which often leads to the Nomads...
  2. Dharke

    Open Battle of the Willies

    Please help me choose between two characters from 80s sci-fi films! Bonus points if you comment on this thread, saying how much you'd like to plot with one of them. ;) Private William Hudson Hudson is played by Bill Paxton in Aliens (1986). He is one of the good guys, reacting strongly when...
  3. Dharke

    Tiger & Ham

    Dharke's Organiser About Me Hello! Here's a little about me before we start: I keep a small colony of degus as pets, have no offline social life and live in the North of England. The fandom I tend to gravitate towards the most is The Walking Dead. I’m a recent Star Wars convert, having got...
  4. Dharke

    Answered Boost Your Midi-chlorian Count

    Hello! I wanted to run an idea through staff regarding a personal plot/storyline/minor plot that I would like to use this season. It would involve an antagonist (either NPC or a player’s character) getting hold of some kind of object that gives people Star Wars powers (makes them Force...
  5. Dharke

    Open Trip To Yensid - Revisited!

    “Yensid resembles a much smaller version of planet Earth, but is populated by anthropomorphic animals. Walking down a street in Yensid, you wouldn’t find it uncommon to see a dog faced person with a human on a leash, human babies being sold in pet shops, or bloodied human torsos hanging upside...
  6. Dharke

    Open Which Zootopia Character?

    I finally got around to watching 'Zootopia' with my sister's kids. What a fucking wonderful film. I'm tempted to app a character because I love my animal folk, but I'm not sure I can handle the extra body, plus I'm sucking horribly at responding to threads in a timely manner at the moment...
  7. Dharke

    Walking Dead: Seasons

    Site Link // Canon List // Wanted Characters You find yourself in the Washington Metropolitan Area in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Civilisation and infrastructure have fallen. Your only hope of survival is to join one of the growing communities in the region. Some of these groups are...
  8. Dharke

    Open Lion Curse Shenanigans

    Apollo's clone put a curse on Ezekiel, which causes him to change into a large African lion whenever he reads anything written by William Shakespeare (aloud or silently). This also extends to hearing somebody reciting Shakespeare (face to face or in a form of media, such as the radio or...
  9. Dharke

    Answered Canon NPCs

    I have a suggestion, although I understand if you respond with a flat out no, because it causes too many headaches and complications. ;) All players are allowed to have an NPC account on the forum, which is linked to their other accounts. They could have x amount of NPCs (maybe three to match...
  10. Dharke

    Completed Autumn Good Deeds - PLEASE!

    I'm doing my own crack cocaine version of TWD series 4! The Governor is trapped in tiger form thanks to the great Apollo. In order to regain his humanity, he needs to prove he's worthy of being human by doing lots of good deeds around Pandora. Winter Good Deeds: News article detailing good...
  11. Dharke

    Canceled Let's Kick The Saviors out of Morhall

    Spamming members of Morhall: @Saber of Red, @Roy Mustang, @Riza Hawkeye, @Pino, @Maes Hughes and @Gerold Hirschberg. @Bellamy Blake and the Saviors have to go!!! Octi's getting rid of the Saviors and we thought it'd add a bit of spice to have them forcibly ejected from Morhall. Although...
  12. Dharke

    Canceled Christmas Play Interest Check

    I wondered whether there'd be any interest in doing a Christmas themed play at the beginning of next season? If so, what should we do? I personally think Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol would make a good one, but I'm open to ideas! We can do a vote like last time. Also, you should all join...
  13. Dharke

    Closed Cat Fleas!

    I'm seeking a magic user type character to give Shere Khan or The Governor (got to admit, kind of leaning towards the latter the most, as usual :p ) a case of invincible fleas, or make them feel like they've got them. Perhaps your character did this in self-defence or Khan/Gov did something to...
  14. Dharke

    Tigers Everywhere - Summer Edition

  15. Dharke

    Open Parent Guardian Needed

    Sorry if this picture ends up being enormous; it's hard to tell sizes on a tablet! This is Penny Blake. The NPC daughter of The Governor. She was a hideous festering zombie not long ago, but Paracelsus cured her. She's been living with him following an incident with her father that left her...
  16. Dharke

    Closed Silly Circus Idea

    I wondered if there was a player or two who’d like to join The Governor or Shere Khan in a possibly silly and far fetched little mini-plot? The bare bones of the idea would involve a few characters being abducted by a circus ringmaster and his crew (most likely NPCs), who force them to perform...
  17. Dharke

    Closed Abducting a Council Member

    After thinking about it over the last month, I've decided to revise the plot, so the Pandora Town government are not aware of Berelain's abduction. This is because I cannot offer much flexibility in terms of IC repercussions (capture or death), due to having a couple of personal long term plots...
  18. Dharke

    Open Morhall Leadership!

    Spamming: @Smithson Utivich, @Pino, @Nancy Whitman, @Maeve Millay, @Gerold Hirschberg, @Bellamy Blake, @Arc: I'm struggling to find the time and "head space" to manage four characters, so I'm going to drop Bothos by the beginning of next season. I'm eager to carry on implementing developments...
  19. Dharke

    Suggestion Character Rotation

    I've noticed the new character images going into the rotation, and wanted to raise this as a potential suggestion again. This was originally posted in [feedback please!] Potential New "Spotlight" System, back on 2nd June, 2016. Me: I feel you could use the character rotation and even suggested...
  20. Dharke

    Open Which Town(s) Is/Are Next?

    Look! A nasty plague’s come to Misty Hollow! I'm thinking The Governor could squeeze in one or two more towns to hit, before karma catches up to him again (no death :P). But which town(s)!? Here is a link to the general plague brainstorming thread.
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