By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. The Pantheon

    About Pandora News

    Pandora News Welcome to the newly revamped Pandora News section! This is the one-spot stop to get information on all of the latest happenings in Pandora. Players may also submit news to this section at any time, and those threads have the potential of shaping the world. All threads created...
  2. The Pantheon

    Community Pandopolis Head of Magical Advancements Sign-Ups !

    Pandopolis Head of Magical Advancements Sign-ups open April 10 - 17! Are you looking for your character to hold an influential position in Pandora? The following positions are open on the Pandopolis Council! Head of Magical Advancements - Note that Magnus Bane's term ends on April 15. A new...
  3. The Pantheon

    Community Small Updates

    Small Updates This thread will keep you guys update to small on small changes that have been made which don't warrant their own separate announcement. Check back regularly!
  4. The Pantheon

    Community Activity Check Survey & More!

    Hey everybody! In light of some confusion over the activity check, we have clarified some stuff, released some new tools, and are looking for feedback! Low Activity Clarification SEE NEXT POST !! There's been some confusion in regard to the low activity PMs that we have been sending out...
  5. The Pantheon

    Community December Updates: Banned Fandoms, Winter Activity Checks, & More!

    Hey, everyone! We have a couple of December announcements for you guys today! Banned Fandoms Seeing as how it's always been difficult to draw the line between what is an acceptable fandom or not (such as when something is considered too slapstick, or unrealistic, or what-have-you) we've...
  6. The Pantheon

    Community Activity Check & Other Changes

    Activity Check and Other Changes Pandora is continuously growing and evolving, which means that our OOC systems are, too! After a lot of discussion, staff have collectively decided it would be best to switch to a behind the scenes activity check system. In addition, we’ve made some adjustments...
  7. The Pantheon

    Timeline of Current Events

    Timeline of Current Events Years Year 108
  8. The Pantheon

    Dread Wastes: About the Undertaker

    The Undertaker ❝ It's nothing personal — just natural selection. ❞Name: The Undertaker Age: 60s Species: Human Height: 6'10'' Citizenship: Dreadlander Alignment: Lawful Evil Appearance Standing at an impressive 6'10'', the Undertaker is a robust, scarred man sporting a dark beard and...
  9. The Pantheon

    Location Submissions

    Submit a Location Guidelines We do not accept any locations pulled directly from canon. Location submissions should be unique to Pandora! If a location is intended to be available for characters to work at, don't forget to post it in the appropriate Job Sign-Ups Thread. NPCs may be used to...
  10. The Pantheon

    Lorebook Submissions

    Lorebook Submissions The Encyclopedia is for members who are interested in learning more about Pandora's world. While all information contained within the Lorebook is considered canon, it is not necessary to read up on the information prior to joining, in contrast with information that is found...
  11. The Pantheon

    Autumn Is Here!

    Autumn Is Here! More than just the leaves have changed for autumn this year. The Calamity has ended and Pandora's citizens have awoken to a much larger world. Cities, towns, villages, and entire landscapes have sprouted up seemingly overnight. There's a vast new world to explore, full of...
  12. The Pantheon

    Dread Wastes Job Sign-Ups

    Lethe Job Sign-Ups Although the Dread Wastes have no real sense of government, unity or otherwise, Lethe is the largest and most organized pocket of civilization to be found in the Wastes. It is also one of the only places where wanderers come far and wide to barter, trade and more. Lethe is...
  13. The Pantheon

    Crystal Vales Job Sign-Ups

    Cascade Bay Job Sign-Ups Come and work in the beautiful seaside Cascade Bay, one of the largest cities in the Crystal Vales. It is located directly on the coast, where a majority of the city's commerce stems from. NOTES: If your character already has a full-time job, do not apply for a...
  14. The Pantheon

    Cosmic Wilderness Job Sign-Ups

    Elysium Job Sign-Ups Much of the authority in the Cosmic Wilderness is split between the iron grip of the Overcity Alliance and the machinations of the Undercity Oligarchs. In recent times, they've largely come to a detente. Most aspects of the Cosmic economy are ultimately compelled to be at...
  15. The Pantheon

    Centria Job Sign-Ups

    Centria Job Sign-Ups The largest city in Centria, and arguably one of the largest in all of Pandora, Ark City is ripe with opportunities and wealth. Small businesses thrive in the smaller districts, whilst the towers of larger corporations can be seen reaching toward the sky toward the city's...
  16. The Pantheon

    Pandopolis Job Sign-Ups

    Pandopolis Job Sign-Ups Pandopolis has long since achieved a stable economy, and with great economy comes great job opportunities, ranging from high positions in the government to everyday jobs and services. Please note that not all available jobs are listed. If you wish to create a position...
  17. The Pantheon

    Dread Wastes Housing Sign-Ups

    Lethe Housing Sign-Ups Although not quite a city in the traditional sense of the word, full of mismatched buildings in various states of repair, Lethe is large and easy to get lost in. Its architecture is a blend of concrete and cement buildings in excellent condition, or buildings on the verge...
  18. The Pantheon

    Centria Housing Sign-Ups

    Ark City Housing Sign-Ups Like any large city, Ark City offers a variety of housing from lofts to condominiums to suburban houses. Any character who is at least 16 years of age can rent or buy a home. NOTES: This list does not represent every home available in Ark City. If the list is full...
  19. The Pantheon

    Crystal Vales Housing Sign-Ups

    Cascade Bay Housing Sign-Ups Cascade Bay spreads out from the cliff-tops, sprawling down the cliffs themselves and then out over the open ocean, with docks and bridges connecting dozens of tiny islands that dot the coast. NOTES: This list does not represent every home available in Cascade...
  20. The Pantheon

    Cosmic Wilderness Housing Sign-Ups

    Elysium Housing Sign-Ups Overcity housing, praised as well-kept units in gleaming residential skyscrapers with luxurious views, is assigned to characters via Alliance bureaucracy. Undercity housing is undocumented, free-for-all, and can be bought, sold, or rented out under the table at the...
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