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We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private [TW] Look Beyond

    This thread depicts survivor's guilt, death, war, and immolation @Princess Luna || March 16th, Year 110 || Dreamscape Though he's made efforts to let go of the past that haunts him, nightmares are still a frequent companion whenever darkness falls. When he does fall asleep, it's rare that...
  2. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private Fresh Starts

    @Edelgard von Hresvelg || January 7th, Year 110 || Minister of Battle's Office, the Spire He hadn't expected Edelgard's offer to be part of the cabinet of her kingdom, though perhaps in hindsight it made sense. He excelled in the matters of warfare, more so when, admittedly, he wasn't...
  3. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private Wyverns, Griffins, and Phoenixes, Oh My

    @Claude von Riegan || January 18th || The Magical Kingdom Something Dimitri was quick to appreciate about Crystal Vales was its mystical beauty. His office in one of the Spire's many towers had a window positioned just perfectly to spy the Severed Haven floating on the horizon. Whenever the...
  4. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Inactive Scars Haven't Faded

    @Ferdinand von Aegir || October 15, Year 110 || Edge of the city It was typical that those new to the City Guard's force naturally, continuously, draw the short end of the stick for shifts. Ranging from early mornings to the dead of night, they were timeframes he was already used to. Before the...
  5. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private You Know Far Too Much

    @Sylvain Jose Gautier || July 29th, Year 109 || Gutter Alley, Lethe Suicidal thoughts and death, Dimitri's struggles with his delusions are described so please take care. It had been a month since he died. Valhalla had healed the scar that once been there, removing any evidence that he had...
  6. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Complete That You Feel Anything at all is Life

    @Edelgard von Hresvelg | July 22nd, Year 109 | Back corner booth, Drunken Sandworm Edelgard. The Emperor of the Adrestian Empire, the one responsible for Fódlan becoming engulfed in the ravages of war. A person who was working in collaboration with the very same person who had set the world...
  7. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Pinder Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, 24

    Dimitri, 24 Dread Wastes are you bread, cause i knead you :* timesstar heart
  8. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private A Bad Day to Die

    @Kait Diaz || June 18th, Year 109 || The Scorch There's gonna be deaths at the hands of bandits It was meant to be a mundane trip through the desert in order to retrieve lost goods. A caravan attacked by the region's sandworms left behind small, important bags in the sands of the Scorch. In...
  9. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Complete Knight and the Beast

    @Sylvain Jose Gautier | June 5th | North District It wasn't often that Dimitri ventured into Lethe's north district, its militia often more of a hassle than it was worth. It was hard to hide the collar that sat snuggly around his throat, which was a sign just begging for trouble. Even trying to...
  10. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private Beasts of a Scale

    @Diego Brando | May 16th, Year 109 | Outside the Drunken Sandworm, 6:47pm Velika's hooves kicked up a cloud of dirt with each step, though neither she nor her rider cared much. They had spent the past week traveling through the Scorch, and the trip had taken its toll. Between the intense heat...
  11. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Complete Chained Beast [M]

    This post mentions: vigilante murder, hallucinations (auditory & visual), self-harm/suicidal-thoughts, self-hatred May 5th, Year 109 | One-shot | Holding Cell The weight of cuffs around his wrists summoned familiar memories, one where his cell was damper and his sentence was death rather than...
  12. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Letter Show of Love

    @Byleth Eisner, @Sylvain Gautier, February 14th Year 109 Valentine's Day was an opportunity to spoil the ones close to his heart, to show them his affection where his words often failed. He had ended up with only a few days to prepare for the holiday, but nevertheless he tried his best to make...
  13. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Letter From One Heart to Another

    @Sylvain Gautier, February 14th, Year 109 Sylvain, Through my life, the one I had led both in Fodlan and in Pandora, you have been a constant comfort. Regardless of the hardships that we faced, and the conflicts that we have suffered through, you have been there for me. Even in my darkest of...
  14. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Complete Insatiable

    @Sylvain Gautier November 26th, Year 109 He had been too harsh. Looking back on it, that much was clear to Dimitri. While he merely called Sylvain insatiable, it was uncalled for. Mean. His friend had brushed it off as he did everything else, wearing his smile as if it was nothing more than a...
  15. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Inactive A is for Aladdin

    @Aladdin September 31st, Year 109 It was to be his second day visiting the Slumbering Abyss but given the nature of his newfound work, it was far from his last. Dimitri was not sure how, when, and why Claude had become the second hand of the kingdom's king. By now, it was easier to simply...
  16. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Inactive Back to the Basics

    @Jaime Lannister [Tbc] Dimitri hadn’t expected himself to have fallen so easily into the role of a teacher, yet it crept up on him. It began when he first found some teenagers flailing around with swords, stopping one just in time before they inevitably got something cut off. They...
  17. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Letter Together Forever

    September 20th, Year 109 @Byleth Eisner Early in the morning, a small parcel was left in Byleth's room whilst they were out. Inside was yet another brooch along with a hand-made handkerchief. Despite the amount of care that went into the broidery, the pink hydrangea stitched into a corner of...
  18. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Inactive War Makes Men Mad

    September 9th, Year 109 @Claude von Riegan Following the 13th Hour, it had taken his body sixty minutes to cycle out the adrenaline that rushed through it. Dimitri gave up attempting to fall back to sleep after another forty-five minutes. There was only so many times a person could count the...
  19. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Complete Sewing Woes

    August 10th, Year 108 @Kanji Tatsumi Centria was a world beyond his imagination. Tall buildings stretched into the sky, their glass windows glittering magnificently in the sunlight. The roads were filled with a bizarre cacophony of horns from metal wagons. The people here dressed in odd...
  20. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Blaiddyd, Dimitri Alexandre

    There are mentions of severe survivor's guilt, ageusia due to trauma, vividly graphic nightmares, and hallucinations (auditory and visual). DIMITRI ALEXANDRE BLAIDDYD Someone must put an end to the cycle of the strong trampling the weak! Played by Dantalion Fandom: Fire Emblem Age: 23...
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