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  1. wist

    The Tower

    The Tower Tucked away in the furthest corner of the Crystal Vales stands the decrepit remains of a structure known simply as "the tower". Though it may seem like nothing more than another crumbling inevitability given time at first glance, closer inspection reveals several details that sets the...
  2. wist


    code crimes code crimes (testing no look)
  3. wist

    [OOC] Open 8-bit disastrophe | pixel's ama!

    pixel's ama i figured i'd also jump on the bandwagon while it's hot, because this seems like a super fun thing to do! feel free to ask about any topic that comes to mind, from my characters/rp in general to hobbies to completely random facts about me! i'd be happy to answer everything, though...
  4. wist

    preemptive strike!

    hey everyone! this is more of a 'future consideration' type of thing at the moment, but i feel like that's all the more reason to get some early second opinions so that i'll have a final choice for when the time comes. i've done my best to give some general descriptions on these characters...
  5. wist

    sunshine on your face * wist's organizer

    SUNSHINE ON YOUR FACE wist's organizer * open for plotting! ABOUT MEhi my name is WIST! and i'm a 9-5 officer worker in the electrical power systems engineering field. when i'm not busy with work, i like to play indie games and explore new manga i haven't read yet. my interests vary, but i have...
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