By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Thancred Waters

    Private i forgot that you existed

    ✦ ―into a world of noise May 5, Year 110 -- @Emet-Selch Home sweet home. It's what Horizon has become to him, Thancred's presence in this little hidden gem of the Wastes having long since become a known one as well as a welcome one in his eagerness to aid its people. And it isn't just...
  2. Thancred Waters

    Private committed to an old ghost town

    ✦ ―into a world of noise November 12, Year 110 -- @Qrow Branwen Here he was. Still here. People likely thought him mad and, truth be told, they were probably right. There was a portal at his fingertips in Horizon, and yet he didn't go. He didn't leave, he didn't let himself fall into...
  3. Thancred Waters

    Inactive dead serious

    ✦ ―into a world of noise October 12, Year 110 -- @Yuri Leclerc So far, Pandora wasn't fun. As a matter of fact, Pandora was sufficiently awful, as far as Thancred Waters was concerned. The fact that he was on the run certainly didn't help things, but then, it wasn't his first experience...
  4. Thancred Waters

    Private still looking for my salvation

    ✦ ―into a world of noise October 8, Year 110 -- @Julian Devorak Nimble as Thancred was, as far as his energy could take him, as strong as he had trained himself to be, there were even limits for a body such as his. As his legs took him deeper and deeper into the Dread Wastes, which he...
  5. Thancred Waters

    Private B I R T H ? !

    ✦ ―into a world of noise November 1, Y110 -- @Maria Calavera & @Ruby Branwen-Rose & @Blake Belladonna Two birthdays. Two birthdays in two days. Honestly, it was perfect. Perhaps Thancred was just looking for an excuse to let loose a little bit, to let his guard down. Thal's Balls, he...
  6. Thancred Waters

    Private digging myself down deeper

    ✦ ―into a world of noise October 7, Y110 -- @Aloy Heart pounding away in his chest, it wasn't such a miracle that he was keeping his cool. Thancred Waters had always had more than an inkling of how to keep his head firmly atop his shoulders when the goings got tough and, truth be told, the...
  7. Thancred Waters

    Text i have a dream

    November 2 || @Hannah wasn't sure who you wanted, but feel free to reply with whoever you like! <3 tell me if you need a date tweak, too, i'm just throwing stuff at a wall! i have a dream of a future where no one knows how anything works, and nobody wants to! in this future, everything is...
  8. Thancred Waters

    Text >:(

    November 2 || @Swampmaker wasn't sure who you wanted, but feel free to reply with whoever you like! <3 tell me if you need a date tweak, too, i'm just throwing stuff at a wall! i don't care where the sun goes at night! he's an asshole! pardon my language as i shout into the void
  9. Thancred Waters

    Text happy all saints wake !

    calendar october 31 @Ruby Branwen-Rose @Blake Belladonna hello! just your local wastes-dweller here, wishing the pair of you an enjoyable all saints wake! the festivities are minimal at best here in horizon. not a single ghoul to be seen. i hope your neck of the woods is at least a little bit...
  10. Thancred Waters

    Inactive through and through

    ✦ ―i do so detest receiving mixed signals October 28, Y110 -- @Ruby Branwen-Rose The commotion drew him easily despite the fact that he should have been steering clear of such things. He was, after all, a man with a price on his head. Thancred Waters was somebody who should have been...
  11. Thancred Waters

    Inactive feel my blood running

    October 7 - @Talia al Ghul This was fine. Unusual, certainly, but fine. False. Nothing was in fine and, in fact, everything was very much awful in a way that Thancred could not put into words simply due to the fact that he literally couldn't. One moment, he had been laying on the...
  12. Thancred Waters

    Waters, Thancred

    THANCRED WATERS "thanc" the twelve Played by Octi Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV Age: 32 Species: Hyur Gender/Pronouns: He/Him Canon Point: After his battle with Ran'jit NPC Companions: wind-up minfilia SKILLS & ABILITIES Gunbreaker His preferred method of combat, Thancred is a trained...
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