By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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  1. Qrow Branwen

    Private thanks, i hate it

    JUNE 06, 110 | morning @Kakashi Hatake It was a Sunday, so no alarm was set. Qrow determined to do exactly jack shit on this particular day. No missions to run, nothing in the shop needed to be finished. Lesson-plan for the upcoming Friday was taking care of, for Pharos. Felt nice that he...
  2. Qrow Branwen

    Private skipping stones

    MAY 22, 110 | evening @Ryuji Sakamoto The barbeque was...kinda fun, honestly. Qrow hadn't really been even slightly social in almost a year at this point. He couldn't see himself doing it constantly but...yeah, he sort of needed this. Just kinda let loose in a normal adult way, instead of...
  3. Qrow Branwen

    Text one more ring

    MAY 16, 110 @Ozma late morning hey oz kinda got hitched last night. congrats you're the only person i'm texting about this
  4. Qrow Branwen

    Private barby cue

    MAY 22, 110 | afternoon friends of Kakashi & Qrow only Last weekend, Qrow fucked up. Not exactly an unusual thing, but for once it was intentional. A slip-up of the alcoholic variety, that he assumed would sort of...well, ruin his entire damn life. Shit had been going too well - too lucky -...
  5. Qrow Branwen

    Letter what's in the BOX

    MAY 17, 110 | evening @Kakashi Hatake A small clearly repurposed cardboard box was left in the middle of the coffee table in the living room. Entire thing wasn't very important looking - honestly carried more of the appearance of a package that needed to be tossed. The top was resealed with...
  6. Qrow Branwen

    Private The Ice Queen Cometh

    APRIL 8, 110 | evening @Weiss Schnee Qrow shifted back into being a human just outside the front door of their cottage, scrubbing his eyes with the back of his hand as he let out a loud and undignified yawn. The flight was always nice, but fuck it if wasn't a bitch when he was tired. It was...
  7. Qrow Branwen

    Complete Context, Finally

    APRIL 15, 110 | afternoon @Ryuji Sakamoto Past while had been an actual fucking mess. Just...absolute bullshit in every fucking way. There was the second Killing Game, which - yeah, he wasn't even gonna touch that with a thousand-foot pole. Then...his own shit. Being dumped out and back...
  8. Qrow Branwen

    Private Previously on RWBY...

    APRIL 5, 110 | late morning @Ozma It felt like he was being fucking babysat which was...irritating, but he knew it was for the best. Qrow had his shit significantly more together than he did a day or two before, but he still knew he was at-risk for doing something fucked up. Part of him was...
  9. Qrow Branwen

    Complete Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

    APRIL 3, 110 | roughly 3am @Kakashi Hatake It was...late. Or, early. Sort of. That muddy middle ground where it could go either way. He had naturally woken up, because...well, Kakashi was due back from a mission, and his internal clock naturally shook him awake for him coming back. Which...
  10. Qrow Branwen

    Private Can I Give You a HAND

    FEBRUARY 22, 110 | afternoon @Futaba Sakura The fingers were done. Qrow wasn't completely certain it was something he was capable of, truth be told. His wheelhouse was complicated multi-function weapons, not prosthesis. Yeah, he had been Jimbo's emergency go-to when shit was fucked...
  11. Qrow Branwen

    Private A Cool Dog

    FEBRUARY 15, 110 | evening @Kakashi Hatake When Qrow was asked to watch Ryuji's "Pokemon", he got a blank stare. Then the kid actually explained it was that weird dog that he met in the hospital, and he actually considered it. There were already...too many animals in the house, but honestly...
  12. Qrow Branwen

    Private Whatcha Got There? A Smoothie?

    JANUARY 10, 110 | afternoon @Winter Schnee Well, he was back home. That was...something. After mission after mission, it was nice to be back. Qrow hadn't even realized how burnt the fuck out he was, until Kakashi (and Oz) forced his ass to slow down and stop for a second. Had managed to...
  13. Qrow Branwen

    Private Ready, Set, Share

    december 21 | afternoon @Ozma Pharos fucking Academy. Qrow had no idea what exactly would come of his little one-man mission over a month ago. He just saw something, and had to get to the bottom of it. News was better than any of them could of hoped. Grimm were never a good thing, but...
  14. Qrow Branwen

    Complete Bonding Through Violence

    December 11, 110 | afternoon @Ryuji Sakamoto Honestly the comment about Ryuji working off his debt was a joke - but the more he thought about it, the more he realized...yeah, he could really use a fucking hand. Kakashi sometimes gave him one, when he had time. Considering the guy worked like...
  15. Qrow Branwen

    News Article Rise in Grimm Activity

    Mid November 110 Onward There has been a sudden rise in a specific type of creature in Pandora called Grimm. They come out of dark pools that have appeared in the below listed locations, and appear to come in a large variety of shapes depending on the environment as well as random chance. It...
  16. Qrow Branwen

    Complete Falling Back Into Old Habits

    November 16, 110@Ozma The past while Qrow had fallen back into the sort of work he did for years before Pandora. Felt almost too natural to shed pretty much everything he had built for himself here, and Constantly moving; constantly trying to gather information and generally...
  17. Qrow Branwen

    Letter A Report

    Delivered on November 16, 110 to Ozma in person. @Ozma Following a report, I headed out to Gretta Lake, in the Pandopolis Wilderness. This was following a customer describing something that sounded a lot like Grimm. I headed out that night, and encountered normal Grimm - not hybrids...
  18. Qrow Branwen

    Private Training Montage

    November 9, 110 @Ryuji Sakamoto It...had been a pretty damned good weekend. One he hadn't really been looking forward to, but managed to surprise him. Birthdays were pretty hit-or-miss, and by that it means mostly miss. Easier to just ignore it, and try to make himself have a half-decent...
  19. Qrow Branwen

    Text customer service

    november 5 | 2PM @Ryuji Sakamoto hey kid how's that fake gun bat treatin ya
  20. Qrow Branwen

    Private Welcome Back From The Mystery Hole

    october 25 | morning Qrow-Bar Weapons Engineering arrow-circle-right 505 Munhall Arch @Kakashi Hatake The habit started not long after they got back from their little getaway. Though habit made it sound like a bad thing. It was just Qrow keeping himself busy. His business was young, so...
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