By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Kaito Momota

    Private Welcome to the Moon Tour pt.2

    January 13th Like he'd promised, Kaito was taking Amiguchi on a trip around Elysium. Of course, part of the fun was going there. Taking the space elevator all the way to the shuttle station, then the ride over to the station in Elysium. Kaito still remembered how hyped he was when he brought...
  2. Kaito Momota

    Text Support From Above

    January 5th Yo! How's it going? Getting used to life in Pandora? @Shu Amiguchi
  3. Kaito Momota

    Text Hey Big Spender

    December 27th Hey! Did you get the money? @Oswin Oswald
  4. Kaito Momota

    Text Sidekick Checkup

    January 16th Maki Roll! What's up? @Maki Harukawa
  5. Kaito Momota

    Text Goofing Around

    January 8th Wanna hear a joke about a staccato? @Kaede Akamatsu
  6. Kaito Momota

    Text Happy Accidents

    January 11th Hey, do you guys deliver to Elysium? @Kotone Shiomi
  7. Kaito Momota

    Text Meeting the Coworkers

    January 4th Yo, you're one of the rangers at StarsX, right? What's up? @Yondu Udonta
  8. Kaito Momota

    Private Unlikely Meetings in Unlikely Places

    January 18th Kaito entered the store feeling a little uncertain. While he understood quite a bit about plants, specifically house plants, he wasn't super knowledgeable on flowers. He never had any interest in growing any, since they were more of a girl thing. He almost regretted it in that...
  9. Kaito Momota

    Complete That's No Gundam

    January 2nd The news had gotten Kaito's attention immediately as he scrolled through the typical news sites on his hand terminal. A giant robot... funny how that was one of the few things from back home that he hadn't seen in Pandora yet. Though, from what he saw in the news article, it looked...
  10. Kaito Momota

    Private The Brightest Star

    December 25th Working at an orphanage was a lot rougher than Kaito had expected it to be. It was hard to find free time to hang out with Maki because, well... it wasn't like the children just stopped existing during the holidays. In fact, they just got even rowdier. Still, Kaito wanted to make...
  11. Kaito Momota

    Letter Workplace Appreciation

    December 25th A small envelope for each person containing the equivalent of a 50$ gift card for Gallerian de Lorean as well as a small letter that reads: I had no idea what to give to you, so go buy yourself something nice! Merry Christmas! - Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars @Oswin Oswald...
  12. Kaito Momota

    Letter Big Gift For Small Folks

    December 25th @Ryoma Hoshi
  13. Kaito Momota

    Letter Space Beats

    December 25th @Makoto Yuki
  14. Kaito Momota

    Letter Late Night Entertainment

    December 25th @K1-B0
  15. Kaito Momota

    Letter To The #1 Sidekick

    @Shuichi Saihara
  16. Kaito Momota

    Letter Melodies of Space

    December 25th @Kaede Akamatsu
  17. Kaito Momota

    Complete Witness of Insanity

    November 28th Kaito couldn't believe what he was seeing. He'd known about Tsumugi ever since he first met with Maki. She was the mastermind, the one responsible for all the death and suffering they had to endure; the one who was going to be responsible for his own death. While he never doubted...
  18. Kaito Momota

    Private Musical Investments

    December 6th Christmas was close and Kaito was excited for it. Not nearly as excited as he could be (he could blame that on all the awful shit that had been happening and was still happening currently), but he refused to let himself get bogged down by problems. Instead, he was going to keep his...
  19. Kaito Momota

    Private Explorers of Oblivios

    November 17th It was hard to carry on with his career as a pilot when he knew one of his friends had gone missing. It wasn't that he didn't have faith in Shuichi, the Ultimate Detective had the best chance of discovering where Ryoma had gone to than anyone else, but Kaito still felt like he...
  20. Kaito Momota

    Text Panic Texting pt.2

    November 25th Dude! Are you ok!? @Makoto Yuki
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