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  1. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private A better book signing.

    Eddie had been less focused on what potential problems the hospital itself could bring Mike, and more focused on… It had taken a while in the hospital bathroom to get Mike’s blood off his hands, to say the least. Taken even longer still, waiting to hear about the other man’s condition, to feel...
  2. Eddie Kaspbrak

    he sometimes suspected he was not delicate at all ‖ Eddie's Inspo

    Tfw you realize you should probably make a coherent list of your character's fears/anxieties somewhere when they influence a lot of how you write them... There's a lot of air quotes in this because this is what Eddie thinks about himself, but not what I personally agree with if that makes...
  3. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Text Goody Two Shoes [M]

    Talks about Bowers' death in canon, and how Eddie may have 'enjoyed doing it' while he staunchly objects. (His doppelganger implies it was murder.) General emotional distress as a result of the doppelganger knowing what Eddie's internal fears and thoughts are, and slamming on those buttons...
  4. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Howling VII: Valhalla (M)

    Oh Jesus Christ, Eddie thinks as something hairy and clawed reaches out of the window and drags a thinner man into the darkness, It’s the goddamn Teenage Werewolf all over again. He’s mildly thankful he hasn’t had much to eat when he hears the sickening crunch, stomach lurching at the sound...
  5. Eddie Kaspbrak

    let him RUN - Eddie Kaspbrak Directory

    Storylines "They had beaten the dragon with their magic stones, and nothing would ever be the same again." Eddie's history in Pandora, as well as some notable events even if they don't look like much on the surface. Yeah, It's Hard (But It's Not The End Of The World) Eddie comes to Pandora...
  6. Eddie Kaspbrak

    let him RUN - Eddie Kaspbrak Directory

    Relationships pt 2 Together, we were stronger. WIP, save for later if I ever need it tbh.
  7. Eddie Kaspbrak

    let him RUN - Eddie Kaspbrak Directory

    Thread Tracker pt 2 If you wanted to know which way to go, you asked Eddie. WIP, save for later basically.
  8. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Just A Little Lost Girl

    It's sad to say, but even a mauling didn't keep Eddie out of work for long. Especially since that... Valhalla place helpfully put him back at his car a full day after he... after. Look, the earliest he could book an emergency appointment with his therapist was the 25th, and he's clinging to...
  9. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private but this is wondrous strange

    Eddie notices Mr. Sims turning on a tape recorder, but it doesn't honestly register as anything unusual to him. Interesting, considering Pandora had numerous other technological marvels, but maybe Misty Hollow was similar to Ark City in a way. Certain types of technology worked where others...
  10. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Wrong Place, Very Wrong Time

    “Even still, better the car than us. It can take more of a hit than we can,” Eddie says easily, completely unaware of who he’s speaking to. If he knew he was speaking to one of Pandora’s own superheroes, well! He’d be embarrassed as hell, to be frank. Him, a plain ole nobody, telling a hero that...
  11. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Ask [m] double trouble

    There had been a strange feeling in the air since the start of the month, and Eddie had half a mind to try and swing by the Hollow Archive to see if they had any thoughts on things. When he’d gotten on the bus to head that direction, he’d been careful not to look at the driver for too long. Just...
  12. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Howling VII: Valhalla (M)

    Eddie closes his car door with his hip, taking a sip from his soda as he does so. Half his attention is still on the screen, the crackling audio from the speaker hooked over his car door, but the siren call of snacks is one he can’t ignore even if he does like being able to watch a favorite on...
  13. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Wrong Place, Very Wrong Time

    Eddie also winces at the trash can lid hitting the roof, but- Well. It's better the cab gets roughed up than they do. At the depot they'd told him fares could get rough in this part of town, and he'll lie through his teeth that any damage was the result of one of them. "Good, that's- that's...
  14. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Wrong Place, Very Wrong Time

    Eddie fumbles with his keys for a moment, attention diverted between getting his door open and keeping an out for the mugger and- Oh, yep, here comes the guy now, right as Eddie's sliding into the driver's side. He hits the locks absently, hands working on autopilot to slot the keys in and get...
  15. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Wrong Place, Very Wrong Time

    Honestly, Eddie hasn't been a teenager in so long he won't catch on to any real discrepancies. He's just assuming Peter bounces back quickly, giving him the general benefit of the doubt Eddie has for any human-shaped person in Pandora. It's just a relief to see that the threatening guy is dazed...
  16. Eddie Kaspbrak

    he sometimes suspected he was not delicate at all ‖ Eddie's Inspo

    A playlist for Eddie in Pandora, and him trying to figure out where he stands as well as general personality vibes.
  17. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Spider Anxiety vs Octopus Teacher, FIGHT

    Oh, Eddie had seen tall inhumans before. but they were more... well. Clown-shaped for one, spider-like for another, and unfriendly either way. The uncanny edge of the bobbing "arms" and mask-like face are definitely giving Eddie a very clear impression that this person might be of similar ilk...
  18. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Man's Best Friend

    @Connor July 15th, 110 Eddie had found this park in Levitton early on in his time with Pandora, and it felt like a fitting place to… well. To be frank, mess around a little with this strange connection that meant he could summon some kind of dog-shaped spirit. He wasn’t really sure what else...
  19. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Wrong Place, Very Wrong Time

    Eddie’s shift is also running late, but for a very different reason: he’d picked up someone else’s driving shift in a pinch, because, hey! It sure was a way to get to know Pandora better, even if it was strange borrowing somebody else’s cab rather than his own. The portaling is still strange as...
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