By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Cupid

    To: Wanda Maximoff

    On the evening of Valentine's day a package arrived at Wanda's (and Peter's!!) residency. Inside there was a bouquet of flowers, a box of apples and pears and a card. You have offered me so much without asking anything in return. I feel the luckiest man in the world to have such a generous...
  2. Cupid

    To: Superman

    this is not late at all, shhh In a small parcel delivered on February 14th: a set of magnets designed as the butts of farm animals. This is a very attractive something. A bit ironic, maybe? ... I'm not a very good comedihen. — W.
  3. Cupid

    To: Mycroft Holmes

    In the morning of February 15th only dull, ordinary people exchange presents on February 14th, Mister @Mycroft Holmes would discover two boxes placed on the coffee table in his living room. The larger box, wrapped in red paper with large white ribbon contains a red velvet cake. Inside the...
  4. Cupid

    To: Tom McNair

    In the forest an anonymous Valentine's Day card sealed inside a red envelope can be found in a small wooden box near a particular campervan. Alongside the card is a silver tipped wooden stake wrapped with a red ribbon, as well as gift vouchers for various establishments in Pandora Town.
  5. Cupid

    Valentine Booth

    The Valentine Booth Here's the place to come and show your love to that special someone! Loves notes, chocolate hearts, teddy bears, roses -- they shall surely be received by him or her. We will be using the Cupid account for this event. Log in with the details below and post your valentine in...
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